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  1. Nope. It's a lot to it. If the company gives it's blessing it's fine. If you upload live and learn and attach ads all over it to make money that's not right
  2. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    It was most likely showing inner bleeding or stress taking it's toll on his body. He broke the limit to soon I guess his body was not trained to handle it
  3. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Best damn fight in a long time. Hell that was amazing.
  4. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    when does funimation upload it im looking up and down for it
  5. I upload tracks all the time to youtube from the osts i own lol. Unless sega ask me to take them down they stay up. Same for nintendos stuff. Nintendo will usually claim the videos as soon as they process so they get the money for views from them. I never stick ads on things like music. And if they ask i take them down i do but Sega and Nintedno usually never do. And usually it depends on the games and companies involved. Sonic and Mario are pretty much fine. As for DL links I never upload the tracks for download even though im asked all the time to do it since i rip the flac and wmv lossless files. Thats just beginner level snipping and blending of said tracks.
  6. Cause if figure most involved left/ they don't care for a project that big
  7. The only thing good of this is I'd be able to do giveaways of the gsme on YouTube now
  8. Doubtful I think honestly it's best to assume modern sonic is just not something Sega can pull off. 2d is as far as they can improve unless it's sumo. give me sasrt2
  9. I mean seriously that's it. Nighty and Ray and a physical version for a 420mb game. But I guess it could be a nice shelf filler? Heck the mod community could have easily done that for free.
  10. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

  11. Should Infinite return to the Sonic series?

    You would not have to modify anything that much. All your need to do is expand the scope.of why he joined eggman. What is his end goal. Does he want to simply be the strongest creature alive or Does he simply want the world to burn. What are the extent of his powers. His cockiness lead to his defeat.mulitple times. Honestly it's a undergrad writing assignment. It wouldn't take much to bring his story up to par
  12. Should Infinite return to the Sonic series?

    For the lo e of all that's holy keep the deadly six away from the series at all cost going forward. Unless they are placed in mania as wacky as it is. Wacky and modern need to stop mixing
  13. Should Infinite return to the Sonic series?

    I'd be down . Compared to most all bosses in the series besides adventure eggman. And merlina he was a good villian. Sega just sucks at writing. I liked the all powerful attitude. Same for mephiles had he not played with his food and just right to the endgame. He has potential.
  14. 64 was great. If you liked jetters stick with it. The controls were a tad better being as gen was the prequel but both were fun If you ever see the try them out
  15. I liked jetters and generations lol

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