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  1. Sonic Adventure, honestly you will have some people who hate it some people who liked it, its a mixed reaction type of game overall by today's standards, some people think it was terrible some think it was good. And you will get each of both crowd. It was it's first attempt at 3D and you could do so many things that weren't in Mario 64. but it does has it's flaws that really don't match up to what Newer Sonic Games brought us, ((I'm not talking about Sonic 06' of course )) but Sonic Generations where you push a button and you slide to the other side and it has a more focused camera, while in Sonic Adventure you need to position it a right way, and position your thumb to move around in action sequences. I think it's sour, but sweet. Both Flawed but sometimes enjoyable.
  2. I will admit, it was one of the first attempts at 3D, but you're absolutely right about the camera, and collision detection, though I never really ran into to many glitches
  3. State your Unpopular Opinions about the Franchise Here! I would love to hear them, but don't bash other's opinions, just be respectful about it. and I will now state mine. I think Sonic R has some Potential Sonic Adventure handled Story-lines Better than The Second Installment They Should include both games of Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles into one, in collections because they just seem separated and some things are missing from each-other. I actually wanna play Sonic The Hedgehog 2006
  4. I think this is a yes and no question. Sometimes, story doesn't need to be your main priority as that was what Generations Taught us, but Sonic Unleashed Taught us about the light where These new games can be better, with a nice story. I would make this a extremely long post but Sega should just make a good but subtle story.
  5. Yes, and...no. I did find myself enjoying the Sonic Parts, and just purely having fun but there is some things that, do really destroy the experience. The Camera is god awful and I just fall off of objects, the controls are really slippery and trying to control Sonic on the Loops and everything is hard when I keep falling off and when collecting rings I gotta position my thumb in a uncomfortable position and ugh, Yeah. Though, They updated the graphics on the Ps3. I do think it needs a remake for these reasons and some things do kinda hurt this game. But over-looking this, its really fun.
  6. Honestly, I would be perfectly ok with this if it were actually created by Sonic Team and not another dev team.
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