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  1. Not Sure I'm in the Right Place. But Here it goes Anyway. First of All, I'm Sorry for all PC Fans that have to wait. I Feel Bad for you, Awful even. So I Thought over it and After thinking for a Hour, I've Made a Choice NOT to Buy Sonic Mania on The Switch Until the PC Version comes out. I Feel like If I Play it, I'm Cheating on a Lot of Fans and Friends of Mine. And I Can't Share My Happiness about the Game with them because they have to wait. That's Only gonna put me in a Mood Not to Play Mania. And Even I Do Buy the Game at Launch, I'm not Playing any of it. Not even Green Hill and Heck, That's My Favorite Zone in The Sonic Series. I Want everyone to Know That At Least One Person from the Nintendo Fanbase is Waiting with them for The TRUE Launch of This Game on PC for the Next 2 Weeks. And Donnie, If you ever read this, Your One of the News Reporter I've ever Seen and Everything you write Makes me Smile. Thanks for being the best one out there! Anyways, Yeah. I Doubt anyone will take this Post Seriously so keep Strolling.....But Know that The Day This Game Launches PC will be the Day I Play with you PC Fans out there.
  2. Happy Anniversary, TSS! I Made this for you Guys! Keep Up the Good Work!
  3. Hey There, I'm MusicClues! I'm a Longtime Sonic Fan and Played Sonic Games Since Sonic Heroes. I'm Also A Longtime Nintendo Fan. Anyway, I'm a Small-Time YouTuber and SoundClouder who's Trying To Make The Big Time online. This is One of My Newer Sonic Mashups. Enjoy! MC Out!
  4. First, I Just Joined The Forums so I'm New to This! 1. Saturday and Sunday! 2. Anytime in The afternoon. 3. Pokemon, Smash Bros or MK8! 4. Like I Said, I'm New Here! So I Don't know What to Tell You.
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