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I'm trying to get back into this fandom, so here I am. I was mainly into the cartoons the first time around, but now I'm working on getting more into the games starting with Sonic Adventure on Steam, I'm also attempting to get into the comics but that's slow going so far. I'm an old fart that was last around the fandom when the PS2 was cutting edge so y'all might have to cut me some slack and get me updated.

I also have no OC because my old one has since migrated to one of my original works and thus is no longer a fan-character. 

I'm a pretty decent writer, and I'm also trying to get into drawing again and teach myself everything the proper way from the ground up with figure drawing and eventually cartooning again once I have the fundamentals of realism to build off.

I also have a gaming blog on Tumblr you can check out here, as well as an art blog here

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