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  1. Epic! I know it's a parody...Regardless I wish this was a official Crash TV series.

    But sadly at this point if we ever did get a real Crash TV series... it'd just be a soulless unfunny CGI 3D-Cartoon.

    1. Dejimon11


      Can a Crash cartoon work tho? I see it more as a series of shorts than anything else.

    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      I think 5 min cartoons with it could work.

  2. I can almost promise you that is the case here. And if I worked on this series... while I may had handle things little differently...however I would had done overall the same and never age the characters... the difference with me is I never would had given exact ages to the cast and would had just called Sonic a teen, ETC in general.
  3. There was no age boost. Sonic was canonly 15 before and after his birthday on Generations. If you look carefully you’ll notice zero candles on his birthday cake… That was on purpose. The company has no desire to truly age the characters… because if they do it once where they stop? Sooner or later they’d have to reset the ages and reboot the series after they gone to far. And you have to remember series like Sonic are a product first beyond everything else. Meaning keeping the character concepts roughly the same overtime is more marketable, and aging your characters continuously opens up a big can of worms in a series not really meant to ever end. So no, Amy isn’t 13 or older because of any in story moments you might see that’d be logical for her to be older now, and she never permanently will be older unless the company has a HUGE change of heart of how the series functions. Regardless in the end the character ages on this series shouldn’t be took to seriously as it’s more a loose idea for the concepts of the characters then it is any kind of a point in the stories/series. It’s better if you just look at the cast as mostly ageless like a Mickey Mouse character.
  4. I been with the Sonic series from the start and remember loving the Sonic adventure redesigns when they first came out. And I think most people back then seemed fine with them with even quite a few people thinking they were cool. Am pretty sure it wasn't the same back then as it is now where most fans in the communities online will freakout on the smallest changes.
  5. I think you got that backwards. Considering Dr.Eggman looks like he's from a Pixar/Retro-Disney cartoon along with Sonic & gang. Which makes realistic or generic anime style characters really out of place. Back on topic. Outside of the classic level progression style… I don't feel SEGA has gotten a Sonic game adventure structure quite right yet for the main games. I think there’s multiple good ways it could be done. I’ll cover 2 ideas here today. #1. Something similar to the concept of a improved version of the structure from Sonic Unleashed & Sonic LEGO Dimensions World mixed together might work I say. There would be nicely sized but not to crazily big hub worlds that are like a playground where you can interact not only with NPCs but also with the whole environment in many ways much like you do in a normal level... Except without the time limit or deaths. You could find extra lives/power ups along with other stuff while there to bring with you into the next levels. NPCs should have little more meaning to them, perhaps they give you rare items if you do things for them and I don’t mean by playing boring remixed level missions… it’d just be stuff such as talking to them enough times, giving them a item and or completing mini-stories with them... maybe stuff like find a lost family member for 1 of them later in the game from a different hub. And these hubs would be where some small simple minigames would take place, for example the race minigames from LEGO Sonic. The basic level select screen would still be around, the hub worlds would just be a bonus and shouldn't be mandatory to the main game. #2. Another idea without full blown hub worlds is something I thought of little similar to a metroidvania style… but it’d be more streamlined for Sonic. You would not have to backtrack for important progression in the game. But maybe you could come across small break areas in the middle of levels where you could talk to NPCs for whatever reasons. The level timer would stop while there. Then when you are done, you can just leave that area and continue playing the rest of the level like normal... Basically the idea here is kinda mini-hub worlds within normal levels... Which means no loading screens between going to levels and the hubs with this idea, and you can easily ignore them altogether.
  6. I’m looking forward to Sonic Mania enough besides couple nitpicks I have with it. But I need to be really convinced why Sonic 17 might be something to look forward to? So far even if there’s been very little shown… what has been shown does nothing for me yet.

    1. Soni


      Here's hoping that when 2017 becomes the focal point for SEGA's marketing, the more we know about the game, the better we can accept it.

  7. Eggman in his mech from SA2 and spin-dashing... Ooook that looks very strange. xP

    1. Blacklightning


      The fact they felt the need to make the President a playable character I feel speaks a lot for how utterly stupid the cast bloat for this thing has gotten. Jesus christ, you could at least make the existing characters interesting first.

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      What is this discount Pill Collins music?

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Staunch reminder that this is what the average Adventure fan wants, and this is also why Sonic Team has wisely chosen not to heed them.

    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      ...did I just withess the GUN Commander gliding and climbing.

    5. -Ace-



    6. JmTsHaW


      Sonic World really is not that far behind Yandere Sim for the dumbest plans award. The only excuse being SW is a 3D fangame in a series where 3D fangames typically are bad.

      Instead of adding weird features like gliding GUN commander, they could've been improving existing features like:

      • Sonic's controls/physics (I remember him being slidey, just like the other 3D fangames, and the air physics look way too loose)
      • The sluggish walking animation that occurs when you start moving due to it being too slow
      • The design of the menus (the text doesn't stand out too well and the lighting is too bland, just look at how softly it affects Eggman for instance)
      • The empty stage design. (It is possible to have large spaces without being empty, take Arid Sands for instance. 3D Fangames typically fuck up the scale of the stages and make the character look tiny. I don't remember SW being any different, and they actually make the problem worse by adding more stages instead of improving existing ones)
    7. Lord-Dreamerz


      As much as I like the idea of a Sonic game official or fan made with a big cast...instead of yet another Sonic only game or a Sonic and his 2 guy friends games... This is not how you do it. I want to play as my faves like Blaze or whatever as much as the next big fan of them... but the game needs to be... you know well made first? And this fan game isn't.

    8. Blacklightning


      I've actually been meaning to make a thread to spitball about the concept of character differentiation at some point. Maybe not with a cast as ridiculous as this, but depending on what I come up with I could come close.

    9. Indigo Rush
  8. When it comes to fan hacks/fan games staring Dr.Eggman, I'll show you my favorite that tends to be overlooked.
  9. Reminds me how it would be great to see Robotnik get his own official game someday... Besides Mean Bean Machine.
  10. A idea I enjoy the thought of is instead of simply spinning the goal post at the end of a classic style level... Sonic or whoever in a quick cartoony animation paints over Robotnik's face on the goal post with their own face or something else, afterwards they laugh maybe and then leave.

    1. Celestia


      That'd be a cute twist on the signposts.

  11. Oh cool! A Sonic.exe joke... Is this the first time they made a reference to it?
  12. So far only nintendo exclusive I'm still looking forward to out of what been shown yet is Zelda. Stuff like Sonic Mania I prefer to have the PC version. I won't bother with Mario Odyssey... it looks good sure, but just like my problem with most Mario games I'm not interested unless Peach or Bowser or some other character I like from the series is playable... plus that world based after real life newyork REALLY doesn't appeal to me either. Regardless I say Nintendo is doing a good job this year.

  13. Out of the 3 almost falling poses. I say Sonic's pose is goofy. Tails's pose is cute. And Knuckles's pose is full out dork. So Knuckles wins in my opinion. Hohoo
  14. Whoa, A pixel Sonic fan game with full custom art... those are pretty rare and this one looks not bad at all! I'll be following this project.


  15. Sometimes I feel like the rights to many of the side cast in the Sonic series should be sold off to other developers who could actually make use for them instead of rotting away barely being used in a series where the company and even much of the user base don’t have much interest outside the main reoccurring cast. Because I feel many people would be happy enough with only roughly Sonic, Robotnik, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow  and maybe couple others… with only niche degree of fans like me caring about some of the others more. And because most people only will care to play as Sonic typically... I don’t see the future of the series changing that much for folks who want to see more.

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      I don't think anyone would actually pay for them, but I do think some of the side characters could work in a series of their own completely divorced from the Sonic universe (which would presumably include character design revamps). I mean, it's not hard for me to imagine a video game starring a bat who's a spy and a thief or a game starring three bumbling animal detectives.

    2. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      Rouge the Bat meets Sly Cooper and Ace Detective: Team Chaotix :D!

    3. Lord-Dreamerz


      @Monkey Destruction Switch

      I'd think there be some companies willing to buy them. you never know.

      And yeah i would prefer if SEGA made spinoff series themselves using the other characters. But that would require SEGA to actually try making a game not staring Sonic and not blaming the concepts/characters if a game fails instead of the quality of the game itself... *CoughShadowcough.

    4. Dejimon11


      Talk to me when Nintendo starts using characters like Wario, Daisy and soo many other mario characters in the main series/RPGs instead of relegating them into spinoffs

    5. Diogenes


      i mean you say yourself why it wouldn't work: most of these characters are pretty niche and have a limited number of fans, so there's little profit to be made, so no one would be in a rush to steal them away even if they were up for sale

      not to mention what benefit they could get out of nabbing an established character would require keeping those fans happy and thus require the game to be shaped around that, compared to a genuinely new IP where they'd have more freedom to do what they wanted and to seek a fanbase with similar interests.

    6. Lord-Dreamerz



      Nintendo still treats their side cast with tiny bit more respect IMO. You don't see Amy getting a spinoff handheld game like Peach did do you?

    7. Dejimon11


      I think at this point let's focus on the main series on track before thinking off spinoffs

    8. Lord-Dreamerz


      Something being niche doesn’t mean it should be ignored. There are crazy boatloads of niche anime & games made all the time with the devs knowing fully it’ll never be mainstream or sell as good as more popular subjects. And besides if you don’t experiment  little you’ll never find out what may or may not work. Some great ideas might be suiting better to other characters instead of  Sonic and the gameplay expected with him.

      @Dejimon11 I don't care about the main series much if they plan to keep it so limited. There's far more to a game to me then just it's gameplay.

    9. Diogenes


      i'm not saying that it should be ignored simply because it's niche, but from a practical perspective any company who might buy the rights to a character would need to be sure they'd get their money's worth out of it. and picking up largely unpopular characters from a series that's waning in general is a pretty big risk unless they're going for dirt cheap.