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  1. Lord-Dreamerz

    Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 5 Available Now)

    Loved the ending! Very charming. :3 I enjoy greatly how epic they made Metal-Sonic in this series, when he appears Metal Sonic should always be a real threat... no point in using him otherwise I say because turning big time villains into mere punching bags just to make the heroes seem cooler is among the worse things you can do typically. Tiny bit disappointed they didn't make Metal Sonic turn gold for his super form when Mecha Sonic was allowed to be super gold in the past. I guess Sonic Team's opinion on that has changed... Either-way I want to play as him even more in a new official Sonic game! I now want to see somebody take that whole Metal Sonic boss fight, revision it and include it into a fan game!
  2. Random joke that came to mind.

    Dr.Eggman invents a new easy to use device to capture animals. It's a small red & gray shaped ball machine that only needs to be thrown at and hit the animal to capture it... And he decides to call it the Pocket Ball!

    After Eggman finishes talking about how amazing it is... Orbot nearby comments "Sorry sir but that idea has already been done by somebody else and is trademarked..."

    1. SupahBerry


      Actually, he might've recognized this early on and used his prototype model as a base to build Orbot in the first place.

    2. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      That sounds like a joke the Sonic Boom cartoon would make and I love it for it.

  3. Good luck convincing many classic purists that anybody beyond Sonic/Tails/Knuckles should ever be playable... Mighty and Ray has maybe been a good start to warming them up to the concept of other characters being playable tho. Time will tell! Now is it necessary to put modern era characters into the classic style series in order to help boost their rep with the fans? I don't think so... It's not like modern style games will die off... they just need to do a better job with them and then opinions will change over time. Then again I guess it also couldn't hurt adding in modern characters into the classic universe if they are handled correctly, such as offering unique fun gameplay and not tossing them in there just for the sake of it. The games cast would need to rotate between games so that each game don't get flooded and unfocused, which Is fine by me because we really honestly don't need Tails & Knuckles in every single new classic style game.
  4. Lord-Dreamerz

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Jim Carrey? Alrighty Then!"

    This may or may not be my last post on this topic. Because at this point highly likely no news on this film will matter to me as I have enough info about the movie to know it is already among the type of movies that I hate most…. Which means I won’t have much left meaningful to say and I’m not a fan of sticking around and ranting on something I hate endlessly as that kind of behavior is a true waste of life in my opinion. So excuse the wall of text. I needed to get this rant off my chest. I’ve wanted a true Sonic Movie ever since back in the 90s… The Sonic OVA was good enough at the time, but it was not a full movie and it was ages ago now anyways. I’ve always been a huge fan of art and never cared to much for live action media in general with some exceptions. Especially as a big cartoon style fan it’s part of why Sonic was so appealing to me to start with… So seeing Sonic get the same live action butchering treatment that has no respect for the source material similar to what the old horrible Mario movie and many others got is among the biggest media related disappointments in my life. It literally doesn’t matter to me if the movie ends up getting decent reviews in the end, because personally this movie will never be even 30% of what I can put up with for Sonic… I try very hard not to be to harsh on the Sonic franchise overall, I try to even give the known to be bad Sonic games a chance often… Sonic 06 being the only true Sonic game I flat-out hate… with other kinda bad ones like Sonic Forces I just find to be merely a disappointment and don‘t actually hate it… But this movie? Hell no! there is NOTHING there for me! I know It’s obvious this movie isn’t for fans, it’s mainly for casuals who barely know Sonic. Then again that’s not news because live action movies almost never are for the fans, and that is why fans often hate any live action movies loosely based after their fave non-real style media. Just give a quick look at the Dragon ball evolution movie and it’s no surprise why the fans and even the Dragon ball creator himself hated it to death. And seriously why should the average fan enjoy seeing something they love mutilated and turned into something else barely resembling it’s original self? Of course many fans wouldn’t! Dude I’m totally not even a fan of the bad joke that was them trying to crossover wacky simplistic Mickey Mouse type style characters and sit them next to semi-realistic final fantasy humans on Sonic 06... Mixing completely different art styles together in one product is among the worse choices you can make typically... Part of me kinda hopes this movie flops hard just so that they never try to make another live action Sonic movie. I stand against all movies of this type generally, so of course I don‘t want to see more of them! And yes If I had to choose this or nothing… I’d go with nothing. I can only hope that we still get a animated Sonic movie in the future regardless if the upcoming movie does good or badly. But for now that dream is dead. At least Nintendo is doing the preferable choice by making their upcoming movie fully animated, I can only hope SEGA follows their example later on. Another part of me almost wants to partially blame that awful fan made movie a few years ago, because while I can't be sure... I feel it was what inspired this real movie to get made somehow despite how much Sonic fans bashed that fan film... I think I remember reading Sonic Team saw it and thought it was cool. Also I don’t agree with the opinion some folk have that a animated Sonic movie would require a lower age rating and be only for kids… I dono about others but I watch tons of PG-13 and R rated animated media… Sure it’s mostly anime because Japan has a far less narrow view then many westerners on the subject. Regardless there are still mature animations made for westerners out there… And while PG-13 animated movies are a little rare over here, they still happen and exist… it’s starting to become more common for animated films too because nowadays PG-13 movies in general are slowly becoming more of the standard for all movies. As a note. I am not saying anybody here or anywhere shouldn’t enjoy this upcoming Sonic movie. Enjoy what you want, you don’t need my blessings obviously. I truly don’t believe in stepping on other folk’s fun. But at the same time I sure as ale don’t gotta like the concept of the movie or agree with anybody that anything about it was a good idea. :L
  5. Lord-Dreamerz

    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    Unlikely but maybe they'll finally add a Chaos 0 and Shadow boss battle so those aspects of the game don't feel like false advertising anymore. A boss fight against 2 or more of those generic death egg robots at the same time that we see early in the game would be a interesting extra DLC boss battle too.
  6. Lord-Dreamerz

    Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 5 Available Now)

    Was great To see Metal Sonic be awesome again and not be just treated as cheap fodder to make the heroes look cool! I was looking forward to this with Metal Sonic being one of my top faves! ... However still not a fan of Mighty or Ray. But I will say I am surprised at how strong Mighty is here! That was neat! Am sad there is only 1 episode left to come.... But it looking like it should be pretty epic! I hope if this cartoon mini series does well enough that SEGA will consider doing more and turning it into a proper 10 min length per episode series with 24+ episodes.
  7. Oh Sweet! Metal Sonic was so wicked cool on the new Sonic Mania Episode!

    I love that evil bot~<3

  8. 1000% agree here. Many film developers... especially the ones who work on live action media often delude themselves into believing that all films have to be made in overly copy and pasted brain-dead exact ways or it won't sell. They almost never have faith in the original product's appeal or it's fan base or the possibly that the new viewers might have the ability to enjoy things the same way the original fans did, and they rarely ever have strong evidence to support their paranoia good enough. Because movies cost so much money this results in most movie devs losing their confidence in the media and they throw out anything they feel might be remotely risky "AKA anything that isn't exactly the same things everybody else does" resulting in a soulless product that is barely if at all any different from all other cash grab mass produced rubbish. And more annoying yet and is when people try to defend this kind of nonsense with simply the poor shallow level collation logic of "Well almost everybody does it that way, so that must mean no other way works!" I guess if everybody is jumping off a bridge then you should too with that logic! But if they ever bothered to dig little deeper and pull their heads outta their keisters long enough they'd realize many other media has debunked much of that logic by being successful using other methods outside of the stranded... sometimes the exact methods that their silly film school classes tried mind-washing them into believing won't ever work. It's not like everybody who creates Hollywood style films are some Infallible deity experts on the understanding of all entertainment, otherwise despite using all the basic movie making tricks we wouldn't see countless flops and other poor choices that ruined the media they made which they had full confidence in only to be woken up to reality when it gets bashed in reviews afterwards. The idea that you can’t please both fans and casual new viewers is typically a pure delusion and lie made by people with pointless ulterior motives or have been brainwashed by others. It undermines how fans of a media came to exist in the first place, especially if it's one of the already hugely popular well known franchises like Sonic The BLOODY Hedgehog! If a big number of people fell in love with a certain media in the past, then it should work again on new people without resorting to basically spiting on the original concept and fans, tossing them in the trash and creating something barely related to the original idea. There is NO POINT in using a preexisting media and fan base to base and bounce your product on and off of if you are going to go right around and pretend they don’t matter and say it is only being made for new viewers at the same time. It’s hypocritical logic to make new media that way and always has been.
  9. Lord-Dreamerz

    Sonic Channel

    Oh yeah baby sweet! Another awesome Blaze wallpaper to add to my collection. I always look forward to these of her every year. :3
  10. In Gen 1 I just over leveled Charmander til it was roughly level 15 in order to fight Brock. It did the trick just fine. I don't understand the concept of needing to force Pokemon games to be easier to appeal to casuals.... because Pokemon games always were already made for casual players from the start and were so easy that children could play them without much problems.That's why the games are so popular in the first place... And the very fact the mainline games are so easy is why many people choose to nuzlocke them in order to get some real challenge outta the games. These Lets Go games are starting to feel more like they are made for babies instead of being simply child friendly.
  11. Lord-Dreamerz

    Should Sonic Be Given The Ability To Swim?

    I liked how they handled it in Sonic Colors and feel the concept could have been improved on over time instead of just dropping it as they did later. By making the swimming take a lot of effort in the form of infinite short jumping as a result it was a balanced trade off. You either could run along the ground under the water at a reasonable speed or could slowly swim jump across the place. Anyways like others have said. Sonic not being great at swimming is fine as it gives him a weakness instead of trying to make him out to be a prefect game deity that can do anything rendering all his friends useless.... which is also the same kinda reason some people don't like the Wisps. Nothing wrong with using water as a punishment/challenge in gameplay.
  12. For better or worse Pokemon games have always been aimed towards mainly children… But after watching videos of these Lets Go games…. that seems to be even more the case then ever to the point of unnecessary levels. They won’t even let you fight Brock’s gym unless you show beforehand that you have the type advantage available. Not only is that weak sauce in general, but also RIP Nuzlocking these games without making additional special workaround rules just for those kinds of moments. Not being able to battle wild Pokemon is nice to some degree because it cuts out some of the boring grindy aspects of the game… However that also comes with some cons. If you actually feel in the mood to battle, this means you now MUST go look for a trainer or boss battle to fight with no other real options. And unless they give you a easy way to re-battle trainers you already beat before... otherwise things will be awkward. And it’s honestly pretty boring and takes the challenge outta the game with the fact you can’t fight Pokemon to capture them… You just are tossing balls and berries for the most part… not really exciting or meaningful feeling. It feels somewhat dumb that you get EXP just for capturing Pokemon while not even putting up a fight whatsoever and that your whole team gets EXP from it for no reason? But If they had to go with the no wild battles direction... It may seem like a smart idea at first to just give you EXP for capturing as there are not any wild Pokemon battles to level up from… As they needed a method to still let you grind levels… Until you realize that trainer battles should just be re-balanced to give you all the EXP you’ll need across the game… which wouldn’t even be that hard to achieve if you could freely re-challenge NPC-trainers at will. And why is the rival another super nice friendly guy?! What the hell is up with GameFreak nowadays and making so many good nature rivals? Personally it feels un-motivating when I don’t want to crush the ever living daylight outta my rival…which is why jerk rivals are great! Sure they don’t need to do be that type EVERY game… but unless I’m forgetting… I don’t remember seeing to many true jerk-wad rivals from Pokemon games lately. Lastly for now, another small nitpick of mine is I prefer there being outlines on the character models like in the last handheld games… The cartoony art style just looks uncompleted without it to me. I honestly do see a handful of really good things about these Lets Go games… But I am starting to see a lot of cons hurting it badly too. :U
  13. The more info revealed about the upcoming Sonic movie the WORSE it sounds each time.

    For realz... I was already expecting it to be a bad movie right off the bat when they said it'd be a live action mix.... But somehow they are still exceeding even my bad expectations for it. So to save myself the trouble from now on I'll be changing my expectations for the movie from simply "bad" to "Something among the worse possible outcomes."

    Honestly currently I can't relate to ANYBODY who may be looking forward to it or truly believe any of it sounds good so far. :Y

    1. Ferno



      can we atleast have her

      can i have one good thing out of all this garbage. plz lawd.

  14. Somebody: "Pokemon Gen 1 only had 151 Pokemon!"

    Me: ... There was more.


    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      I thought that was a giant foam finger or Tetris piece at first.

    2. Blacklightning


      There's a lot more than you might think, if you wanna be totally anal about it. I don't know how many of them you can find in the wild though

    3. Lord-Dreamerz


      MissingNo Is the best Pokemon. ;^)

    4. Sean


      I only acknowledge the first 69 Pokemon

    5. Celestia


      I want that pillow so bad.

      @Sean So the last good Pokemon was...


      ...I mean, I don't disagree honestly. How can you not love that funky little sprout

    6. Sean


      The exact moment Game Freak made an evolution for him was when Pokemon was ruined forever

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