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  1. I gave up on getting the kart lol. I mean if i spent everyday grinding sure Id easily get it from online races but i got bored and watiting for the next gp. I got to many games out right now to let crash be the ONLY thing I play when i get home from work every night in between studying and resting up for the next work day.
  2. um YES. Because it would be a interesting take off the show for once. And yes to show not all villains are. I know CN tries to paint this show and its characters and theme as love can overcome everything like that diamond arc ending where everyone just gets along now. Its not cheap but breaks the stale thought process of lot of western shows trying to have redemption arcs for villians or having whatever they do overcome. Sometimes seeing the fallout from someone serious breaks that, sometimes its fine to teach people not everyone in the world is going to be your friend and sometimes some will hurt you. But thats just me. I know a lot of the fanbase loves the entire "love" premise of the show and seeing things overcome with love and songs. Myself id like to see steven suffer knowing for once a song and a hug wont solve the problem this time and the villain flatly comes out to say such.
  3. Hopefully one of the main cast dies. If this is another love solves all things my lord.
  4. OK KO is a decent but fun show. if the plot would ever continue to move forward but it jumps around so much many times i catch plot advancing episodes by accident and sit surprised. That plus I do enjoy how all the ladies have huge hips in this series lol. I wonder what goofy plot they will use for this one off. Probably eggman building boxman some super mech that they struggle with at first but KO uses a move of sonics to defeat it by the end.
  5. Im mixed on a season 4. I loved the series probably more than any other outside "The batman" *first 2 seasons* and The old one from the 90s. But I felt it had the perfect send off at the end. It actually had a ending unlike a lot of shows in the 90s that ended before any conclusions were made for some shows. This was one where I said ok sweet he fought with the JL at one point and wrapped up things with bruce. I mean id watch a season 4 but its also one of those shows that stands on its own even without it. Unlike say SRMTHFG
  6. Oh yea, looking forward to this a lot needless to say spoilers
  7. For anyone that has not seen the show and want to know why shes called that. Her parents do not make much and they have to take baths in recycled water used to boil hot dogs so she has a undersmell of hotdogs
  8. I went into boom thinking it was going to be bad but was amazing with the self aware jokes. Easy 7. Would be a 8 but some characters are just bad like the women always losing her baby The Ova was the best. Animations, characters, and story all a solid 9 Satam, I liked the darker world setting but overall the stories were meh most the time but still good. 7 Aosth, I mean it was meant to be dumb but I still watched it all the time growing up but lord was it dumb but 6. 7 to Christmas special Sonic X could have been near perfect but god christ ruined it for me. A whiney spoiled brat. Who literally sabotaged sonics way home from literal greed. 6. I wanted to say 5 but it had sonic vs shadow and shadow hitting chris so yea a 6
  9. I hate when people lump black people together on certain things as if we all praise it. Such as a comment on TLM . I'm fine either way but do not say "we don't have enough representation so it's a good thing" um no there are tons of black characters out there hell the cartoon had what I thought was a black character or maybe that was Aladdin's cartoon. Actually that was Gabriella....in the cartoon Aladdin was the sand witch. The point is you don't change a character just to get represented.  Make a new one or just one of the other great characters out there. Static shock was a great character I'd love to see come back one day

  10. The fuck. They said they were fake? How? When many interacted in the real world. Lord my childhood hnng Second to last episode HDW tries to help the gang as she and some of their town is held hostage by the prof. He has her shot to death with a gatling gun
  11. Ok i can agree with you there on that
  12. They probably did add it for only a set group of people. There are several forms that you do not need like the health restoration, the orange tree or even the jar *unless your doing the early speed run method of farming for quick max out of certain attacks. Its like the infinite magic items, you do not need it but many try and get it for the fact it makes the game easier. I have people tell me constantly the figured out weird methods of beating sections i used to think required one form exclusively but yet somehow through sheer pain beat sections. aka the crab and the lasers on ammos ship. many used the monkey, one person used the elephant which i do not see how ha. I understand the arguments presented here. But its the fact many think quickly transforming somehow halts the gameplay in some way or takes away from it. If anything its possible Pirate curse spoiled people since once unlocked you could use all her skills at once and the original formula "slowed" down for some. Now that I understand I think more. But Ill leave it at that. With 5 it does look like they are going back to the more metrovania type caves and exploration though.
  13. The first one was perfect for its time. It was actually good. I like darker scooby tales. Sure I like goofy things every now and again like the best movies boo brothers, reluctant warewolf and ghoul school films, but noting will top how near perfection Mystery incorp was. Not on any fanboyism but that series hit every nail on the head. great goofy mysterys t hat lead to other deeper real threats. I mean they went for Real shock value. Having a character mowed down with a chain gun was unexpected levels of dark.
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