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  1. Heroes is ok but no where near the top. If I had to pick three to listen to for life 06 would be at the top few have touched the scale they went with *aquatic base is just god tier*. Then SA1 and a battle between SA2 and unleashed when it came to 3d games.
  2. I mean.............he blew up prison island. Which probably had gun soldiers still on it.
  3. Ign eggman is not doing it for recognition. Although evil he thinks what he is doing is out of the greater good *in his eyes* and whatever he thinks is best for the world when conquering it is for the betterment of everyone.
  4. One thing for me is I really wish Eggman was more evil in recent games like in adventure 1 and 2. Still funny at times but I think peak eggman evilness was always SA2. Noting tops that really that i can think of. Outside bombing a actual live festival with people all around.
  5. lol i was wondering why i got a notify from this. sorry for late reply i do not check this site often as i used to. Honestly the only reason i still like doa is cause of its story and the characters, and the waifus. But I really dislike what they have done to the series. I do not want to be one of those guys that harp on dlc practices as many times i just do not care enough to be bothered by them but doa takes the cake. 4 was probably one of my favorite titles. Before the dlc creep. You had great characters, unlocks, and a lot of costumes. Heck even if a few were dlc i would not have minded. But now they have literally turned the game into a dlc machine. Costumes, characters, colors, hair options. All locked behind dlc. Its sad when i look and see that both doa 5 and 6 total dlc comes to nearly $2600 dollars is just mind blowing. I still love the merchandise the series produces but as for the game the dlc runs are just silly.
  6. I remember the excitement leading up to the dreamcast. It had potential but it was during a time where Sega and still to this day to a slight extent for some things had issues with rushing things out the door and commitment. Though their troubles actually started with the 32x/saturn mess
  7. of course he has. The adventure era up to 06. Go read some old game magazines people used to be beyond hyped for sonic games back in the day. The excitement people had for the adventure games and even 06 had a ton of excitement and hope from many game books back then and Sega flubbed hat up hard. . But every time Sega has just dropped the ball and does not really try. I look forward to the day a 3d game gets the praise like a mario game does.
  8. I tried to listen to the pc version. It sounds like something id expect in busby. its pretty ear splitting and goofy. Compared to the original genesis tracks Lord But then you get the original track and my lord it hits so hard compared to this. Specifically in a cool factor way but thats just mo.
  9. I think the realism in 06 was great honestly and would not mind it more if Sega actually knew how to commit to something. That said I liked the CGI realism. HAD the game looked and ran like that i could see sonic fitting in more in the 06 world. The opening scene and all cgi ones were great. Then its a huge slap in the face when you get the in game models that just look odd cause of textures and and such. Imagine 06 looking like the opening. Like the entire game had that level of detail or heck even unleashed and its opening styling though the humans were even more cartoony to me than sonic in that game.
  10. Well if this current arc is anything to go by they are making it seem like he is going to be the one to beat the current villian
  11. No idea whats going on in half this thread as i do not visit here like i used to these days but on your second point if anything you can base him around sort of like a dbz character. a good portion of sonics cast actually. Shadow IS vegeta. Still antihero but started bad and became somewhat good. Also like Vegeta he was meant to be killed off after his arc/game aka SA2 but fans liked them so much they kept them around and eventually overshadowed other characters. So now a days its mostly sonic and shadow left to deal with the biggest threats with sonic taking center key for most any final boss these days with a quick whip out of the ol super sonic but lately final bosses just consist of sonic himself.
  12. Eggman has not really been a dark villain since SA2. Isn't most now more comedy driven. Even in Forces he did not seem like a real threat. But in terms of VA either is fine. But SA2 it was more sinister when he would say "FoxBoy"
  13. The spinoffs. The early dark legion stuff up to they started to add chaos knuckles into it. Then it started to lose me a bit
  14. Each issue and they continue to excite me more than anything archie did in its final arcs. I have not had this much fun since early knuckles comic arcs
  15. Does metal have the copy ability outside neo form?
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