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  1. You will not see, Amy , shadow, or anything else like that. The main reason Sonic worked its cause you can not bloat a movie with to much. Its a hour and 40 minutes for most films today normally. The next film will be broken into several segments and not enough to devote to pulling multiple characters out of a hat nor do we need that many. Tails will show up and their will most likely be interaction between sonic and him and tom and possibly family to some extent, then you will need cut ins to eggman and whatever he is up to every now and again in the film, possibly agent stone trying to find him to some extent. You will have sonic and tails travel to his original world to try and track down eggman with sonic exploring his hold home a bit and remembering his childhood a bit. Eggman will show up with some new plot or device. poooooooooosbily metal sonic but somewhat eh this early in the film franchise (or eggman tricking the echidna tribe promising to help them gain sonics power. But he will beat sonic the first time. Sonic will recoup and the last act will be him and tails teaming up to take him down again. Movie ending will involve knuckles possibly
  2. What is this and why did the food do it?
  3. Does anyone know how I got this food in SA2


  4. It was a good game. Bosses were honestly mostly a bore but standard classic sonic style. Honestly there are not many classic era bosses i care for outside maybe mecha sonic and the final egg mecha in the deathegg. Music was "fun" and visuals great. But overall for me i got bored after beating it twice with the emeralds. But not bored like i cant finish but more like once im done i have little reason to come back to it. And quietly it went into storage. And that is the flaw in sonic games for me lately. Outside plastering red rings or whatever the collectable is in a sonic game there is little reason to come back. But thats more a modern sonic game issue though. So perfect? Not really I doubt there is any sonic game that sits as a 10 in my head from the last 30 years of my life but its probably sitting more along the lines of a 8 for me.
  5. I chuckle thinking back on how hard a lot of fans were thinking Sega was going to have a sonic announcement at TGS because they included him in the logo and thinking of course not they said 2021 which i hope its a game coming that year

    1. A wild west steam engine

      A wild west steam engine

      Wait, the game show already happened? Time be flyin' up in dis b.

    2. Meta77


      Well noting was honestly shown this year worth seeing. Covid hit them hard i guess. I think a new dynasty warrior and a new virtual fighter tease was it.

  6. He left her a clean start. The memory plot was a tad to big i think. She has already stated her stories are not going to be as serious as Ians. So the whole sonic with memory lose with eggman attacks is probably a tad to much action lined with where she will take the series for awhile.
  7. Some sonic fans be it here or reddit or even twitter can be a wild bunch. Theories and rumors galor from the smallest things. But that said the Chaos emeralds are not needed every game and more than likely sega knew they were writing themselves in a hole. EVERY game can not use them as a means to get out of every final issue. From perfect chaos, final hazard, devil doom, etc. Take that and no final boss really seems to know how to use them it gets boring when every final fight is just sonic ramming into things as super sonic. If they are to be in the games more they need to make the super emeralds canon again and make a threat that requires something more than super sonic. otherwise no villian by the end feels like a real threat if sonic in base form can beat them.
  8. Yea i meant the first page ^_^;
  9. you know i really hope sega adds another human in a future sonic game and sonic kisses them. heck bring back merlina XD haha

  10. In shadows game she gets on to you if you hurt the soldiers. so most likely it was the classic she said dont hurt them confused what to do. seems most his early life was rather peaceful on the station.
  11. Easily Metal virus. The desperation, seeing heroes actually struggle. and for a moment seem like they were going to lose. Though you know they were going to win the pacing was great to me. and not some typical cartoon of today where some big issue is resolved in one episode or two. Sonic was pushed to the edge and i loved it. Even at the end when he told metal "up" you could tell he was beyond tired. Even when he ran at the last moment you could tell he was hurting. The hero that loves to run was tired for once. He could not keep it up. And I would not say dark for sake of it. Sometimes its good to have dark moments in series that have been around for a long time. I started with sonic. At 30 its nice to see moments like this rather than the meme fest say colors was or tossed in cringe like tails saying "true dat". But i could go on much longer with dark stories and all that. Bottom line is you have to go all in like in this arc. Dark but had a few :FEW: funny moments in the darkness. Whereas say forces it hardly felt like anything was at stake or any real threat with sonic still cracking jokes in his cell. It will be awhile before we get another dark moment in the comics im sure as Evan pointed out going forward its mostly going to be light hearted goodness and a few touching moments with a tad of drama. So the usual sonic fare for awhile.
  12. Except chaotix and ray and mighty were already released game characters with no ties to the comics *by that i mean they were in games before the comics* ff are more than likely NOT coming back as IDW is being watched way more closely than archie. And seeing that future stories are going to be more "fun" really makes me wonder if were about to hit colors level of story telling filled with memes and completely goofy. I love the MV arc and yes you do not follow a dark arc with another but at least somewhat keep the tone with how the characters are and villains act.
  13. Do you have any proof of this or are you just saying it? The audience? Internal sega people. If you have proof of any of this do share it. And the comic was in no way a "vegeta" Shadow dove in headfirst into a problem thinking he was a god and got taken down for it. Vegeta has actually grown as a character and knows when he is in over his head. Then again its Segas character and they can do with it what they want. Shadow still does cool things like in 06 and sure he can share a quick witty slapback at another character but hes is not built to be a comedy character nor should he. AGAIN though with the way the series is written today and the way sonics social sites typically only meme all day I would doubt in future shorts or games shadow being more of a cool goofy over the top methods for simple problems type.
  14. I think the reason a lot of people liked him from the start was cause he was akin to vegeta. basically still brooding but a good anti hero who did not need to belt out jokes to be liked. but with the way the series is now with more comedy takes (true dat) i could one day see sega making him more goofy in a does something bad he thinks is helping only for it to backfire IF sega keeps the writers they have.
  15. Heroes is ok but no where near the top. If I had to pick three to listen to for life 06 would be at the top few have touched the scale they went with *aquatic base is just god tier*. Then SA1 and a battle between SA2 and unleashed when it came to 3d games.
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