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  1. Hm indeed that is a more logical reason for him to use them that way instead of using them as batteries... using powerless tiny animals for batteries is also not the best concept choice because how could tiny animals work as a better power source then actual batteries anyways? The Wisps were a better middle ground far as using tiny creatures for power as they have supernatural powers.
  2. Blaze has a decently big fanbase actually! I know want to follow her and so would quite lot of others I believe. Also Tsundere characters are adorable! There is loads of grumpy and even pretty mean main characters in videos games... It rarely ever hurts people from enjoying them far as I know! It is not as if only a few personality types appeals to people in the world. xD'
  3. Do I think she could easily hold her own series?... YES! As long a actually good game is made with her... then that is all gamers really need in order to be interested. Good quality speaks for itself. I personally feel many Sonic fans overthink these kinds of subjects with some believing all stars MUST be perfectly aligned in order for a spinoff series to ever work. Furthermore I agree that In theory there is a lot of Sonic characters they could hold their own spinoff series if high quality was given to their games. As for Blaze herself, she has her own untapped separate dimension that could be explored and greatly expended upon which leads itself to really nice possibilities. I am not really to worried about what gameplay her game could be given as there is lots of good ideas they could go with... even if they just made a Sonic Unleashed daytime stages type game with her I think that would be fine enough and doesn't matter that they can do the same thing with Sonic. Blaze is hands down the most cool female in the series who appeals good to both males and female viewers easily, and if given the chance I could see her popularity sky rocketing quickly if put as the main character in a good game that people are actually aware exists on a bigger scale. At the end of the day however... I don't think it really matters at this point, because I can't see Sonic-Team/SEGA be willing to give any Sonic side-cast member a chance to star in a spinoff game anytime soon nowadays no matter how popular a character might be or has the chance to be.
  4. It is just how design theory works in general. The taller, bigger and more human shaped a character is, the far more naked they'll end up looking without clothes. It is why even Boom Sonic looks a bit more awkward and naked when compared to Modern or Classic Sonic... The Boom male anthro characters probably would had looked better with more clothes on honestly.
  5. Lord-Dreamerz

    A question about the Classic characters

    Yeah I'd imagine something like a upgraded high budget version of Sonic Utopia would be awesome and work great! It would present itself to be very different from Modern Sonic with such a idea being far more physics based and whatnot. And before anybody screams "Eww! Sonic and open world doesn't mix!" ...well first off that is missing the point of what I am saying. 2nd is the fact the Sonic Utopia creator doesn't plan on the final fan game being as quite open world as the demo is for each level. And lastly as a side note. I don't agree that automatically a open world Sonic game would even be bad... would depend on how exactly it is executed.
  6. Not a theory I remotely believe in. This is still clearly Movie Sonic counting both his design and how the background is realistic too... i can't see SEGA making a realistic style animated TV series based after the movie.
  7. Err... to me it doesn't really look any worse then the film guide pics we got. Sure the mouth looks bad, but I assume it is just a awkward screenshot taken during him talking. I notice they seem to have removed the white fur between his eyes if this is the final model. Regardless no matter what Movie Sonic looks horrible to me in everything we've seen so far.

    Leaked pics of movie Tails? =P

    1. KHCast


      I’m afraid to see characters like Silver in this style lol

  9. I would say it's better at least. The neck needs to be removed, the mouth needs fixing.... and would prefer the shoes replaced and socks added. Saw this on Sonic Retro. Is getting closer to the right idea maybe.... Just add bigger eyes to go with it like from the other idea example. Mix both ideas together basically.
  10. The real reason Sonic doesn't wear gloves in the movie must be because they couldn't find a IRL tie-in glove company for ads. Hohoo!

  11. You know... something about that design just isn't REALISTIC enough.... but I can't quite... OH I KNOW! I fixed it! After all... A live action Sonic movie MUST be grounded in reality and realism or nobody can take it seriously right?~
  12. A concept they didn't use in the end doesn't prove anything. It's not as if SEGA never gets anything wrong either... However that model is likely unfinished and they just didn't bother fixing the chest texture.
  13. Get ready to enjoy early scenes in the movie of nude hedgehog feet!
  14. On another note. Not only on this movie design.... but I've seen the same mistake done on some fan art over the years... Did they not realize the skin color muzzle and chest on Sonic are not suppose to be fur? Those areas on Sonic is made to emulate how on certain animals they have far less fur on their underside and muzzle. AKA it is meant to be SKIN.
  15. Pretty sure it is a altered version of the Sonic Dash pose.

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