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  1. Look up the concept of Kitsune. Some stories say they start with not many, but gain more tails with age.
  2. Nice to see they included best girl Blaze among the skins!
  3. What was the last Sonic game you have gotten? For me it was Sonic Mania. I didn't bother with Forces or anything else.

    1. Ricochet


      Mania+Encore and nothing else since. I don't think I'd ever bother with Colors remaster since I already have the wii release. Maybe in a couple years on discount.

    2. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Sonic 1 and 2 for the master system mobile ports if you count fangames.

      If not then sonic mania.

    3. Azure Blue Tori

      Azure Blue Tori

      Sonic Generations. It was $1, and advertised by this very site.

    4. TheOcelot


      Sonic R (PC).

    5. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Sonic Mania and will remain that way.

    6. Polkadi~☆


      Sonic 2 on 3DS.

      I needed something to play on my recently acquired 3DS, but most Nintendo games are really expensive.

  4. Considering SEGA would probably outsource it to some third rate studio who only worked on random mobile games beforehand or some other nonsense... I gotta give a flat NO. I say everybody is better off with no port instead of any bad remaster port.
  5. Every new video for this remaster version of the game still looks bad to me. Pretty disappointing. This is no "Ultimate Edition" ...besides a few bits & bobs this is mostly just a flat downgrade far as I see it. I would say they should just bite the bullet & delay the game further in order to improve it. But we know they won't, and even if they did I doubt they would actually improve much of anything at all.
  6. I must agree with the reviewers who said Balan Wonderworld would had probably been a much more interesting game if you actually played as Balan for most of the game with him helping out random kids instead of playing as the generic boring kids themselves.

    This also is a problem I feel extends into enough other games where instead of playing as any memorable fun characters, the developers put WAY to much credit into the idea the customers need self insert/Mary Sue type characters in order to relate to the fictional world.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I can confirm that’s the case. I’ve got the Balan costume in the game and using it to explore is probably the highlight, game wise.

    2. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      So essentially....just make it play like NiGHTS.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Jovahexeon The Undyne Uh, no. The Balan costume doesn't make the game play like NiGHTS. And it's clear that Naka didn't want to make another game that played like NiGHTS either. If he did, the game would not a Mario-esque platformer about collecting power-ups.

    4. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      @Blue Blood Not remotely what I meant by that. Lol.

      I'm referring to what the game probably would have been like if you got to play as Balan more regularly, not what Naka's intent was.

      The costume definitely gives you a better taste of what the game could've been like with him as playable than the Balan's Bouts, but not the full experience that Balan's Bout suggests.

      I know that Naka apparently didn't want to do that, but with the game that otherwise comes off as a blatant NiGHTS successor, it would've been far more fun to get to play as the titular character on the cover of the game. :U

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's a totally moot point saying "just make it play like NiGHTS". The Balan costume is a weird-as-fuck game breaking flight ability that trashes the rest of the game design.

      The gameplay that they wanted out of Balan Wonderworld is exactly what they delivered. If they wanted Balan to be playable, there's no reason to say that he wouldn't have just been a 1:1 replacement for the kids. Make him jump in his regular outfit, and give him other outfits with a single ability each. That's the gameplay that Naka and his team were set on making.

      Balan Wonderworld could have been a better game if they weren't so bent on their deeply flawed gameplay decisions. Sure it would have been interesting to control a character who looks as visually interesting as Balan, but it's strange to say that that would have changed the gameplay in any capacity whatsoever. 

  7. Of course goofing around makes the game better, but the actual basic run time of a level can't be judged on how long a person messes around, or how many times they die, as that varies way to much to base anything on correctly. Sure I can, see my comment above. Furthermore you can't add random rules to the discussion such as level length can only be judged by somebody playing the level for the first time, who on top of it must not be a speed runner. The skill level & interest for playing is going to be different for every person playing. Meaning overall level time should be based on a straight forward play of it, not including deaths either because a person can die any number of times making it impossible to count. Also I really feel people are messing the point of what I was saying. Honestly I could not care less if the Sonic Colors levels stay separated or merged. The point I originally was making is the fact nothing the dev team has done so far seems exciting or impressive to me yet, and I gave a list of stuff other people would had liked to see. Personally I mostly just hate the new lightening which is the biggest turn off for me, along with how it bothers me there are still certain 2D textures in a HD game that will stick out like a sore thumb which should had been upgraded to 3D models. I don't even need stuff like a playable Tails added, as nice as it would had been I agree. However playable Tails & Knuckles just are not interesting to me personally, I wanna see other playable characters in Sonic games.
  8. And you look up all the other Tropical Resort levels played by the same user as well. All 6 levels of that zone last less then 2 mins unless you just goof around. Some levels are even shorter then 1 min. People didn't pull the idea Sonic color levels are short outta nowhere just to be mean or some nonsense. And most people are not expecting a remake here. However when the team behind this has done less then a impressive job on the remastering part, then hoping for other fun features to make up for it isn't surprising.
  9. So unless that Metal Sonic race mode ends up super fun looking to me, or some other interesting features/content gets revealed which hasn't been showed yet, otherwise I gotta give this game a pass. The lightening looks worse on every single level I seen from every video or pic... they couldn't be bothered to upgrade some of the 2D textures into proper 3D models. No new playable characters. The zones are still separated into stupidly short mini levels. This simply doesn't feel like the huge ideal remaster upgrade that would had been nice to see. There is nothing exciting about it so far. I'd sooner prefer just to pop-out my old Wii and play the original game or go emulate it on PC instead.
  10. The idea that modern Sonic Team somehow actually learned how to make a game that isn't a hallway running simulator would be surprising by itself. Heh

  11. As the characters are among the main reasons I like this series at all... yeah... it does make me happy to see the series maybe change into a direction that supports other characters far better, unlike the boost games. However Tails & Knuckles wouldn't be anything for me to get exited over the idea of it personally. I want more unusual choices like Fang the Sniper or my faves Blaze & Metal-Sonic. Having the exact same few reoccurring side-cast ever be the only ones as playable when it does happen is barely any better then solo Sonic for me personally.
  12. I pray it is NOT all simply generic grassy empty fields & forests which you explore in. So many open world games & RPGs often have the most mind-numbing boring environments... Even if this game has those things, I just hope it has other more interesting locations also!
  13. If they do actually make a open world Sonic game close to what is said there... Welp I just hope it ends up being more fun then it sounds like from what that person says. Even Pokemon is trying to do a open world game soon... which doesn't look good to me yet. And as much as I would love to see Sonic Team honestly try a open world Sonic game for once... but if their only try at it ends up looking like Pokemon Legends... or anything similar to this dull thing below, then it would be a pretty disappointing result. If Sonic Team can at least make it a physics playground like Utopia, then there will be fun to be had overall no matter what... but this is Sonic Team we are talking about, I have my doubts including good physics in a modern Sonic game is high up their interest list. But one never knows!
  14. I am one among the few who always would love to see a open world Sonic game, as long it has a good budget behind it. I just would like to see Sonic Team legit try it at least once. I think it could work really well in concept... of course the exact execution makes all the difference.
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