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  1. I actually think this music “Speed Me Up” is pretty good, well not amazing sure... but not bad. And I'm saying this as somebody kinda picky who for example hated most of the Sonic-06 music, especially "his world" which many fans often praise...
  2. Considering the movie team didn't come up with that concept, why would they be sorry for it? Yohoo~ Also I don't see Sonic Team ever merging the multiple worlds together as 1 single planet unless they do a hard reboot which I also don't see happening... nor do they feel sorry for the idea I can almost promise. I know I don't hate the idea myself.
  3. Depends on who you ask, there is some super hyper characters I adore and don't get sick of them. Plus out of few different takes on Sonic I really enjoy... I still love the AOSTH Sonic version which is somewhat a hyper version of him I guess? And I still enjoy it despite many Sonic fans saying they hate it these days. I also loved OVA Sonic along with the classic games versions of him. Before anybody asks, OVA Sonic isn't really hyperactive... I'm just saying I like it too for reference.
  4. Personally I like the idea of Sonic being hyperactive, for a long time it is a take on his character I wanted to see. Furthermore in general I simply enjoy the idea of speedy characters being full of energy and the world being just to slow for them. Sure it isn't the same old take on his character that Sega normally does, however that doesn't mean it isn't a good interpenetration for his character. I understand most fans want consistency... However I not really been a big fan of how Modern Sonic's personality has been portrayed in the games starting from the adventure games onward... so a change from that is welcomed in my book.
  5. Umm saying something is just fiction is not a get outta jail free card for story telling. If a character doesn't act their age then some people will wonder why that is obviously. And a decent writer don't just do whatever and tell their viewers to ignore the details. Personally I think characters should act their age unless there is acceptable reasons for them not to within the story, because that is what a GOOD writer would do.
  6. Considering Amy is only 12. I don't think making her more "mature" is a great direction. Kids that age are not mature regardless of having been on many adventures. Sure we don't want her character to be boiled down to "crazy romance obsessed stalker" either, but watering her down while just making her purely the boring helpful supportive type who is a good level headed leader isn't interesting/fun for her character I say.
  7. There is already some people hoping SEGA starts making the future games similar to the Sonic Movie...

    Side note. I am also in general tired of all the "I know how to fix the Sonic franchise!" type videos popping up often, with each person thinking their "amazing concepts" would save the series... yet every single person has completely different ideas.

    1. Strickerx5


      Speaks to just how many different groups we have in this fanbase and how many routes the series has gone down at this point. Everyone wants the same thing, a good game. Though how we get there, that very first step, might as well be a war zone in some areas.

      Though yeah, not too much a fan of the growing opinion that Movie Sonic should fully take over myself. I mean, I can chalk part of it up to it really being the only thing coming up on the series road map atm so it is the current hot topic but otherwise... damn people, at least wait for the movie to actually come out lol.

      The absolute 180 this movie's marketing has made still astounds the fuck out of me.

  8. How to make golf exciting to watch.


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I knew Sonic's Dream Course was the true answer of the universe.


      This hack reminds me of a similar golf mod in development for SRB2 Kart

  9. I swear nearly every other new 3D Sonic game rumor just often ends up as "The new Sonic game will return to the adventure gameplay style with Sonic/Tails/Knuckles/Shadow & Silver playable." Which instantly allows me to know the game rumor is 100% fake every-time.

    As a side note. I'm kinda happy those type of rumors end up fake, because that character lineup is awful to me.

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Sticks, Sally, Classic Sonic

  10. This level hack video really showcases how bad the base physics & gameplay were in Sonic-06.


    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Wow, this looks bad

    2. Menace2Society


      This just makes me wanna see 06 levels imported to SA2, lol

    3. Bowbowis


      Classic Purists: "Sonic '06 is Sonic Adventure 3. They're exactly the same."

      Also Classic Purists: "Sonic 4? What a misnomer. The physics are way off."

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry



      Let's make this a rule Sonic Team:

      When your making a new engine, maybe try testing out with old levels of the same gameplay so you can see if it doesn't play next to the original like Apples and Oranges.

    5. Tarnish


      All you have to do to know the physics is shit in 06 is bounce on the rooftops...the game didn't give a shit Sonic landed on an angled surface, he bounced straight up...even Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast took that into consideration and Sonic bounced accordingly.

    6. Milo


      the level mod is actually pretty well done. besides some obvious bits (like the setpices where the camera doesn't quite match the one in adventure 2 and some areas of the background) it is pretty faithful to the original level.

      but yeah, that sonic 06 gameplay is just toss. really emphasizes the bizarre floaty jump physics they gave to sonic and other oddities (like how sonic ends up falling into a "stun" animation if he just brushes up against a ramp or a wall while running).

      meanwhile the crisis city mod for forces that supahberry posted perfectly showcases how absolutely wack sonic's jump is for 3D platforming and how there's no speed while you're not running straight (like in lost world). the player has to almost always either boost or double jump from one platform to another when he's not playing in a 2D perspective.

    7. Lord-Dreamerz



      Sonic also seems to have a stupidly slow running speed in 06, requiring boost-pads & springs & homing attack in order to poorly hide it somewhat.

  11. Is nobody here gonna talk about the pointless random extra spikes on that low poly VR model's backside? Haha! On another note: I notice a LOT of people on twitter saying how much they prefer current Movie Sonic's design over Modern Sonic's design. I think the new Movie Sonic looks nice & whatnot, but I'm not sure why the "bobblehead and stylized cyclops eyes" of modern Sonic actually bothers certain people so much.
  12. Use a different example. I see people throw that single flop game movie example around all the time which alone is not good proof of anything, many things can go wrong when selling a movie, and the Ratchet & Clank movie is not proof that somewhat sticking close to the source material will automatically fail. I also see tons of general target movies with awful cheesy dialogue all the time. Regardless that part doesn't even really matter because nobody is asking for the childish dialogue/jokes to be put into a Sonic movie when asking for it to stick closer to the games.
  13. Considering video game movies are infamous for typically being awful flops DESPITE all the butchering the outsourced teams do for what they assume will sell better to a general public... which clearly shows most video game movies are only a example of how to do it WRONG. You are using the reckless train of thought that if something has always been done a certain way then that must be the correct way... which is a bad way to think when making a good product. On another note, what exactly about the Sonic games doesn't translate into a good movie? I notice the people arguing about this normally never give good examples outside of saying "It just doesn't work!" 100 times. What exactly about a story of a hero having to travel across funky dangerous locations on a adventure trying to stop some villain from taking over the world while meeting colorful interesting side characters along the way actually doesn't work as a movie? especially considering there is tons of movies just like that already.
  14. Never understood the thought process behind weirdo dimwitted outsourced studios/companies/whatever-folk who assume automatically they need to change everything about a popular media after they get their grubby hands on it in order to sell it better to a imaginary general public in their mind. If something was already popular/iconic then isn't it fairly obvious there is a reason for that popularity and is counterproductive to haphazardly change it into a different product that barely resembles what it was based on? if the media in question already has a big fanbase... then isn't it safe to assume enough other people can like it also without a absurd random overhaul if you give them the chance? But no, they let their ego, paranoia & gimmicky trends guide them in life and believe fans & casuals are fully different species who can't possibility enjoy the same type of content ever despite often having no proper evidence to backup those misguided thoughts.
  15. Never said he was suppose to look "overwhelmingly" cute. Hahaa! Maybe you missed it, but i did edit my post before you replied with me commenting on how I feel SEGA has been treating Classic Sonic to much on the cute side lately in personality. And don't forget I said his design has always been a balance and not just one thing.
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