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  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday, dancing Pinkie Pie!

  4. Fanfiction, now there's something I can understand. Before MLP, I ignored most Fanfics, in fact, nearly all. However, since a certain crossover between the Call of Duty Zombie characters and MLP http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/04/story-ascend-through-darkness.html , I haven't been able to stop. I now read about 90% of the fics posted. Dangerous Business I managed to finally read over the weekend and it rapidly became one of my most anticipated fics. While keeping characters true to themselves, the development is perfect. I'd love to see this turned into a movie or even a hardback novel.
  5. Just read Cupcakes. I say that, I skimmed it and thank **** I did. I can watch Saw, without feeling squeamish. That story, in the small bits I read, made me a tad queasy. Nothing else has ever done that. Thank you, very much, you sick *******. In other news, that video is brilliant. One of those, scary how well it fits moments. Also shows how our influence grows
  6. Might need to break out Forza 3 over the weekend. Create some works of art, or at least try and fail miserably. This final frame, summed me up for a while. Then I watched it.
  7. I knew I should of popped my head back into the SSMB a while ago. Going to need to catch up on 20 pages of awesome content, so I'll just leave a brief introduction. Gender: Gentlecolt Age: 19 Favourite Pony: Fluttershy Just having a quick look back, seeing that there is going to be a series 2 make happy inside. Happy enough to give a Fluttershy yay and raise my arms rather quickly, giving me a few odd looks from the office. Probably not something I should be doing at work but, meh.
  8. I look forward to a Colours like game on the 360. I'm just not excited about the traler itself. I want more info :(

  9. The new skin just freaked me out for a second.

  10. Attending on the Saturday as per usual. No idea if I'll have a costume. It's a case of can I throw something together in the next couple of days with my previous cosplays.
  11. Roger Craig Smith will be at the London MCM. Just a little heads up if anyone want's to ask him anything.

  12. Your BrainHex Class is Seeker. Your BrainHex Sub-Class is Seeker-Conqueror. You like finding strange and wonderful things or finding familiar things as well as defeating impossibly difficult foes, struggling until you eventually achieve victory, and beating other players. According to your results, there are few play experiences that you strongly dislike. Your scores for each of the classes in this test were as follows: Seeker: 18 Conqueror: 18 Socialiser: 16 Daredevil: 13 Achiever: 11 Mastermind: 8 Survivor: 6 Yeah, more or less bang on. Cat-Shark AWAY!
  13. Sounds like a good idea. 2 hours to London, 2 Hours to York. 27th -28th would be nicest as I would get paid the week before
  14. Feels good to be back here. I'll go with, "Lazy Days ~Livin' In Paradise~ (from Sonic Adventure)" for this round.
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