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    SuperAj3 got a reaction from Miragnarok in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    Metal Sonic and Eggman in that trailer? (It's not Classic. There's a frame where you can see Metal's black eyes and exhaust).
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Razule in Team Sonic Racing - Reveal Trailer   
    The eyes look kinda creepy.. maybe Metal Sonic in disguise?
    Oh a story, that's cool
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    SuperAj3 reacted to TCB in Team Sonic Racing - Reveal Trailer   
    ...What's the problem? I rather have Wisps be utilized as kart racer powerups then the generic stuff we got in the last two games. Conceptually they fit the game much better ala Mario Kart or CTR.
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    SuperAj3 got a reaction from FFWF in Team Sonic Racing leaked from Walmart Database   
    Oh wow and right after Sonic's twitter teased something XD
    Yeah it seems that if there are only 15 characters, we at least have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Egg Pawn, what appears to be Amy, and a blue Egg Pawn.
    I'm guessing the blue egg pawn is an alternate colour for people wanting to play as the same racer, OR Egg Pawns are fillers in the "Adventure" mode, and you can only play as an orange one outside Adventure mode.
    It's a shame the roster's so tiny. I guess it's going with the team mechanic, so 15 makes it 5 pairs of 3. I guess extrapolating on that, we can at least guarantee Rouge and Omega for Team Dark (Unless Omega's replaced. Poor guy got relegated to a flashlight in Runner's plot, and was deactivated all Forces, so I hope he gets attention).
    Also, Amy has to be in, meaning Team Rose should at least re-appear (So Cream and Big). Big is too meme-worthy for them to cut judging by how popular he's been with Sonic's social media staff.
    Chaotix are a possibility, bringing our roster to 13. Unless that King/Cop looking robot is playable, I'm sure the remaining slots are Eggman and Metal Sonic.
    (If Blaze and Silver are cut, that'd be such a shame. I hope they mean "over 15" and you begin with 15 racers and can unlock more).
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    SuperAj3 reacted to LukA8 in Team Sonic Racing leaked from Walmart Database   
    Look at the high-res version of the boxart. That's not Mario, nor is it Orbot and Cubot. Looks more like another Eggman "King Doc" disguise or a robot opponent for Adventure mode.
    Also not surprised this might be another low-budget title they can put out at a lower price, saw this coming after Forces. It looks like the transformation aspect has been completely dropped, which disappoints me quite a bit, but again not surprised. I really thought there would be some on-foot racing segments or some other unique mechanic for this other than Team racing, but we'll see I guess, they might have taken a more basic approach for now in case this becomes a new racing series in the end.
    With the whole team angle going on, we should also be able to predict the character roster pretty easily. No Chaotix mobile for us, I fear.
    We have...
    - Sonic, Tails and Knuckles for Team Sonic, obviously
    - Team Dark, thanks to Shadow, Rouge will probably be along for the ride as well as Omega. An alternative for Omega would be Eggman, but I'm not sure were that would leave Egg Pawn, unless that's just an Adventure mode opponent.
    - Team Eggman, consisting of Egg Pawn, Eggman and Metal Sonic, the latter two who were in previous racing titles
    Now that leaves place for two more teams. Either Team Chaotix or Silver/Blaze/Cream/Big might not make the cut here.
    - Amy is a staple so she will need a team, Sumo Digital also adore Big the Cat so they would definitely try getting him in if allowed to (and I don't see there trouble since he's in Lego Dimensions and Speed Battle), as for the "Technique" member I guess it could go to either Cream, Blaze or Sticks. Blaze could also replace Big for Power.
    Now we have a certain Trunks the Hedgehog left who's another spin-off staple, but the problem is he doesn't go in any team unless you count him standing next to Blaze and Cream in Generations, but Cream would have to be with Amy. This makes me a little worried for the Chaotix not making it in, since Charmy tends to be left out of spin-offs. The prototype for All-Stars Racing had Vector, Espio, Blaze, Silver and Rouge as well as Cream as a tag-along for Amy.
    There's of course also the chance they might go the way of Free Riders and putting Vector on Team Rose/Egg Pawn on Team Dark, but it would limit their ability of releasing a DLC team. So the options I see are:
    - Team Sonic, Dark, Eggman, "Rose" (Amy, Cream/Silver and Blaze) and Chaotix
    - Team Sonic, Dark, Eggman, Heroes Rose and the Whatevers (Blaze, Silver and Sticks?). I see this as more likely at the moment.
  6. Chuckle
    SuperAj3 reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Team Sonic Racing leaked from Walmart Database   
    I want Tom the Cop as a racer...
    ...In fetching 70s trousers.
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Eurisko in What is Next for 2d Sonic?   
    Just Mania 2 , that's all we need. That's all the world needs.
    Seriously , I really hope Mania 2 is on the cards they did such a good job with the first one how could they not want to do more?
  8. Way Past Cool
    SuperAj3 got a reaction from Ashwalking Bat in How would I direct Sonic Forces if I was in charge   
    I like the idea of the phantom ruby being used to hide Eggman's preparations for his takeover. I also like the idea of additional playable characters!
    Some of my main issues with the game though were a lack of content, and story being rushed.
    If I could re-write time and modify the game I'd:
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Filipe1020 in How would I direct Sonic Forces if I was in charge   
    I find Sonic Forces to be a very underwhelming game, which is a shame, because based on it's concept it could have a lot more potential, and I would like to share what would I do if I could change the way the game turned out to be.
    I believe the Phantom Ruby could had been an even stronger plot device, think about it, how and why did Sonic and his friends allowed Eggman to take over the control of their planet like this? With all the equipment and factories built they could had a lot of time to stop him from taking over before it's completion, anyway, here's what I think they should had done.
    This is the Phantom Ruby's official information.
    "A weapon that takes control of people's visual and depth perception to feed false information to the brain, creating a new reality for them. Like a dream so real, if you bump yourself in it, your sleeping self will bruise? It's hard to believe."
    My idea is that Eggman has been using the ruby to hide all of his modifications in Sonic's world, which is not detected by them neither by Tails' devices, since manufacturing all of Eggman's Army takes time, it took him a year to complete his plan, in the meanwhile, the Ruby has been working to make sure that nothing looked suspicious, it's like hiding everything under an invisible cloth, Sonic started to suspect the abscense of Eggman for almost a year, until one day he noticed something different near a mountain, apparently it was a breach that the Ruby coudn't hide, he got inside and he discovered that Eggman was manufacturing his army on hiding, but that breach was left open on purpose, since Eggman likes to show off his evil schemes, he told Sonic that his biggest project yet has just began, so he got the Ruby and removed all of the illusions that was hiding the factories and bases that Eggman had been building around the entire world, including the Death Egg Robots, which then started to march straight to the cities, causing a massive destruction, Sonic then rushes to try and stop it, calling his friends along the way to help, forming a Resistance to stop Eggman's total takeover.
    I find the idea that only Sonic, Classic Sonic and a Custom Avatar to do the dirty work to be rather silly, while the other characters sits down in a computer room, SEGA had the opportunity to use the other characters to help in the progress of taking their planet back, so here's my idea.
    He is the straightforward attack type, using his powerful speeds to take over thousands of robots in one go, helping the resistance to march forward into new territory, Sonic's levels are similar to what he usually does on Modern Sonic Games.
    The technical sidekick, he can hack inside robots and computers to access new locations, extremelly useful to disable entire armies and other types of weapons, the idea is that in his levels, he can get inside the bases to stop Eggman from controlling his army to invade other territories.
    Powerhouse, Knuckles uses his strengh to help battle bigger enemies and bosses that can threaten locations that had been re-taken by the Resistance, he also can help by finding assets needed in order to progress, for example he can hunt back the Chaos Emeralds.
    The investigator, Shadow's previous GUN training gave him the skills to invade the enemy base to discover new information about where will be the next attacks and about any weaknesses he can gather about the source of all of this chaos.
    Silver can use his telekineses to take control of enemy's attacks on his way, like bullets, rockets and so on, and shoot it back to the enemy, he can also move heavy objects to access new areas.
    Basicly the idea is that Sonic Forces could had used some of the characters in Sonic's universe, each with it's own unique abilities and levels, instead of bringing back Classic Sonic.
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Strong Guy in could forces be fixed like mania?   
    Mania wasn't in need of much "fixing" in the first place.
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Sonictrainer in Sonic Mania: Version 1.04 and Plus DLC PS4 Leaks (SPOILERS)   
    An update for Sonic Mania was available for a brief moment of time for PS4 users. Even though it's no longer available to be downloaded, players are still able to play the game and look at all of the new features and changes to menus, stages, and boss battles that may or may not be part of the coming "Plus" DLC.
    Here are a collection of images, gifs, and videos that show changes added in the 1.04 update so far.
    If you want to wait and find out about any of these changes when they're officially announced, this is your spoiler warning.
    Also, this post is the only post in the topic to use a Spoiler Tag. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
    Currently known Changes
    All features in No Save Mode are now available for Regular Save Files. The Time Limit can now be turned to off  
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    SuperAj3 reacted to TheOcelot in Sonic Mania: Version 1.04 and Plus DLC PS4 Leaks (SPOILERS)   
    Just did a no-hit playthrough of the new MS boss fight. Enjoy!
    Do you like my technique?
    Fucking love this boss fight now. The original was good, but this is much better. Shorter and the Metal Sonic Kai is a good challenge.
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    SuperAj3 reacted to TheOcelot in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Reveal (Coming July 17th) - NO SPOILERS   
    DLC for Sonic Mania was added to Steam two days ago. This surely is related to the new Mania Plus version.
    Also interesting to note is that Stealth is now back working on his HCGE engine. Which likely implies that his work on Mania Plus is now finished. So perhaps we could be getting Mania Plus earlier in the Summer release window than first thought?
    Stealth has also updated his site.
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Dr. Christmas Mike in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    I wouldn't... but if I were, I'd make it the wackiest, silliest, most insane story ever on purpose.
    Not in a Colors way where they stand around talking either.
    Like, in a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure way, where everything's just batshit. Because the idea is so silly, what else could you do?
  15. Way Past Cool
    SuperAj3 reacted to Nakasu in Sega is teasing a new Sonic something reveal for SXSW 2018   
    Can't wait to play Green Hill.
    In 2018.
    In 4K.
  16. Way Past Cool
    SuperAj3 got a reaction from Miragnarok in Sega is teasing a new Sonic something reveal for SXSW 2018   
    Given the last 2 reveals for Sonic Team games (if you count Runners) giving us something very limited, I'm only expecting a logo, some early concepts or a small trailer being revealed.
    If it's the racing game though, then I'm sure they'd have enough footage to show off some gameplay and at least have a name finalised.
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Indigo Rush in Sonic Racing Rumors - "It's happening, FOOLS!"   
    Strictly as a kart racer, I'm sure it'll be phenomenal. Sumo Digital are fantastic developers and I have faith that this will end up being a great game and will be well received. 
    However as a fan of SEGA, I have to admit that the reality that this won't feature any other IPs from SEGA's past is very disappointing and kills a huge chunk of the hype for me. This was the closest thing to a SEGA answer to Smash Bros we ever got. I'm hoping this isn't the end of crossovers for SEGA, but I'm not especially hopeful right now.
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Sean in Sonic Racing Rumors - "It's happening, FOOLS!"   
    A Sonic-only kart racer would be lame as hell. With the exception of Sonic Drift, all of Sonic's racing games, good or bad, have tried doing their own unique thing to set them apart from other racers, from the on-foot platforming of Sonic R and Rivals to hoverboard racing in Riders. The kart formula suited the crossover nature of the All-Stars games pretty well, but I don't think it can sustain a Sonic-only cast and maintain the appeal of the previous two games anymore than a Super Smash Bros. featuring only Fire Emblem Mario characters could. If this is true, I couldn't care less.
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in Sega is teasing a new Sonic something reveal for SXSW 2018   
    Sweet! After lego's, ziplines and sand, can't wait to see what new addition they'll have for Green Hill Zone this time.
    Maybe they'll even remember it's supposed to be on an island next time.
  20. Chuckle
    SuperAj3 reacted to Detective Kaito in New mobile title Sonic Forces Speed Battle (iOS - Hardlight Studio)   
    Green Hill's looking a lot more like Snow Hill right now.
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Razule in Sonic Forces X Chuck E. Cheese's   
    Makes FAR more sense than Hooters
  22. Chuckle
    SuperAj3 reacted to DoubleXXCross in Sonic Forces sells an estimated 234,000 units worldwide in the first week at retail.   
    You mean it sold what a normal bad 3D Sonic game does?
    While Mania sold what a good Sonic game does?
    Stop the freaking presses.
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Penny in Super Sonic DLC for Forces out Dec 22 - €1.99, Free Until Jan 23   
    the fact that they want to charge people money for something that not only should've been in the game to begin with, but is also essentially just a glorified costume, is fucking ridiculous. it's like Sega is purposefully doing as much wrong as it can when it comes to this game smh
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Shadowlax in Super Sonic DLC for Forces out Dec 22 - €1.99, Free Until Jan 23   
    From my understanding is that you don't get super shadow either, even though the model is there. 
    What even is this
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    SuperAj3 reacted to Balding Spider in Super Sonic DLC for Forces out Dec 22 - €1.99, Free Until Jan 23   
    That's for you Sonic Team, if I had it in me I'd make it the size of a skyscraper.
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