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  1. Lord-Dreamerz

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    If I had the power to include Infinite into this game... I'd put him a on edgy tricycle with him pedaling absurdly fast. xD
  2. Lord-Dreamerz

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    I'm aware that Mario was originally going to be a Popeye game if that is what you are implying. Anyways I strongly just don't feel that only picking the highest popular character is the right choice or the only answer when making a spinoff game. Besides no side cast character in Sonic has even co-stared in a game in ages... So the idea of SEGA only wanting to make spinoffs of characters that are both new and popular would be a big mistake in my opinion when they have so many others with tons of potential they can already choose from.
  3. Lord-Dreamerz

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    I don't really see Shadow nowadays still being the degree of hugely popular as much that some folks imply. And is high level popularity really the only choice in your mind for why a character should be given a spinoff? Typically characters in general will simply become more popular the more content is given of them... meaning many characters could do well in theory if given actually good games to back them up. Personally I think other characters such as Blaze/Vector/Tails/Rouge/Metal-Sonic/ETC are popular enough that anybody would be willing to give them a chance if put in a good game... even people who haven't heard of them likely would be fine with it as long they hear the actual game is good... afterall people play games with characters they never heard of before all the time outside of Sonic games. And I'm not going to say nothing interesting could be done with Shadow... But I curious to know... What could actually be done with him to make a game staring him alone feel worth it? Last time in a otherwise Sonic style game they just tried to give him guns and other surface level GTA nonsense... and those ideas even on a concept level were kinda bad.
  4. Do they have to be Sonic's personal close friends in order to accompany him? Do they even have to accompany him altogether? Even if they play the same levels as each other, their stories don't absolutely have to include them working together every time. Also each extra character don't have to be playable every single game as if it must be a all or nothing deal. Rotating them in and out overtime between each game would be a nice choice to me. Lastly I dono about other peps... But I sure wouldn't mind if characters such as Blaze & Metal-Sonic were part of the main cast for a little while... In fact it sounds like great fun to me! It would be a much better choice instead of the lame idea of multiple Sonics within the same game that SonicTeam keep doing lately... AKA the Werehog/Classic Sonic/ETC...
  5. Well... They wouldn't have to change much to include certain characters such as Blaze/Shadow/Metal-Sonic. They could fairly easily simply take the 3D Sonic gameplay and reuse it for them with tiny number of new added abilities tossed on top for each character. I think part of the problem is that many fans assume that Tails & Knuckles HAVE to be the first choice when it comes to other playable characters even for a 3D Sonic game.
  6. Lord-Dreamerz

    Modern Eggman Model Rant

    I'm not really seeing here what you are trying to imply. The model you say that you prefer instead makes him look shorter and stockier to me then his current model. Personally I prefer Sonic with fairly shorter spines overall regardless the style of Sonic. Because as a example while I understand this below looks cool to some peps... However to me it kinda just looks ridiculous... But it isn't a big deal to me either way.
  7. Lord-Dreamerz

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    That line of thought already ends-up roughly half wrong. Last I checked Sonic doesn't have fire powers... a power of which could be greatly expended upon. Sonic Isn't royalty with a kingdom which they have great responsibilities for. Sonic isn't a specific guardian of anything like Blaze is. Personality-wise Sonic isn't a noble shy kinda-grumpy introvert. Blaze is closer to being a fusion of Sonic+Knuckles+Shadow then she is a copy of purely Sonic... And even with that said... Blaze has traits that doesn't match those 3 listed characters at all. All of that already makes Blaze far more different then somebody such as Luigi who used to literally be just a recolor player #2 of Mario. Aren’t you the one who said Nintendo’s spinoff games often simply took characters from the normal games and expended/evolved their concepts farther in order to make their own original games? Blaze offers enough unique ideas they could do that same concept with. And no… Blaze being similar to Sonic in certain ways, AKA the fact she is a awesome, strong and fast action star character... is only some of many reasons her fans like her. The majority of Blaze fans don't view her as a mere Sonic clone nor would they be against SEGA adding more unique elements to Blaze and doing different stuff with her.
  8. I can already imagine what the redesign on them would look like...
  9. Lord-Dreamerz

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    If we are speaking realistically here. Then unless somebody within SonicTeam has a big change of heart or somebody new joins them who is really passionate about making spinoff games staring the side cast... otherwise I don't realistically see any new games staring any other character happening any time soon whatsoever no matter how much merit they may have. But I don't think that is what this topic really is about... we are discussing ideas we would like to see happen more then we are talking about if we think it will actually happen.
  10. Lord-Dreamerz

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    Considering she has her own dimension that could offer many unique concepts... and the fact she co-stared in 2 games... Yeah I would argue she has a better chance the most. Or I should perhaps say I personally think she would be a far better choice then somebody such as Shadow... who basically just boils down to dark edgy Sonic who sometimes uses guns when SEGA is feeling extra edgy that day.
  11. Lord-Dreamerz

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    I really don't agree with you here. And I feel like you are ignoring everybody's augments for what would even make her game different too and simply are pushing a false narrative that everything involved around Blaze is just a pure copy and can't be anything else when that easily wouldn't need to be the case as explained by multiple people here. It doesn't matter what other spinoff games do, especially Nintendo's methods are not the only answer in life. If they made Blaze's game a open-world RPG-ish action type game then that already is more then different enough from Sonic.. However as I already explained that wouldn't even be absolutely necessary because they could simply remove the boost gameplay from the normal Sonic games and leave it on her games and that would then separate her games completely from Sonic too at that point. Plus if they give her the Sonic Rush/Jet Set Radio music along with a new villain and side cast... I really don't see why you'd need more then that. And as for the idea of a new rush style game... NO, they do NOT need to make Blaze just a co-star again if they did a new Rush style game... Sonic himself isn't needed for a game with her to work for goodness sake.
  12. Except for the reuse of bosses and some other assets... Otherwise this Sonic Mania mod is great and is basically a DLC level set add-on for Mania!

    I especially love the visual idea behind "Metropolis Wood Zone"

  13. Lord-Dreamerz

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    Honestly I feel your view point on this really limiting. Why does everything need to be drastically different from Sonic to earn itself existing??? So your opinion is if a game idea is fairly similar that means we should just play as Sonic instead... What? You heard it here folks, I guess multiple playable characters in Sonic games shouldn't exist either then... because they all tend to play similar to Sonic with only a added 1 or 2 powers on top, meaning they are all seemingly pointless I guess!? News flash! A Blaze game would be a spinoff... not a totally different game series altogether. We would expect and want it to have similar themes/ideas to Sonic to some degree. However it has enough differences already to not be a pure clone of Sonic. Blaze has fire powers that can be greatly expended upon. They can make her the star of using boost gameplay even if they quit using the boost for the main Sonic games themselves... a element getting removed from Sonic which a lot of people seem to be in favor of happening already anyways. Blaze would have her own original world and side cast, including the fact they can give her brand new villains if needed... I don't know why anybody assumes Blaze's main villain HAS to be Dr.Nega of all things... Plus if you look at my other post you'd see another idea they could include is make the game a small-scale open-world game with more RPG elements... both ideas of which would give a very different feeling from normal Sonic games. All of this is not even mentioning yet the fact as a girl Blaze offers a different market appeal and works on people like me who tend to prefer cool female characters over guys often. And while TECHNICALLY they could do most of these same ideas and any other idea ever with Sonic instead... but why should they when they have other characters who can fill those roles? One of the problems with Sonic is SEGA has treated him to much as a "jack of all trades" way farther then they should and it gave games focused around him as the star a lack of a consistent identity as a result.
  14. Lord-Dreamerz

    Humans in Sonic Games

    Not all art styles have uniform eye shapes for all characters. Most styles of course have a main style for the eyes, yes.... but especially some whimsical expressive cartoony styles will break that mold for certain characters to give them a different needed feeling, they are still counted as part of the same overall style regardless.
  15. Lord-Dreamerz

    Humans in Sonic Games

    I honestly feel that Eggman is roughly the same art style as the Billy Hatcher characters and not quite the Unleashed humans. Just compare Robotnik to the fat boy in the Billy group and imagine glasses and a big mustache on the boy... you'll notice they look kinda the same. Plus the Billy style already have exaggerated hair too which meets up to one of your requirements. Eggman isn't actually a different art style from Sonic and co despite how some may feel on that.

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