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  1. I'd like to see Espio, Charmy and Cream get added. Any more Sonic characters would be nice. They could re-use Team Wild from Sonic Runners and have Sticks, Tikal and Werehog as another trio. If they decide to pick non-Sonic characters, I'd like to see Bayonetta, Jeanne and Rodin as a trio. I guess Rodin would be power, Bayonetta Technique and Jeanne Speed?
  2. Metal Sonic and Eggman in that trailer? (It's not Classic. There's a frame where you can see Metal's black eyes and exhaust).
  3. Oh wow and right after Sonic's twitter teased something XD Yeah it seems that if there are only 15 characters, we at least have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Egg Pawn, what appears to be Amy, and a blue Egg Pawn. I'm guessing the blue egg pawn is an alternate colour for people wanting to play as the same racer, OR Egg Pawns are fillers in the "Adventure" mode, and you can only play as an orange one outside Adventure mode. It's a shame the roster's so tiny. I guess it's going with the team mechanic, so 15 makes it 5 pairs of 3. I guess extrapolating on that, we can at least guarantee Rouge and Omega for Team Dark (Unless Omega's replaced. Poor guy got relegated to a flashlight in Runner's plot, and was deactivated all Forces, so I hope he gets attention). Also, Amy has to be in, meaning Team Rose should at least re-appear (So Cream and Big). Big is too meme-worthy for them to cut judging by how popular he's been with Sonic's social media staff. Chaotix are a possibility, bringing our roster to 13. Unless that King/Cop looking robot is playable, I'm sure the remaining slots are Eggman and Metal Sonic. (If Blaze and Silver are cut, that'd be such a shame. I hope they mean "over 15" and you begin with 15 racers and can unlock more).
  4. To be fair we've had 5 on-foot racing games (at least in recent time, adding Sonic Dash, Dash 2, Runners and Speed Battle). It would be cool though if there was a sandbox-style racing game like R again. I loved some of the stages and the alternate routes.
  5. I can imagine if this were the SXSW reveal : "The 'next step' in Sonic is a step back to his roots!"
  6. Given the last 2 reveals for Sonic Team games (if you count Runners) giving us something very limited, I'm only expecting a logo, some early concepts or a small trailer being revealed. If it's the racing game though, then I'm sure they'd have enough footage to show off some gameplay and at least have a name finalised.
  7. When they released this game globally, they made it much harder to get SRs by making the chests take longer to open, and gave them higher RSR payments to unlock. That being said, knowing you can get SRs from those free chests (which unlocked me Chaos), plus that free Emerald chest and the 12 day rewards has already made this much more generous than previous games (Oh and I hope the next update adds Infinite)
  8. I bought the app. It was fun and well made for an offline version of the game. Characters were easy to unlock and the missions got more challenging as you progressed which was nice. It wasn't bad for an old-school style mobile app (as in, you buy the app and it comes with everything), and it reminded me of Cordy (an old smartphone game) with the 4 zones, all with different environments and different obstacles etc. That being said I haven't played it since beating it. No incentives and no new content meant that it became a little repetitive.
  9. In answer to the question in the OP, I won't stop supporting it, I'll just wait until I see enough gameplay to make my decision. (I'm probably gonna renege this next game because I always end up buying Sonic games Day 1 LMAO)
  10. Fair enough. Still the trailers are kinda prioritising Infinite (then again we just got word from Famitsu Sonic's missing and that was never said in any trailers). He may be the last boss in the story, but maybe not the one you need to defeat as Super Sonic (If special stages give emeralds, that is).
  11. My guess is those are just markers for how far into the plot you've progressed. Like, at key points in the story you'll get a trophy. I wouldn't mind Eggman not being the final boss this time tho. I'm thinking it'll be some super form of Infinite Eggman forces him to transform into.
  12. People who don't really care about achievements (or like me and can only get the game on Switch) won't be missing out. They seem pretty standard IMO. Nothing specific like "Clear __ stage with only the Lightning Wispon in under 30 seconds". So 100% clearing your file should do it. Still interesting to know the weight the achievements are putting on bosses. Zavok especially since, so far we've not seen him outside of a trailer. Zavok could be a halfway point boss? (hence them turning him into a trophy)
  13. Seeing as Sanzaru last posted on Twitter June 2015 (last E3), it either means they've been working hard daily, or yeah, they've let it sit. I'd love to think they'd add something extra, given they've had an extra year. Do you think now that Iizuka's in America he's checking up on Sanzaru as well?
  14. I guess it'll be moved when an admin wants to XD But yeah, even if the worldwide release was in June everyone just got the apk and downloaded it in Feb XD
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