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  1. Why did sega put in such a cheesy tone shift in opening number with sonic colors. Like how do you go from SA1, SA2, heck ill toss in 06 opening to reach for the stars.

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      I mean, "Reach For the Stars" is a good song so I don't know what to tell ya.

    2. Meta77


      i mean its not bad. I wouldnt play it to jam to driving down the highway. But I mainly mean you go from Live and learn, open your heart, his world. All rock themed and more action oriented to something that sounds like id hear it in chucky cheese when ordering a pizza.

    3. JezMM


      Those games song's suited the mood of their games, Colours' song suits the mood of Colours.

      Also, the combined creative force of different composers/different game directors will have different ideas of what Sonic music should sound like generally, too (though considering Crush 40 pop up now and then without really ever altering their style, it's clear that Sonic Team understand that fans enjoy a variety of music and they cater to each subset depending on what suits the product).

    4. Meta77


      That is true. Crush doesnt change just a whole lot

    5. JezMM


      It's also worth mentioning that between the songs you listed, we also had the cheesy-as-hell Sonic Heroes and All Hail Shadow.  There was no sudden shift other than the fact that they went from traditional rock to electronic rock for a main game theme song.

      In a way, Reach for the Stars is less cheesy because it at least keeps the lyrical content vague rather than specifically mentioning character names like a kids' TV show theme lol.

    6. Dejimon11


      Sonic songs have always been cheesy tho 

    7. Meta77


      Open your heart is the only one i can see as not cheesy in any way. In fact its probably one of the darker opening theme songs.

    8. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      I don't think "Reach for the Stars" is particularly cheesier than standard Sonic fare. It's an optimistic, hopeful sort of song that suits the game fine I think.

    9. charmsb


      All of it is cheesy and there is absolutely no problem with that imo. Sonic is cheesy. I prefer to keep it that way. I can never take it 100% seriously.

    10. Meta77


      Cheesier in tone shift i guess. Sonic Colors is what lead to where sega is now. Which being their social media page posting memes 2/3 of all their post. But as Jez said is probably cause no one characters name is being sung though I think only Shadow and Heroes technically did that. If someone likes the song more power to them. I just found SA, SA2, Even the story book games more rock action openings different than the over cheerful sunshine all day reach song. Though again tone shifts in games change to meet the game in question :)

    11. charmsb


      I guess its semantical but while Colors and SA differ greatly in tone and music, I'd both call them cheesy

  2. I mean I think generations was fun for a run or two but I also see it as a fast burn. Most modern stages can be beat with just holing down the boost button and the story (to no surprise was pretty bad) but GI at that time I do not recall them rating it that low though. maybe like a 6 or something??
  3. I got to admit Tornado is probably one of the nicer mods I know rofl. Granted I try to be understanding myself with people on GameInformer when I mod but i applaud the level head. Another point ive seen some fan worrying about pre-orders selling out on colors cause some links did not work I Can almost GUARANTEE that game will not sell out. This is not a rare game or nintendo with amibos.
  4. Some of you really need to learn not all of us that grew up with sonic since the start in the 90s HAVE to like everything sega tosses out like we owe them something. They are welcome to have wanted more rather than the bare minimum.
  5. And that was still more than this show. They actually went through and talked about each new title, mobile game, and even the teaser for XII he tried to explain some new details but someone with a whistle did not allow him to keep talking cause the host was excited and kept asking for any new hints. Again their show for their 35th anniversary felt fun. This show was like lets just toss something out cause we haven't done anything outside release some toys with a 30th anniversary sticker this year. Honestly they could have just made a post on twitter rather than do this show.
  6. That show was a horrible let down. But most said dont get your hopes up. Heck the Dragon Quest 35th live show last night blew this show out the water.
  7. Unless the mods tell us we can not have opinions on the remaster than....imma say people are allowed to think or voice what they think on the game.
  8. For once I actually agree with Blue on this. Typically when a company falls back on remasters its cause they have no new ideas........or in Segas case just toss wisp in. *i was agreeing with the first bit i do not know if they think the rest of what i think*
  9. Well I am already disappointed with just that. Is it colors? Just say colors? I do hope with all my might we get something new with new writers tomorrow though. For me at least colors is when the stories went downhill hard trying to be funny and goofy more than usual. That or just tell me they are putting the ova on blu-ray finally.
  10. Keeping my expectations super super low. At best the rumors of remasters or ports are true. BUT i really hope at the end of the day that is NOT the only thing they plan to announce game was for sonics 30th. A remaster/port of when they hired the comedy writers. As for the fan art thing surprised someone stared that hard to find it so fast. Though besides coming off as lazy in a legal standing wouldnt sega technically be able to claim it.
  11. it would not be hard to establish both tails and knuckles in this. Tails would be the first act of the film with sonic and his family, the third (i skipped second to think) would be knuckles seeing that eggman was either using him or lying to him seeing the destruction he is causing for something he knows is wrong and teams up with them to stop him.
  12. Would not change a thing. It was great as was. loved sara (probably my favorite neko), loved the story, loved the fights. Only thing i wanted was a release of the soundtrack and maybe a few more (3 at most) episodes. it was a thing of the times (a ova in the 90s) did not expect it to be drawn out.
  13. i will never understand some sonic fans. why do some think 06 is not canon. its just as canon as unleashed

    1. azoo


      Because it writes itself out. 

    2. Diogenes


      it's canon but it also unhappens so most of it doesn't apply.

    3. Winston


      I believe the characters and setting are canon but the actual story events never took place. 

    4. PaddyFancy


      Crisis City is still real. Thanks Sonic Generations.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It canonically didn't happen.

      Basically the entire canon Sonic series history happened up to the point when Ellise blew out Solaris' flame, and then the entire series happened again without the events of 06.

      Except a few years later SEGA decided that Classic Sonic was an entirely different universe instead of just the past and now nothing makes a lick of sense no matter how hard you try to handwave it. 🙃

      @PaddyFancy Generations' loose plot revolved around messing with time and was only there to tie together a game that was unabashedly created to celebrate the series' history. All they had to do was make Blaze say something like "I don't know what this place is, but I feel like I've been here before", instead of whatever she did say about being back in Crisis City. It was so easy, and they messed it up for no good reason. What does she say in the Japanese dub?

    6. DanJ86


      @Blue Blood Based on what the subtitles say in this video, she doesn't acknowledge her surroundings at all. She does refer to a monster which is most likely just the Time Eater.

    7. Meta77


      @Blue Blood I should have explained myself better. I meant 06  still happens. Sonic visits the city, sees the parade, and somewhat is hinted he and elise "(more so sonic imo)" remember what occurred or at least know something happened. and then he races off somewhere new. But as for the events in the game, time travel, all that did write itself out when she blew away the flame.


      And I agree. Sega treating classic as a separate character is just odd in itself.

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Meta77 I was agreeing with you. I don't think many people consider 06 non canon, at least not in my experience. It's just the fact that for all intents and purposes it wrote itself out of existence, and therefore in all practical terms is non canon.

    9. Meta77


      @Blue BloodHaha I know you were agreeing. I tend to not be able to convey that well online.

  14. Avoiding a 06 discussion the thing with that game is it HAD EVERYTHING against it. 06 hurt a lot of old fans a lot for what it was promising. but from the start, split team, yuji leaving, trying to shove out a wii game cause they did not want to leave out nintendo, rushing for a holiday season they knew they could not hit, and using the final build of the game that it ran the worse on. Forces was just bad for a variety of reasons listed in a post above, (though some say its cause they spent most their time working on an engine which imo i saw noting groundbreaking that it did if it was whee they spent their time.)
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