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  1. Would not change a thing. It was great as was. loved sara (probably my favorite neko), loved the story, loved the fights. Only thing i wanted was a release of the soundtrack and maybe a few more (3 at most) episodes. it was a thing of the times (a ova in the 90s) did not expect it to be drawn out.
  2. i will never understand some sonic fans. why do some think 06 is not canon. its just as canon as unleashed

    1. azoo


      Because it writes itself out. 

    2. Diogenes


      it's canon but it also unhappens so most of it doesn't apply.

    3. Winston


      I believe the characters and setting are canon but the actual story events never took place. 

    4. PaddyFancy


      Crisis City is still real. Thanks Sonic Generations.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It canonically didn't happen.

      Basically the entire canon Sonic series history happened up to the point when Ellise blew out Solaris' flame, and then the entire series happened again without the events of 06.

      Except a few years later SEGA decided that Classic Sonic was an entirely different universe instead of just the past and now nothing makes a lick of sense no matter how hard you try to handwave it. 🙃

      @PaddyFancy Generations' loose plot revolved around messing with time and was only there to tie together a game that was unabashedly created to celebrate the series' history. All they had to do was make Blaze say something like "I don't know what this place is, but I feel like I've been here before", instead of whatever she did say about being back in Crisis City. It was so easy, and they messed it up for no good reason. What does she say in the Japanese dub?

    6. DanJ86


      @Blue Blood Based on what the subtitles say in this video, she doesn't acknowledge her surroundings at all. She does refer to a monster which is most likely just the Time Eater.

    7. Meta77


      @Blue Blood I should have explained myself better. I meant 06  still happens. Sonic visits the city, sees the parade, and somewhat is hinted he and elise "(more so sonic imo)" remember what occurred or at least know something happened. and then he races off somewhere new. But as for the events in the game, time travel, all that did write itself out when she blew away the flame.


      And I agree. Sega treating classic as a separate character is just odd in itself.

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Meta77 I was agreeing with you. I don't think many people consider 06 non canon, at least not in my experience. It's just the fact that for all intents and purposes it wrote itself out of existence, and therefore in all practical terms is non canon.

    9. Meta77


      @Blue BloodHaha I know you were agreeing. I tend to not be able to convey that well online.

  3. Avoiding a 06 discussion the thing with that game is it HAD EVERYTHING against it. 06 hurt a lot of old fans a lot for what it was promising. but from the start, split team, yuji leaving, trying to shove out a wii game cause they did not want to leave out nintendo, rushing for a holiday season they knew they could not hit, and using the final build of the game that it ran the worse on. Forces was just bad for a variety of reasons listed in a post above, (though some say its cause they spent most their time working on an engine which imo i saw noting groundbreaking that it did if it was whee they spent their time.)
  4. There is a huge difference in fans making memes of things themselves when things do not age quite right like shadow and where is that damn 4th emerald line cause we were not use to a sonic game "trying to be" mature but toned back due to a new rating being created to the games literally putting in memes such as baldy mcnosehair to tails "true dat" line that made me say thank lord the games over at that point.
  5. Really hope Sonic colors is not the big game for the 30th. If anything its where the series story telling took a hard nose dive into the ground and never stopped diving.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Doubt that's all there could be. Considering Covid, it wouldn't surprise me they had to push what was intended as the "real" game to release this year back to next year. Sonic Mania celebrated the 25th anniversary despite coming out a whole year later (Note the 25th on the bonus stage medallions) while 2016 had nothing, so it's no biggy if they go through that again. Besides, a wise marketing strategy it'd be if it's ready to release closer to the new movie and cartoon.

      Till maybe after E3, I'll just assume ReColors is just part of something bigger and is made tie us over while we wait

  6. I truly hope colors is not the MAIN thing they planned for sonics 30th. While a pretty wii game it is also where the writing took a swift nosedive into the ground. Though those writers are now said to be gone from the series i believe. Sonics had some elements of silly story telling at times such as the commander and his grudge with shadow in shadow *granted had they actually flushed that game out more it could have worked out to explain his relationship with Maira more* but colors is when the series started to become meme folder.
  7. I doubt it will take over any "narrative" most as i said before are usually their own things. At best elements from the last will carry over to another or the sequel while the main book does its own thing. Do not understand why some dislike them. In the comic industry you typically do them to garner more interest in the medium to gain more readers. HARDLY any real comic I can think of in the past 30 years has not had a crossover of some kind. They just happen.
  8. Its IDW its going to happen eventually. Mostly as a spin off. Godzilla will most likely never happen these days but transformers? Possibly down the line. Crossover are good and what many people who collect comics outside sonic like to see as big events.
  9. The only thing id like to see change is sega allowing amy to transform. I do not mind it being tied to mostly hedgehog dudes but that artwork that ABT did of her awhile back is to amazing NOT to see one day in a comic or game. You know if and when the games writing improves.
  10. The big thing to ask is are they REALLY needed. I think most just want them in it cause they are the FFs and many grew up with them and people have a hard time letting go to old things. I grew up with the comic back with issue 0 and it was a interesting ride with all the retcons and stories but with the end of Archie that literally felt like their end. No need for them to come back other than i grew up with this person i just want them in the stories. IDW has bee doing grew with the introduction of new characters and easing us into most of them over time. From starline, to the skunk brothers, to tangle and jewel. Just enough to get us by but still showing more of their character over time. Each with unique personalities. And at the same time not over bearing. Heck tangle and whisper ever got into a mobile game. The other issue is not bloating the cast for again no other reason than to say here is old character A i just want them in cause i miss them. Most the new cast fill old gaps left by old characters. Why have sally? Seriously? Amy has grown by leaps and bounds recently. Both leading the resistance and with Sega allowing her to be more front and center in t he action and yet still play up her romance with sonic. Tails genius is on cue and honestly there is no need for the old cast. As someone said eariler no matter what you do SOMEONE will always not be happy with the time they are shown, nor would they probably even be based on their old characters. They would not be front and center like in the Archie verse.
  11. young people are weird. do not edit someone else artwork but i myself have always seen knuckles as black rofl

    1. Stasis


      It sure was interesting. First they edit the original art and accuse the artist of being racist for not making Knuckles black, then gets annihilated for assuming Knuckles is black in the first place, editing someone's art in an attempt to defend black people when she herself is white, accused of hating Asians and then offers to pay black people only as an apology. Meanwhile other people are arguing the points of 'is Knuckles actually supposed to be black though?' as he's black coded(?).

      Twitter is crazy.

    2. Meta77


      I mean im black and have no idea what black coded means lol. But yea fans are allowed to like and imagine what they want. but i hate when someone edits someones art. like it was not messed up. its just what they themselves thought in their head. and as you said led to a huge argument with over 30k tweets revoling around a echidna race.

  12. I enjoy humans in sonics world. Long as they are well written and do not look like those abominations in unleashed.
  13. cause when you make a villain to goofy they come off less threatening aka classic eggman. Oh he is still "evil" and attempts to conquer the world but is so comical that from the start you know he wont. At least idw eggman nearly brought about a end to everyone even if not how he meant to do it nor what he wanted.
  14. I defintally want more of IDW eggman goign forward. For the goofy eggman he is welcome to stay in the classical universe where that tone is well the tone of the series now. Goofy and whimsical with a splash of action here and there. Modern eggman/comic eggman is much more interesting to me cause he is an actual threat. He actually makes sonic suffer and sonic has to overcome greater odds against a villian with an actual plot and drive to conquer the world rather than a comical eggman who constantly makes cute robots sonic and normally just walk around. I honestly dont think classic sonic ever struggles against that eggman. As for the 30th anniversary book as long as they leave classic sonic in his own universe/time frame and modern in his ill be a happy camper
  15. exactly this. And this is why i loved neo so much. It gave metal a voice after years although he said a total of like 3 lines till the final fight. But unless you keep him in classic era going forward than metal needs a voice. a cast that talks as much as they do currently a silent villian that buzzes and beeps only goes so far for a action story. In classic where story honestly hardly exist at times it be fine. As for rebooting the series it is not a easy one page answer. one of the MAIN reasons it is not or at least here is EVERY fan has their own view on what they think makes sonic well sonic. some fans just want sonic, some fans dislike shadow and want less of him, some fans think shadow being an actual antihero to sonic is out of character, some think the series needs to entire archie cast to still come over to expand the large cast more than it is already, some want more animal characters, some want more humans, some want comedy, some want darker stories. It is not a simple answer cause no matter what they do it is impossible to please everyone. That is a common issue many long time series run into. another example are current cartoon reboots a lot of the time.
  16. Exactly Tom and Maddie ARE his family now. They are not going anywhere anytime soon. They may not be front and center with him in 2 as it will probably focus more on tails and sonic trying to stop eggman but they will still be around.
  17. Again I will point to indigos post. This is NOT the avengers. Sonic is not going to be a 2 hour film. Avengers had a LOT of world building up to that point to expand the film. You really need to learn more about films. GAMERS are going to see sonic. And some little kids. BUT you can not have a film just centered around sonic. You need something to keep it grounded. Aka tom, maddie, agent stone. They want to bring in more than just gamers to see the film. We are not going to have a sonic forces type cast. Maybe a small short cgi short one day but again do not expect death egg, adventure cast and foward, to pop up. You will bloat the movie. A lot more goes into film making other than oh sonic is in it. It will sell like hotcakes.
  18. its to late here for me to try to explain this from a movie development standpoint. Refer to what @Indigo Rushrush basically summed it up as. She can be added perhaps late in the third movie or even a hit at the end of 2 but again you cant just add all that to a film and expect it to fly cause you need to give them time to develop unless its just a small role for a laugh like maddies sister. ok time for bed for me
  19. I think some fans are really jumping a very very large whale if they think the movie is going to start dropping people like amy, or any of the adventure cast yet. If that were every to happen and its doubtful it would not be till late in a third or possibly fourth film. Do not expect the entire cast from the games to show up. When you do that you bloat a movie to the point where its just to much going on at once.
  20. As I said last year do not expect the film to suddenly be JUST for sonic fans. They will focus more on him and his "original" home world but i still expect that tom will be involved on and off in this one. They still want the film to bring in regular film goers. The first success was not just all gamers. Though im sure most have seen sonic in some form in life. The film will likely deal with sonic in town with tom and tails will either cause some issue that he is found or sonic tries to dodge him only for tails to semi keep up. film cuts to scenes of eggman plotting something. possibly even madder than before in a way and his exploring of the world he is set in. Possibly finding a way to open ring gates. With stone also trying to track down where his boss is. Tails will explain the issue at hand to sonics new family and parents (aka doughnut lord and pretzel mom) sonic will agree to help tails and they will go back to figure out what is going on. I am thinking here more will be placed with the enchiladas having something to do with the plot at this point. Still wanting sonics power. Eggman will either have teamed up with them promising sonic and later turning on them or he will come in to try and kill them all or capture them. He will win the first meeting. Sonic will either be out of commission or to hurt to fight for a bit. But will come back in the last act with tails to stop him. Eggman will most likely be using a new mech or a "early" metal sonic to do one last battle. Sonic wins, they toss eggman into another portal or he escapes. Now we all know knuckles will show up im just trying to see if he comes in at the end like tails or has a semi place in the film. I think the second will focus more on tails though for now. That is just what i think for now 😕
  21. not ifs and or butts, everything for 06
  22. IDW by a mile and then some. I grew up with Archie. From its start way way back with issue 0 to the last issue in its run. And it had its moments here and there. Including the short lived knuckles comic. But IDW has so far been a much more fun ride overall than most anything it did late in its life. I love the stories a lot more. The stories have just been way more fun without all the drama or world resetting of the archie verse and I have to admit I am glad it ended just so we got the idw version. Archie had got so stale at the end. IDW has me sitting my car ever release at my comic store reading it. Plus with how Sega has more oversight its probably the closest media written at having a chance at seeing some of the characters being in a future game.
  23. If the series was not in such a bad shape than maybe. But i mean the series is pretty bad enough so that all they can do on their social channels is post memes constantly. That is to say you can have fun with yourself sure. And of course do not be like aggressive toxic towards someone. But ive seen some say your not a true fan if you complain about the games and be thankful for them. That is fine and dandy but to Sega that just reads as we can push out literal crap and people will buy it simply cause its sonic. No need to improve on anything. Just slap sonic on the cover, add classic in there. And bam we got a game. Hopefully the recent writer and va shakeup changes things up.
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