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  1. I just wish they would just say if the comics cancelled or not
  2. Lol yes.but I watched gamexplain on battery issue
  3. How dare you call fire emblem heroes shovel ware. Me and my animated ax wielding wife of absolute beauty will not stand for this...this..outrage. Still 2 hours and a half is eh. But only time I'd use undocked is at a comic conventions
  4. Not really my 3ds last at least 7 hours on a full charge. And my tablet had gone at least 9 if I'm doing Internet things
  5. So only negatives I've seen so far are that the kick stand sucks and the battery life is not that great. Besides that good things
  6. I'd rather finally have a ost of the crash games
  7. As the case with any celebrity used to promote something
  8. Honestly if someone gets theirs early does it matter. The vc isn't out yet and only big games atm are bomberman and Zelda. Not like there's 90 games floating around. By this i mean there are no worries well all get to that point
  9. Amazon cancelling some master editors of zelda
  10. Didn't the guy in one say even on a battery pack it died. And my 3ds goes on way past 3 hours running on full brightness. Even the vita I get at least 5 hours playing valkyrie
  11. Seeing as it takes us a pretty good bit to even get to mars I highly doubt were going to be seeing anyone in our lifetime making out to those planets. Let alone building anything on them. Though the suns also smaller so less heat?
  12. preview or not the battery life does suck. I just hope the sync issues are not as bad as they say
  13. I hope it's in a Nitro crate
  14. I'd it going to flop in japan? Or are there just more there. here they are sold out. 8n japan they still have orders on all of them
  15. What's in special edition