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  1. Personally this is what i always had imagined Classic Sonic to look like in modern 3D.
  2. Woke up from a dream were a hour of gameplay from Sonic Forces was leaked. The OC Maker rumor was real... and it was actually awesome. Hohoo xD

    1. Joseph Mello

      Joseph Mello

      Can you go in details? :P

      I have dreams like this too.

    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      @Joseph Mello

      Hmm Lets See… I remember pausing the video on a shot that showed off examples of designs you could make. 1 looked like a fat short Bubsy. Another was a pink female cat… another was a buff cat I think… it was showcasing the different body types you could do and how they all could use the same parts otherwise
      The only other thing I remember was little before that happened… Sonic had became the Werehog again in the story…. for some reason…. and had a team of armor covered hedgehog people he was leading in a rebel group against Eggman.

    3. Joseph Mello

      Joseph Mello

      That's cool. I wonder if the game could be kinda like your dream. Except the part when Sonic turns into Werehog.

    4. Lord-Dreamerz


      Yeah that part was really strange. xD

  3. From what I've read it's been 5 years. Definitely not seeing the results so far.
  4. Not me. While I don't mind more boost gameplay in concept... I wanted to see them at least open up the gameplay environment for modern Sonic so it was not still 90% a hallway simulator. And classic Sonic in Generations was fun as a one time 20th year gimmick... but not again in the exact same way, now it feels obnoxious and very unwanted as a result. I never wanted a Sonic Generations 2.
  5. I don’t feel like repeating much of what else people have been saying, so I’ll just talk about something I noticed on my own. Where are the tiny animals that should pop out of the badniks? Seriously… modern Sonic games are so random about this subject. Sometimes they do it and other times they don’t. Very inconsistent.
  6. More like Bland Hill Zone. ;P Moving on from Hill Zone jokes... I hope Forces final boss is a epic robot/mech and isn't a running down endless hallway battle... as much as l can like those... we really need something else after all the last games. And I kinda would like if each character got a separate final boss at the end of the game (With save/break option between each boss.) There's even ideas they could do like a huge robot and a army of badniks... But hope they don't do the thing where you switch between all the playable characters on a single level during the last battle... It feels lame to me when that happens. I also would like to see a new Metal-Sonic fight... Something little different would be nice as we had a few now with him in a 2D race... But considering Metal-Sonic is built for mainly speed unlike the other bots... I do feel it would need to be a fight that best uses speed as it's focus regardless.
  7. These are very cool to see! But I love the one we got, and don't feel those are any better... Especially that last 1 to the right which doesn't even quite match the Sonic style... to much detail on the hair and unneeded head piece.
  8. Forces Green Hill: I'm not Green Hill Zone... I'm my own original character Bleen Hill Zone!

    1. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      I'm not Green Hill Zone! I'm my original character: Windy Hill Zone!

    2. OcelotBot


      Meme Hill zone.

    3. Cyrus



    4. RosaRosaRosalina


      how embarrassing 

  9. Obviously it's not Green Hill Zone that'd just be silly.... It's Grass Sandhill Zone.
  10. I would make Captain Whiskers the main reoccurring villain if Blaze had her own series. I don't like Dr.Nega much... and feel Captain Whiskers is more interesting and is cooler for the job. "Robot Eggman FTW

    1. Metal Sonic NEGA

      Metal Sonic NEGA

      Even as someone who wouldn't mind seeing Eggman Nega in a future game... Yeah, I'd rather see ol' Whisker and his crew return as a primary foe to Blaze.

  11. At least Blaze is a popular enough already loved character that could be given just a modified boost gameplay style... Unlike whoever this new character is "assuming it's not a OC Maker" and their gameplay style that may be good or may not be good. I can take or leave Dr.Nega though.
  12. I don't really replay 90% of the games I own after I finish them. Even the classic Sonic games often the only way I can be bothered to replay them anymore after the first couples years i own them is with a hack/modded version of the game. Thankfully there is lots of those.

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      That's a shame. I love replaying old games. I only buy 8-10 games a year, so older games fill in the gaps. And since i have so many games, there's always a game I haven't replayed in several years that feels nice and fresh.

    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      I only play a few games a year honestly. I'm kinda picky.

    3. Ferno


      Pokemon Crystal probably holds the record for my most restarted game. It wasn't until the DS era that I started my whole "beat a Pokemon game once and keep that same save file forever" thing. I can go all the way back to Diamond and my team from back in the day is still there for example. (I know Pokemon bank is a thing but I haven't hopped on it yet)

  13. I'm just basing it on the idea it'll be similar to Sonic Generations with a extra character/play style added. That may all not end up being right, but it's a pretty safe bet considering the rest of Sonic Forces we've seen has seemed like a Sonic Generations 2 so far. And I agree the main parts of Sonic Generations was short. And personally I hope each zone in Forces gets a boss fight if not even more. A mini boss at the end of each act and a full boss fight after the end of a zone.
  14. I can't remember the last somebody talked about this... But anybody wanna guess how many zones are in this game? I'm going to guess 10 zones each with 3 acts. 1 act for each gameplay style per zone.
  15. There's technically 4 worlds I guess. Kinda Earth. Sonic's World. Little Planet. The Lost Hex.