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  1. I really dig how IDW's now inserting bits of grey morality with the Eggman situation. Sonic and Shadow are both clearly in the right in terms of how they feel. Yeah, the two's viewpoints are generic, but hey, It's effective. Sonic thinks Mr. Tinker should've just been left alone while Shadow wanted to simply take out Dr. Eggman. The two are mutual in thinking that the doctor should be dealt with, but it's their clashing views that ultimately get in the way of anything actually getting done. It's an extremely clever way of implementing the mandate that none of the Sega characters are allowed to be killed off. Also, I like seeing that Sonic is now actually vulnerable again. After years of seeing the perfect little blue shit with non-fans blindly assuming that was how things are supposed to be because "talking cartoon animals lol XDDDDDDD", to see Sonic actively doubt himself, having his mind wandering back to the worst, etc. This legitimately reinforces the idea of how courageous he is while also introducing intrigue into his surprisingly introspective thought-process.
  2. Can't help but agree. Just what the Hell is Modern Sonic, even? You'd be under the impression that after playing the more story-oriented Adventure titles that the Sonic series from here on out would mostly be more story-focused. Note I'm merely talking about plot here. But no. With inconsistent writers who all want different things for Sonic and a seemingly undecided direction for the series, it has literally gone to the point where we're debating over specific GAMES in reference for what sort of story the games should follow. Early on, it seems like the series is this world of sorts with a cast of characters to be used, but then it turns into a weird ordeal of shoving new, unneeded characters into newer titles and then they're seemingly never seen again. Gemerl, Chip (kinda), Chocola, any of the storybook waifu bait? Nope. Shove them off in the back while new writer of the week forgets they even exist and they try to shove unnecessary comedy in while Iizuka orchestrates a Classic Sonic narrative from the sidelines. Those Sega mandates don't help, either, severly limiting how creative some stories can be. I've heard that quite a few people like the changes it bought, but I really don't. Forces is my favorite example of a grander story muffled to death by these. Oh no! Sonic's been kil- nah. He's okay! Sonic's in solitary confinement? Nah. He's as optimistic and snarky as he always is. Infinite's this new edgy guy on the streets who seems to loathe Sonic and friends. Why? Because Shadow kicked a few times. Wow. TRAUMATIC. MY HEART WEEPS FOR YOU. Now let's throw shitty references around, shove wisps down people's throats, and blare cringy lines to death so that you'll remember them in infamy for years. I will admit that Forces does have a few funny lines, though. Keep the Japanese writers and kill off Pontac and Graff. Point is, what even is a Modern Sonic? Some cringefest most fans and journalists bash to death on a daily basis? Or is it a neat little universe with interesting plots, cool characters, and whatnot? Beats me.
  3. ...and with that, this topic is now as good as dead. It's November and here I am scratching my head wondering just whatever happened to this game. Mania did well and Forces sold well (even with it's ratings). My guess is that the soft launch totally failed, either due to limited access, lack of confidence, or overall lost of interest. For anyone who actually forked over the $5.00, how was it? I could care less about the lackluster music nor the laxed presentation, just how did it play? It's always looked interesting to me and I was a big fan of Runners. If it wasn't for the roulette, I think Sega would've had gold, and in fact, they did. Welp. So much for runners. At least Speed Battle is doing well.
  4. Ahem. Here's my Forces plot: After Generations, Eggman actually gave up on his evil ways like he said in the secret cutscene. Robotnik, upon hearing this, was shocked, so he went off on his way of evil and the timeline THUS split, creating Mania. On the other hand, the Eggman in Lost World forward wasn't even Eggman. Instead, it's Metal Sonic shape shifting into him. Why else do you think he was so open about his moral issue in lost world? Why else do you think he had genocidal thoughts against the Deadly Six when they turned against him? This is Metal's psychopathic way of thinking. He's still self-aware, and only serves to kill Sonic and to rule the world as the 'true sonic'. However, this won't be by traditional means, no. You're all aware of Sonic and 'Eggman's' implied friendship thanks to the current writers? Well, what if Metal's actually doing this to slowly gain the hedgehog's trust so that he could one day stab him behind the back? As for Forces, he's either wiped out Shadow's and Chaos' memories and left them in their Adventure mindsets or he's possessed them. As for infinite, we'll have to backtrack for a second. You're all familiar with Sonic CD, right? One of the biggest mechanics within the game is time travel, and the way to do that was by gaining enough speed. Since Metal's jet engine was built with the intention to far surpass the original in terms of speed, that came easy to him. As a result, he can travel though time at will as long as he's got either the time stones or the poles only on Little Planet. Speaking of which, remember the Death Egg Mark 2? Since Sonic and Tails failed to free it, Metal now has all the resources necessary for time travel. With that, he probably captured the wisps, turned them all into frenzies, and manifested them into a humanoid form with the body of the Forces' Avatar's sibling as a host. What about the other Metal? Just like the Death Egg robots, he captured the real Eggman and forced him to create them. Yes, there's tons of backups. With all these powers in mind, he already won. All he needed was to trigger the event of world domination. He sent out his mass production Death Egg robots to decimate whole cities and kill millions. Thanks to his endless power, the robots were far too powerful for Sonic alone and so he failed. With this and the events on the Lost Hex, Sonic loses a bit of confidence in himself, realizing that he is not perfect and matures as a result. With this, he asks his friends for help and hence creates a resistance against Metal. Take back the world and turn your back away from the past this holiday in Sonic Forces for Xbox One, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, rated T for teen.
  5. Here's a little bit of a back story: It was my older brother's 5th/6th birthday when out father got him one of those plug-and-play Sega Genesis(es) with Altered Beast, Flicky, Kid Chameleon, Golden Axe, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, and last but FAR FROM LEAST Sonic the Hedgehog. Now sure, I had some educational V-Tech games prior to then, as well as an Xbox with the Spy vs Spy videogame, but I then and still do now declare Sonic as my very first videogame. Also, my mother used to have this cat known as 'Kitty Katour' and I wasn't the biggest fan of the damn thing, not to mention that because I loathed the outdoors, I then thought that cats and dogs were the only animals. Anyway, upon playing the game for the first time, I took note of the title and didn't know how to pronounce 'Hedgehog'. With that, I came to 2 conclusions: 1.) Sonic is actually someone's cat who stood on it's own two legs and ran off one day. Same goes for Tails and Knuckles. 2.) Sonic is actually some weird kid in a blue costume who runs for no real reason. Also, I always thought that Robotnik was a walrus.
  6. Eheh. I have a bit of an interesting idea: So for the longest, I was thinking of a more story-oriented game that focuses more on character's backstories like Sonic, Tails, Maybe Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik. Because the continuity isn't the most consistent, at least then the game could provide a write-up canon- structure in regards to the series' story. Gameplay: Classic gameplay similar to that of Mania EXCEPT now characters haven't gained most of their famous abilities yet like Sonic without his spin-dash or super peel-out, Tails not being able to really fly, Knuckles not too familiar with gliding, etc. Maybe as you go throughout the game, the characters begin to develop in terms of character and these abilities. Robotnik won't be playable since we need a villian. With this, the characters would have their own three stories: Sonic's origin and his first encounters with Robotnik on Christmas Island, Tails coming to grips with his uniqueness since everyone teases him about it, Knuckles coming to terms with his ultimate goal of protecting the Master Emerald. The three have their own stages based on this, and it would technically make for an excuse to bring back Angel Island, Emerald Hill, and Green Hill... ugh. Story: Everything has an origin. Everyone has a beginning of their story, and to understand one's aspirations and goals, one must look back at where they came to gain an understanding as to who they are and what they want out of life. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman all come from somewhere, but now an evil force is trying to undo their past in order to seemingly fix their own mistakes. -Sonic: He's just some outgoing kid with an outgoing attitude going through the motions when his home, Christmas Island, is suddenly attacked by an evil scientist, one that he's actually met before, and feels somewhat responsible for creating. With this, he heads off on his first quest to stop Robotnik and try to turn him back to his old ways. -Dr. Robotnik: Once Dr. Kintobor, he gathered the then six chaos emeralds to seal them away so that no one could get their evil hands on then. However, things take a turn when he met Sonic, and upon experimenting on him, turned his fur blue and enhanced the hedgehog's speed. Eventually, one of his machines malfunction, and the negative energy from the emeralds turn him into the evil Robotnik who blames Sonic and all organic life for everything wrong with the world and only intend to destroy it. -Tails: Just another fox cub trying to fit in, but due to his two Tails, everyone thought he was weird. Thing was, he had a thing for building gizmos as well, and that would come in handy when that evil force comes through time and invades his home. Turns out, they're looking for one of the 7 chaos emeralds, and Tails heads off to stop it. -Knuckles: His mother died after he was born and his father not long after. Unfortunately, they were (seemingly) the last of the echidna race, leaving Knuckles all alone on an island he once knew nothing about. However, before his passing, his father told him that he was bound to watch over the Master Emerald forever, and there he was for many years. One day, the mysterious force snatched away the emerald and Knuckles goes after it. -ULTIMATE: The force was actually Dr. Robotnik wanting to go back in time and kill all of his adversaries before they were even born. However, an error instead took him back to when they were very young. This didn't discourage the old doctor, however, as he went after the emeralds in order to power his doomsday device (ignoring the plot hole that comes with that). Eventually, the three meet much earlier than planned and teamed up to stop Robotnik and destroy the doomsday device. Yeah.
  7. This game absolutely scares me in what it's trying to do. On one hand, we've got the Generations/Colors gameplay we've all become immune to, rather if we like it or not, albeit now with the double-jump from Colors and Lost World that I wasn't entirely fond of and probably wisps, which I didn't like past Colors. To get REALLY NITPICKY for a second, I'm not the biggest fan of the boost effect nor the Sonic ball that comes whenever he jumps. It's the weird-looking streams from Rush all over again. TL;DR. On the other hand, there's Classic Sonic, which is redundant, given that he's about to have his OWN GAME. What makes it even worse is that Sonic Team's clearly ignorant to what Christian Whitehead and the others are doing with Mania since the physics are still off like in Generations and they're going back to the Sonic 4 route of doing the strange chiptune music. Also, I've got the oddest hunch that the level designers are running out of ideas in terms of his stages because things are starting to look, well, dull. Then there's the avatars. Haven't got a problem with them personally, and the facts that there are wisps all over their stages are A-OK with me. As long as Sonic doesn't have too many, go nuts, Sonic Team. The level design issue is definitely prevalent here, with whole 2d sections full of enemies waiting in lines to be mowed down by your Wilson flamethrower, essentially. The music is... questionable. Now the argument can be made that Crush 40, Bowl for Soup, Cash Cash, whoever contributed vocals to the series are drenched in cheese, but these guys... dear GOD... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!? It's the generic "believe in yourself" BS that you've heard in children's entertainment time and time again, and it's making me doubt the game's supposed darker tone. In FACT, we all know that Sonic's going to win at the end of the day, so what's really even the point? It's almost like the quote "We beat him all the time! It's like our job or something!" from Generations sums up the current games perfectly. Then there's the modeling... it's pretty weird in those dialogue bubble things. Point is, this game is scaring me even more than Lost World did because SEGA claims this to be Sonic's comeback of sorts, and I really want to believe that. In the months to come, they better make some serious improves. Otherwise, the modern series could be in deep trouble. Oh yeah, and here's a drawing I made.
  8. The Unleashed Engine 2.0 is really coming out nicely. Can't stop drooling at Green Hill's Grass and the lighting in Park Avenue.
  9. TeamCinas


    Here's some Sonic stuff I've made. ...possibly even some other stuff on the side, too...
  10. Funny enough, it's actually the first "?" You encounter in Wave Ocean. I think it went something like, "When you land on a wall, press the A button to hop onto another". Another one is "No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!" Now, I know that people can't seem to get why so many people find this line funny, but I actually think it's because of the way Roger Craig Smith delivered it + the music.
  11. I'm not sure if I've already said this, but I actually do like the werehog sections from unleashed.
  12. (Drooling) This game makes me moist. No. Seriously, though. I was thrown back onto the nostalgia train upon finding out about this game. I loved the original Transformers show and movies. The art-style was amazing, and all the characters were memorable! Upon seeing some gameplay for the first time, I knew I was in for a trip. AUTOBOTS! ROLL OUT!
  13. Sonic 1 isn't exactly the best Sonic game there is. After Green Hill Zone, the levels become absolute crap, as they all turn into your typical 2d platformer. Looking at you, Marble Hill!
  14. Don't you just hate it when developers stop developing a game? I was referring to one of the rumors XD
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