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  1. More teasing from Webber: http://sonicthehedgehog.tumblr.com/post/145262476833/coming-into-june-like
  2. I suspect these tweets are purely PR stunts and all the business deals are already in place (why else would they drop the Madeon hints months ago if something wasn't already in the works?).
  3. The length of this exclusivity really depends on this mystery third game. If it's something small like a 2D e-shop download or some kind of spin-off, you can expect these three game to be churned out in just over a year. If however, it ends up being a "proper" game, we probably wont be seeing Sonic on other consoles until 2015. If that's the case then the PS3 and 360 can probably say goodbye to Sonic right now. Any multi-platform game coming out that late is probably going to be next-gen exclusively. We also have to consider the possibility that Nintendo and SEGA may renew the partnership when it ends. If both companies feel they've got their money's worth from the deal, why wouldn't they extend it?
  4. TSSZ is reporting that SEGA will be publishing three Sonic games in Europe.
  5. www.computerandvideogames.com/406427/wii-u-set-for-double-nintendo-direct Nintendo is holding a Nintendo Direct later today focusing on the WiiU. I'd say there's a decent chance of Lost World getting unveiled.
  6. CoD is the biggest franchise in gaming. Sonic is still seen as a bit of a joke.
  7. http://uk.ign.com/wikis/xbox-720/List_of_Xbox_720_Games IGN has placed a "next-gen Sonic title" in a list of possible 720 software. It should be noted that their reasoning behind this is an interview with Takashi from over a year ago rather than any kind of inside sources.
  8. I actually expect both Sony and Microsoft will offer multiple SKUs. They'll have the lower budget, small storage bundles but they'll also have model with a 500GB or so HDD built in. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/398287/new-ps4-details-raises-friend-limit-headset-included-very-large-hdd/
  9. But the PS4 and 720 DO have sometihng to do with this. They're detracting people from buying a WiiU because they think the "real" next generation is starting soon. Low sales = no developer support, it's that simple. If WiiU sales pick up then I'm sure SEGA would release the game. At the moment it's very difficult to justify doing it with the install base being so low. Also, I didn't intend to make any implications. I was also not trying to distinguish the difference between "casual" and "hardcore" (as in the negative/positive connotation between those words). I was simply saying that I'm a big gamer who devours a lot of content and a large HDD needs to be standard for me.
  10. It's not really an issue; the 4Gig model is merely a purchase option for people who don't need storage. Nintendo has no bundles bigger than 30GB. Of course you can go out and buy a seperate HDD, but that's more money for an already expensive system. Edit: Yes, MS' policies for XBLA titles do seem too strict and surely it will bite them in the ass if they don't change their philosophies for the next generation. There was a time when XBLA was king though. Stuff like Shadow Complex, Braid, Trials HD, Castle Crashers, Splosion Man coming out on a regular basis.
  11. There's still the issue of all mature content being blocked during watershed hours (even if the registered owner of the WiiU system is 18+), the slow as hell loading times, the ludicrous pricing, the limited storage space and general lack of content.
  12. Maybe they have cold feet. I don't think anything sold well on the WiiWare/VC service the first time around. And looking at the first couple of months, Nintendo STILL doesn't understand how to provide a service that is on par with XBLA/PSN/Steam
  13. I'm guessing the plan would be to attract a new audience for it. I imagine children would be attracted to a comic with Sonic on the cover if they saw it in a newsagent.
  14. http://thesoniczone.net/2011/12/sonic-the-comic-republishing/
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