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  1. Its cause all you have to do is say marvel and xmen to excite the masses. Most do not know business nor see the larger picture. IGN did i think. Disney is seriously the most fucking powerful studio right now.
  2. What is r rated Disney owns even comparable to deadpool. Post 2 I see them toning it back causes he's a bully lol. But seriously good for xmen teamups bad for every property atm. And if no one cares for the Simpson's it wouldn't still be on.
  3. This. Most just see the top level of this with inning xmen xmen oh my gaelwd xmen in marvel films. But for me this shoes Disney is slowly if not already going monopoly status with shows now with uncertain futures like the king of the hill reboot. Simmons being the show it is. Will future alien films be toned down since it's new Disney. Die hard reruns. Will all this be locked behind Disney's streaming service in the future? The fcc vote helps noting either
  4. Sonic Forces - OST Thread

    All songs have faders cause.they lead into other songs instead of hard stops into the next. You hear a.fuller one on a rip cause.that files meant for a loop in a stage
  5. The State of Sonic Team

    While in a non corporate world that sounds nice game sells equal more games. Fewer sales fewer games. Why make a game for just being good if it amounts to no sales.
  6. The State of Sonic Team

    Mania was a good game. it was a nostalgia trip. Noting more than that made by fan that enjoyed the games of the 90s. But say if that is the route they go from now on. Do you expect sales in the millions or for it to become one of those oh heres another 2d sonic game in 4 years. Besides pokemon i can not think of many games hitting millions in the 2d sector anymore.
  7. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    I mean outselling those is not a.big deal. Sega has no one to blame but themselves for those sales. All starting with the 32x
  8. Pretty much that to ^^^ still it's a,neat set but missing lots
  9. I must have missed out on the target age for switch travel aspect. As much as I enjoy mine I never have time to undock as I'm always either at work in the morning and home at night so it's always docked
  10. The State of Sonic Team

    As much as many will not admit sonic is not the icon he was in the 90s. He is k own but no where near the level of popularity in the early 90s Seeing as sonic t is over pso and it's coming well if anything they would just hold off on sonic and push full ahead with pso or another property they are not as dire in japan as say America
  11. They would have been better off saving money then and just not have it. heck Medievil could have been announced in a tweet and been fine.
  12. worse show seriously no idea why they hyped this up..
  13. 1. I love the xbox one x not the xbox one cause its 4k and just beautiful if you have a 4k tv. sonic forces was pretty

    2. Sonic forces does deserve some hate but is it bad far from it. Its just ok. The music is some of the best in a long time but the story left me to cheerful throughout. i wanted characters dying up till the end

    3. the world needs a devil may cry 5

  14. These are old and he pretty much had most elements figured out but 6 offically rounds off many things. I was glad to see the villains lose.
  15. Bayonetta 3! (Coming Exclusive to Switch)

    4 had flow. It was just a much cockier dantae lord his banter with that one scientist towards the end was perfect as the music slowly starts to cut in before their fight Though I encourage for a opportunity to battle a creature of such grand delusion such as you is a sweet fortune!