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  1. Hate to say I told you so, but I did post the NP 3DS reveal a few weeks back ;)

    1. gato


      You posted about Shinobi 3DS!? :o

      link plz!

    2. BlastedPinata


      Nah Generations 3DS >< Shinobi was as big a shock to me as anyone haha

  2. Very possible, 23rd is a Thursday this year and XBL Store and PSN usually update at some point during Wednesday/Thursday.....If PSN ever returns. XD
  3. A leak from Australia’s Classification Board hints that Sega will release a downloadable demo for Sonic Generations. The rating board inspected Sonic Generations (Demo) and deemed it acceptable for all-ages. http://www.classification.gov.au/www/cob/find.nsf/3ee9cf339ddee09eca2575ca000be1e3/d437ba7b175c7225ca257888005d719a?OpenDocument Looks like a demo may be here sooner than expected! I'd imagine it's just gonna be Green Hill zone, but nonetheless, very excited!
  4. That box arts looks amazing! If the actual boxart is anywhere near that good it'll be epic! Thanks for the wallpaper
  5. Feel like playing a Zelda [not OOT]... Any suggestions?

    1. Sion-Ta


      Wind Waker's my personal favourite.

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Wind Waker. :)

    3. Flyboy Fox

      Flyboy Fox

      I've been playing Twilight Princess these past few days.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Then play one of the two actual Zelda games :P Wand of Gamelon gets my vote.

    5. Needler


      If you're not looking to play any other 3D Zelda, I'd go with Minish Cap. That is, if you have it, of course.

    6. BlastedPinata


      Could never get my head round Wind Waker, might crack it out and give it a go... I've done Minish Cap recently, awesome game :D

      What platforms Wand of Gameleon on?

    7. TheGerkuman



      Yeah, that bad. What about LTTP?

    8. BlastedPinata


      Another good idea...I've got the GBA port somewhere...Damn the 3DS and it's rubbish backwards compatibility! ><

    9. azoo


      WW and TP are hardcore awesome.

    10. Vertekins


      Intense experience? Majora's Mask. Hands down. It's clever and immersive and it goes to show that a game doesn't need blood and guts to scare the crap out of you or make you feel paranoia.

    11. Tobbii


      MM is the best, EVER.

  6. I've been -2'd on rep 3

    1. Sapphire


      Aww... poor baby! :P

    2. BlastedPinata


      It's terrible, I did nothing nasty D:

      I'm going to have to take revenge on humanity now, and I really CBA

    3. Raxz


      I just looked at all your posts and you have yet to act like a prick even once from what I can tell... someone must have something personal against you. Weird.

    4. BlastedPinata


      A person or 4 haha, oh well ;)

  7. Would make sense for Sonic Generations to appear on Wii 2/ Cafe. SEGA obviously couldn't mention it with the trailer being before the wii2 reveal, but have they at any point said its EXCLUSIVELY for PS3/360? Wonder if this magazine is printed before or after E3 next month?
  8. I'm fairly sure its not a Wii port of Generations... Although seeing as I'm sure I read somewhere it was ridiculously easy for them to port Colours to a HD platform, perhaps the fan reaction to no Wii version means they've done a port? Not likely though, seeing as there trying to get the hardcore fanbase back into Sonic... Is a bit weird though, I'm thinking it'll be a Wii 2 launch/ early release title, hence them not saying much until E3. EDIT: Remember how Colours was suddenly sprung upon us when we were all hopeful for Sonic 4? Maybe Nintendo like to play their cards close to their chest with announcements? It was a pretty short period from when we found out it existed to it hitting shelves...
  9. Just read this article from a translation of Eurogamer Portugal: "The portuguese branch of Eurogamer is reporting that the next Nintendo Power is going to reveal a new Sonic that’s coming out specifically for Nintendo consoles. It appears that the reveal is set to coincide with the E3 presentation. The magazine shows an illustration that serves as a tribute to the 20th anniversary of the mascot of Sega, with the message "old and new fans will not want to lose him," an allusion that could reference Sonic Generations announced so far only for PS3 and 360. So obviously there’s a lot of theories going around: It could very well be the semi-confirmed Sonic 3DS title, which is highly likely; It could be a sequel to Sonic Colors, but seeing how Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games is the defacto Sega’s tentpole Wii title for Fall/Christmas season; Probably a Sonic Generations port for Wii; It could also be a new Sonic game made especifically for the new Nintendo console; Source: Eurogamer Portugal: http://www.eurogamer.pt/articles/2011-05-04-novo-sonic-a-caminho-consolas-nintendo" I'm hoping for a sequel to Colours, released on Wii [2?] and 3DS, hopefully making use of the 3D screen with the same behind-Sonic camera.
  10. I'm guessing they'll just have the basic theme of a level like in Green Hill, classic GH is not the same as the old GH, but it has key areas/moments such as when you spin up into the ring triangle. So if, for example they used City escape, they'd likely use the Colours/Unleashed type narrow path gameplay with the same events such as the boarding down the hills and being chased by the GUN truck. Not entirely sure how these stages will translate into classic sonics 2D style though, my guess is they'll play like entirely new areas.
  11. Totally created the PANDA meme XD

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