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  1. Already excited for the next Sonic-Movie! Crossing my fingers Metal-Sonic shows up in it! There is actually a fair chance for it too considering if they are treating this movie as a Sonic 2 equivalent, they would probably choose him to take the place of Silver-Sonic for obvious reasons... especially if they end up trying to combine Sonic-2 & CD as single base to work from I could see that happening.

  2. Very happy to hear they are working on the 2nd movie so soon! Hopefully We get to see Jim actually look like Robotnik for the entire next movie, I read Jim is even willing to wear a fat suit next time! Personally i hope Metal-Sonic & Amy show up on the next movie along with Tails, I could easily see them combining the Sonic-2 & CD cast for the 2nd movie. I feel they should save Knuckles for a 3rd possible movie considering the whole echidna tribe stuff might be enough to take up most of a movie on it's own. As s side note: i don't really want the whole 2nd movie simply including Tails as the only new character... would be pretty dull to me if that was all they did.
  3. Wow! This is looking to be quite the awesome classic Sonic fan game! Especially act 2 ramps up the heat.


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It was all going so well until I heard that 1up jingle. What the hell is that noise?

      Looks like a solid fan game all in all. I might check it out sometime.

    2. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      Reminded of Gunstar Heroes with the bosses.

    3. Lord-Dreamerz


      Reading a review & checking it on the video again, there does seem to be problems with the running physics. hopefully that gets fixed in later versions.

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      So this takes place after Chaotix's bad ending? (And the US manual canon too apparently)

      It's now my headcanon that this is all canon and it'll turn out the Classic-verse Chaotix had been killed, and that's why only the Modern versions show up anymore. 

    5. neezTHEhuman


      This certainly earned my interest, will give it a try.

    6. Cayenne


      Those boss battles and special effects are awakening the Sega Genesis and Treasure fangirl inside me. Looks pretty good!

      @Blue BloodIt's the Stage Clear jingle from the first Jumping Flash! on the PlayStation:


  4. 1:50 Sonic the blue blob.


  5. Whenever I see Tangle & Whisper... I really wanna play as them in a game! Not sure what style of gameplay however... Hmm maybe in a RPG.

    1. Maxtiis


      I could see Tangle using her tail akin to the ring from Knuckles Chaotix where she grabs the ground, wall, or a ledge to rubber band her way to top speed.

      Whisper could use the recoil from her gun to immediately alter her momentum, take out enemies (have it so she has Amy's inability to curl into a ball from Advance to encourage this), and get extra distance out of jumps for maybe one shot. Think rocket jumping from fps games.

  6. Sticks was my favorite part of Boom. Loved her character design, also liked the concept of a paranoid wild girl. I honestly relate to her in a certain number of ways. I didn't care for her US voice I gotta admit... but she sounded perfectly fine in a number of other languages. I hope they find a way to include a new version of her in the main series later. She would feel different! as the main games are not a pure comedy/sitcom which would result in her personality being altered little! but that is fine with me. I also enjoy Boom Dr.Eggman's design, he had a charming personality on Boom too! Sometimes I wish they would had kept his design and moved it over for the main series too, not the personality tho, as it doesn't fit for the main games obviously. I didn't think the TV show was great however, found the stories boring normally, and rarely found it super funny despite it badly trying to be. But It did have moments that were great to me I will say! Part of me still wishes Blaze would had appeared on the show... would had been interesting to see a Boom design for her, and the show having a princess character to play off from could had quite some funny possibilities.
  7. My opinion is ranking systems are fine & fun in their own right... but there should always be a separate mode/option to turn it off for when you just wanna explore or goof-off, plus the level death timer should be removed in those cases too. I also agree with thinking the characters should react in more fun ways to how you play during the levels.
  8. I wonder which Sonic character has the most widely used memes? I can't be sure, but Knuckles might be the winner. At least the following 3 Knuckles memes below i see often, even on non-Sonic related content.

    #1: Oh No! (Knuckles sound clip, also referenced by purely text too.)

    #2: & Knuckles. (Added randomly to the end of a joke line.)

    #3: Do you know de way?

    1. Teoskaven


      Easily Eggman if we count the different incarnations.

    2. KHCast


      Knuckles definitely. He just recently got the “meme” meme as well

  9. I prefer them being merely different art styles of the same characters, so I will support/defend the idea of the classic style now being from a alternate universe/dimension sooner then I will changing them into "kid" versions of the cast... which never made any logic after you consider Classic Eggman anyways. I would higher prefer it to not be either, and for the company to just use whichever art style for the cast whenever it fits each title well... but I'll settle on alternate dimension between the ideas. Also I still stand by my opinion I had all those years ago when Generations came out, with the game being literal when it said that Classic Sonic was the past version of Sonic "AKA Sonic from the 90s" meaning it was meta humor and the game wasn't meant to be took super seriously.
  10. Yes it is a minor problem when fans randomly decide they can retcon a different art style for characters into younger or whatever versions just as a pointless attempt to force a fan canon that isn't real. Especially when some fans (not all mind you) wave around these ideas as facts and get upset when others disagree or the games don't support their fan ideas later on. Look no farther then Sonic Forces release year where number of fans got upset over Classic Sonic now being counted as alternate dimension Sonic instead of what they thought it was before. Again it is kinda absurd to me when some fans say they hate the retcon of classic characters now being from a alternate dimension, but they were ok with the fan idea of a retcon that makes a different art style of the cast into younger versions of the modern cast.
  11. The series doesn't have to many characters, as many said before Sonic Team just doesn't know how to handle most of them correctly. Majority of any adventure series will have lots of side characters over time as exploring new places & meeting new faces along the way is more then normal and to be expected. Honestly a fact is that it can hard to sell/market a long running series if nothing new & exciting stands from each new title. Adding new interesting characters is a nice quick method to make a new title more flashy to the general public.
  12. What non-bad Sonic character would you enjoy seeing be made a villain in a game for whatever reason? Can be temporally evil or even some kind of alternate evil version of a character.

    1. Diogenes


      ehhh i can't really think of any that i'd like them to actually attempt, sonic characters don't have much moral ambiguity and "evil dimension" plots are kinda dull.

      i did once come up with a deliberately grimdark "bad future" concept where every hero besides sonic (because he got thrown forward in time) went evil(ish) though. they all mirrored the villain most closely related to them; tails became a mad scientist like eggman, amy turned her obsession to metal sonic and so had tails make her a cyborg to get close to him, knuckles fused with chaos and told everyone to fuck off his island under penalty of death...that's about as far as i got before getting bored. it's more trashy fanfic material than something i'd actually want to see out of the series.

    2. Tornado


      Radical edgy teenage Cream with a gun.

    3. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma


      But it's Venice instead.


      He'll probably end up still being cooler and more likable.


  13. If all the E-Series robots had tiny animals inside them... does that mean Omega had one too at some point?... Well probably not a living one anybody after all the time which has passed. xD

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Hard to say really; Omega's nature is never exactly elaborated on.

      Given how Eggman shifted away from using animals as batteries for a while starting Sonic Heroes until relatively recently, Omega might just be using Chaos Drives/whatever fancy batteries Eggman developed.

  14. Reaction: In official story telling Sonic characters are now allowed to die without much limit... But characters having extra lives they can collect is also story canon.

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Makes sense to me. I mean, that's how it is in the game

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Will take some getting used to, but it could work. I'm actually considering doing this in my own Sonic AU.

    3. dbzfan7


      Tails is immortal though, he doesn't need peasant extra lives.

  15. I always HATED when SEGA tries going into a fairly more realistic art style for Sonic. And no, when I say realistic... that does not mean I am against stuff like fantasy/scifi style cities or locations loosely based on real life... I have no idea why I need to make that part clear? but enough people over-time don't seem to really understand what I mean when I say realism. Also yes I will outright say that throwing Sonic into a realistic style world to the point the character cast almost looks as if somebody photo-shopped a cartoon character on-top of a real life photo... is a bloody terrible art choice for almost any cartoon style series, Sonic not excluded. I DO NOT CARE about the fact Sonic has done realistic style settings to various degrees before! even if it was something far back as the 90s, I still will say I did not like it even in that case. Something merely existing does not make it acceptable to me. Personally my ideal art style for 3D Sonic media would be something between Sonic Lost World or CD & Generations... and no! Sonic-Forces does not count. BTW Star Light Zone is still super stylistic + fantasy enough, same can be said for Carnival Night Zone. Stuff like that is perfectly fine and is not included when I saying ugly realistic styles. Look no farther then Sonic-06 which can burn in hell, the locations or the humans themselves... it was all bad. Admittedly I did enjoy the Sonic Movie as it's own separate thing... but I NEVER want that nonsense for the main part of the franchise, EVER. On another note: I didn't like half of the locations in Sonic Unleashed either as a few didn't feel stylized enough to fit in with Sonic I say. Far as desirable human styles? I still believe they should go with a combo of Billy Hatcher & Unleashed style humans. Whatever just as long they don't look realistic or from a completely different style altogether.
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