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  1. Sonic Blast - Red Volcano Zone What I love most about this song is the 8-bit hip-hop beat it has. The Game Gear/Master System's noise channel manages to generate a sound which, to me, sounds like it's obviously meant to be a hand-clap. Sonic Labyrinth - Stage 1 This is actually a very catchy tune, even if the game isn't that great. My only complaint is that the percussion could've been done a bit better. The Entire Sonic Chaos OST This whole soundtrack is probably my favorite overall soundtrack for the 8-bit Sonics. Unfortunately, it seems to receive VERY little love from the ReMixing community, so much so that my reaction to Rexy's Sonorous Discharge track from the Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012 was a resounding "FINALLY!" followed by a download.
  2. The song Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay reminds me of Green Hill Zone. Also, there's a custom Super Mario World composition that sounds like something Jun Senoue would've composed for Sonic Adventure 2 rendered with that game's samples.
  3. Thanks, guys. I just went ahead and bumped the old one. I figured I'd ask here to avoid breaking any rules.
  4. After four years, I decided that it's time to revive this thread to show off some much newer voice work. Instead of individual clips, I now have short voice reels hosted by YouTube. First up is one of the main villains from the ill-fated early 90's cartoon known as The Bots Master
  5. The rules say that you can only have one thread per work type (ie one for fanfics, art, games, etc.) I made a voice acting thread here over 4 years ago, and it's been dead for just as long. I have new voice reels to show off. Should I make a new thread or revive that 4-year-old thread that I already have?
  6. ((I've missed a lot, and now I'm not so sure what to do with Gamma here. It doesn't seem like anyone is really attempting to interact with him.))
  7. E-102 took notice of the horde of Motobugs that fell from the portal above. "Multiple Motobug units detected," he droned, locking onto the insect-like machines and firing off rockets that destroyed them on contact. After taking care of the Motobugs, he began to wonder why they were even there in the first place. By the time he was created, Motobugs hadn't been used for about four years and were generally considered to be obsolete models. "B-00 Motobug: Obsolete," the red robot announced. "Reason for deployment unknown." Gamma then panned his camera eyes upwards to the still-opened portal in the sky. It looked a bit like the one that brought him to this strange composite world, but didn't appear to be exerting any type of gravitational pull on him or anyone else around him. He came to the most logical conclusion he could. All the elements of this world, as well as the people inhabiting it, had been brought here through portals just like this, and that the portals only exerted a pull at their entry points. Just as he came to this conclusion, more robots emerged from the open portal. These units appeared to be based on bees, with jet boosters and metallic wings that flapped to keep them aloft, as well as striped abdomens tipped with laser cannons. Gamma quickly recognized these machines as the earliest incarnations of the Buzz Bomber model Badniks. These units had also been outmoded for years, having been replaced by newer, more advanced models. One of the robots paused to prime a shot at the rogue robot. Knowing that the machines didn't possess proper targeting systems or the ability to fire homing projectiles, he quickly sidestepped out of the bee-bot's line of fire, causing its laser to miss him. He then targeted as many of the machines as he could and launched missiles that quickly disposed of them. After taking care of the Buzz Bombers, he began to wonder if this portal could perhaps bring him a step closer to completing his original mission of liberating the animals trapped inside his fellow E-Series units. Just as he prepared to jump into the portal, another thought crossed his mind. What if these portals were TIME portals in addition to being dimensional ones?
  8. With the Time Eater gone, Gamma got a second chance to examine the strange world he had been dragged into. It appeared to have been pieced together from random bits of random worlds. He panned his camera eyes downward to look at what was below him, slowly turning his head 360 degrees as he did so. The ground he stood on appeared to be floating in a black abyss, along with the bits and pieces of other worlds behind him. These pieces of other worlds looked as though they had been quite literally ripped away from their rightful places and randomly placed in this strange void, and it was quite possible that this was the result of vortexes similar to the one that brought him here. "Current location," he began as his head and gaze returned to their default positions. "Composite world. Composite world contains elements of South Island." His thoughts shifted back to his original mission for a moment. Beta and Zeta were still unaccounted for. He had reasoned that they were most likely on the Egg Carrier. Unfortunately, it was quite likely that the Egg Carrier was not in this strange hodgepodge of worlds. "Probability of mission completion in current location: 0.0001%." He spun his head again. "New mission: Return to Mystic Ruins. Assistance may be required." The robot approached the strange group of people who had been fighting with him against the strange beast.
  9. As Gamma continued to be pulled through the vortex, he could see larger chunks of matter being pulled through with him. Everything from boulders to buildings swirled around until reaching what appeared to be the other end of the vortex. Eventually, the pull of the vortex weakened, causing the objects caught in it to be dropped into the new world below. Some of the debris landed in open fields, while others crashed through buildings that did not look at all familiar to the robot who had unwillingly joined them in their journey. Determining that his current rate of descent would prove catastrophic to him upon landing, Gamma activated his Jet Booster to slow his descent, dodging the falling debris and landing on the soft green grass of this strange new world. "Must determine current location," Gamma hummed in his usual robotic monotone. He slowly turned his head, studying his new surroundings while comparing them with landmarks stored in his memory. To his right was a building with a sign emblazoned with the words Ground Wire. In the distance behind him was an island shaped roughly like the head of a cartoon dinosaur. This odd island was topped with several objects that could best be described as some type of mountain not known to Gamma, and perhaps not native to his world. To his left was the one thing he could identify: The familiar checkered soil of the Green Hill Zone on South Island. "Location identified....Green Hill Zone...South Island." He reviewed the two other landmarks, both of which were not familiar. "Additional landmarks not native to South Island. Location cannot be confirmed." He looked ahead to see a pudgy, overall-clad man doing battle with a large, monstrous being using a bright yellow cape. Accompanying this odd man was a blonde-haired woman, who also appeared to be battling this creature. Gamma began to walk forward, eventually shifting into Roller Mode to gain a little speed. Spotting the approaching robot, the Time Eater let out a beastly roar and fired a barrage of purple energy balls in Gamma's direction. Recognizing the threat, Gamma jumped into the air and locked onto the projectiles before firing a barrage of missiles at them. After the projectiles were taken care of, Gamma locked onto the monster himself and fired a missile at its midsection. Time Eater responded by roaring and knocking the missile away, sending it flying through a side window of the misplaced Ground Wire. Gamma continued to fire on the beast, hoping that one of his shots would hit.
  10. Since Time Eater can probably cause time distortions, I think I have a good way of bringing in my avatar despite him being dead. "E-104 Epsilon....Rescue complete," droned a red and white robot as he stomped out of the volcanic caverns of Red Mountain. This robot was E-102, better known as Gamma. This robot began his life as a mindless servant of Dr. Ivo Robotnik. That all changed when he encountered one of his creator's prisoners, a pink Hedgehog named Amy Rose. This girl, who was protecting a blue Flicky, had convinced this robot to defy his programming and delete his Master Registration. Now, the red-hulled machine was on a quest to liberate the small animals trapped inside of his fellow E-100 Series robots. He had already taken out units E-103 and E-104. Two more units remained. "E-105 Zeta...E-101 Beta...Location unknown." As soon as the red robot spoke these words, a black hole opened in front of him. The robot analyzed the spatial anomaly, even as he was being pulled into it. Eventually, the Mystic Ruins that surrounded him disappeared, being replaced by a blackness with bits and pieces of matter swirling around like water going down a drain. Gamma couldn't determine exactly what was going on. He could only come to one conclusion. "Mission interrupted."
  11. Gamma V

    Post Your Desktop

    Here's mine. CLICK TO ENLARGE I haven't played this yet, but I put the title screen as my wallpaper because I thought it'd look cool and because I happen to be a Super Mario World hacker myself.
  12. Gamma V


    I've been a fan of Transformers since I was about 15 years old, having that spark ignited by the Beast Wars. My first figure was Beast Wars Inferno, which I got for my 15th birthday, which I no longer have. I've been a collector of the toys ever since. I also tried to catch the shows every time they aired. This continued until they were moved to the Hub Network, which I don't have on my Dish subscription, aside from the odd month-or-two-long Free Previews. When those come along, I try to catch Prime as often as possible. This is the only picture of my collection that I have, and it's going on 2 years old. I've since gained 3 more figures. In addition to the toy collection, I have a number of Transformers DVDs. These are: * All Rhino G1 Season sets * The 1986 Movie (Rhino version) * Beast Wars Season 2 * Armada Season 1 Part 1 (First half of the series) * Armada: Battle for the Mini-Cons * Armada: Power of the Mini-Cons * Energon Episodes 6-9 * Transformers 2007 * Revenge of the Fallen * Transformers Heroes (G1: The Rebirth)
  13. Ian James Cortlett as Sonic the Hedgehog I mostly base this choice on Cortlett's performance as Cheetor in Beast Wars. Cortlett's Sonic could sound like a more sassy version of Cheetor. Mona Marshall as Miles "Tails" Prower This was a hard one to pick, but I went with Marshall because she has a long history of voicing prepubescent boys. It doesn't hurt that two of these roles were boys who also happened to be highly intelligent, just like Tails. Scott McNeil as Knuckles the Echidna Scott's typical voice for teen characters would work well for Knuckles, making him sound tough and youthful at the same time. I'd imagine the voice sounding like Jetfire from Transformers Armada without the heavy processing that was used to make it sound "metallic." David Kaye as Shadow the Hedgehog While listening to David's work on Behind the Voice Actors, I came across some clips of Treize from Gundam Wing. This got me thinking that Kaye would make a pretty good Ultimate Life Form. Sandy Fox as Cream the Rabbit/Amy Rose I just finished listening to some clips of her role as Lynn from Fist of the North Star, and her cute, sweet voice could definitely suit our little Rabbit girl. I could also imagine her making a good Amy. Mia Dillon as Tikal the Echidna/Maria Robotnik One night, my mother fell asleep in my bed with the TV on, and I caught an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent involving a fictitious terminally ill girl being used as part of a scam. The female half of the couple involved played the part of this imaginary sick girl in phone interviews, and the voice she used strikes me as very fitting for Tikal, since the imaginary sick girl seemed to always be crying, begging and pleading for bad things not to happen to her. The same, or a very similar voice, could also be applied to Maria. Bill Fagerbakke as Big the Cat Fagerbakke is probably best known as Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants. He also plays Bulkhead on Transformers Animated, who is a similar character type to Big, being a gentle giant who's generally laid-back and a little slow on the uptake. John DiMaggio as Vector the Crocodile This just seems like it'd work so well, I envision a voice similar to his Bender/Flexo voice, but maybe a bit tougher sounding. Neil Kaplan as Dr. Eggman I base this choice on a voice he did in an interview featured on the Rhino Transformers Generation 1 Season 2 Part 1 DVD set. It was an "old Englishman" type of voice, and I think it could fit Eggman pretty well. I don't know about you, but I like the idea of Eggy being British. Paul Dobson as Metal Sonic (Heroes personality) Based on his performance as Sideways in Transformers Armada, I believe Dobson would be a good pick for this particular characterization of Metal Sonic. Diedrich Bader as Metal Sonic (Robotic) I base this on his performance as Infiltration Unit 7 in The Zeta Project. If Metal is played as more robotic, a voice similar to IU7 could work for him.
  14. People shipping Sonic/Tails The relationship between Sonic and Tails has never struck me as really gay. I always saw it more like a brotherly bond, and I think that's what it was supposed to be. Also, just because Sonic keeps rejecting Amy's marriage proposals doesn't mean he's gay. He's supposed to be a free spirit, isn't he? How badly 4Kids screwed up Gamma's voice in Sonic X I don't know if there's any Gamma fan who really LIKES what they handled his voice. A 7-foot-tall combat robot shouldn't sound like the typical guy doing a robot voice on helium. I've come to pin this on the directors of Sonic X, rather than the actor himself, since said actor would later play Gamma's little brother, Omega, very well in Shadow the Hedgehog. If the voice director for X had a better handle on Gamma's character, Andrew Rannells could've produced a voice that may have sounded like a mellower version of his Omega. People calling Rings "Coins" I haven't seen this lately, but my older sister used to do this when I was a kid, and I remember reminding her that they were RINGS, not coins. I've seen a few people posting this, and it reminded me of myself when I was 9 years old, watching my sisters play Sonic 1.
  15. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that your topic has not vanished, but was merged. New link to your contribution:

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