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  1. Well I admit, I am biased towards Shadow. But they could have easily had a Sonic VS Tails boss fight as someone else mentioned. In fact that would have been the first time that has ever happened in Sonic's history, bar the Archie comic.
  2. I would have liked to have seen Eggman brainwash Shadow and have him fight Sonic. That would do two things: Give Shadow a reason to be in the game, and give us another canon Sonic VS Shadow fight.
  3. I would like to see the next main series game involve more characters. I know there are people who prefer Sonic-only games, and that's fine. The thing is, we've had them for a while now. Secret Rings, Unleashed, Black Knight (for the most part), Sonic 4: Episode 1, and now Colors have all been Sonic-only games with relatively simple stories. Sega said they want to cater to as many parts of the fanbase as possible. But what about the part of the fanbase that wants more characters and a deeper story? It seems we aren't being accounted for. I'd like to see Team Dark appear as part of the story, as well as the Chaotix. And I would like a story of the calibur of the Adventure series. I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who feels this way. How do I know? Look no further than the reception Free Riders is now getting. Many fans jumped for joy at the sight of Metal Sonic, Vector, and the fact that there are four stories instead of two. Heck, people jumped for joy at the announcement of a story mode! The bottom line is, it has been far too long since we've had the side characters involved in the games. We haven't seen Shadow in a canon console game since Sonic 06, and since that game erased itself, the last time we really saw him was in his own game, five years ago! We've had plenty of Sonic-only games with light stories, now I believe its time for another Adventure-style game. As far as the gameplay goes, they can keep like Unleashed/Colors setup, but tweak it a tiny bit for the other characters.
  4. Guys, I only have one thing to say: Four years ago we had Sonic 06, now we have this. I'm happy.
  5. Apparently Chaos gained God-like status after SA. He is able to return from the afterlife at will, as seen in Sonic Battle.
  6. Speaking of Robotnik Corp, I wonder who its original owner was. Eggman's father? Gerald? I'm more likely to go with Gerald, and here's why. We know that Robotnik Corp produces Extreme Gear, or at least mock ups of it. Shadow's air shoes are extremely similar to the extreme gear shoes. So perhaps his shoes were manufactured by Robotnik Corp? If that's true than it would show that not only does Eggman come from "a long line of brilliant scientists" (as stated by Eggman Nega), but also a long line of wealthy scientists, which would explain how Eggman has the money to constantly build robotic armies.
  7. This may be a bit off topic, but what exactly happened at the end of Rivals 2? The Ifrit was defeated, Nega got trapped in its dimension, and Silver said that he hopes his future is a happy one. But how is it that Silver retained his memory of that event after the future was altered? That seems to contradict the ending of Sonic 06. In the beginning of Chaotic Inferno Zone, Silver said his world was caught up in flames due to the Ifrit. Since that "never happened," he shouldn't have been around afterward to talk to Espio after the Ifrit's defeat...Ahh I'm thinking way to hard about this.
  8. I liked the analysis, but do you think the story would make more sense if the order of the games went like this? Rush Rush Adventure Rivals Rivals 2 This way, Nega pretends to work with Eggman twice, goes insane after Rush Adventure, and is his enemy from then on. It just makes more sense to me than the two being friends, then enemies, then friends, then enemies again. All of the points you made would still be valid if you went by this order. Your way makes sense too, though. That was the order the games were released, after all.
  9. Although I doubt it would ever happen, I can see Sara appearing in the games without being out of place. She can simply be the princess of another country, separate from the United Federation. The games have been getting more fantastical as opposed to sci-fi in recent years (Rush Adventure taking place in another dimension, the alternate universes of the Storybook Series, and the plot of Unleashed in general), so I don't doubt that it could work without any problems.
  10. I forgot that Sonic actually killed Erazor. He technically helped to kill Mephiles(in the form of Solaris) too, since he was certainly an "intelligent" being. I agree that Archie Eggman deserves no kind treatment whatsoever. He killed everyone on Mobius in the timeline he came from(including Sonic), and tried to do it again on Mobius Prime, as if killing a person once wasn't good enough for him. Archie Eggman did pretty much the same thing as Cell from DBZ; destroying the planet and then going back in time do it again for his amusement. I'm pretty sure those who have watched DBZ would agree that Cell didn't deserve any remorse. If this were game Eggman, then yes, I would feel bad for him if he went insane, as he has shown to have compassion at times. But Archie Eggman? No way.
  11. About Elise's blue emerald...Before Shadow and Silver travel back in time, there are currently 7 chaos emeralds in existence. When Silver gives the blue emerald from the future to Elise, there are now 8 emeralds in existence, two of them being blue. So it is indeed possible for all of the events to have occurred normally up until that point, because the blue emerald that was used until Sonic 06 was the blue emerald of the present, not the one from the future. Problem is, Silver takes the grey emerald from the Duke to the future. DOH!!
  12. If Sonic were to get together with Amy, I could easily see him pulling a Goku and going off on adventures by himself for years at a time. So basically, if they were paired together nothing would change.
  13. That alone would warrant a purchase for me just to see how they tackle the Blaze plot hole and Chronicles cliffhanger.
  14. I thought that Rivals 1 and 2 took place before Rush and Rush Adventure. Because in Rivals Eggman Nega believes he can change the future, while in Rush Adventure he reveals that his world and Eggman's world are parallel universes (or alternate timelines). It could be assumed that Nega escaped the Ifrit's dimension and joined forces with Eggman to eliminate Sonic, and gave Eggman the Sol Emeralds in order to gain his trust. Also, he no longer tries to hide his true identity to Sonic anymore. That's how I view the situation at least.
  15. Some space levels in different environments would be nice. For example: Frozen Comet Zone, Red Planet Zone, Shooting Star Zone. Those environments are pretty self-explanatory I think. I want to see space levels that aren't on a space station for a change.
  16. Who's to say Sega won't release the next 3D Sonic game next year despite Sonic 4 coming out this year? After all: 2009: New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2010: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Different company, granted, but the situation is similar. Someone at Sega even stated that they will continue to make disk-based games alongside Sonic 4, and they will obviously be 3D games.
  17. I'm surprised no one mentioned the fact that Sonic took off for a year or two after Eggman was defeated, and didn't talk to any of his friends the whole time in Chronicles. This was something the other characters clearly resented about him.
  18. I didn't like how Sonic was so sympatheic to Eggman either. I mean, this guy literally killed Sonic and his children in the timeline he came from (along with the rest of the planet), and bragged about it. I think Sonic being so sympathetic was a tad unwarranted, considering the misery Eggman caused. I can see why people would feel otherwise, but that's my 2 cents.
  19. Heh. I admit I was guilty of this back in the day. I considered SatAM to be a prequel to the games. And it kinda made sense at the time. The Chaos Emeralds hadn't been introduced yet, Tails wasn't fighting alongside Sonic yet, they hadn't met Knuckles, etc. - When people rant about any western concepts being used in the modern games, such as chili dogs and Swatbots. - When fans say that Sonic has no continuity (HUH?!). - How the modern games ignore the fact that there were several sets of Chaos Emeralds in existence in the 16-bit games, and say there were always only 7 (Google "South Island Stories" to read the Japanese manuals if you want proof of this).
  20. If that's the case then why did it outsell Mario Galaxy? I'd love to hear his response to that. Although Olympic games was on two systems...Bah, its still a biased poll any way you slice it.
  21. Some time ago I did my best to not believe that there was bias against Sonic, but its really hard to after seeing stuff like this time and again.
  22. There is a scene in Sonic X where Knuckles makes the Master Emerald appear out of thin air right on screen. It might have been in season 3.
  23. Sonic caught Knuckles with the Tornado in Knuckles' ending in S&K.
  24. I think you're on to something here...The legends concerning the emeralds on different islands may in fact have to do with the warp rings and star posts leading to the dimensions where the emeralds are hidden, not the emeralds themeselves. But I don't think that the emeralds in Hidden Palace are merely teleporters, though. There are warp rings all around the island, so what would be the point of having seven emerald shaped teleporters near the Master Emerald? I seems like the shrine is meant to hold the actual Chaos Emeralds.
  25. I'm aware that the original storyline consisted of multiple sets of Chaos Emeralds, but I don't believe there is a story problem with the emeralds that Sonic obtained from West Side Island, even going by the "one set of emeralds" rule that Sonic Adventure established. It can work like this: Eggman tells Knuckles that Spnic is already in possession of the legendary Chaos Emeralds, and tricks him into believing that Sonic is out to steal the Master Emerald (not Angel Island's Chaos Emeralds like the manual says, as there can't be a separate set on it according to the storyline of the modern games). Knuckles steals them, then Sonic gets them back, and the whole Super Emerald storyline starts. That's the way I imagine it at least, your theory may (and likely will) differ.
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