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  1. Knuckles was closed off to others until Sonic brought about a positive change. Dude had been guarding the Master Emerald all his life and had no friends up until that point. He still didn't open up to others until after meeting Sonic, much like Blaze. Nope, Knuckles guarded emeralds. Silver did not. One could argue that Silver's gullibility is a rehash of Knuckles' gullibility, though. Irrelevant; he still had fire powers, which makes him similar to Blaze.
  2. That's fine. Amy is meant to be a female counterpart to Sonic a la Minnie Mouse to Mickey Mouse, so it makes sense that she's a hedgehog. Shadow is meant to be a dark counterpart to Sonic, so it makes sense he's a hedgehog. Blaze and Big, on the other hand, aren't meant to parallel each other like this. Going into further detail about Blaze and Knuckles are similar: -Both are emerald guardians. -Both have fire powers. -Both get their emerald(s) stolen by Dr. Eggman. -Both were initially loners. -Both had their first fight with Sonic near the end of a game (Knuckles first fought Sonic near the end of Sonic & Knuckles. Blaze first fought Sonic near the end of Sonic Rush). -Both were exhausted after their respective battles with Sonic. At that moment, they made up with Sonic and entrusted him to stop whoever the villain was: (57:33-58:55) 1:45-7:06: -And with that, they finally became allies with Sonic.
  3. He still only opened up to others until after he met Sonic, like Blaze. Two characters both being emerald guardians is a bigger similarity than two characters both being the same species. Although Blaze should have been a species other than a cat, seeing as Big already was a cat. Having two cat characters is boring. Knuckles still has abilities related to fire, though, like Blaze.
  4. That's a very big similarity. Nobody else in the series is an emerald guardian. And they also were initially loners that only opened up to others until after they met Sonic. And they both have fire powers.
  5. Oh, yeah, my bad. Their shyness can't really be compared. The only similarities (being emerald guardians that were initially loners and didn't open up to others until after met Sonic) still stand though.
  6. I never said it was. I said it goes to show that both Knuckles and Blaze are shy characters. Not shy in the same way, but shy nonetheless. No other recurring character in the series is shy.
  7. You're clutching at the straws. It doesn't matter how many emeralds they guard; at the end of the day, they're both still emerald guardians. The number of emeralds they guard doesn't make much of difference. That's just one difference. Doesn't change the fact Blaze, like Knuckles, is an emerald guardian who was initially a loner and didn't open up to others until she met Sonic. There isn't anyone else in the series like that. Not entirely. They're both serious minded individuals who prefer to handle things on their own than with others. Sure, there was. Knuckles' loner nature is what made him so gullible and put him at odds with Sonic. Due to having been a loner for so long, he didn't understand social cues, which helped make him easily fooled by Eggman. He did. Knuckles initially thought Sonic was his enemy, but after working together with Sonic, he came to consider him as a friend. Knuckles being shy around girls goes to show that he, like Blaze, can be shy. Not in the same way as Blaze, but still shy nonetheless. There isn't any other recurring character that's shy in any way. Knuckles actually has been shown to be cool-headed; he was pretty chillax in Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Generations. As for Knuckles not being female nor concerned with his body image nor afraid of heights, you're clutching at the straws. None of those things make Knuckles and Blaze all that different from each other. Two characters being opposite in gender doesn't say anything about their actual characterization. And Blaze being concerned about her body image and afraid of heights are very minor; the former is never touched upon in the games and the latter is only touched upon in Sonic Rush Adventure. Now, if Blaze was like how she was in Sonic 2006, THEN she wouldn't be a rip-off of Knuckles. She was barely similar to Knuckles in that game.
  8. Your statement didn't come off facetious at all. Blaze, like Knuckles, is an emerald guardian who was initially a loner and didn't open up to others until she met Sonic. There isn't anyone else in the series like that. She's definitely a Knuckles rip-off.
  9. It's called opinions. You may feel Metal Sonic is garbage, but others don't. And Blaze is a shameless rip-off of Knuckles. I'll take Metal Sonic over her, thanks.
  10. That's not even what I'm insinuating. You people are trying to argue that they shouldn't shoot them, even though they'd have good reason to as the other methods may not work. Doesn't mean mace or taser will necessarily work on them. Not always, because tasers don't always work. But they can very easily see it coming. All they to do is the see the police take out the bottle and they'll know it's coming. Evidently you don't read before you post.
  11. No, for assaulting them. You're just rephrasing my post for your own convenience. Furthermore, I already conceded my argument that police have the right to shoot people for simply assaulting them as there needs to be more than basic assault to warrant deadly force, so there's no reason for you to bring that up. I already admitted I was wrong. Again, you're rephrasing my post for your own convenience. In that portion of my post you quoted, I said Mike Tyson in his prime could beat an unarmed (as in, no gun) Wilson, not 6 cops. When I said a heavyweight champion boxer could beat 6 cops that didn't have any guns, I was referring to heavyweight champion boxers in general, not specifically Tyson. Whether or not they do, that doesn't change the fact that tasers aren't even always effective, so it can't necessarily be said officers can just rely on tasers to subdue heavyweight champ boxers: http://www.tricitytribuneusa.com/tasers-not-always-100-percent-effective/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/a-taser-is-not-a-surefire-weapon/2013/06/04/1137746c-cc94-11e2-8573-3baeea6a2647_story.html http://www.komonews.com/news/local/TASERS-INEFFECTIVE-IN-4-OFFICER-INVOLVED-SHOOTINGS-269299881.html One doesn't need webbing between each finger to block their eyes from mace. And they can use gloves. Furthermore, mace isn't always effective either. As you can see, this police officer attempted to mace an ex boxer, and it did nothing. If it didn't work on an ex boxer, it possibly wouldn't work on a heavyweight champion boxer. Considering the fact neither tasers nor mace are always effective, it wouldn't necessarily alter the outcome. And regarding the notion that cops can just call for back-up when they're assaulted by a heavyweight boxer, what's an officer supposed to do during the time it takes for back-up to arrive and the boxer is STILL assaulting them? It's possible that mace and a taser won't work, so if the officer doesn't resort to firearms, it's possible they'll get wrecked by the boxer. Thus, the officer should shoot the boxer.
  12. Pot calling the kettle black. Yes, they can. Maces burn eyes. A boxer can block their eyes. A heavyweight champion certainly would be able to. The close combat training heavyweight boxers go through > the close combat training police go through. Wrong, because batons =/= bullets. Oh, I'm sorry, did I say only a few punches? No. Irrelevant. Did you take SERIOUS punches from a HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION boxer? No? Then you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. YOU were the one who said police officers should subdue ANYONE unarmed without weapons. That's a ridiculous statement, as not everyone is the same. A heavyweight boxer who assaults an officer is far more dangerous than the average joe who assaults an officer. Again, pot calling kettle black.
  13. A heavyweight boxer against 5 or 6 average sized cops with no guns? A heavyweight boxer could still win. And there are other kinds of martial artists, too. They can certainly a handle a bunch of cops without guns coming at them.
  14. Oh, sorry. Simply getting assaulted is no reason for an officer to shoot someone. Someone shouldn't get shot just for slapping a police officer. I should have clarified what I meant by assault. I concede on that argument. But Michael Brown didn't simply assault Wilson. He punched an officer repeatedly, attempted to steal the officer's weapon and lunged at the officer. He deserved to be shot, regardless of what his race was. The first link doesn't bolster your argument at all. It's just about fleeing suspects; not suspects in general. As for your second and third links, no, the police officers don't say that. Wrong. Have you even seen heavyweight boxers? Their punches can be very deadly and dangerous, often as dangerous as an actual weapon. Heavyweight boxers are TRAINED martial artists. Average sized police officers don't have anywhere near as much training in close combat as heavyweight boxers do. Pit Mike Tyson in his prime against Darren Wilson, and without a gun, Wilson would likely get wrecked. Circumstances vary. Nope, heavyweight boxers can guard their faces to protect themselves from mace. And heavyweight boxers tend to be fast, so they can just dodge the baton.
  15. You're just attempting to rephrase my post for your own convenience, as you've done several times in this topic. What I said was that a police officer has the right to shoot someone who assaults them. Many people would agree with this. And nobody is even arguing against that. But cops still have the right to shoot someone who assaults them. This shouldn't even be argued against. Race doesn't matter. A police officer has the right to shoot someone who assaults them, regardless of what that person's race is. No. Yes, he would. The use of deadly force is authorized when a person poses a significant threat to a law enforcement officer, usually when the officer is at risk of serious bodily injury or death. An average sized officer would certainly be at risk of serious bodily injury or death if they were assaulted by a world heavyweight boxing champion, so the officer would have the right to use deadly force. http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-stun-guns-police-killings-20140825-story.html
  16. A police officer has every right to shoot someone who assaults them, particularly someone who punches them and attempts to take their gun. You know, someone like Michael Brown. So if an officer is attacked, that officer should have enough training to subdue ANYONE without resorting to a lethal resort? So, if an average sized officer was being assaulted by the world heavyweight boxing champion, the officer wouldn't have the right to shoot? Nonsense. An officer undeniably has the right to shoot someone who assaults them. Simple as.
  17. But you know, it doesn't matter if Michael Brown being black affected the way Darren Wilson treated him. At the end of the day, according to evidence, Brown assaulted a police officer, so he deserved to be shot. Would Brown had been shot if he was white? Possibly not, but why does that matter? The police have every right to shoot when they're assaulted. It doesn't matter at all what the attacker's race is. The police killing Freddie Gray was wrong, though.
  18. That's good to hear. I do think Sonic, Shadow and Silver should be the only ones to be shown with Super forms, but there actually being a rule that nobody else can have any is lame. Other characters shouldn't be shown with Super forms as it'd cheapen the value of them, but it should still be possible for them to go Super. I think that's a lame retcon. It had never been suggested before that there were "two worlds", and now it turns out there actually are after all these years? It just seems forced.
  19. I'm pretty sure Playstation 4, Wii U and Xbox One are "current gen" now, not "next gen". Anyway, I have no interest in getting any of them, but if I had to choose, I'd go for PS4 seeing as it's the most popular and has the most games, IIRC.
  20. I saw Menace II Society (1993). It was good, although not as good as Boyz n the Hood.
  21. Thinking about it more, sure, race probably was a factor in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. The fact that they were black probably affected the way the police handled the situations. No, I was speaking about people in general, not just blacks. Stop deliberately taking my words out of context to make your argument more convenient for yourself. The former.
  22. Yes. Race had nothing to do with Garner's murder. He had a heavy record, which helped make him a suspect. He could have been any other race and it would make no difference. Police don't just arrest black people for selling untaxed cigarettes. And the reason the police held him down was because he was resisting arrest. If you resist arrest, then the police will use more force in arresting you. That isn't to say the police should have used as much force as they did or that they were right in ignoring Garner saying that he couldn't breathe, but that still is why they used force in arresting him. No, because being black wasn't why the police came after them at all. Assault a police officer, and you get shot. Sell untaxed cigarettes, and you get arrested. Resist arrest, and the police hold you down. Race was not a factor in these cases.
  23. Keep telling yourself that. I'm not denying any of this. This just has nothing to do with Michael Brown or Eric Garner.
  24. That's not denying the statistics at all. Race simply had nothing to do with Garner's death. If you assault a police officer, then you are definitely asking to be shot.
  25. And I'm not denying the statistics. Literally all I said was that one can't use Michael Brown or Eric Garner to argue that being "tall and black" makes one more likely to be killed by the police, as that's not why those two were killed at all. The information I pulled up from Wikipedia is backed with citations and sources. And I never said Brown deserved to die. Wilson just did nothing wrong by shooting him.
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