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  1. Just that it looks good. How it has such a shine and details. Compared to say forces everything here just looks like a lot of love was put into it
  2. Nice to know she still has a chest. It's hard enough drawing her as styles change Who is the bigger producer in this Nintendo or Sega. I have a hard time believing Sega can make a game this nice looking. Or is it 50 50
  3. In that case I feel like sega gets tired of using them. Id combat this by saying let someone else go super for once. Throw a real ringer out there and let Amy. In the case of the spin dash i forgot he could use both. i was going on the ending of generations where young classic was trying to show modern he was starting to learn how to use it. Then lied to him about his future! "Oh god I forgot about the Light speed dash.
  4. Wheres the link to pre reg. The link mentioned is just to the video
  5. But in the case of spin dash wasn't it shown to be an beginner level of the boost move as he got older
  6. Actually Super was shown to be able to fire energy of some sort in advance 3 using eggman as the channel of that energy
  7. Sega is bad at story telling. We all know that but at times what is canon and what is not. I know they wrote out the super emeralds but say for instance in SA 2. Sonic could use chaos control, and eventually learned to use it better by the end of the game. Can he still use this ability? And if so why not in any future games. (well he did in 06 but im not sure if its truly canon, though i think it is to some extent?). Does sega not allow him to use this abilities for fear its a cop out? Or do they honestly forget sometimes what Sonic can and can not do. In others he is shown to take on entire fleets of Eggman ships by himself and yet later in the case of infinite is beat by a group of non powered up illusions. Or is it better to not to have sonic have access to all these skills and feats as he would probably be to strong for anyone to actually challenge him. Anyone Except 06 Silver. He beats everyone to death as long as you have one ring.......just one.
  8. One piece is finally entering the final war build up. 10+ years excited to see where they go with this.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      I didn’t think I’d see the end of One Piece...

      It really makes me think.

    2. Meta77


      Im sure Oda is tired. And he has built a great series. i knew it had to end eventually. He said recently he wants to end it in the next 5 years. So most likely two more big arcs or 3 and thats it.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      He’s been working on One Piece almost every week since 1999. And to be able to do that without losing what makes One Piece special is ridiculous. I am absolutely gobsmacked that he has lasted 20 years doing this, that I’d wish him a good rest after finishing.

  9. I work In gov. I've never seen so much corruption honestly and I dont know you guys maybe that's just soured my view of them some. But i can't do anything about it at my level
  10. As I'm usually to afraid to speak to much on here I'm going to see if I can get one of the GI staff to write an article on loot boxes so I can discuss it there more. I hate loot boxes just saying.

  11. Well ok I'm bowing out, cause while you may hate me your one of the people I actually like on ssmb. I'm missing the bigger picture and I'll claim ignorance. If it takes the gov over there getting involved than it has to then. I dont know honestly.
  12. Sorry my viewpoint is seen as bootlicking. 😕 I'm just going off Jim's video bringing up the article again of the kid drawing their parents account at 6:26
  13. Sad to say it's not outbreak. It's a timed escape type game. Mastermind has cards to set around the map. You can set say a dog pack behind the door for a ambush but you may only have 2 uses of the dogs
  14. I never said the game companies were not a fault. Point out where I do. But seeing as this is the UK if you guys want them to regulate this then let them. Hopefully we dont here stateside. Again I have to state I dont like loot boxes. I dislike them, I hate them, it's just or maybe parents are different these days. I'm 30. When I grew up games had hidden in them ways to order expansions and bonuses thr parents may not know of. Jazz jack rabbit, ms word...some game with this wacky blue character. I've been looking forever on the name but there was this super neat area I remember as a kid and basically was a movie editor program for kids and you could order it with a Credit card, also early early mobile games required using my parents accounts to install them. I got in trouble once trying to use their account as they saw it on their bill statement and was not allowed to ever order anything on the phone again for years. I know parents can't see everything but like mine sometimes you got to learn these companies are doing this by this point and take some precautions Again I'm not defending loot boxes >.> Thanks. I doubt well all see eye to eye on how to regulate this. I just dont trust the government In gaming seeing how wild they were in the early 90s
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