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  1. Did the thread get problematic only after I entered it? Yes, but I had nothing to do with it initially. Before the whole argument about Knuckles and Blaze started, you yourself noted that the thread was getting derailed by spam: And then, you gave Kamina a fairly serious warning: I had absolutely nothing to do with anything of this, so don't try to say it's my fault the thread ever got problematic. The thread was not going "just fine" before I started any arguments. I highly disagree with the rest of your post regarding how I behaved in this thread, but I won't bother responding to it for the sake of the thread.
  2. Not to speak for any of the members here, but I think the reason why a lot of people hate Call of Duty is because it's popular. They don't have much in common with the people who do like it, and since there are a lot of people who like Call of Duty, they don't have much in common with a lot of people. So, they criticize Call of Duty as compensation. I'm not saying the people here are like that, though.
  3. Because if you read the other posts before you responded, you would have seen I had conceded on that argument. You just argue for the sake of arguing. GameFAQs is just as good a forum to poll as any other. If you don't think someone punching an police officer and attempting to steal their weapon warrants deadly force, then lol. I could poll even more places if that's what you want. And another thing, to Tornado: Seeing as you're someone who's gone out of his way to deliberately to rephrase my posts into something they weren't, it's ironic to see you accusing me of "wholly fabricating posts". If one thinks a baton and a mace would "give an average sized officer a better edge against an unarmed heavyweight boxer" (in ChaosSupremeSonic's words) and/or "dramatically alter the outcome a 6 against 1 Jackie Chan fight" (in your words), they WOULD think a baton, mace and/or would incapacitate someone. Definition of "incapacitate" For batons, tasers and maces to be effective, they WOULD have to incapacitate someone. ChaosSupremeSonic said that a baton and mace would give an officer an advantage against an unarmed heavyweight boxer, so obviously, he WAS saying that a baton and a mace would incapacitate an unarmed heavyweight boxer, as that's the ONLY way for mace and batons to give someone an advantage against an opponent. You said that a taser or a mace would dramatically alter the outcome of a 6 against 1 fight, so you were saying that mace or a taser would incapacitate someone, as that's the ONLY way for tasers and mace to alter the outcome a fight. I don't think you understand the word "incapacitate".
  4. I think the game is garbage. The only fun part about it were the Daytime stages, and even those were very flawed. The Homing Attack needlessly takes two buttons and doing a boost in mid air has the same controls as doing a homing attack, which often leads to many cheap deaths. The QTEs are also needlessly frustrating and the level design can be flat out bad in some places. Then, there's the Werehog and hubs, which are bad altogether.
  5. "Lifestyle" may have been the wrong word for me to use. My bad. In any case, furries often put on their costumes on a regular basis, so they make a hobby out of it at the very least. It really can't be compared to dressing up on Halloween, as that's just a one day only every year thing. Something isn't a hobby if it's only done once a year.
  6. I agree. I do not agree at all. It's VERY different to people dressing up on Halloween. Dressing up for Halloween is just a one day thing. Furries who dress up in furry costume make a lifestyle out of wearing costumes. I know I'm responding to an older post, but I'm just saiyan.
  7. lol I didn't say I was leaving Also, if you're about to ban me, I only have one strike so far, so don't I need two more for a permaban? Just saying because I personally wouldn't want to get banned already.
  8. But you still rephrased my post into something it wasn't. And brah, I already admitted I was wrong with my definition of "assault". I conceded, sheesh. Why do I have to answer your answer when it's about something I already admitted was wrong? If true, sorry. I thought you people were saying that police shouldn't use deadly force against unarmed individuals. Fair enough. You were still showing attitude though; your wording was very antagonistic. Don't try to deny it. It didn't change the outcome of the fight though. No, I didn't. I said they could dodge maces the same way they can dodge a punch, not that maces were the same thing as a punch. I don't get your logic, but I'll agree to disagree. In the video I posted of a cop fighting the ex boxer, it didn't seem to have an effect. The vid says this. Well, I wasn't necessarily speaking to you when I posted that poll. I was responding to those who were saying police shouldn't shoot people who assault them like how Michael Brown did. If you weren't among those people, then I obviously wasn't speaking to you.
  9. Nah, the community is a lot more chillax there. For an example, a comparison of a thread I posted on both here and the Sega forum: http://forums.sega.com/showthread.php?526622-The-quot-90s-kid-quot-debate As you can see, it was a lot more peaceful in the Sega forum. There were still people who disagreed with me, but they still responded more maturely than the people here. :/ I didn't say they were the exact same character; I just said Blaze was a rip-off of something. A character being a rip-off of another character doesn't mean they're exactly the same as that other character; it just means that character is an inferior imitation of another character.
  10. Not yet. Loners can still have friends. The lyrics to "Unknown from M.E." say he's a loner: His Sonic City profile from 2008 says he's a loner: http://web.archive.org/web/20080225070243/http://www.sonic-city.com/en/characters/knuckles/index.html Definition of "loner": Blaze acted like this several times in Sonic Rush. (7:24-9:02) When Cream and Vanilla recommended that she get Sonic's help to get back the Sol Emeralds, Blaze turned down their offer and said she'll get them back herself, even to the point of yelling at them. When she finally met Sonic, she refused to get involved with him (8:56-11:34) Then, she meets Sonic again and refuses his help to the point where she actually attacks him (6:11-8:59). Only after they're done fighting does Blaze calm down and accept Sonic's help: https://youtu.be/-N1CTc_XZe8?t=6m11s Then, there are her official character profiles: And her profile in Generations. Sonic Channel circa 2012: My statement that Blaze was a rip-off of Knuckles because they're both loner guardians wasn't "argued down" by anyone; you're just inserting your own bias in your recollection of what transpired in this thread. And no, people did not give any significant differential context between their life stations and personalities. I didn't "switch gears"; I maintained my previous argument about Blaze ripping off Knuckles by being a loner guardian. I merely brought up another thing when I said Knuckles didn't open up to others before Sonic. Me saying "well, he's still a loner" is mending my argument in light of the information you posted about Knuckles having friends prior to Sonic. I acknowledge that he had friends before Sonic, but he was still a loner. In case you haven't realized, loners CAN have friends. Just because one has friends doesn't mean they're not a loner. A loner is someone who simply prefers not to associate with others; just because they prefer not to associate with others doesn't mean they can't have friends. You clearly don't understand the term "loner". I did address the "differences" you people brought up between Blaze and Knuckles. Azoo brought up that they don't guard the same types of emeralds nor the same number of emeralds, and I stated that's irrelevant as in the end, they still guard emeralds nonetheless. You brought up Blaze being afraid of heights and conscious about her body, and I said that's irrelevant as it's rarely ever touched upon in the games (the latter isn't touched upon in the games at all). You brought up things like Knuckles and Blaze being of different genders, which is irrelevant, as their genders say nothing about their characterization. I'm not moving goalposts, and you only think the refutations to my arguments are "proper"; again, you're putting your own bias in your recollection of events that transpired in this thread. And furthermore, I did mend a number of my arguments when users posted information to refute them; for an example, I conceded my argument that Knuckles and Blaze both have fire powers when other people pointed out that their abilities relating to fire aren't the same. Do you threaten to ban members every time they don't reach an agreement with you? Do what you want. Honestly, the community here is very toxic. You people actually lash out at others for simply not being in agreement with you. I've actually been calm in the threads I post in for the most part since I came back from my suspension. The elitist attitude on this board is one of the reasons the Sonic fanbase has such a bad rep. The official Sega boards are actually a lot kinder and more peaceful than here. I'll say bye ahead of time in case I'm banned for posting this.
  11. And? You said that I said police officers should be allowed to shoot people for touching them. That's not what I said at all; I said that police officers should be allowed to shoot people for assaulting them (something I later conceded), thus you were rephrasing my post for your own convenience. It's not moving the goalposts. You people said police shouldn't use lethal force against unarmed individuals, and I brought up an example where I feel lethal force would be justified against an unarmed individual. Pot calling the black. You've been showing attitude towards me a number of times in this thread already. Just look at how antagonistic your wording is. You were baiting. While I feel that you baited me, two wrongs don't make a right, so I admit that's no excuse for how I responded to you there. My apologies. The vast majority of my post. I posted videos and links showing how neither maces nor tasers are always effective, so you can't act as if they are. And yet, you dodged all of it and cherry-picked what parts of my post to respond to. Except it's not the same shit you already responded to, nor did I simply try reiterating it again. Again, I had posted links and videos that I hadn't posted before to bolster my argument, and you ignored all it. I never said it was the same as someone's fist. And I never said anything about a training regiment or high athletic ability enabling someone to "completely shrug off a hit from a taser or a baton strike". This is what I'm talking about when I say you rephrase my posts for your own convenience. That's not how I'm acting; I never once said they don't have any effect on people. I'm saying they don't always have an effect on people. As for others saying they are guaranteed to incapacitate someone, yes, that is what others are saying, yourself included: And one other thing, I polled another forum on whether or not a police officer has the right to shoot someone who assaults them (assault as in punching them in the face and trying to steal their gun). The vast majority of people voted they had the right: You can argue "oh, that's just one forum", but really, based on common sense, the majority of people would agree with me on this.
  12. He may have had friends before meeting Sonic, but he was still a loner, as was Blaze.
  13. Knuckles and Blaze both were loners. May have not been for the same reasons, but they were loners nonetheless. Thus, they're similar int hat regard.
  14. In any case, Knuckles and Blaze still chose to keep themselves, regardless of whether or not it was because they were introverts or not. That's enough of a similarity; they were both loners.
  15. Proof? Aligning with someone =/= opening up to them. Becoming friends with someone is opening up to them. Which makes him an introvert. Introverts choose to keep to themselves. Extroverts choose to be with others.
  16. No, he kept away from others because of his duty of guarding the Master Emerald. There's nothing to say he didn't know the outside world existed; he just chose not to get involved in it. He chose to keep to himself on the Angel Island and didn't open up to others. That made him an introvert.
  17. Baseless statement. So, in other words, you're trolling. I also note that you just cherry-picked and dodged the majority of my post. You have nothing contributing to add to this discussion. You people were the ones who said police should refrain shooting anyone unarmed, which includes boxers. That suggests police should handle boxers the same way they'd handle anyone else, which is a ridiculous statement, as boxers are more dangerous than the average person.
  18. 1) Doesn't matter if they're different kinds of emerald; the characters are both still emerald guardians. 2) I conceded on that. 3) Knuckles was introverted as well; someone who keeps away from others all their life is an introvert. And Knuckles only opened up to others after he met Sonic. 4) Nope, Knuckles no longer considered Sonic his enemy after meeting him; he considered him his friend after meeting him. Perhaps "meet" is the wrong word to use. my bad. Knuckles and Blaze only opened up to others after they got to know Sonic.
  19. Meh, I'll concede on my argument that both Knuckles and Blaze have fire powers. My other points still stand, though. That's right.
  20. You're just repeating what you said over and over again without even attempting to provide any backing. Knuckles does have fire powers; his uppercut in Sonic Advance, his Fire Dunk in Sonic Heroes, his Hammer Punch in Sonic Rivals and his Knuckle Slam in Sonic Rivals 2 are all examples of this. Yes, she did. Have you even played Sonic Rush? Even those who disagree with my statement that Blaze is a ripoff of Knuckles agree that Blaze was a loner. Except it's true. Both Knuckles and Blaze are emerald guardians with fire powers and were loners until they met Sonic.
  21. Yes, he does. His uppercut punch in Sonic Advance, his Fire Dunk in Sonic Heroes, his Hammer Punch in Sonic Rivals and his Knuckle Slam in Sonic Rivals 2. Yes, she was. She kept to herself and didn't trust others.
  22. Both are emerald guardians with fire powers and were loners until after they met Sonic. They're very similar.
  23. Blaze isn't an alternate counterpart of Knuckles. Evil Knuckles from the comics would be an example of an alternate dimension counterpart to Knuckles, not Blaze: http://archiesonic.wikia.com/wiki/Evil_Knuckles He still didn't have any friends, though, much like Blaze. It's similar enough.
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