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  1. Universe 11 is the main threat lord am I ready to see them fight. get lost
  2. Well having known their site for awhile I would say you better make sure you get it day 1 early and not wait a week out. Otherwise its going to sell out.
  3. It's very naff
  4. Generations was not long so judging that is not a good indication. I beat Gen in less than 4 hours. And that was from most my time being in the sound test menu. A good 5 hour game to last me a month or two till some of the games from e3 start dropping will do me fine.
  5. I'm still on the fence if the studio that made most all the games people ate flipping out about are not making it I'm in the fence. Like the new star fox. Good but no where as good as older ones
  6. People really need to distinguish zone from stage. I see 12 zonescand a final boss. 12 x 2 is 24 acts basically
  7. Illllllbleeeeeeed Lol playing that buggy would be fun
  8. I mean how can they top a universe arc though? Be pretty tough I'd figure unless they fight the angels
  9. Sonic 3 will never be done unless its the horrible pc version. Regardless another rererererelease of sonic But honestly while near I think my emulator on my 60 inch is the better choice
  10. So another 27 episodes sbpit?
  11. Well dragon ball yes but line of chat has been basically super based. Anyway back to super. I'm sure whis knows freeza was lying. will there be a arc after this I wonder.
  12. Regardless it's a new time. People could simply Google to see if it were possible now. Many games have and some still do methods at doing certain things not spelled
  13. Well I mean that's pretty off topic. Sep for maybe last pic
  14. lord that art is ugly
  15. I learned by reading game books. Nearly all told you could. I still have some somewhere telling you. So it was not impossible to learn