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  1. Firstly, my apologies for reviving a four-year-old thread. In the mid-90s my younger sister would rent this video repeatedly from the local Blockbuster (I had no idea this video was intended for schools; how did it end up as a rental video in Blockbuster??) as she was heavily into swimming, galas, lifeguarding etc at the time. I remember fondly the SEGA head, the glimpses of Ecco, the BayWatch parts, and even a young Chris Evans. I also remember some of the rather obvious advice ("Try not to dive into water that isn't deep enough to dive into", and so forth). I was able to find little information about the video online other than this thread, sadly. I wish I had made a copy of the video 20 years ago while I had the chance! Seeing the screenshots in this thread certainly takes me back! Thank you for bringing this video back to the forefront of my mind!
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