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  1. Yeah but sadly Sega had to fuck it all up and loose their entire audience for
  2. I read Ian Flynn as Quenton Flynn at first (voice actor for Silver) and I literally almost flipped my shit.
  3. I would like that too but at the end of the day this is someone's job y'know? People gotta make money to make ends meet. Thing is, even if you listen to fans, a majority of the time the fans will shit all over any decision made. It happens all the time everywhere. For example, people were begging Shadow to be in Boom but when he was in Boom many fans shat on how Shadow look, sounded, etc. I do agree that fans should be listened to, but it's really annoying when people complain for what the want and complain when they get it. In speaking of Mr. Cawthon, now we got that Sister Location game ;-; there goes my sleep.
  4. And Silver. i know they said they weren't going to add other sonic characters but hey, things change.
  5. That moment when you beat your high score and flip your shit only to realize that it's a shit score compared to everyone else's.
  6. I had a crazy kick ass dream about Metal Espio and like something happened and I knew the origins of Metal Espio and the story so I was like OH SHIT I GOTTA TELL YOU GUYS AT SONIC STADIUM but obviously I completelg forgot I had that dream.
  7. I agree. I think they're really haunting their asses for KH3. Even before KH3 I think they work hard on the games. Honestly, I must give them credit because if I was a staff member working on the KH series I probably would've passed the fuck out on day one. I always feel bad because they must be working day in and day out just to get shitted on sometimes. Also, considering Sanfransokyo is gonna be in KH3 they might try to incorporate an actual crowd. I don't know how they're gonna do that since honestly we're not used to NPCs like that but it can be done.
  8. Aqua7KH

    Miraculous Ladybug

    I don't know. I've just been watching the episodes on Yourube. the normal time is at noon on Sundays but it might've changed.
  9. I am a huge Silver fan (with him being my favorite character) and I have to admit I'm torn about his potential backstoru. Ryan, I absolutely love your idea for Silver, I think it's super whacky and sounds hilarous, but I do worry that it'll portray Silver in a negative light. Plus, many people dislike him just because of Sonic 06 so I think focusing more on his personality and giving him a different backstory could give him the role he definitely deserves as a character. Theres soooooo many ways you could write his character for the show that its very great. One of my ideas is that he could be the protector of a neighboring village, perhaps the one Sonic hid from Metal Sonic and perhaps the technology there is advanced which could be a nod to his backstory from the future. Or maybe he could be a hero wannabe. As for his personality, he could either be the very naïve short tempered hedgehog we all know and love (he could pick fights with Shadow all the time) or he could have the role say, the lazy type as suggested, or even perhaps an underling character who always gets tricked by others in using his powers for silly little chores as he thinks its a dire task. (I had more ideas but honestly I forgot them all) I reallllly want Silver to be in the show. He has to much potential.
  10. Aqua7KH

    Miraculous Ladybug

    Sorry. I just posted it in here because its the Ladybug thread and I wanted to discuss about the different Ladybugs across time
  11. I have but only bc of the free revive and the 200% ring thing. Other than that no.
  12. Aqua7KH

    Miraculous Ladybug

    Sorry for the repost, but I drew Ladybug during the Roaring Twenties; Carla White. Cat Noir is her cop partner. I may draw him I dunno. This is her costume, plus a skirt that I didn't include.
  13. I'm debating on playing the game again. I just havent because it felt like a chore quite honestly. Now that the Chaotix are buyable I'm actually thinking of playing again to see if I can Limit Break Espio to 10 or something.
  14. Aqua7KH

    Miraculous Ladybug

    It can be assumed yeah. Something I'd like to point out; (Massive Spoilers)
  15. I admit sometimes there are REALLY long posts, but I just posted that to basically sum up that copyright stuff is stupid. No harm done, so thank you as well!
  16. Aqua7KH

    Miraculous Ladybug

    Yup! I'd gladly link you to it too if you'd like! I just didn't want to spoil anything hugely for anybody but this was news that was told a while ago. Here's more news about that episode as I just watched it last night and news about the future of the show (MASSIVE SPOILERS)
  17. Aqua7KH

    Miraculous Ladybug

    The anime was never made but the OVA is being worked on. I say definitely check out a few of the later CGI episodes and especially the origins episode! You might be interested.
  18. Oh I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude about the matter! I'm just saying that it sucks that fans can't share ideas because of something so silly and ridiculous. I apologize if it sounded like I was being offensive on the matter.
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