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  1. Really cool to see this crossover happen! It was leaked roughly half a year ago now. Haha! Looking forward to finally watching it.
  2. A Sonic game focused on collectables which impact the main game in any real way I could only see working if they made a semi-open world Sonic game. Normal Sonic games even among the more open ones currently haven't been built with collectables in mind much. For example getting all the ring rings often has been obnoxious because it forces you to typically replay each level at least a few times because the levels were not remotely designed with backtracking in mind.
  3. It was far from perfect. But obviously the people who liked it don't think it sucks. =p Personally I always like side content in games that isn't just purely more of the same. Part of the appeal of a adventure genre game is the variety. Only rushing across level after level is not what a adventure game genre is really about in my opinion, Sonic Adventure might be a Sonic game but it is still part of the adventure genre too. I think contrasting gameplay can be fun as long it isn't counterproductive to the main gameplay, and a pet sim that doesn't force you to play it or hold hostage important content behind it for the rest of the game in theory isn't getting in the way in my opinion. The people who are not interesting in that part can just skip it. Not every part of a game needs to appeal to everybody, for example I don't play nor care about many of the extra modes in games such as time attack modes on Sonic games... that type o stuff normally just isn't for me, but that doesn't mean I think it should be removed. I don't think that is quite as much of a perfect answer as you think it is. Did you know enough people actually enjoy the aspect of going on a adventure with Sonic characters and bringing back home items they collected to their Chao garden? There is something special about going on a adventure and hunting down content for another part of the game, a idea i would like to see expended upon. Making it a Chao only game that would probably remove Sonic & gang and be a handheld game where "YOU" the player are the invisible avatar taking care of everything isn't as cool really. It is simply very fun controlling the Sonic cast & seeing the different interactions/results they have with the Chao.
  4. I more or less agree with everything you said, except I halfway disagree on your Chao idea. I do and have always liked the idea of equipping them as passive power-ups, especially as it makes collecting them have more purpose. However I fully disagree with removing the digital pet aspect of them, because that part was the bulk of Chao fans favorite aspect playing those Sonic games. Just making Chao rising fully optional, perhaps decreasing the time/methods it takes to rise them and don't hide non-Chao related bonus content behind them such as extra levels would be enough of a compromise. Removing the digital pet aspect altogether would massively disappoint Chao fans and would feel like a big slap to the face to them who would look forward to a remake. Personally I feel the Chao minigame to be the best digital pet game out there made so far, and would like to see the concept expended upon instead of being thrown away.
  5. Nowadays I just often dump my character spinoffs & gameplay ideas onto my twitter/art blogs/discord and sometimes the status updates on here. I don't really feel it is typically worth the trouble of making certain topics here for example about what ideas for gameplay & stuff I'd give Blaze or Metal Sonic staring in their own games... because half the replies will just be "We can't have other playable characters including spinoffs until SEGA perfect the gameplay of Sonic first!" and "The ONLY characters we need are Sonic & Eggman! the rest need to be deleted forever! Roar!!!" or "Other characters deserve the spotlight far before your choices!" It isn't the end of the world when those type o reactions happen... but it can get kinda discouraging for what was only meant to be a harmless idea thought challenge for entertainment.
  6. They are recreations of certain animations across some official games, that much is true. However the animations are still freshly made by hand far as I can tell even if they used some official material for strong reference. They are also using the 3DS models and not the Pokken models I think. However reasons like those among others is why I said I wouldn't use the bootleg game as proof of anything really other then how cool it looks when giving good animations on the current game models.
  7. I wouldn't use this as real proof of anything. Because I am guessing the Pokemon pool is very small in the bootleg game, which would make the animations far easier to do... But just look at what real high quality animations for Pokemon could look like using the current models!
  8. So Gamefreak removed Mega Evolutions... just to go around in a circle and basically include them again, except under a new name and adding extra limits to it... Ok sure whatever. You do you Gamefreak. Something interesting is the fact it seems a certain leaked list of rumors was all true because of this reveal. Get ready for the new evil team to be called Team Yell. Side note: And I've still have not yet seen a single new Pokemon I personally love outta this set of games.
  9. The thing is SEGA/Sonic Team I don't think are even trying to look for the ultimate Sonic engine/base for the series. In fact I think they actively enjoy consistently changing it instead of trying to perfect ANYTHING because they get bored and keep on wanting to try new ideas regardless of the results. Meaning this concept that we should wait for them to get the fundamentals for the series right first never will even happen... and even if it did, it would probably only last a few games at most before they toss it all out again because of boredom.
  10. The new animated opening for Shantae 5 by Studio Trigger is HERE! And it is funky delicious awesome! Loving it to the max!
  11. Are you really complaining about the mere title of the video instead of what is actually inside the video? Kinda petty don't you think? Click bait title or not, the guy offers really good arguments against people who are trying to blindly defend the game without really knowing what they are even talking about. So yes I think the 2 videos I linked are doing a fine enough job here regardless if the title isn't the best and might turn away a few peps.
  12. Going to post the 2nd video here about debunking Sword/Shield defenders as it brings up more good points to remember. I especially agree with his comments on how absurd it is to call disappointed fans overly entitled for wanting a better quality game, and how the people saying that don't even understand the real meaning of the word and have no real argument.
  13. Not me. I was already seriously questioning if I even wanted this game before the cut content controversy because the game wasn't looking great in various ways to me. But after the bad news and doing closer research at how poor the quality of this set of games really is... I am now putting my foot down and refuse to buy it. The past few games were already starting to make me feel more apathetic with each passing title. But this is the worse yet to me and it is true disappointment, I didn't expect much from these games and was still let down. So I'll be skipping this set and wait and hope for better future titles in this series.
  14. Indeed that is a hard to answer question for anybody as it depends on a good number of different factors. For example how much they do or don't rebuild the game's engine every time. And how much content + code is easily transported over or not to each new title. However at least a small handful of stuff has been proven as fact, the team already had HD versions of the all old models on hand, and the lower quality 3DS textures on the models previously were just downgraded for those past games... there is a good reason why the company said they had future proof their models far ahead of time. They are even using mostly the exact same coded animations for all the old Pokemon from previous games. Furthermore if we take the Pokemon Lets Go games as a example... then it was proven by hackers that technically all current Pokemon exist in those games code and work almost perfectly fine if their missing models are hacked back into the game. Meaning the Lets Go games & maybe even Sword & Shield too are using the same old game engine except updated for console use... and as such it is not the hardest thing ever to fix the Pokemon up for modern usage. And sure maybe they still don't have the time to deal with all of that, fair enough... but they could always patch the game later when they do have time to include any unfinished/missing content. We know they probably won't, but the fact remains that they could if their time was the only problem. This game was suppose to be the first BIG console Pokemon game, so it would had been awesome if we at least for this one game had gotten not only the same degree of content... but even MORE content then what the former main handheld games offered... you know instead of less? MAYBE at some point they would have to cutout including all Pokemon... but I don't feel the first awaited on big console game for the series was the right time. And again one of the worse parts here is that probably far more fans could actually deal with less Pokemon if the quality of the games were FAR higher instead of what is looking like merely a up-scaled 3DS game with a few mediocre semi-open world areas added on top. And I agree with what certain other folk are saying in that I won't be half surprised if the next mainline Pokemon game somehow magically allows & includes for all Pokemon despite what the team says currently on the matter.
  15. Nothing I said is made up. It is just as I said, he was wasting his time with that response as it said nothing other then they won't be changing their minds. Why would anybody pat him on the back for that unless they already supported his choices? We both know you been supporting good handful of their BS on this game from the start ever since the controversy, so you trying to justify their actions to me isn't going to easily win me over here. Me and other people have more then proven our point how the things they said doesn't really add up and how the quality of the game still looks fairly poor despite the team claiming that removing Pokemon supposedly helped them spend more time on everything else. Considering how overcritical of the Sonic series you are I am almost surprised at how much of a free pass you are trying to give GameFreak for half of this stuff.
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