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  1. Except he literally isn't younger. Canon wise Classic Sonic is 15... just like how modern Sonic is 15... almost no time has actually pasted in the Sonic story universe. And as SEGA now counts them as separated into their own universes of course certain fans like me accept that idea, and personally i prefer it.
  2. You don't see Disney trying to make classic Mickey Mouse into the kid version of modern Mickey Mouse... they simply leave them as purely different art styles of the same characters, and the different stories often don't tie together at all. There is nothing wrong with alternate universe versions of characters/stories if they have vastly different things to offer.
  3. I prefer Classic Sonic and gang to remain a alternate universe and not be Sonic's past. They are just a different art style/take on the characters visually... can we please stop trying to make Classic Sonic into kid Sonic already? As for the topic question. Sonic doesn't need to follow Marvel... they just need to get dedicated skilled writers who are interested in making good stories and love the Sonic franchise in general. No reboots or any other over drastic nonsense is really required in my opinion.
  4. Lord-Dreamerz

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    Then you most not be looking at the same tons of random twitter posts as me. Many MANY people are discussing how disgusting they all look. The only one that kinda looks alright is Pikachu itself. The rest shown is a perfect example of how to translate cartoons incorrectly into live action and how to disappoint a fanbase even on a casual level. Not that I expect you to understand as you think this kinda thing looks great. Taking a cartoon design as is and just adding loads of realistic textures to it barely changing anything else is a poor understanding of the original intent behind a cartoon's design.
  5. Looking back on SonicTeam's dead Sonic Runners game... The only fun part of it for me was collecting the characters.

    The gameplay itself was very boring to me... way to basic and super repetitive… which is something I absolutely do not like for most games unless it's just a minigame inside a bigger game.

    I'm aware many phone games are basically just minigames... but unlike the type of minigames you find inside other games... these types of phone games on the other hand demand way WAY to much of your time in order to collect even half of everything in it.

  6. I could be wrong but I don't think they said Pokemon Lets Go was exactly a remake/reboot of Yellow. I think they are supposedly kinda more a sequel to Pokemon Yellow with merely similar avatar characters to Yellow... which is a similar concept with what was done to Pokemon Black & White 2. However I wouldn't swear to anything of this as I'm not a expert on it at all... it all is very vague and confusing.
  7. Welp I'll say this much... If I cared to play Smash... I for sure would play as the Piranha Plant. Joke characters are fun. x3

  8. Lord-Dreamerz

    bubsy: paws on fire - OH GOD, HE REALLY IS BACK

    Would anybody really want a "GOOD" Bubsy game tho? I thought part of why people like him.... (LIKE might be to strong a word) is because of some infamous bad games and the enjoyment of hating on them?
  9. I'm sure it has been thought of before. But I really like the idea of a method to improve the Boost ability in Modern Sonic games by removing the automatic enemy invulnerability it gives you, but at the same time you could press a separate button to go into a short burst ball-roll that would destroy enemies when you hit them. This would make the Boost a dangerous yet more skill based power to use... and the best part is it allows enemies to be actually enemies again instead of mere bowling pins if you are not prefect at using the skill combo.

  10. As a huge supporter of variety in games I definitely agree that I love me a good game that isn’t super one-note. Some of my favorite games are the Sly Cooper series, the LittleBigPlanet series and Final Fantasy 7… all of which are really good games packed full of variety… and all of which I wouldn't be a fan of if they all had stuck with only their main gameplay mechanics. For example if FF7 only had it’s battle system, item collecting and the story plus nothing else… I seriously wouldn’t give 2 hoots about the game regardless that those elements of the game were ok. It was all the minigames + silly side missions that did it for me! For example everything in the golden saucer, chocobo raising, the motorcycle minigame, the goofy ways we collected the items that were needed to dress the MC up as a woman in order to sneak into a lair and save his friend from villains… The list goes on and I loved EVERY single moment of it. However games with lots of variety normally need a lot of extra time of development and or at least very competent developers behind it… Something that Sonic games often lacks on both ends. Here’s the thing tho… regardless if a game has lots of variety or is a one trick pony with almost nothing else to it… either method doesn’t fix anything or promises a good game by itself. Many people in general and especially fans sometimes want to believe there is some single special sauce secret trick to making a good product and that anything else won’t work… Let me tell you that is just not remotely true. For the most part the only thing that really matters is if the product in question is well made and simply good regardless of it’s contents, nothing else really matters… shocking to hear I know. Hahaa! Most concepts can work fine and gain a fan base if executed good enough which is the plain dull truth. All that said… I was pretty happy with all the variety we got in Sonic Mania and feel mainline Sonic games should stay around that area of variety often. I’m aware some fans did not like stuff such as the Puyo Puyo mini-game boss… and oddly there was some people even complaining about any of the bosses having variety in general, with few peps even going as far as calling all bosses gameplay flow killers… But I think it’s safe to say we should simply ignore those few people as they are just a loud minority that desire one-note hollow unadventurous games altogether. Actually I personally feel Mario Oddyssey had lots of variety… outside of the fact the only reward for doing most things was those boring moons… which was a minor problem I say, I think little more variety in the reward system would had helped a lot in order to remove the monotony… plus couple other playable characters like Peach would had been wonderful, simply making them clones of Mario’s gameplay with slightly different abilities swapped around would work, for example how Super Mario 3D World did it. But those couple nitpicks aside… Mario Oddyssey otherwise had enough variety, and 3D Sonic games would be amazing if they followed loosely those kinda gameplay methods along with few extra characters added. In my opinion it would basically be the same idea as taking the Sonic 3&K + Mania level of variety and putting it into a 3D game. I do think other ideas could also work… but I don’t feel it’s important to worry about aiming towards the unknown here. Anyways my point is that (yes) mainline Sonic games should have variety in order to be good adventure type games. But probably it is for the best if at least the characters themselves stick to a core gameplay style with other types of variety being limited to level/boss gimmicks and optional minigames. Also as a note I think we all can agree on, players should not be forced to play every character in order to unlock a “true ending” … because that defeats the point in making characters optional to start with as the player’s personal choice.
  11. I would say the characters are among the main reasons that many people care about the series, yes. I known many people over time that mostly liked the Sonic series just for it's art style, characters and concepts... and they don't even play the games or watch the TV shows. I myself primarily enjoy it for the characters and don't feel the games are required for me to be a fan of the series, regardless that the games are a nice bonus.
  12. Lord-Dreamerz

    Sonic Channel

    I mainly hope there is another Blaze art next year as I can never get enough of her! I'd also enjoy another Sticks and Metal-Sonic one.
  13. I just finished watching the 2018 Slender Man movie. I thought it was pretty good... But seems most people on reviews sites think it's awful... Ohwell. :U

    1. SupahBerry


      People likely had sky high expectations for a horror film that came after Quiet Place, especally when based on a famous web series that admitevly is long past it's prime. This is only the second movie based on Slender Man anyway.


      If he and Freddy Fazbear can get a film, it's only fair they take the SCP Foundation to the big screen too.

    2. KHCast


      And here I was hoping it’d be based on the game and would be about some high school chick needing to find 8 pages and that’s all the movie consists of

    3. Lord-Dreamerz



      Personally I thought "A Quiet Place" was awful. And out of all the Slender Man films i've seen, this was the only good one that also got the lore and unknown mystery feel right and that didn't rely on cheap horror gore.

  14. Yikes. Outside of it being cool they animated it this time... otherwise that Death Battle Sonic vs. Mario rematch episode was really bad. The sloppy research, and the fact they ignored some conclusions of their own research they just finished telling us after they got into the battle. I shouldn’t be surprised by the results of this episode, I saw it coming a mile away. I was already suspicious last month when they told us they were gonna do this rematch episode... because afterall what would be the point to them if it ended with the same result?



    And it’s been pretty much proven overtime the death battle team’s bias against the Sonic franchise, regardless as much I didn’t want to believe that to be the case for a long time. Even the way Sonic was presented across this last battle in the video was awful... I could live with them making Sonic lose… but not by making him the butt of all their gags and making him seem lame in general.

    Honestly I’ve already been getting sick of Death Battle more and more over time. Thinking I might just finally unfollow them. Call me just a salty fan or whatever you want, I don’t care. But I’m not very impressed with the channel anymore.



    1. tailsBOOM!


      Me neither...  They've lost their way

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Anybody who seriously follows Death Battle are only fooling themselves.

    3. Lord-Dreamerz


      I tried to never take their videos to seriously. I normally just enjoy the channel for some light dumb fun... but they have annoyed me more bit by bit over time even on battles with characters I barely knew about. Meh.

      @Rusty Spy

    4. SupahBerry



      I myself am convinced that the one thing holding D.B. back from letting Sonic lose the first time is due to agreeing that Sonic is the more powerful of the two. In fact, I felt they made that to keep his "rabid" fanbase under control and to deliberately make people who routed for Mario/hate Sonic mad that the "superior" mascot lost, all to justify the rematch being about tearing Sonic a new face.


    5. Cobalt_Bolt


      That kind of rubbish is why I kicked Death Battle out the Airlock due to that channel's biases against certain franchises. (Goku vs. Superman being the most infamous on both occasions)

    6. Dejimon11


      You know it's kinda hard to take any of our opinions on a sonic themed forum right? RIGHT? 

    7. Lord-Dreamerz


      Says the guy with the Mario avatar. =p

      I joke.

      However I don't think it makes much of a difference that this is a Sonic forum. I also seen enough Sonic fans on here justify the DB episode. Besides where else are Sonic fans suppose to talk about it? ...on a Mario forum? Or on the Youtube comments with all the trolls?! Hahaa!


    8. Harkofthewaa



      Here's my question: they say Mario has lightning reaction speed because of the lightning enemy he can possess, but doesn't he take on an enemies properties when he possesses them? And as for that other feat, it was from a spin-off and can be argued that it isn't canon, like Sonic boasting he can go light speed in Colors DS. Point being, Mario shouldn't really have light speed reaction times. Of course, that's balanced out with the stop watch, which would allow Mario to stop Sonic in his tracks to deliver the finishing blow. In some ways, the Mario of now does take this versus the Mario of a few years ago, as we've had a lot more power-ups come in between that time to the point that Mario and Sonic's power-ups no longer cancel each other out, leaving Sonic with a speed advantage and nothing else.

      As far as the video goes, the biggest red flag in the analysis is that they very briefly looked at Sonic Unleashed's SPD when trying to gauge Sonic's speed. You know, the SCORE BONUS for how fast you went though an area. It seems everyone makes that mistake.

      TL;DR, Mario wins at the moment no matter what, but the research used to give him that win is iffy.


    9. Lord-Dreamerz




      I personally feel Sonic & Mario are on more of the same level of power/skills overall roughly. But more important, I agree I didn't like their strange sloppy research at all here (or the fact they made Sonic look a bit wimpy & annoying.)

      For example them using that gag of chibi Mario kicking a chibi castle away as any sort of proof of his power level is absurd to me. Or the fact they said he can shoot fireballs without the fire flower powerup now.... when he only has been shown to do that in one or so games, and it hasn't been kept as apart of his default powers later.


  15. It’s really annoying when somebody online tells you to calm down because they assumed you are mad, but you are not actually angry. However I understand it is hard at times to understand what others are actually feeling emotionally online... still even so... some people jump to conclusions really fast!

    1. SupahBerry


      Whoa, whoa! Take it easy dude!! This is nothing to get all bunched up over!

    2. JosepHenry


      EVERY. TIME.


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