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  1. So far atm it is and was what i was afraid of. Its exclusive to Sonys Japan store.
  2. yep they are. exclusive to one store. hang on https://www.sony.jp/playstation/store/special/ps4/kingdomhearts3/
  3. ps4 console is being sold in very limited numbers. Its not going to be mass produced.
  4. Meta77

    TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    Still. I think the april from the last nick show was pretty good, that red haired one never really grew on me. Didnt she become a ninja late in the show
  5. Yea star fox 2. I feel bad. I played my SNES mini for like a week and it went into storage right after that lol
  6. Meta77

    Titans (2018) - "F**k This Show".

    I sit by with giddy fingers hoping this show flops harder than i flop pancakes in the morning
  7. Meta77

    Bayonetta 3! (Coming Exclusive to Switch)

    I wonder if they will show off anything tonight since the TGS begins.
  8. Actually NES and SNES classics are dirt easy to find now. we have had some just sitting in my gamestop for weeks now. The fads over.
  9. I mean Sony is quite smart. Take this small thread alone. And see the ones excited to preorder and get this. Now combine that with the hundreds on twitter, reddit, and other social sites excited to get one regardless of whats on it. Sony is smart at knowing how to play their cards
  10. Meta77

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    No talking to Marco That in no way means a character will be in the comic
  11. Meta77

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    You've asked the same thing twice now. Why or where was it even said they'd show up
  12. Meta77

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I just hope neo isnt gone after 12. Like seriously there hasn't been such a fun villian in years
  13. I'll stick to emulators. the fact they could have made the ps4 bc but launched now for a extra buck was bad enough
  14. The intro will always be a classic. Back during a time where people did not take cartoons for granted. Re watching the show you can see how cheesy a lot of the show is but ovearll it was still a good run. The ending was a bit rushed but enjoyed the ride it. Along with bumps from bump in the night

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