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  1. Sonic Studio is one of the rare cases where even I'll actually say that Sega should hire the guy and take his game and sell it officially.


    1. Solister


      Holy cow! I just hope this don't get in trouble looking this is nearly a make a Sonic Mania yourself for free.

      But yeah, can't wait to try this, seems awesome!

    2. Jango


      Jesus H. Christ YES.

    3. Ferno



      tbh this slogan would fit a sonic maker game far more than Mario

    4. Jango


      This is a beta and it already looks more impressive than Mario Maker.

    5. SupahBerry


      There honestly should be a professional level editor for SEGA developers using this engine. Can save more time than it might with whatever method they're using now, especially if 2D titles get developed outside the main Sonic Team.


      That's honestly the perfect slogan for Mania and Sonic fangaming in general. 

    6. Milo


      sonic team did talk about the idea of a level creator for sonic games back around 2010 or so (even before mario maker 1, discussion was brought up in light of the LBP games), but iizuka said they weren't interested because...

      "It's something the team is not looking into at the moment. Sonic games, it's pretty clear that how good the level design is directly affects the quality of the game. The team believes the speed and the tempo is crucial."

      okay, that's a fair p-

      "Sonic Team are the professionals at doing it. It's hard to leave it up to the users because it's quite difficult."


  2. Personally I always liked Jaleel White's Sonic voice best. It had a far more iconic character and sound to it then any of the modern Sonic voices all of which I never been a huge fan of. I also think Sonic is at his best when he sounds little obnoxious and talks fast instead of trying to make him sound like some generic hero guy.
  3. Arguably after all these years for a season 3 to be worth it the animation & art style needs to not only match the quality of the original... but it also kinda honestly needs to surpass it for it to be worth the investment. This looks like a flat-out downgrade with no proof they will be able to do better later. Regardless I highly doubt this project will get anywhere much farther... so I guess it doesn't matter.
  4. I want a new Sonic Riders game and with NO gimmick controls. I enjoyed the first game pretty good.

    As a side note. The 2D opening animation was amazing to me.

    1. Tarnish


      As in: no gravity control or motion sensor nonsense?

    2. Lord-Dreamerz



      Motion/Touch/VR/whatever other nonsense controls. Basically just want a normal button control game that most gamers expect.

    3. Tarnish


      Sadly the Riders franchise is pretty much dead, Sonic & co. in cars is the new fad.

    4. Lord-Dreamerz



      Which is exactly why i wish they would do another Riders game instead. hahaa It might be currently dead but they can always bring it back. Hover-boards will always be far cooler then dull cars.

    5. Tarnish


      As much as I liked Riders, what I'd really like to see is what Sonic R attempted to do: Sonic characters racing on foot. I still think it's the most unique and truest approach to the characters and I think there's potential in the concept. It could really put the drifting idea from Unleashed to good use for example.

      Regarding the "Sonic would obviously win so that concept is stupid" argument, well...Sonic 2 and 3 had 2 player versus racing, Sonic R was a thing, and Sonic Heroes had every character running as fast as Sonic, so it's not like they never had other characters being able to keep up with Sonic..

    6. Lord-Dreamerz


      @Tarnish Oh I would love another Sonic R too... But sadly it seems less likely then even another Riders game far as how SEGA's feeling on the idea goes... I think a on foot race series of racer games is a great idea personally and Sonic is a great fit for it.

    7. Milo


      The first Riders definitely has its problems but I honestly like it more than virtually every other Millennium Sonic game. Riders ZG was a big disappointment for me with how they heavily simplified the gameplay in favor for the gravity mechanics, and I never bothered with Free Riders for obvious reasons. The fact that Free Riders reportedly brought the gameplay closer to the first game pains me more that it was compromised to be a gimmicky Kinect launch title, and we'll likely never get a fourth Riders with the current management.

      It's probably not a coincidence that while it was technically made by Sonic Team and bearing the ST name, the staff who developed the first Riders was actually what used to be Sega's former United Game Artists studio (who had recently been folded into the ST division).

      The next best thing to a Riders 4 IMO is a Boost game that borrows a lot of design principles from the first Riders (and Sonic R for that matter, which I also greatly like a lot)....but that would require a design team that actually cares enough about all three playstyles/games and adapting the Boost gameplay into a racer to begin with...

    8. Ferno


      I hope in 10-20 years, people are just as nostalgic for the art style used in riders' 2D intro as they are for "toei sonic" right now.

    9. Milo


      why wait? i like the look of the game we got, but i don't blame people who wish the entire game was made in the style of the opening intro (presumably done via cel-shading).

      a new sonic anything in that style would be beautiful. we don't get many cel-shaded sonic games as it is (there's only, what, sonic shuffle and the 2D sprites in S4E1).

    10. Lord-Dreamerz


      I love the Sonic Riders 2D opening art style still today... If they could somehow remake that style for the main game itself... it would be a wonderful time to live in.

    11. Tarnish


      Sonic Riders was the last Sonic game I actually enjoyed, so it's even more special for me for that reason.

      I still remember that the 1 stage demo they released actually contained all (or at least most) of the stages you could access with a hack/mod. Fun times.

  5. I think it sounds like a fine idea and a case of why not? However it seems kinda questionable to crowdfund a project that is using a IP they don't own... Am I misunderstanding something? Do they even have SEGA's permission? If not then they should be very careful. And I am aware it says the promo trailer is not proof how the final quality of art style and animation will look... But regardless the art style shown is REALLY off and not executed great. A concept trailer should do it's best to sell hard a idea in order to get people to back it... and it is not doing it correctly for me nor does it fill me full of confidence personally. Which is a shame that it doesn't showcase itself better as I do love the idea of a season 3 of Sonic SatAM getting made.
  6. The TSR roster is not the worse really... at least they didn't try to fill the space with clone characters like Classic Sonic.

    Have you seen the Mario Kart 8 roster? I saw this on twitter below and had a good laugh.


    So many baby and metal versions of characters. xD

    1. Diogenes


      i think the one with more than twice as many characters has the advantage even if people don't like all of the characters

    2. SupahBerry


      It's amusing when Sonic Racing stopped being "Sonic SEGA" racing, Mario Kart is starting to become "Mario & Nintendo Racing."

    3. JosepHenry


      I feel like is less annoying to have a soild list of few characters than a big list that is all over the place when you could have much better characters.

      Like Mario Kart 8 chose to have babies and existing characters with costumes over E Gadd, King Boo (the Luigi's Mansion one) Pauline, the many RPG characters (Goombella, Koops, Vivane, Geno, Mallow, Fawful), Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, Dixie Kong.... Good thing the non Mario characters made up for it.

    4. Lord-Dreamerz


      Meanwhile Crash drives by with Crash Team racing and says to Mario and Sonic...

      (Hold my wumpa fruit.)

    5. JosepHenry


      Except no one cares about most Crash characters at all lol

    6. mayday2592


      @JosepHenry and people care about Mario's cast of babies, generic enemies/npcs, and recolors? I've seen alot of hype for the possible CTR cast compared to Sonic or Mario. 

    7. JosepHenry


      Well yeah, Crunch is in lol

    8. JezMM


      To be fair I feel there's a lot of folks out there who have a particular favourite "clone" mario character that they like.  They probably don't care about them all, but they enjoy playing as that "one" from the set (babies etc) and that justifies including them all.

      Having said that Mario Kart 8 even when ignoring Nintendo guests and characters that are or could be argued to be clones, it still manages to have 3 more characters than TSR does lol (not that I have an issue with TSR's roster really outside of the Chao mobile).

    9. Thigolf


      Sonic also flooded its games with new, more or less major characters each game that get a huge following almost instantly unlike Mario which is much more reserved when it comes to including new characters that aren't just NPCs you see for 5 minutes in a much longer game and don't get much attention at all.

      MK8 is basically all the essentials with beloved other characters/enemies and a bunch of fluff on top to flesh out the roster count, TSR barely scratches the surface of even semi-popular/relevant characters, to the point where I'd argue that even essential ones aren't here.

    10. Lord-Dreamerz


      TSR should had included at least the rest of the Chaotix. The Babylon rogues... and perhaps somebody else to be the 3rd wheel with Blaze & Silver... maybe Cream as she is friends with Blaze.

    11. SupahBerry



      Plus, not counting the TV shows and comics of course, most every Sonic character was all made and held under Sonic Team's roof. So they can basically show up whenever they want.

      Unlike Mario, whose character ownership is all over the place no thanks to its countless spinoffs. Meaning you won't be expecting Waluigi, Daisy or Diddy to show up (in person) in a mainline title or any RPG character of your choice to appear in the party in sports games any time soon.

      That's quanity over quality for ya.

    12. JezMM


      I really don't think character ownership has anything to do with the mainline Mario games using spin-off characters or vice verca. Nintendo most definitely own all those characters, they're just weirdly strict when it comes to usage. Pauline showing up in Odyssey shows they could do it any time they wanted to, they just need a REALLY good reason to (interviews and such make it seem like they put a LOT of thought into putting Pauline into the game).

      I think the RPG characters don't appear outside of the RPGs because they're kind of unconventional designs from games that get obscurer by the day, I almost get where Nintendo are coming from there.

      Like it's all definitely silly and I have no doubt at all that the casual audience who would actually get something out of Baby Rosalina or Racoon Mario just based off visual appeal would be just as likely to be like "oh neat, a purple blob ghost thing with a witch hat I wanna play as her", but yeah, I still like, get it.

  7. Hmhm... How about a big fat NO? Just because you don't care for them doesn't mean they should be removed from the entire series. And your arguments for why they should be removed are poor at best especially as it reeks of bias. Knuckles is another character that has no good reason to remain around just like characters such as Shadow, yet I don't see you including him in your list of characters that no longer add anything to the stories. Sonic is never going to be a story matters first series, so there is zero reason to permanently remove any character from the series just because they don't serve a massively huge story point in being around anymore. Furthermore Blaze is my favorite character in this whole bloody series... If they removed her, then no joke I would toss this series in the trash far as my interaction with it. Also I find this all funny considering you are the same guy who was trying to argue in the past that it doesn't need to be logical that Sonic and gang ride in cars when it feels out of character, and the only thing that mattered to you for it to happen was the fact it is silly good fun. It flat-out doesn't matter if trash review outlets like IGN hates Sonic friends for the most shallow of reasons as they do. Their opinions are awful and in no way favors the Sonic fanbase. SEGA should be more smart with how they use their characters in the Sonic series I would agree... But just getting rid of characters for the sake of it and probably limiting it down to just Sonic and Eggman and maybe 2 others is pointless and makes nothing better. As a side note: Sonic and Blaze are friends. She doesn't require a giant plot device to take a break and go hang out in his world, and it is easy for her to do so too as it has been said multiple times even by SEGA that Blaze has mastered the art of dimensional travel after Sonic Rush and can freely travel at any time. Also stop treating her as a Sonic 06 character. That is not the game she originated from. And continuing to act like she is a awful character simply because she appeared in that game is terrible reasoning. Blaze is the 1st or 2nd top popular female character in the series regardless, it is debatable if she is more popular then Amy, but they are pretty close together and that says a lot considering she mostly gets sidelined to spinoffs.
  8. Except many people have also reported tons of kids calling the new Sonic movie awful in theaters too when watching the ad during Detective Pikachu. There has been both reports of kids who think it looks fun and many reports of kids who hate the looks if it. it isn't just one way or the other currently. Also the argument that "This is only for kids! Not smelly old adults!" is among the worse weak arguments made by people when defending a old franchise getting ruined by new misguided developers. Today's media doesn't exist in separated small voids. Very often when something upsets old fan-bases the opinions and feelings overflows into the new fans too. For example years ago there was old PR talk for Sonic Boom that also said it was trying to target a new fan base and they slightly hoped the old fans would leave it alone... and that did not work out for them... because well you guessed it... Sonic Boom was only really interesting to Sonic fans. It is delusional for anybody to truly assume & believe that old fan-bases don't matter and that a product can survive off of new fans only... often that kinda arrogant attitude bites developers in the keister before long. Sonic isn't a new franchise no matter how much they try to change/corrupt it... and as such it never can appeal to new audiences in the same way as a fully new franchise can. Trying to sweep all old fans under the rug is suicide for almost any long term franchise. PS: If they truly wanted to aim this movie at kids... then they should had dropped the PG13 rating, and more importantly they should had made it a CGI cartoon too... A cartoon would had both made it more appealing for kids and the old fans too, which would had been hitting two birds with one stone.
  9. Because nobody can relate to a cool unique character like Sonic. Clearly everybody needs a extremely lame forgettable character in order to relate to them. =P
  10. Attack on Sonic movie. Perfect. xD




    PS: It is a "attack on titans" reference in case somebody doesn't get the joke. Here is the twitter link for the art.


  11. ... I wish this was a real fan game/hack... I want to play it so bad. xD'


    1. SupahBerry


      I like the little details they done to make sure Eggman is still able to progress stage without normal Sonic abilities (touching a Spindash switch instantly moves the platforms)


      Though my rough idea for playable 2D Eggman where instead of these one shot powerups, his normal form is a joke character, but he can summon an All Purpose Egg Walker/Mobile.

  12. I wasn't even aware there was anybody out there who thought the Lion King remake looked good to them. Many people are hating on it everywhere online. xD On another note I am curious to see how the Sonic movie will end up doing in sells. People are feeling confident it'll flop... But I'm not sure... I can't help but feel a lot of people will go watch it out of curiosity and just because It is Sonic which is still a pretty big deal to a lot of people.
  13. It is amazing to see Sonic talked about on mainstream media including on TV... Even if it is for all the wrong reasons. I can't find the video online... But during commercials the SYFY channel has been showing a clip of 2 woman talking about how Sonic's design on the movie looks bad and was ripped apart by everybody online and how the design will get changed later.
  14. I agree. OG Cloud was far more of a whimsical dork then many of his later incarnations would lead people to believe.
  15. I am not sure what that is suppose to mean? my user name has been the exact same since i joined this forum years ago.
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