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  1. But... Our revenge and duty... And stopping of creation of the worst comic book ever... The should revenge! Or you want see something bonding with Sonic and in list of worst comic books?!
  2. An perfect place for the execution son of Satan and Pandora! Nice gift. Go save for buying security, that we do not interfere.
  3. Let's wait return of rabbit tits!
  4. And what you can say about my idea?
  5. Oh, yeah! The Fifth Element - one of the bests (if not very best. For me - Very Best) Luc Beson's movies! Philosophy, extremely cool, fun and beautiful story! With amazing comic book sci-fi style of this world and memorable main and secondary characters! Charismatic Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas, sinister and clever Gary Oldman as Jean Batiste Emanuel Zorg, true believer Ian Holm as Vito Cornelius, and wacky Chris Tacker as Ruby Rod! But main star of this movie is - Milla Jovovich as The Fifth Element a.k.a. Leeloo! It's her best role, and her character for me is - The Best Movie Heroine! She is lovely and warlike, cute and cool, strong and fragile, fun and sad, irrepressible and thoughtful, and everything in general - Perfection! I love her, her hair (redhead girls rules!) and both her costumes! She is really grounded super heroine, and symbol of this movie! Like Diva Plavalaguna, and her song!... This movie real masterpiece from France! And after this movie, we get manny merchandise, and 2 games: Not good action game for PS1 and PC, and fun racing "New York Race" for PC, PS2 and Game Boy Color. And this for not only me - not enough. There is idea for Luc Beson and cash for him - give to something comic book publishing (eg - IDW) rights for making comic book ongoing as sequel! Well - you too want this? If so - check out well here, and lets wait October and Comic Con in new Leeloo's home - New York! It will be perfect present for 20 anniversary!
  6. And than you think Sonic is still worthy of being the protagonist of the comic book, if he after the death of the old world did not get dramatic and/or proper development. In addition to the title of the mascot of the corporation.
  7. So - barbel spent all the same characters. But this can be avoided if Sonic before the time comes to mind to use Emeralds and as Super Sonic blunt blow Eggfreak in Death Egg. This is time-saving and a quick end to the war.
  8. OH YEAH! DiCaprio win! Ash Ketchum - now is your turn win in this year!

  9. We need to create a petition for the purpose, to achieve the strict prohibition of the sale of this book horrible by any means for any money. And those idiots who come to mind to sell the book in their store - sentenced to 20 years in prison.
  10. WOW! Final Performance is come? http://cs633920.vk.me/v633920699/2d1d5/lWnRykF9iKM.jpg If Braxien not evolve, Serena dishonesty lose final, like May in Hoenn and Kanto! WE DON'T WANT FAILURES! WE TIRED FROM FAILURES! WE WANT SERENA'S WINNING IN FINAL!!!! If Serena lose, Ash lose in League! If they lose - I do hate and finally stop watching this anime forever! I showered house writer/director stinking garbage, and may even break my PokeMovies discs! Since even remember this season, which gave me hope for the epic finale, and then mocking spit in my face and soul at the same time, it will be very painful! And I'll just play the game, and wait in Russia will be delivered manga PokeSpe, but I'm close and approach the new season of anime! If Ash and Serena lose - it will be the most spoiled and mourning 20-year anniversary in some sort of franchise! Well, on the second place after another spoiled and mourning the anniversary - 20th anniversary of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog! God, hear my request - let Ash and Serena win.
  11. "Deadpool" movie comes out today. This day is also the anniversary of mourning hair Serena (from Pokemon). You can comment from him about mourning?

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET



    2. Mecha X

      Mecha X

      Serena sure win!

  12. Meanwhile, in Russia - because news with Ken Pontac, for local fans Sonic is already dead. :(

    1. TCB


      ...You're not serious are you

      Wow they really don't like the guy huh

    2. Mecha X

      Mecha X

      I'm really serious! Pontac for they is mark of bad game like SLW.

    3. TCB


      Can't please anybody amirite


    4. WhoWhatMan


      russians fans are serious business

    5. Mecha X

      Mecha X

      So you hate the Russian fans, because they love the games that you hate?

  13. "Ryan Reynolds called the Russians "coolest peoples" in the planet." He clearly has in mind and the Sonic Russian fans. :) 

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