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  1. Looks like Lola Bunny to me. Not that i'm complaining mind you. :3

    Lola Bunny... is that you? did you quit Loony Tunes and get a new job? xD

    1. SupahBerry


      Berri must've went to find new work after her ex-boyfriend kept getting Bad Fur Days.

  3. Lord-Dreamerz

    Revive One, Banish Another

    Considering one of their main traits is their comical bickering and just the fact they talk a lot... I don't see them fitting into the "silent" classic games at all. I'll agree to disagree there. They don't do anything except hang around Eggman slightly annoying him... I never seen them have a point in the story or gameplay that I can remember. I don't find them very funny either. But meh... maybe SEGA will at least let us fight them in a goofy boss battle someday.
  4. Lord-Dreamerz

    Revive One, Banish Another

    I agree with you there! No matter which version of them we talk about... Orbot & Cubot just are boring mostly useless lackeys that you don't even get to fight ever or have any other point in the gameplay or stories at all. While Scratch & Grounder may not appeal to everybody... but I find them far more entertaining and at least you can actually imagine silly boss fights happening with them if they where in the games.
  5. Personally I have no problems with the creators behind the Despicable Me movie franchise making the new Mario movie.

    If nothing else at least their animation quality is great! While their storytelling skills itself is not the best… but it’s also not the worse by any means either. It’s actually pretty standard story quality for CGI cartoon movies, even if that also means it is boring and nothing special too at the same time.

    Despicable Me is a extremely popular franchise regardless that some people hate that. And with Nintendo helping them on the movie also… I really can’t see the movie being bad at all and can’t relate to folks who worry over it. Besides who really expects deep story telling from Mario of all things? I’m expecting a pretty basic story about Peach getting kidnapped and Mario & friends go on a wacky adventure to go kick Bowser’s bum!

    1. SupahBerry


      I'm still anxious if the film will ever make it past a screenshot from it going public. That's all it'll take me to give it full attention.

    2. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      since when were they making another Mario movie? Where did I miss that?

    3. Lord-Dreamerz


      It's been known news for the past couple years. The only info given out so far is It's a CGI cartoon Mario movie with Nintendo working with Illumination studios on it.

      @Sega DogTagz

  6. Hmm might be a interesting idea to merge the concepts of Chao and Wisps somehow.

    Maybe something as simple as after you raise Chao, you can fuse Wisps and Chao together to form super Chao that you can equip as power-ups?

    1. tailsBOOM!


      That'd be interesting!

  7. Lord-Dreamerz

    Revive One, Banish Another

    Banish Orbot & Cubot. I never been much a fan of them. Revive Scratch & Grounder. They are the most memorable and fun Robotnik stooges to me and I would greatly enjoy seeing them in the mainline games.
  8. I still say Infinite should startup and run a evil shoe store in the next game!! xD


    Hahaa they could make him a NPC that sells you shoe power-ups.

    1. blueblur98


      i love this. sounds like how infinite would have been portrayed in sonic boom if the series lasted long enough to include him.

    2. MightyRay


      I made a reply yonkers back to someone, that I pictured Infinite as a interdimensional fashion designer that teamed up with Eggman cause he loved how stylish the doc looked.

      I do hope he becomes said designer and sells those evil shoes.

  9. I think most of us fans, even the diehard classic fans can agree that Classic Sonic had no place in Sonic Forces and we don't want him in the Modern Sonic games anymore. The 2 Sonic universes are best left separate from now on where they can run off doing their own thing instead of half heartedly trying to combo the 2 together hurting both of them as a result. Sonic Generations should be the only type of game where we see the different Sonic incarnations being together, and never always.
  10. I like all 3 of Amy's designs (Classic/Modern/Boom) and have no problems with her classic design that is on the same charming level as Minnie Mouse. I know I would enjoy basically a longer version of Sonic Mania Adventures as the new show... For example maybe 25 episodes that each are 5 minutes? Would be cool to me!
  11. Yeah Tails official age has always been 8, not counting spinoff stuff like the comics. And I never been a fan of creators making kid characters act like adult characters mentally unless there is a point to it in storytelling to some degree. Otherwise it just seems like lazy bad writing... AKA they want to create kid characters... but not deal with the challenge and reality of them being actual kids.
  12. Lord-Dreamerz

    New Super Mario Bros U - Deluxe - Switch - January 11th 2019

    When I saw the promo art I just thought Peach got a new outfit... So it's actually a crown item transformed Toadette?! You are correct... this really does bring up a lot of lore questions. And honestly I like Peachette's design more then the real Peach. xD
  13. I may not play Smash... But I legit look forward to talking about Isabelle being in the game with my friends who never leave me alone about Smash. Hahaa!

  14. Lord-Dreamerz

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I don't play Smash/fighting games or want to... and not played a animal crossing game before, I do want to someday tho. Regardless Isabelle getting into Smash is the best news I heard for the game so far. Her character in general is very cute. So this news makes me happy. xD
  15. Never forget...

    Tails: (Sonic help me!)

    *Tails sticks his butt up into the air and cowers in fear.*

    1. SupahBerry


      Related image

      Who's the cowardly sidekick now?


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