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  1. Would be cool to see a Sonic game where the background in every zone is the next zone you'll be going too. Last zone in the game obviously can't do that... unless you wanna be cheeky and make the first zone appear as the BG for the final zone.

    1. Ashwalking Bat

      Ashwalking Bat

      Oh cool, I made it to the Final Stage... What in the flying hell? What is the first level doing in the background?

    2. Strickerx5


      Or you can be really forward thinking and have the background be the first level in the next game.

    3. SupahBerry


      I'd have it be more like if a random level is referenced in the distant background, not nessisarily the next level. Think like Mario Kart Double Dash's easter eggs, or 8 in a more subtle degree.

    4. Lord-Dreamerz



      I don't play racing games or fighting games or FPS. so I don't have any idea what you mean. =p

      Also reason i like my idea loosely overall because it gives a sense of continuity/progression and foreshadowing of what's next in the game without the need of cut-scenes even.

    5. Blacklightning


      I think the disparity between stage tropes makes it pretty difficult to pull something like that off. Mirage Saloon > Oil Ocean works pretty well because they're both allusions to arid climates in some form, so it makes perfect sense they'd be visible from one another, but I think it's pretty telling that they needed to Phantom Ruby the transitions from Green Hill to Chemical Plant or Press Garden to Stardust Speedway.

      If I HAD to implement a concept like that all the way, I'd make every stage based at least in part from the previous stage's tropes. Like just as a spitballing example, mechanical jungle > rainy jungle > rainy lake > beachside > desert. Preferably something less boring than that.

    6. Lord-Dreamerz


      Well yeah for it to work decently the game would have to be based at least somewhat around the concept instead of just completely random zone themes. However I think it could work good enough either way.

    7. PaulyBFromDa303


      I always believed that the background in Sonic 2 Emerald Hill was Aquatic Ruin. It would be awesome to see that concept again

  2. Are you dead inside yet?

    Well if not then the new ThunderCats Roar TV series will fix that right up for ya...

    1. Tatters


      More like Budget Cats.

    2. SupahBerry


      Old Cartoon Show, Verb is the new death sentence title, ain't it?

    3. KHCast


      I’m sorry but what’s with the guys hair lol?

    4. Diogenes


      i dunno, that looks fun enough.

    5. Ashwalking Bat

      Ashwalking Bat

      Image result for WTF is this shit

      Okay. No. I can allow the reboot show before this. But this is pretty much the Teen Titans GO for ThunderCats. There are no words for how disgusted I am with this. The first 10 seconds was enough to say, 'Okay, I'm done. This has killed off all hope for the ThunderCats.''

    6. MightyRay


      I watched the opening and it didn't look that bad in motion, looked kind of cool actually.

    7. DanJ86


      My cold must be making me delirious. I thought I saw another Warner Brothers action show being turned into a badly drawn mess with lame jokes...I'm sure glad it couldn't possibly be real. Now please excuse me while I go and vomit...

    8. Lord-Dreamerz


      And CN continues to be known by it's new name I gave it. "The Teen Turds GO! Channel." Now excuse me... I need to go play Sonic CD again and find a "go back to the past" sign to escape this "bad future."

    9. Cobalt_Bolt


      Purge that filth! Suffer not the unclean!

  3. Lord-Dreamerz

    Pokemon Main Series Title Coming to Switch

    I guess it depends on who one asks. Personally I enjoyed Megas for what they were. I didn't feel a need for those forms to be permanent.
  4. Lord-Dreamerz

    Pokemon Main Series Title Coming to Switch

    A strange thought I had... What if they did something crazy like Introducing temporal evolution? Basically same deal as Mega evolution... except maybe just something for Pikachu and Eevee when they can evolve in battle but reset afterwards? Would solve multiple problems at once IMO.
  5. Lord-Dreamerz

    Pokemon Main Series Title Coming to Switch

    Yeah, It's actually pretty logically because those type of special Pokemon have mild story & gameplay importance unlike normal interchangeable Pokemon. Also to compare it, most people don't get upset when legendary Pokemon don't evolve... So I can't see a special starter Pokemon that doesn't being a huge deal breaker.
  6. Lord-Dreamerz

    Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread

    Ok they just did the best job on a meme in a long time. I love this! xD
  7. Yeah... no. It was the wrong choice. Sonic just doesn't work as a alive action compared to some other things, this is just another mistake in a long line of mistakes by SEGA. Sonic has always been a series aimed at mainly kids regardless if we old fans like that or not, and 1 or 2 try hard movies won't change that. This movie like most game movies will highly likely flop just like all the others. I do find it funny however not only are you trying to demean all animated movies by saying they are only for little kids, but also that they can't be just as popular as big name live action movies... which is just wrong in so many ways. On a side note. At least Nintendo has wised up and are making their next Mario Movie a CGI cartoon movie only.
  8. So what? Those were not the only 2 companies I said. Plus if you actually read the rest of my post, I said even many other smaller companies who's CGI cartoon movies that make it into theaters do at least good enough often. So no, you didn't disprove anything I said. The concept theater movies have to be live action and or super detailed realistic art style in order to appeal to the general watchers is a huge misconception random people believe in that has no real good proof to back it up.
  9. I hear you, and I don't agree. It's not the best decision whatsoever they could make even for general watchers. Where are you getting this idea that most full CGI movies don't do good? Many cartoon movies I know that make it into theaters did at least ok or very good. Just look at Disney or Pixar or Illumination Entertainment movies as example of full CGI cartoon movies that often do great. Even smaller companies who's cartoon CGI movies that make it onto the big screen have been known often to do fine enough. On the other hand the opposite has been shown often true to be bad, the majority of CGI cartoon & live action mix movies... especially if they are based on games... are known to be small or huge flops and heavily criticized by fans and normal watchers alike. Some of the only ones to work at all were based on comic/cartoon series like TMNT and not games. So yeah I'm just going to call your thoughts on how the movie industry works to be kinda wrong here.
  10. The Lonely Goomba reviewed Sonic Forces!

    Pretty amusing as always. x)

    1. Kiah


      Okay that was hilarious 😆 

  11. Idea on how to horrify a common Sonic fan. A Sonic game where every time you die... you have to play a level of a limbo Labyrinth Zone in order to come back to life to the previous zone you died at.

    1. Dangerous WOO! engine

      Dangerous WOO! engine

      How about after a game over?

    2. TheOcelot
    3. Lord-Dreamerz


      @Dangerous WOO! engine You mean after you lose all your extra lives? If so I guess that works too... But it's not nearly as evil. haha

    4. SupahBerry


      A Classic Sonic game where everytime you die, you must play Sonic 06 in it's entirety to return where you left off, but every loading screen requires you to play Boom, Rise of Lyric to continue, all while listening to Sonic 4 and the Classic music from Forces throught the entire playthrough.

    5. MightyRay


      And here I was thinking of a Sonic Survival Horror game where you fight your friends that have been turned into monsters. Clearly I need to think out side the box more.

    6. Dangerous WOO! engine

      Dangerous WOO! engine

      @SupahBerry i'd rather serve time.

  12. If SEGA makes a Sonic Mania 2 or whatever new classic game... I'd prefer and hope for the art style of the characters in game models to match the designs used for the Mania cartoon animations.

    I've already seen people use fan made sprites modded into the game that look far more like the  Tyson style. So i know it isn't impossible.

  13. What are some of the most scary looking robots/machines Eggman has ever made in your opinion?

    1. Ernest-Panda


      Metal Sonic Kai, if that counts.

      I also found Egg Viper really intimidating as a kid since I was stuck on that part for a while.

    2. Strong Guy

      Strong Guy

      I always really liked the Egg Emperor from Heroes.


    3. Diogenes


      metal sonic kai is the only one i can think of that's successfully kind of scary looking

      i think they were kinda going for scary with the nega wisp armor, time eater, and the last phase of Forces' final boss, but they don't quite get there (and the "scary" part of the time eater is the part Eggman didn't actually make, so)

  14. Ever wondered what Classic Sticks would look like? I just found this art of that concept from the Sonic Mania cartoon lead design artist Tyson. x)



    1. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Interesting! I like it!

    2. Diogenes


      that's cute, put her in mania 2

    3. Kiah


      Oh she’s adorable!

  15. Lord-Dreamerz

    Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread

    Soon as I saw that tweet on twitter I hammered down on the Chao button. Hahaa! Can't say I ever bother with 2P mode or time attack mode in Sonic... or any game honestly. Also to me the Avatar is better off in a spinoff game where it can get more focus instead of a returning element in future main Sonic games. Then again Chao kinda would be better off in a spinoff game too in order to get better focus.... Whatevz. I joke. =p Myself I just raised them until they were old, maxed out in breed type and then put them away in storage almost like trophies. In my opinion they should never had added a die from old age element as it just makes things annoying. Adding a reincarnation purely by choice feature would had been better.

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