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  1. There are three forums I regularly visited and spent the most time communicating with other people. There's this place, Pet Shop Boys Community, and Final Gear Forums (which was dedicated to Top Gear/The Grand Tour).

    Unfortunately I found that the third one has ceased to exist. Seems the webmasters gave up on it and shut it down. I know the whole fracas thing divided a lot of people but the three everyone loved kept going in their new show. Seems like it wasn't enough to keep the community together.

    1. Sean


      That sucks. I think admins should at least give community members enough time to prepare for a forum closure so that members who are friendly with each other can figure out ways to get in contact elsewhere.

    2. PaddyFancy


      Its worse than I thought it was. The man who was the main driving force behind the forum has cancer, so isn't prioritising the forums.

      The regular userbase had apparently been dwindling each time the forum went down anyway.

  2. I totally forgot The Grand Tour has a game coming out. It’s coming in a weeks time.

  3. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse gets Best Animation Golden Globe.

    1. Yeow


      wow, didn't know golden globes was tonight

    2. The Tenth Doctor
  4. Want to drop a fucking anvil on website creators who put autoplay videos that give me the fucking jumpscares. I wanted to look at concert dates not play Five Nights at Freddy's.

  5. Well that's me fucking calling it an early night, because international politics fucks me up to no end.

    1. JosepHenry


      I just wanna know how the fuck are people okay with this.

  6. PlayStation Classic’s going for less than 25 quid Tesco

  7. PaddyFancy

    Christmas 2018! (General Discussion/Christmas Haul)

    Good dog Time to show off the rest of my haul or the vast majority of it. I'll share these in tweet form. Plus there was a lot of body & bath stuff, clothing and lots of chocolate. Already tried out the VR headset, not on a VR game but on Just Cause 4 to see the cinematic mode. Its actually really cool in itself.
  8. PaddyFancy

    Christmas 2018! (General Discussion/Christmas Haul)

    Well if they don't cut it, remember you got your friends here to have your back at this time.
  9. PaddyFancy

    Christmas 2018! (General Discussion/Christmas Haul)

    I'll show off an early Xmas present I got a couple of weeks ago. It was a surprise from a friend, who knows how much I like Piccolo. A very neat gift.
  10. PaddyFancy

    Christmas 2018! (General Discussion/Christmas Haul)

    Not doing a lot really. Only major difference is I've been working in a shop for the first time since October and in during Christmas. My first experience of working in the madness of people coming in buying a ton of stuff and returning stuff as well. Its a tough time to get through the hustle and bustle but tomorrow its over and it wasn't all bad. Least I get to wear my Guardians of the Galaxy Xmas jumper that people including one of my managers kept confusing for Fortnite O.O Time flew in, and that's a surprise since shortly after I started working, before Hallowe'en even took place we were already starting to sell Xmas stock. I'll report back later on my haul.
  11. PaddyFancy

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Lord & Miller, 2018)

    I went to see this last night. I'm not much of a fan of Spider-Man, although I do think he's cute, watching a friend play the PS4 game and all that, and everyone I hear said it was very good. Its rare I take notice of others opinions to see something. And I'm so glad I went. Bonus points that I went to my local cinema, and had the entire theatre to myself watching it. It made me laugh a lot. Definitely needed something to make me laugh in terms of watching films in the cinema this year, since the only thing this had to go against was fucking Widows that made me want to kill myself (not really of course but it was so dark and unfunny and I wasn't in a good mood going in the first place. So yeah, movie of the year for me. I'm starting to grow fond of the ol' Spidey.
  12. A close friend of mine got me a figure of green Namekian husbando Piccolo, and its a fabulous gift for Xmas.

  13. From tomorrow it'll be Twitch Presents...Inspector Gadget.

  14. That is fake news if ever I saw it. The Lion King has a pretty grounded story.
  15. The Snowman & When The Wind Blows

    Two books turned films that were written by the same author Raymond Briggs, and have a similar artstyle between them. You couldn't think of two different works that contrast so differently from each other in tone.

    A brief description of the two in spoilers

    The Snowman

    A boy builds a snowman who comes to live one night and together they go on a magical journey where they meet Father Christmas.

    When The Wind Blows

    An elderly couple are hit by a nuclear blast and they try to survive the holocaust.

    Talk about difference in tone compared to how they both look on the surface.

    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      I’ve still yet to see the Wind Blows

    2. PaddyFancy


      Watch it, and then immediately follow up with something with a good knees up.

      Don't do the My Neighbour Totoro/Grave of the Fireflies thing in that order.


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