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  1. Chris Thorndyke. If he doesn't count, then I would have to say Princess Elise. It's... just... wrong! Especially in this cutscene.
  2. This is a difficult choice, since all these games own in my opinion. If I had to choose the worst main series classic, it would have to be Sonic CD. I have hardly any problems with the game, but it's not my favorite game, and it definitely has its flaws. I don't care much for the story involving the Little Planet, and the time travel system is incredibly frustrating at times. Although I enjoy the game, I don't consider it to be the best Sonic game ever.
  3. There is something about playing a game on an actual console. It seems more awesome than playing a game on an emulator in my opinion.

  4. Exactly, except i had the Playstation 2 version. You know what is sad about it? This happened in 2005, back when I was sort of stupid. I was getting a game for the PS2 and I was deciding between Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal and Shadow the Hedgehog. I chose Shadow the Hedgehog because back in '05 i couldn't imagine a Sonic game being bad. However, when I played the game, it turned out being one of the most frustrating games I have played, second only to Superman 64. Well, maybe not that bad, but still. It just seemed boring and tedious in my opinion.
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing Super Sonic in another game. Just don't make the Super boss fight mandatory. I also believe that a Special Stage system like that in the classic Sonic games should be implemented so that Super Sonic remains optional. The current system of Sonic finding the Emeralds through cutscenes and only being able to be Super in the final boss fights is getting quite old. It was alright in Sonic Adventure and even SA2, but I was sort of hoping for the classic Super Sonic formula to return in Sonic Heroes. And ever since, the 12 year old formula has been reduced, reused and recycled several times. I just want to be able to go into the special stages, get the 7 Emeralds, and unlock the ability to play as Super Sonic like in the old days, as I actually felt like I achieved something when I completed S3&K, whereas, in my opinion, Sonic Adventure seemed like I just completed a rather easy video game. I also don't want to see bosses like Perfect Dark Gaia in the future, as they make it seem as if Sega has no creativity whatsoever.
  6. Why is Sonic 3 & Knuckles so awesome? It doesn't need a reason. It just is. Most people I've talked to say Sonic 2 is the best Sonic game. I enjoyed S3&K the most, however. Don't get me wrong, Sonic 2 is a great game. It just seemed, whenever I played it, that there was something keeping me from enjoying it as much as I did with Sonic 3&K. Also, collecting all of the Chaos and Super Emeralds and completing Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the first time was an awesome experience. Also, the game's music rules.
  7. "Hill Top Zone" (Sonic 2) "Wacky Workbench (Past)" (Sonic CD) "Mt. Red: A Symbol of Thrill" ...for Red Mountain (Sonic Adventure)
  8. I still think Sonic R is an cool game. It had its problems, but it was by no means the worst Sonic game ever, nor did it deserve to be on GameTrailers TV's worst Sonic games list. And the Tails Doll Curse is just a myth created by fans that lost with Tails Doll and didn't want to tell people it was their lack of skill and wanted to blame it on something else.
  9. This exactly, except I didn't have a DC. I played SA2B. Also, Sonic Adventure. The whole game. I first rented SADX at Blockbuster in '04 and completed the game before I had to return it. Bought it 3 years later just so I could play it again. I also have a lot of cool memories of the Genesis titles. Especially Sonic 2 due to being what introduced me to Sonic.
  10. A classic relaunch is possible. Almost anything is possible though. The thing is, Sega is always relaunching the series. The reason is, there are fans out there that believe the series is in "peril" and needs to be "saved'. For this reason, a reboot is profitable to them. And since Retro is in now, bringing Sonic back to his classic styling will be profitable as well. So if Sega wanted to relaunch the series, it is possible they might also undo any decisions made with Sonic post-1994. If they did this just for profit or to get the older fans to buy, however, they would be milking the hedgehog, just like they did when they came up with Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis for the GBA.
  11. I don't even think they play video games. It seems like they just put random characters in the list. For example, they put the name of Zelda on the list when they really meant Link. Also, Halo is a character now? My point is, if you're going to make a list of the top 10 game characters, they should at least play the games of the characters they're listing.
  12. "Casino Night" (Sonic 2) "The Dreamy Stage" ...for Casinopolis (Sonic Adventure) "Blue Star" ...for Casinopolis (Sonic Adventure)
  13. Only SA2B had overlapping lines. Sega didn't really do anything to make it different from the original game, and they didn't bother with editing cutscene timing for the Gamecube port, so the cutscenes were a bit fast. The characters' lines didn't overlap each other originally.
  14. EDIT: I wanted to edit my older post, and I ended up pressing the REPLY button instead. Well that sucks...,
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