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  1. People really got to stop using we. While some may be turned off by another game with 06s visual body I got one would sure as hell welcome it. Close to adventure??? What serious they are noting alike. For me boost gameplay is restricted and bland. Oh want to explore a certain part of a city wellllllllll you can't. Well back to holding the boost button to zip through the stage. the reason adventure was fun was unless being chased by a boulder you could wonder around and actually explore or choose to dash though stage. I enjoyed exploring casiniopolis and crazy gadget I wouldn't be surprised if they had a hand in pso2 seeing all the sonic items we get. But also people assume Sega struggles I mean they make quite a bit with pso it's one reason besides branding why they stopped working on us version. Also between arcades. Vocoloids. I think hey have some cash revenues
  2. The mirror is in the game I've heard. Also she only shattered it. But they hinted there was more than one way into the realm
  3. I agree with Jim Sterling. I like when companies take risk. It may not always work out but it can. Instead what it seems some want for the series is call of duty syndrome. where they want to keep making the same safe bet game without trying new things and becoming more stale than a 6 month loaf of bread.
  4. I myself was hoping they were killing antione off. Buuuuuuut they didnt
  5. Well it could he trying to get it down to one universe rather than 50 something characters in no media other than comics. and as for story build up i wonder what Sega would have done with the I've cast has it been successful in its t.v. format
  6. So could it be Sega maybe wants only sonic Sega branded characters. just what the hells going on! Seriously
  7. But even in jontron case no one told him no it seems. Like I've said in the past he used to be funny but after the upswing of becoming popular it seems he just doesn't care. But I suppose everyone needs or wants to have someone to follow in life
  8. YEa it's this stupid update on my phone they messed up autocorrect. I meant were not the older games basically fairy tales of sorts. But then said why have the ranch and twilight mirror. It's like they have all connected finally.
  9. Weren't past games hinted as just takes in this but then way the ranch and twilight mirror ruins?
  10. Ive been hyped for every sonic game honestly. And I have enjoyed each in their own way. The only ones I honestly do not care for are colors and lost world. and ..........boom.
  11. Eh I guess if you want to see it that way for me I felt closure instead of the same story every game or at least concerning ganon.
  12. Mostly die heart sonic should be single fans flipped. Me I was ok with the kiss. Then again I grew up in the 90s so that didn't big me And what was wrong with it. The only gripe I really had with the story was the time travel. They rushed it so bad besides that gameplay is what hurt 06. Fanboys pan it but most critics were after gameplay
  13. Saying he can't reincarnate and that he is finally sealed by Zelda was not vague though really