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    Mecha X reacted to Marcello in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens   
    I'm happy there's a new Lego Star Wars, but I wish they would have waited for the end of the trilogy. They still have four seasons of Clone Wars and two of Rebels. With two seasons a game, they could have used those until 2019 when Episode 9 comes out.
    The stuff bridging Episode 6 and 7 is cool. I just hope this has a decently sized cast with no regards to their era.
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    Mecha X reacted to Gabz Girl in Pokemon Anime General Discussion   
    To be honest the Pokemon movies have been getting worse and worse over the past couple of years. M16 was the last straw really because of the plotholetastic Newtwo BS.
    If the anime does end one day, then make Ash the fucking champion already!
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    Mecha X reacted to Goro Man in Who from cartoons/comics should be given a chance to be in the games?   
    For me, all the same should be given a chance at it - Manic and Sonia! If you remove some of the extra parts (the same musical instruments as weapons. And maybe even a royal roots), they can perfectly fit into the game. And besides, SEGA may, at the right and appropriate approach to compete with TMNT 2012. Sonia may be suitable for the Scarlet Witch, and Manic on Hawkeye (a game for it can be like unreported gameplay of ShTH (well, give him transport and numerous weapons)). And what are your ideas?
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    Mecha X got a reaction from AshGreninJovan in SEGA CEO admits they betrayed fans' trust   
    SEGA, Just make a new game with high quality, like this, and I forgive you for everything.
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    Mecha X got a reaction from Ripe in SEGA CEO admits they betrayed fans' trust   
    SEGA, Just make a new game with high quality, like this, and I forgive you for everything.
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    Mecha X got a reaction from Johnny Boy in Pokemon Anime General Discussion   
    This is another message for creators that further fundamental changes are needed. And, it's time to say goodbye with Ash properly. And when the show is now an opportunity for this. All they need to give him become a Pokemon Master, and Serena a Queen Kalos, and make the most beautiful and epic bargain Happy End. And then give the new protagonist, each new generation. And to complement this event, the next 19th movie they can try to make a this very powerful and tabulation of 19-20 years, during which Ash and Pikachu studied various parts of the world and saved the same world.
    I look forward to it all, as well as the fact that, at least in the US version of the film will be called "Pokemon: The Last Movie" (but what ?! Since the first film was called "The First Movie," it is possible and it is! :))! And also on the soundtrack of the American spirit in the first two films.
    Here is my other threads:
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    Mecha X got a reaction from nintarie in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!   
    The Super Robot Monkey Team is set in Shuggazoom City, a city that takes up a good portion of its planet, named Shuggazoom. The rest of the planet is called "The Zone of Wasted Years."
    The main character is a boy named Chiro. When he was exploring the outskirts of the city while watching his twin sister Shareena, he stumbles upon a giant abandoned robot. Once inside, his curiosity gets the better of him, and he pulls on an old, untouched switch, thus awakening the five robotic monkeys that form the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce. In the process, Chiro also fused himself with the Power Primate, allowing him to transform into the brave fighter and bold leader of the team. With the aid of the five Robot Monkeys: Antauri, Mr. Hal Gibson, SPRX-77, Otto, and Nova, their mission is to save Shuggazoom City from the Skeleton King, the main antagonist of the series.
    By virtue of the fact that Chiro was not a superhero from birth, the five Robot Monkeys must train him, which ultimately results in him leading the team. The Robot Monkeys continue to train Chiro, as he fulfills his destiny as protector of the universe.
    When fighting the larger enemies, the Hyperforce uses the Super Robot, which can split into six separate vehicles. Its main attack, when combined as the whole robot, is Lasertron Fury, a powerful energy beam that is fired from its chest. The Super Robot also serves as Chiro and the Monkeys' headquarters and home.
    Hello! What can you say about the animated series? For me - I love it! It's cool combination of Star Trek, Star Wars, Voltron and Super Sentai/Power Rangers. And it's underrated creation early 2000s. There's a nice animation. The design is simple but tasteful. Humor Getting children may, but nice and bring a smile. And over time, he became more than an adult taste. And at the expense of humor - if you look at the series closely, you do not notice anything familiar? Funny faces, all sorts of antics? That's right - the creator of the series Ciro Nieli is also the creator of TMNT 2012. The characters themselves monkeys may cliched but well spelled out. And the characters are mostly pleasant. A main villain is very formidable. And a couple of Chiro+Jinmay - VERY LOVELY AND CUTE!!!!! The plot was simple at first, but over time he became more dramatic, serious and emotional. At the same time without leaving your age rating. I love all this - when the cartoon / comics growing up in the wake of his audience. In general - I really like this cartoon! One of the best of the early 2000s! Unfortunately - the story of the universe of the series did not have time to finish. After living for 4 seasons and 52 series, the series has been closed due to low ratings, and the fifth season was canceled. And I honestly do not understand - how people do not like such a great show? Now Nieli left Disney, and at this very right to left Disney series. Nieli spoke about a dream to finish the series, though the fifth full season, though feature film. And I hope it is also the emergence of Manic and Sonia in new Sonic games. At least for a series of comic books, where the story starts from the beginning, though from Archie, though by IDW, and though even from Marvel (in level of TMNT Adventures). In general - I will pray to the fact that I saw a beautiful and epic conclusion of the story! After all - if Disney is now nothing to show, let they sell rights to Nieli. Besides - they get more money. And if you do not know the story, you can see it here. By my scalp - you enjoy it!
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