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  1. If there is a 3rd different playable character and it‘s not just something like Modern & Classic Sonic working together... If so on that idea I hope it’s not another Sonic beyond all hope I hope for that… Think about it for a moment… If it’s some kind of new Future Sonic and people actually end up enjoying the 3rd gameplay style of them… That means SEGA would feel as if they need to use Modern, Classic AND this Future Sonic in future games. That would be a huge mistake. I could see them using Boom Sonic instead in a effort to make people like Boom Sonic more so they can sell that branch harder while giving him all new gameplay that’s a mix of Sonic adventure style maybe… Still I find this idea doubtful. Furthermore look at it from another angle… When telling somebody what all 3 of the playable characters are in this new game and you have to reply “Sonic and Sonic… And another Sonic.” It’s among the most cringe statements ever.
  2. Asked one of my good friends who doesn't really follow Sonic media what was their favorite Sonic 3&K zone. They said "Flying Battery Zone." So I showed them the new Sonic Mania video and they were very surprised in a good way. xD

  3. Indeed. Besides by this point we all know SEGA's teams will never make great use of all their current characters. Waiting for something that'll unlikely ever happen is pointless. So even if as small role side characters I'd prefer to see old & new ones sometimes... It's better then nothing I say.
  4. Agreed. Am not saying she needs to be in Sonic Forces. But she'd fit in just fine in the main Sonic series. Is it needed? No. But it would be perfectly fine. And there is no reason to believe her being in the main series someday would make Sonic Boom pointless, she's not a bigger focus on Boom more then anybody else on there.
  5. Those are Yellow & Black right?... Makes me wonder if Modern & Classic Dr.Eggman join up with Eggman Nega like some others are also thinking about.
  6. Dude like I just want mods to play as other characters in Mania. I'm fine if everything else in the game is left alone.
  7. Personally I think it's more worth it to mod the new game instead of trying to back port everything from the new game to the old ones. There's far more to Mania then some new moves for the characters.
  8. That poster art is awesome. And am I the only who is very looking forward to seeing this game modded/hacked to Mobius and back? Because I can't wait to start watching skilled fans put in new characters & whatnot. ;^)
  9. If anything was good from Sonic 06 it definitely wasn't those very Un-Sonic universe looking bots... The GUN bots don't belong to Eggman anyways. Dr.Eggman IS a goofy villein guy who tends to make goofy and even cute robots. It's part of Eggman & this series's charm. And most of us like the silly cartoony charm of this series.
  10. Planet Wisp was my favorite zone on Sonic Generations, And I don’t just mean the first half of it. But Crisis City is not a zone I cared for. Boring design and annoying gameplay. Nothing from Sonic 06 is good even when remade. =p
  11. New Eggrobos! Cool. Hohoo me and the other guy called it! I knew it was extremely doubtful it was Metal's leg. Hmm still wondering what the Eggman boss fights are like in this game... We haven't seen a living lick of him anywhere. But I'm assuming he's in it still.
  12. Also the problem with that comparison is that pic uses Modern Metal Sonic as a comparison instead of Classic Metal Sonic which has a different more simple arm design. Furthermore lets not forget the hint the sonic twitter gave us about leg day.
  13. While I could end up wrong, but I extremely doubt they'd redesign Metal Sonic himself... Outside of a temporary 1 game redesign anyways. Sonic Mania is trying to bring the series classic style back for everything, not redesign anybody that already has canon classic designs. If that pic is indeed Metal... instead of a redesign it is possible the preview pic is done little wrong just to throw us off, because we'd know right of the bat who it was if they didn't. But another idea what it could be is just other new robots in Mania that have similar leg to Metal... Anybody remember that painting in that cowboy zone? Looks based after Eggrobo or the Eggman mecha from the Sonic OVA. Maybe Mania will make new bots based after ideas from random bots/mechs from old Sonic media.
  14. Metal Sonic paints his feet blue in Mania? Yoho hoo! I have no clue. But it does seem like Metal Sonic's leg... Excited to find out what this means.
  15. In general my opinion is the series doesn't need more redesigns any time soon. I'm perfectly happy with the modern designs for nearly everybody. I'd say modern Metal Sonic is more or less the most new Sonic robot as he has been upgraded by Eggman multiple times and redesigned little after Sonic Heroes.