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  1. nintarie

    My 3D & CG Works

    That's looking really good, just keep doing what you're doing! Other than that I can't give much advice, I'm not too great with 3D.
  2. Yeah, I saw that earlier today. I was nearly falling out of my chair laughing. It was so bizarre, I just... it was fantastic. Games were horrible, but the video is great. xD
  3. I used to watch this show when I was younger. It was over the top, ridiculous and silly. In other words, it was awesome! I was such a fangirl for Antauri, since (while I don't know what his English voice actor was like), I really loved his voice actor. He was great!
  4. Yeah, I've seen the mural theory before and it's really my favourite, because it feels very plausible.
  5. Time to go and fill my 'I feel loved!' meter by grinding some rep in World of Warcraft! Because what are real friends? I'm too cool for school! Or friends! ... Or something. :huh:

  6. Another fancharacter by the same friend that I mentioned previously. Once again drew this to help him get the design down, and also draw some eye candy for myself! (FEAR THE PINK TOWEL OF DOOM!)
  7. nintarie

    Gala's Art

    Hah! Those are all very cute, but I agree, the one with the kitty ears is my favourite!
  8. You've got a sweet style, it's very nice to look at! The animation with Donald is cool too!
  9. Oh wow, that looks great! Loving the detail. And I frickin' love me some DB, so cookie points for that! Really like the colouring on your previous drawings as well!
  10. I saw a Mod tell someone that they hadn't been here long enough to see the entire forum. What can't new members see, and how long does it take until you can?

    1. Diz


      If you mean Hogfather's comment in a topic someone else deleted, then he's not a forum mod, but a TSS staff/writer. To answer the question, new members are unable to view the Personal Discussion section, and if I remember correctly, are unable to post in the Marketplace section. ^^

      I forgot to answer your final question, as in how long it takes until new members can view or post in certain forums. The current requirement is to reach a certain post count for both aforementioned sections. (50 for Personal Discussion, I think it was? I am sure I will be corrected.)

    2. nintarie


      Ahhh, alright. That makes sense. Can understand wanting to keep a section that might contain more sensitive things a bit more exclusive, even if not by much. ^_^


      Sorry about the mix up on Hogfather's status. I do believe it was him I meant, yeah. Had forgotten the name though.

  11. Yeah, it's been real hot over where as well for the last few days. It's a wonderfully dozey drawing! Also, just wanted to throw in my two cents on your Rouge drawing; She does look older than 18, but I don't think that's a bad thing really. After all, make-up and hair can do a lot to how old or young a person looks. I don't think it's a stretch of the imagination to think that she simply presents herself in a fashion that makes her look older and more mature. What I mean to say is that I think you did a great job drawing her as a human, but don't worry about her looking a bit older than 18.
  12. I can only concur with Forte! That's looking wicked, and demands colouring!
  13. Decided to draw a character of mine that I haven't drawn in ... 8-9 years. So felt it was about time to give her some love!
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