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  1. Anybody here know of any good Sonic series fanfics? I have not read many fanfics really, I feel like giving one a shot if it's good enough. Especially would enjoy some with Blaze included.

    1. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      Finding good fanfics feels like quite the task nowadays. Comics too. I've gotten to the point where after forcing myself to teach myself to draw I'm in full-

      Image result for thanos i'll do it myself gif

      - mode.

      Blaze shouldn't be a character that's hard to find a ton of fics about. In that vast sea, you're bound to find some good ones. As for the number of Chaotix stories... feh. 

    2. DarkRula


      *Shameless plug* The Chameleon Chronicles

  2. Imagine if they based the new anime on the mobile game Pokemon masters instead of Sword & Shield? That would be unexpected and strange. Personally I think the anime should be handled like the Yu-gi-oh anime where every 3 or 4 years they come out with a new anime series with a whole new main cast in order to match the games always having new casts.
  3. I wonder if instant-transformation and Fusion Magic are the same or slightly separate things? The info page says "instant-transformation Fusion Magic" at one moment and says "Fusion Magic creature transformations" at another moment. also the word fusion makes me think that the creature forms can be combined somehow... Could be very interesting if the various moves of the different transformations can placed together on one form allowing for a customized move set, it does sound like they are implying that when they said this line. "The game also features a new collectible card system that grants players the freedom to augment Shantae’s powers to suit their own style of play."
  4. I'm a fan and I don't think the slow dance mechanic for transformations are a great idea anymore as it just breaks the pace of the game regardless that it can be kinda fun the first few times you see it. Pirate's curse is my fave Shantae when it comes to gameplay, and I prefer playing as Risky for multiple reasons in Half Genie Hero. I don't think normal Shantae's gameplay outside of pirate's curse is very fun to play as personally. I like that wayforward is trying to evolve the series gameplay mechanics and listening to reasonable feedback instead of just keeping it stuck on the past ways. However I do wish that dancing could be kept in for something other then just the minigames, also used on something that won't break the flow of gameplay... It would be a challenge to think up something good... maybe one idea is there could be 2 versions of doing transformations, one version could be called "quick transform" and another could be "master transform" which gives you certain stat bonus while transformed, except you gotta do the classic dance mode for it.
  5. News! The game is now named " Shantae and the Seven Sirens." Some interesting highlights to pay attention towards is the fact this game will feature instant transformations, and a nonlinear world with multiple towns and dungeons. More info in the link below. https://wayforward.com/wayforward-reveals-official-title-and-new-details-for-shantae-and-the-seven-sirens/
  6. Again I agree. I don't think school has any place as a serious setting in the Sonic series... Unless Robotnik captured the main cast and tried to brainwash them using machines inside a evil school he built or some other such nonsense. I don't see what it could be used for outside of backstory lore... It basically would just be writing Tails out of the series if he had to go to school.
  7. I do agree with you... However stuff like anime devs seems to think otherwise. The logic I hear behind why there is so MANY school themed anime is because people believe whoever watching those stories think viewers can relate to them better as they have something in common. It seems absurd to me... because as you said, why would somebody want to watch a story that just mirrors their own dull life? I have no idea as I don't enjoy fiction in order to reflect on my own life.
  8. I'm not sure how power-up monitors make more logic in a gameplay setting then a story setting myself. When playing the games does that stuff make perfect logic just because it is a game? being apart of gameplay doesn't give something a free pass to me. Also I am not trying to say ALL gameplay concepts should to be integrated into a story... just enough of the ones that can be made to work. If needed within a longer running Sonic story could have item boxes be quickly explained away, maybe Robotnik actually leaves them around for his bots to use and Sonic takes advantage of that. Anyways not everybody needs to accept everything in a story, some ideas people will learn to accept and others just won't. And personally I believe many gameplay concepts "not all of them" work fine in more stories then people would give credit to.
  9. Doesn't feel forced to me. It flows naturally when keeping both in mind from the start. Item boxes wouldn't need much explaining, hitting one gives a power up, it's pretty easy to understand. Why does everything need to be explained in vast detail within a story in order to work? the answer is not everything needs to be. Do we question why Sonic is blue and can run super fast in the stories? Some folk might do so, sure... but hardly anybody really feels like it truly matters either. Mixing the 2 only seems like a jarring idea because we are not used to seeing that kinda thing in films often. I think the problem more lies with the fact many writers are afraid of doing unusual ideas without even trying to see if it works. That problem is how we get soulless monsters such as the upcoming live action movie because the devs had no trust in the source material and believed they had to rip the soul of the series away and transform it into something ultra cliche in order to sell it.
  10. Let me repeat myself, anybody who honestly thinks it can't work have no idea what they are talking about. You can totally mix gameplay concepts into the story instead of separating them with a brick wall between, I combine the 2 all the time in my own works. Also a action scene is still part of a story, they even mention the loop de loops when talking. Only bad writers can't figure out how to make the 2 work together. I agreed that surreal fantasy stories are more ideal for mixing gameplay into the story... and that is exactly what the Sonic series is ideally.
  11. Finally watched the full episode. Is great stuff! The characters felt true to their core concepts, and in general the episode clearly was worked on by people who loved the Sonic franchise... unlike Sonic Boom or the upcoming live action movie which feels like everybody involved with those actively wanted nothing to do with the series legacy and tried to stray as far away as possible they were allowed. I loved how they managed to integrate a lot of the gameplay elements from the games into the story itself & visuals, for example rings, loops, spindash, homing attack, curvy wacky roadways... anybody who actually believes you can't ever mix gameplay & story ideas together have no idea what they are talking about I say. This was among the best made Sonic cartoons I've seen in a long time outside of the great Sonic Mania & Team Sonic Racing cartoon shorts a small while back. Bravo!
  12. Some people are fans of cool egotistical characters, myself included. I mean look no farther then Eggman himself... he has a lot of fans, he might be a villain true... but that doesn't excuse the fact certain people just love those type of character traits in general regardless if the character is a hero or villain.
  13. Not watched the episode yet, but judging from the previews it all still looks good to me! And personally Sonic acting like a good nature egotistical brat is always how I saw his true personality, it is especially how I saw Sonic from the 90s, and we all loved him for it. I never was a fan of SonicTeam randomly watering Sonic down into more of a generic shounen type hero MC later on in the 2000s. However some of the modern games & media seems to be trying to fix that problem little thankfully.
  14. The YuGiOh Dragon Maid cards were revealed today!


    They seem pretty fun. I wish they were little more OP with a better fusion boss & fusion spell. But hopefully they get more support in the future. This was a good start at least.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I think they're actually pretty good. Yeah I do find it odd that their boss monster IS a Fusion monster and they have protection around it but thankfully their effects are generic for the most part.

      They look consistent as they do have a lot of graveyard setup with a LOT of recursion and a Stratos to boot. And this isn't counting all the generic Dragon support they have. The Dragon Maids have potential to be strong but I really hope its not going to be tight on the wallet because I genuinely wanna build the deck.


    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      @Crow the BOOLET

      I think Hauskee shouldn't had been a fusion card, it doesn't feel like she was meant to be one to me. Personally I think she would had been better off as a plain effect mon. Replace the fusion summon text stuff and give her a bonus summoning effect that says (You can special summon this card from your hand by targeting 2 dragon type monsters on the field and then send them to the grave.) And upgrade her final destroy effect by making it shuffle the monster into the deck instead.

      Also Dragonmaid Fluss's 1st effect should had been a quick effect... I doubt anybody will use that one as it is now. Lastly maybe replaced all the fusion protection effects the big maid dragons have with a more simple effect of (While you control another level 7 or higher dragon type monster, this card cannot be destroyed by effects.) I don't feel even this change breaks them.

      But ohwell. That stuff can't be changed now.

      Side note: Hauskee might get another new card in the future as they didn't make a card based on her dragon form yet.

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Yeah the Fusion boss monster seems pretty random and doesn't really fit the theme, at least as of right now. Basing the deck around a random extra deck monster type when the deck functions well on its own wasn't a good call on Konami's part. I just hope future support actually does more because the Dragon Maids deserve better.

  15. Really cool to see this crossover happen! It was leaked roughly half a year ago now. Haha! Looking forward to finally watching it.
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