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  1. Wait so they literally took them out of the game. I mean there can only be one reason they took them out. You leave everything else in from the old game but that and it screams noting but they did it so not to offend someone. While I still plan to game i literally had a moment of doubt in my head of buying it. To some its no big deal, for me its trying to edit something out that may upset one person who will probably play the game all but a few months. Well least I still have the original version.
  2. This will get shut down on legal reasons alone. You can't create something like this via crowdfunding without Sega's say
  3. Not surprised for the fact is anything big even out right now. Its like releasing a small movie and it doing well when there is literally next to noting big or name grabbing out there outside of it. not saying Team Racing isnt an ok game for the asking price. Just theres not much to get outside it atm.
  4. everyone else is not acting surprised but im seriously surprised dreadknux is posting. Seriously maybe cause im so old now but damn it was back in the old days where they had mp3 pages and what not


  5. The fact Dread is posting maked me think it's someone else lol But the music's great but still the cars are a little loose in tightness. I honestly think mk8 and transformed spoiled me
  6. I do like the music but im waiting for the real soundtrack to come out so i can rip it into flac. Id share it if i knew how. But most files online are just mp3s ripped and then uploaded without edititing to youtube. I look forward to what the full tracks sound like.
  7. Got home and currently playing. Quick first impressions. Its no transformed. Its pretty though. But god do the controls suck big time compared to transformed. I am trying to drive and drift like i did in both all stars and transformed and its worse somehow?
  8. What in the world. I had no idea dreadknux was still around
  9. So should I get this for PC or ps4 pro. Running a rtx but doubt it will require it on PC. Trying to run it the best possible
  10. Playstation has some of the worst download speeds so not surprisingly you ran into that
  11. What I took from Mayor D was that the game while fun is still under Transformed in a earlier post probably changed mind now? Ive seen a few here and there say that though. Now to wait and see if Sega will support this with dlc. If they choose not to then like the last two games I will get everything within 2 weeks. Play it for around 6 months and put i back on the shelf and bring it back out on slow days. Got to go get it later today.
  12. Be careful about steam and midnight launches. MK11 did not become public till later that afternoon.
  13. Im guessing they must really hope the US side carries the sales for the game.. Stateside its only 30 dollars. Japan its still 66. Kind of bites its more a budget title as compared to ASRT. I had a gut feeling thats what it was going to be still looking forward to it though. But I honestly see the game dying after about 7 months unless Sega actually PLANs to support a game outside pso2 with dlc in the future. both ASR and ASRT were fun but lack of real dlc outside RT having a few random characters added well added next to no extra life to the game.
  14. I guarantee the movie will do well. It will get hounded by your typical youtubers that will chime in make sure you sub to my pateron link at the end but regardless kids will eat it up. Not all kids mind you but in the example above the TMNT live action movie was jumped on for making them look so off from what many of use late 80s and very early 90s kids liked. But kids loved the film. i see Sonic doing the same honestly. Then we will get a bigger sequel. I am sure the team has rough drafts of other designs. I mean i see what they were going for. any REAL hedgehog looks like sonic does in the trailer. Except for those evil teeth. their faces normally look like that just paint them blue. Still paramount was looking to sell more toys to a general audience i suppose than gamers that grew up on sonic.
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