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  1. Disney+ saying they're hoping to get the first 19 seasons and first half of season 20 of The Simpsons back into 4:3 by the end of May.


    1. E-122-Psi


      Minor one, but could they add the karaoke ending back to New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh as well? My inner child speaks.

    2. Polkadi~☆


      Thank christ, it was horrible.

  2. My least favourite time of the year

  3. GameStop is making its shops carry on as if nothing is happening, not even so much as giving hand sanitizer to their works. Making them source it out themselves which is extremely difficult because of panic buying and scalping.

    What does board member Reggie Fils-Aime feel about this? What would he do? What could he do?

  4. My anxiety is at fever pitch.

    1. PaddyFancy


      And I really don't like how Discord has borked itself again.

  5. I would take a life size Cinderace plush if there was one. :3

  6. Sonic merch looks cool and all, but I doubt I'll ever get my hands on any of it.

    1. PaddyFancy


      I would really like the Shadow shoes.

  7. Given how Sonic can slow down time to a teensy weensy speed in the movie without the help of any emeralds, I’m starting to think the time he used Chaos Control in the ejector pod in SA2.

    Maybe he was able to do it entirely on his own all the time. The fake emerald literally did nothing to make it happen.

    1. Strong Guy

      Strong Guy

      “Slowing time” is just an easy way to show a character is moving super fast 

  8. When all is said and done, the main thing that decides Sonic's future is if the future games are actually great.

    Unless you kill Sonic off as a video game character and just focus on making movies from now on.

    1. Ryannumber1Scarer


      Sonic’s survived through bombs like RoL and 06. Forces was meh, and TSR, while good was held back by its budget.

      And yet the theatres are still packed out with kids who are in love with the franchise and are treating this as a massive movie event. Something tells me Sonic’s gonna be fine.

    2. PaddyFancy


      When was there any doubt? Sonic could probably release 06 after 06 and still be beloved by kids.

  9. Seen the Sonic movie now. It’s Detective Pikachu levels of enjoyment to me and I enjoyed it enough. Nothing outstanding but certainly not bad.

    Except for one moment which I didn’t like and I think you all know what it is.

  10. Braving Storm Dennis to see the Sonic movie.

  11. Gambling on seeing the Sonic movie at 10am this Saturday, hoping that parents won't get their children up that early to see a movie.

  12. Brother got me the Spryo Re-Ignited Trilogy on PS4 for my birthday.

    1. booblur98


      happy birthday! hope you enjoy the game.

  13. Green Green Grass of Home Zone

  14. I think the best cinema experience of my life was last year watching Dragon Ball Super: Broly the Movie the first time round. Surrounded by a full house of fans all laughing together, it met my expectations of a DB movie viewing experience.

    Better than even watching Infinity War and Endgame back to back on premiere day.

    1. Strickerx5


      Had a similar experience with the first MHA movie. That final fight had the theater ROARING.

      Also had a rather nice time at the Promare screening recently. Though that was probably more due to it being a 4DX showing which was insane in itself. Actually... now that I think about it, I don't think I can watch Promare again without it lol. It made everything more of an experience than a movie.

      Also also, Endgame man... that was super good too. Audience cheered at all the right moments.

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Think mine was either Broly or Revenge of the Sith. I don't like loud crowds so I expected Broly to be nuts. Yet we were all quiet, laughing a lot but quiet. Only cheered once, which was when the fusion failed, making Veku.

      Revenge of the Sith was great, opening night. Silence. During the 'I saw a hologram of him killing younglings' bit, someone began to talk. Suddenly, half the crowd suddenly said "Shut up!". No more talking. Never talk during a new Star Wars movie in Scotland XD

  15. Connor MacLeod for Smash!

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Well there can be only one.

    2. Teospooker


      Colin McRae for Smash.

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