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    Star Wars

    I wasn't saying that because of the poster. I've felt this way about the movie from day one.
  2. Characters like Sally, Antoine and Rotor are still around, though. And from what I've read, Ian Flynn's work is bad. I remember reading this issue back in 2007 and it was full of soap opera nonsense:
  3. I have never liked the comics. Admittedly, I haven't read much of them, but from I've read I wouldn't want to. I think the original characters in it like Sally, Antoine and Rotor are very uninspired. And I think the romantic subplots are very cringeworthy; I recall Sonic being a manwhore, which I thought was very stupid and unfitting for Sonic. Simply put, I find these comics to be one big, ugly fanfiction. I'm honestly surprised it's lasted this long. I highly doubt these comics sell a lot.
  4. Diesel

    Star Wars

    Sorry, but I think that looks really bad. Han looks completely out of place in it. The black guy's lightsaber does not go along with the rest of his outfit as that isn't even a Jedi's outfit; he'd look much better with a gun, honestly. And the "crossguard" lightsaber looks as stupid as usual. I have very low expectations for this movie. The prequels were trash, but this makes them look great. This whole movie is just a shameless cash-in; the Star Wars had already been concluded well enough.
  5. Yay! Back from my ban! Anyway, the tournament aspect of this is stupid and no fair way to see what characters are the most popular. People should just be able to vote for whatever characters they want at once. That's how most polls work; all of the options are given at once.
  6. Seems like he's just backpedaling and jumping on the bandwagon. If it got good reviews, his tune would probably be different.
  7. You said until society collapses, not thousands of years. It's possible society won't even last thousands of years. As a matter of fact, society has arguably already collapsed. To answer your specific question, judging by his post, it would appear he thinks Sonic is near invincible, which he isn't. Why would he say it if he didn't mean it?
  8. Of course there's a reason so many people hate Sonic. Sonic's been pumping out shitty games one after the other for years. Of course you should be ashamed of this franchise; Sega doesn't know what they're even doing anymore. Sure, it's OK to still like the franchise if you want, but to deny the series' problems would just be delusional. As for Sonic being your primary franchise, whatever floats your boat, but most people would agree there's so much better to choose from.
  9. Yup, nobody here believes that.
  10. Insulting to the game? Sure, but a game isn't a person, so who cares. Arrogant? Not really.
  11. Not watching. Michael B Jordan is hawt tho
  12. Lol, no. The second example of yours "Rap music is overrated. How can anyone like this garbage? Rock music is better" still states an opinion. A person's wording doesn't have to have "I think", "I hate", "I like" for their to statement to be asserted as an opinion. Unless they actually say they're asserting their statement as a fact, you should just assume they're expressing their opinion. You're just jumping to conclusions if they think they're asserting their statement as a fact unless they actually say they are. When someone says "This song sucks!" in real life, do you just go up to them and say "Why are you stating your opinion as a fact?" Don't be silly.
  13. Antagonistic? Brah literally all he said was: If anything he was just being antagonistic to the game. And the game's not even a real person, so he wasn't being antagonistic to anyone. I fucking hate Sushi. Am I being antagonistic to sushi? I guess? Who cares, it's just sushi.
  14. Both games are a poor man's GTA.
  15. A person born in 1982 is an 80s/90s kid hybrid. Half of their childhood (ages 3-12) was spent in the 80s, the other half in the 90s. A person born in 1983 would have spent the majority of their childhood in the 90s, thus that person is an 90s kid.
  16. Wrong, a person born in 1994 wouldn't have spent the majority of their childhood in the 1990s; they were only 5 by 1999. Childhood is ages 3-12. They would have spent the majority of their childhood in the 2000s. And a person born in 1997-1998 won't be a 90s kid at all; they were only 1-2 by the time the decade ended in 1999. The PSOne is just one thing from the 90s that lasted into the 2000s. The things that truly defined the 1990s were Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Michael Jordan at his prime, New Kids On the Block at their prime, Vanilla Ice at his prime, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch at their prime, Fresh Prince of Bel Air at its prime, Saved By the Bell at its prime, Ren and Stimpy at its prime, grunge music at its prime, New jack swing at its prime, etc. People born in 1993-2001 won't remember this shit.
  17. That's not my definition. My definition of a 90s kid is someone who spent the majority of their childhood in the 90s. Obviously a person "born 1 year into the 90s" wouldn't fit this criteria. A person born in 1995 would have spent a very short amount of their childhood in the 1990s. Thus, they're not a 90s kid. It's not that they "didn't exist and didn't actually somebody until the next decade". It's that they didn't spend the majority of their childhood in the 1990s. They're 2000s kids as they spent the majority of their childhood in the 2000s. If you were born in the late 80s, you're definitely a 90s kid. But you're definitely not a 2000s kid; you're a 2000s teenager.
  18. The point of this topic is to discuss what makes a 90s kid. It's a pretty well discussed thing in both the Internet and the real world.
  19. Underrated? Seems pretty popular to me.
  20. It's soooooooo annoying how people born in the mid 90s claim to be 90s kids even though they actually grew up in the 2000s. To be a 90s kid, the majority of your childhood (ages 3-12) must be spent in the 1990s. Only people born in 1983-1991 are 90s kids. People born in 1992 can be considered 90s/2000s kid hybrids. People born in 1993-2001 are 2000s kids through and through. #FactsRFacts
  21. There's nothing "baity" about someone asking why people like a game he/she doesn't like. He's being silly because he doesn't like a game you like? Lol Irrelevant. It doesn't matter what other people say about those games; if OP likes those games but dislikes Sonic Adventure 2, then that's that. What the majority likes has nothing to do with objectivity.
  22. I'm honestly not gonna pull up sources. One of the biggest criticisms regarding the Adventure games were about their alternate gameplay styles. This is blatantly obvious. Suggesting that the alternate gameplay styles weren't widely criticized is completely delusional. Did I say I was the grand authority? All I stated was that the treasure hunting and mechs have no place in a Sonic game, and that a lot of people would agree with me. Stop being so confrontational.
  23. Only about 1/3 of Sonic Adventure 2 was good. The rest was trash. Sonic & Knuckles was released as its own game and has enough material on its own to be considered its own game.
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