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  1. Mmm I'm pretty sure it's not a question if SonicTeam sees her as a popular character or not. Blaze appears in many MANY of the spinoff games. Sonic channel art. and was In Generations along with all the other characters SEGA sees as popular such as Vector & Shadow. And no matter how his fans may love him... no way can somebody try to argue to me with a straight face that Silver is more popular then Blaze. Even Omega shows up in this game when he didn't on Generations. However even with all that said, Blaze being among the popular side-cast doesn't automatically mean that she gets included in Forces or whatever game. I kinda imagine Sonic Team throws darts at a dartboard with who gets to appear on each game. Regardless I do hope she shows-up in the game... she does need more appearances in the main Sonic games I say. And unlike Sonic 06, at least the story of Forces itself shouldn't be a embarrassment for her to be in this time.
  2. Sonic Forces Digital Comic (Monent of Truth, Stress Test)

    Oh I didn't realize at first that Chaos in general right there might just be a illusion created by the Phantom Ruby... I guess that could mean ALL the villains except Eggman & Infinite are mere illusions in Sonic Forces.
  3. Sonic Forces Digital Comic (Monent of Truth, Stress Test)

    So Chaos attacked Knuckles because Eggman was warping the island with illusions? Or was there some other reason? Somehow I'm getting the feeling the main game itself will only have barely half of the story... for the rest of the story you have to dig into the other media starting with playing Mania. Reading the 4 pre-release comics. Play the Forces Shadow DLC + likely something else too... Or you know... just read the wiki later. xP
  4. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Err... I don't think so. Sonic has never really focused to strongly on story telling over gameplay and Forces doesn't look to be very different really. It has little more focus on story then normal, but not by much I say. Looks to be roughly around Sonic Adventure 2 level of story focus.
  5. I doodled and posted this last year as my predictions on the reveal of Sonic Forces...


    So which was the result? =p

    1. Giant Dad

      Giant Dad

      Probably the left since I (and many others) pretty much face palmed back when classic sonic showed up in the trailer and now appears way worse than I thought he would in this game.

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch
    3. McGroose


      Eitherway, there's nothing but perfect Chaos on SSMB.

  6. Sonic Force- 100 ring cap in "Easy Mode"

    I want Dark Souls mode! AKA journalist's nightmare mode! AKA Cuphead mode! AKA Night 6 mode! AKA hell mode... Jokes aside... Seriously I do want hard mode! Generations/Colors was to easy and always left me wanting to be challenged more.
  7. As sad as it is Lego Dimensions being dead... All I really wanted from it was for Lego to later release full Sonic play sets to buy with all the best known Sonic characters included... I want a Lego Blaze blast it all!

  8. Sonic Force- 100 ring cap in "Easy Mode"

    Difficulty modes huh? I was saying the other week ago on here that I was hoping Forces had a hard mode to make the game less weak sauce... I really hope one of the modes makes the enemy A.I super leveled up so they are not a joke anymore! Seriously give us players flat-out hell mode as a option.
  9. Sonic Forces Fixes Physics

    Yeah the first shot kinda only looks like a bug to me more then physics being fixed on the new one... rolling still doesn't seem to gain any extra speed past the first boost moment of down hill speed or so.
  10. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Maybe you should read some of my other posts? I don't hate everything the game has to offer. There's enough about the game that interests me just barely... I never acted like it's the end of the world for the game to be not great. I just think it could easily be WAY BETTER and it confuses me to no end with many of their poor design choices here.
  11. If they make a great game regardless of which Sonic branch it is... Then of course I'll buy it! xD
  12. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    So... we should just accept and ignore the game has what we think is extremely subpar design?... what? Then why should anybody even buy it when there is better competition for our wallets out there? This game's contents isn't a case of just being different. All platformer/adventure games are different, but we still judge them with other past games of the same genre in mind. That doesn't give a game a free pass in quality. I know for a fact I don't set my expectations to high with Sonic... if I did I probably would find myself rarely ever enjoying any of the games. Forces is simply lower quality in gameplay then normal for Sonic games from what has been shown as of yet. It's not such a impossible thing to believe.
  13. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Umm how about level gimmicks like the air-pump tubes and bouncy jelly areas that Mania chemical plant had or anything else? The one from Forces seems to not really have anything to mess and play with outside of QTEs. How does a nearly empty level look fine? The lack of level content is the kinda stuff i expect from fangames... and not from Sonic Team.
  14. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Level looks boring. All the levels look boring to me so far. Empty hallways with basically nothing except worthless enemies that you pretty much nearly HAVE TO TRY to get hurt by them for it to ever happen. Hoping some of the later acts have actual snow and ice placed around... ATM it almost looks like roadside dust on everything. I'll still enjoy the game's boss fights if nothing else i think... they seem fine, but they don't look like anything special or have any epic feeling from what has been shown. I don't get it... How did they end up making Generation's gameplay look like a masterpiece compared to this? Hell i don't care what anybody else says... Lost World's gameplay is more fun then what has been shown off for Forces currently... Not that I think people shouldn't enjoy and buy this game... perfectly fine with whoever does. But I don't see anything that looks great enough about this game that one couldn't get a better experience from many other modern 3D platformer/adventure games outside of Forces having Sonic characters in it anyways.
  15. Sonic Forces OST - Aqua Road

    Really nice music! Feels kinda like a remix of multiple tracks i've heard from this series before. Not bad!