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  1. Pokemon go thoughts so far. This game is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EASY! My god. JFI brocks gym. To attacks and the gym was done. The music is amazing though and animations as well. The catch machine is a little wonky at times.

  2. Why people still try to seperate the two i have no idea. Classic sonic is modern sonic. He is literally sonic younger. Just cause the art is different means noting really.
  3. Meta77

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    WHY WOULD YOU ALL LIE TO ME AND GET MY HOPES UP that he was going to finally be canon. But if broly can make it and cooler is constantly used in heroes I have hope maybe he can be canon next.
  4. Meta77

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    I just wonder how they can top well...Top. that final fight was amazing. though canon gogeta and cooler make me happy
  5. Alpha while a remake of sorts has a damn good story. Also let's go is a beauty and really fun but so far its REALLY easy
  6. Meta77

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    But why was he sweating in top when goku finally hit mui
  7. Actually i stopped paying attention to you fully after your third reply to me. Im done going back and forth on a proven point of the game looking no where as good as other systems. Actually you are right as the conversation will move no where from where we are at. you think they can optimize it i think it will probably look and run pretty bad. well see im not going to continue here cause i know the mods dislike it. End scene. Anyway back on regular discussion to others. Is it me or does 3 really run the worse. i did a running jump and stuttured in my spot for a second and
  8. I mean all it takes is actually looking around to see the comments of people pointing out how the graphics are poor on the system. I mean unless your looking at noting but people on here than maybe id see the argument of no one else is saying anything on it. but going through comments on any video comparison youll see just as many people pointing out 1. the switch version looks worse in some areas. 2. that no version runs at 60 frames. if the game running sub par to the others is your cup of tea more power to you. For me im going to get the versions that run and look the best. regardless if portable. most games on my switch are first party titles as i know they are going to look great.
  9. Cause as systems grow and new ones come out i expect games to look good even if ported. why even bother just to say well at least its on it. Granted Crash is not as graphic demanding as say MHW hence why its not coming to the switch. But at the same time when you have to remove features that were added to the game to make it look nice like fur effects, clear reflections in ice it just comes out looking like a eh heres this game cause you guys would not stop posting about wanting a port on twitter. But you know we will see. At the moment there has not even been even hints at a switch port if anything.
  10. There is noting hyperbole about it. unless someone is just upset cause they do own more than one system and tries hard to fanboy defend the system they own then maybe but crash and most games when you downsize them are going to run and look worse than the full game. You do not take a 20-60 gb game compress it and then say at the end of the day hmmm looks just as good as this version. As someone who has actually talked to game producers on some projects published i know a bit as well. Effects, lighting, fur, all toned down or just look worse on the switch. oh it runs but looks no where as colorful and nice as the other. Do not go tossing words around you do not understand at someone.
  11. 23 to 64 is a huge difference and what will they scrafice to do that crash on switch looks heck of a lot worse running than the more powerful systems
  12. Meta77

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Rofl I need to know how they mess up. Most likely it will happen in final 30 minutes
  13. They make it waaaaay more obvious now though Also I can see it coming to PC but file size says lol to the switch
  14. Meta77

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    It sounds interesting and better than the horrid old movies of broly just saying kakorot every few seconds and just face palming everyone and then being beat by a punch to the gut yea yea cut when a baby
  15. Stutters appear the most when jumping bd turning fast. also spyro xelora for life come at me

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