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  1. Sooner or later Disney will buy out everything on earth and once they do... they'll rename "Earth" into "Disney World"

    ... Mark my words!

    1. Santamus Prime

      Santamus Prime

      And soon we'll all be living in extravgent castles, and riding roller coasters to jobs and schools!


  2. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    Mega Man 11 looks awful to me from the trailer, not impressed. If a future Classic Sonic game decides to go with 3D... I just hope they do a better job then this. However I'm fine with whatever they end up choosing, Pixel art, HD art, 3D graphics... I don't care which much just as long as it looks good and not cheap.
  3. Is Sonic Boom finally dead?

    I can live with that compared to something that I consider to be another piece of media I feel is continuing to drag the Sonic series image across the mud. I don't agree with any of that myself. Not that i'm trying change anybody's opinion, people are free to love the show. I'm just stating my own opinions on the show.
  4. Is Sonic Boom finally dead?

    I feel Sonic Boom as a whole was bad, even including the TV show which I felt was extremely mediocre while bordering on the edge of terrible, and yes i've seen pretty much every episode. I really do love Sticks & Boom Eggman's designs.... Regardless I personally kinda hope the show finally dies off and they start work on a new CGI cartoon series more true to the core Sonic series. If Boom does die off soon-ish... I just hope they move Sticks into the main series as at least a side character who appears once in awhile across the series.
  5. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Yeah out of the small handful of videos from him I've seen I can't say I like his style of "review" if you want to call it that. Even on games he kinda likes, he spends half the time ripping it apart and the people who made it to absurd extremes and belittles/mocks the fans if it's a long running game series too. He just feels like a ball of unnecessary hate condensed into poorly drawn videos. Not sure how he has a fan base.
  6. Mania despite a few small problems I have with it, is my new fave classic style title. Yeah I like it more then Sonic 3&K, you heard me. I Don't feel Mania takes away control from the player to much. And I prefer the more flashy animated feeling of everything compared to the other classics excluding Sonic 3&K which wasn't to bad in that area too. And I love how interesting the boss battles are in Mania... many of the other classic game bosses normally felt to overly simple and dull to me. I like Mania's higher degree of speed & spectacle myself, and feel Sonic 1/2/CD by comparison were to punishing and just plan stingy with speed to the point only people who played the game loads of times and memorized the levels near perfectly can have the most fun with it... which isn't the best game design IMO. I'm differently not the type who enjoys replaying a game tons of times, I prefer to have my first couple times of playing a game being fairly enjoyable as it can be. Speed as a reward for playing greatly is nice and whatnot... But took to far the game becomes more dull and or becomes more exclusive to expert players where casual players can't have as much fun. I believe Mania has a nice balance in challenge and levels itself to modern game standards better.
  7. This feels so good to watch!


  8. So which moon did Dr.Eggman blow up that later magically turned around to the opposite side again?

    The one from the human world

    Or the one from Sonic's World?

    ....This is of course not counting any moons that might be from Classic Sonic's World. Blaze's World/Dimension. Little Planet or Planet Wisp.


    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      He blew up both moons, and then the two perfect halves combined together in orbit to form a new perfect moon.

    2. -JustinElf-


      To make it simple, I like to think there's only one moon, and Big the Cat is repairing it, hence the reason he doesn't show up much.

    3. Rusty Spy
    4. KHCast


      Eggman likely is a big Star Wars guy given all the references, and can't even blow up a moon or earth right. 

  9. I.... This is perfect, I have no other words to say.




    1. Tara


      "All's well that ends well, right Sonic?"

  10. I like to imagine afterthe ending of Forces... Infinite just disappeared to his room at home and is now writing angry fanfics about himself "beating Sonic's butt." x'D

    1. Penny


      "i've been dreaming of pounding his sorry blue butt"

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Well they ARE both voiced by Liam O'Brien...

  11. Yo Daddy needs re-branding!

  12. Sonic Forces Development Speculation (Spoilers)

    I'm guessing about a year & half was just spent on ideas/prototyping for the game. Yeah I could easily see only roughly 1 and half years being used on the actual game considering the results we got including but not limited to all the reused ideas/assets in the game. They should had ignored trying to get this game completed close to Sonic's anniversary, especially as they already missed it... another year of work on the game would had helped I'd imagine even if some of the base ideas were flawed from the start. Sonic Team needs to stop doing a anniversary title every 5 years and change it to every 10... It starts to feel like every other Sonic title is a anniversary game as it has been.
  13. Sonic Forces in 1 pic.


  14. YeaaAhh Dr.Eggman seems to get a lot of favoritism on Boom. The writers seem to enjoy writing him more then the other characters + he remains in character better. Sometimes I feel like the writers don’t know really how to write the other characters… they just don’t feel as inspired on then hero cast, and it’s a shame. There’s a reason many fans of Boom say that Eggman is the best part of the show to them, and can’t say I disagree! but it kinda feels like a fail to me that is the results. Is it really so hard to write lovable heroes? Writers in general for most of the canon Sonic media often seem to have trouble with it for some unknown reason!. I love Sticks! … sadly however I find most of the episodes she stars in as the focus to be really bad. It’s almost like they have no clue how to write her outside of writing her as a minor character on the normal episodes. Amy… sigh. I want to love Amy, I love her designs and even some of the other concepts of her character, but no execution of any personality they given her on Boom or even the normal Sonic Team game series has ever appealed to me. On Boom she acts like a naggy social activist and controlling childhood friend to Sonic & gang… Pretty much the opposite of a appealing personality in my book. I don’t mind the idea of her being a sweet hearted girl who wants to help people… but that idea has to be done in a MUCH better way then the Boom team has chosen for it to work right… But considering the Boom Team were aiming for a sitcom action cartoon… seems they purposely were trying to give all the main characters flat stereotypical obnoxious personalities just to make it easier to create cheap laughs and effortless comedy for the story writing with seemingly little to no interest in making the hero cast emotionally endearing for us. Which is pretty normal for short comedy cartoons lately.
  15. Hades really was the best part of the show for me too. Even on Yugioh I love Kaiba and hate Yugi. On Pokemon I kinda like Team Rocket and hate Ash. On Samurai Jack I like Jack just fine... I really like Aku on it too, maybe even little more then Jack. On Shantae I love both Shantae & Risky Boots about the same. On Mario I dislike Mario but I like Peach & Bowser... So it really just depends with me... I don't always hate the heroes/prefer the villains in stories... regardless I do often have a thing for cartoony over the top villains more often and tend to dislike obnoxious type heroes where the story panders to them.