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  1. A silly Sonic story moment idea that came to my mind. The scene takes place where Dr.Eggman brags about his newest weapon will destroy the world If Sonic doesn't hurry to save it.

    Sonic cuts off his enemy's rambling midway by saying: [Which world is going to get destroyed tho?]

    Dr.Eggman replies: [Er huh? isn't it obvious which one?]

    Sonic replies back: [Not really! There is so many. Is it the Human world? The Furry world? Blaze's world? Little Planet? The Lost Hex? Classic Sonic's world?]

    Dr.Eggman: [Hmm I forgot how many there were... Now I am not sure which to go with.]

    Sonic: [Ha! If you must try destroying one of them... I suggest the Lost Hex as nobody will miss it... except maybe the Zeti!]

    Dr.Eggman: [Ugh, this is getting confusing... It would really be more convenient if at least some of these worlds were merged into one... Oh-Ho! Maybe I should invent a new device to do that instead!]

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Something tells me Eggman ain't the real villian here

  2. Yoho! It be my BIRTHDAY!

    1. Dejimon11


      Happy birthday 

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      Sapphirine Wind

      Happy Birthday!

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


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      Happy birthday!

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      Happy birthday, enjoy your day!

    6. The drunkard from space!
    7. Supah Berry
    8. Jingilator


      Happy birthday!

  3. At least to me it is amazing that the remakes somehow look worse then the originals! I'll take the pixel art-style over the cheap painted-balloon looking 3D graphics any-day of the week. I don't even dislike chibi art-styles or whatever, I actually loved the look of Omega Ruby. But honestly these D&P remakes are just not appealing to me whatsoever.
  4. In a spindash contest between the main reoccurring cast of roughly 20 Sonic game characters who would win?

    SideNote: lets assume Eggman can spindash too just for the amusement of it.

    1. Harkofthewaa


      Either Generations Classic Sonic (that spin dash is powerful) or Lost World Sonic (can literally spin dash forever if nothing gets in his way).

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      In terms of the strength of everyone's spindash, I'll be boring and believe Sonic might have the edge assuming can handle being a ball as well as when actually running. Although, in terms of letting downhill momentum carrying the race, I'm stuck between picking Big or Omega. Their weight practically turns them into boulders, they can bowl through any competition in their way.

    3. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      If eggman can spindash, then it's no contest. He can already outrun sonic in the genesis games.

  5. The new Sonic Lego set getting made is a nice start. But i do hope this will mean more sets will come along in the future and not simply exclusive to classic Sonic stuff either. I seriously don't know why SEGA hasn't tried to push for far more Sonic Lego stuff already. I want a official Metal-Sonic & Blaze figure someday please. xD

  6. Multiple dimensions I hear?... I pray this means Blaze will appear! Please? :L

  7. So kinda like the IDW comics in tone except bit more light-hearted? That part would be fine with me I think.
  8. So if we do get A multiple Sonic media crossover for the new Sonic cartoon series... Ehh not sure I would really like the sounds of that personally. Because I seriously would enjoy just a normal cartoon series simply based on the main modern game universe purely for once. Why we always get strange stuff for Sonic cartoons? Sigh. However I'll try to keep my mind open to the idea the new Sonic series could still be good & fun regardless of me being tired of multiverse stories if that is what it ends up being. Just am overall bored of the Sonic series always focusing on time & dimension travel so often. I'll admit it has been a core aspect to the franchise going all the way back to special stage rings In Sonic 1 that warped to another dimension, and time travel in Sonic CD... So it isn't super out of place as a idea whatsoever. But sometimes I would like more plots without that stuff. I'll try to look at the upside to this and hope this means that Blaze will appear on a animated Sonic series finally after all this time! If not... then a "big boo" it gets from from me for not including her, especially in a series about dimension travel where she would fit in decently. xD Regardless of everything else, I still don't trust the animation studio making this as nothing they did in the past impressed me greatly. Also 3D animation series are rarely ever great in general... Leaves it hard to expect anything amazing from this. But time will tell.
  9. Honestly I don't need to convince you of anything. I know what I like & dislike, if you don't want to believe me that is your own problem. Ok I am going to stop you right there. At this point you are just trying to gaslight me because you can't accept anybody not agreeing with you on this subject. The only one here who is moving goalposts & dismissing arguments is you this whole time. I am done here. You are only wasting both our time.
  10. Pretty sure I said i watched the movie multiple times, and when it was released I posted at multiple places I enjoy it despite it not being my ideal for a Sonic Movie. Just because somebody enjoys something doesn't mean they think it should be fused or reused in other parts of a related franchise. And the reason I said that example with Tom is not simply because I think he should be a minor character if appearing in the main line games. I said that because are we seriously excepting SonicTeam to do anything important with him if they did? Again they barely use their current side cast as it is for anything meaningful anymore, and in general seem to suffer not knowing what to do with half their content outside of references & cameos. Why would he get special treatment? Or any other offshoot media character? Unless SonicTeam proves to us they will be changing how they handle their stuff, otherwise I have no reason to believe they would put this other extra stuff to any good use. Wishing for stuff is nice fun, but I prefer to be little realistic when working with whatever subject.
  11. Pretty sure I am being honest. I expected a overall basic Hollywood style movie I've seen before get reskinned and wasn't surprised by what we got or by the fact it sold good. The mere idea of seeing the first ever big Sonic movie sounds exciting to many people. Meaning the bar didn't have to be set very high. And I don't expect big film studios to make anything risky for concepts as that isn't their interest 9 times outta 10.
  12. Oh it proved everybody wrong did it now? What if i told you it turned out fairly close how I expected? Because it actually did. I knew from the start before we even saw the first ugly design the movie was going to be the same old toss away yet passable animal & human buddy movie which we've seen get recycled from Hollywood all the time soon as they said Sonic & a cop friend would travel with each other. Because even if they picked a different movie concept to reuse we all know either way it was going to be something we overall seen 100 times before reskinned, And as boring as those movie concepts are at least a decent portion of them make good money which is why they reuse the ideas to start with. Goodness forbid they risk making a original story idea more often right? It is one reason I rarely watch movies anymore, the bulk of them are basically the same stories i've seen before repeated to hell & back. However those kinda movies often work enough because folks will watch a movie just to experience a character/franchise they like/know is popular appear on the big screen. I know that was the only reason I watched it, and I heard it was the same for many. The story wasn't really the part that mattered to hardly anybody. And I can promise you it would had made far less money if they had kept their old ugly Movie Sonic design, I especially never would had seen it 2 times myself! Meaning the movie made money "despite" of the movie only concepts, not because of it. Far as we know a fully animated movie without Tom & gang could had sold better. Who knows? there is MANY factors into why a film is a success or flop, hardly ever a single reason. I don't even hate the movie, but it's ideas were tailored made for it alone which is clear as day. And sure, one could toss few of the ideas into the games like Tom the cop. But that still wouldn't make the separate story canons into one single entity by itself. But if that is enough for fans... then fine sure? Make Tom appear as a minor NPC in a random Sonic game & call it a day... regardless of the fact it would not actually be the exact same Tom from the movie, as he wouldn't be live action along with having a different backstory. Resulting in being a mere cameo/nod to fans instead of being anything meaningful.
  13. Or maybe if I simply like/hate it isn't my point, what I logically think here is that it doesn't work because I believe it isn't a good idea regardless of that fact they "could" do it. Even if the subject was about something i liked such as Sticks. While I wouldn't mind seeing her added into the main canon personally... however it isn't needed, nor would forcing her in there for the mere sake of it make the series better, unless they changed her concept a lot she wouldn't fit in good without it feeling jarring in tone. But no, from what you been saying the movie made money, so lets defend to the death that fact alone is good enough reason to include it's ideas into the main canon. The only one moving the goalposts here is you. Your posts cleanly read you wanted at least the majority of Sonic side media to be combined into a single story universe canon. And again none of the big franchises we talked about do that. They still have multiple separate story universes to this day & keep creating new ones, only "sometimes" do they cross over or re-add content between some of those alternate universes... and not actually everything/everybody at once under a single story universe when they do.
  14. Pretty sure you have who is wrong backwards. They might bring back stuff or cross them over sometimes, but they continue to create separate canons that exist only "in alternate universes." and never do they bring over every spinoff character ever made into a single story universe, when they do any it is often just the most popular ones. So no, my point stands while yours punches itself in the face. And what exactly do you want from the movie anyways? For some human guy named Tom the cop to randomly become Sonic's friend/daddy figure? For Eggman to look like Jim Carrey? For Sonic to have been raised by a owl when he was baby? There is nothing new there that makes the games better. The games already struggle as it is to find a use for it's side-cast.... and yet you want them to include every spinoff character every made into the series canon for some desperate reason? To amuse your idea for a moment, lets say they did exactly what you are saying... why do you think that would make fans happy? they still will prefer the original media where whatever spinoff ideas came from instead of some random new version of whatever. For example putting characters from the Sonic OVA movie into the games won't make me be happy. because I liked the unique setting/world/characterization/tone of that show, the whole deal! I don't need them to rip-out Sara from it & put her in the games... as if I should care about that? And how do you include the classic versions of the characters into the same world as the modern cast? or the Boom designs? because fans will still fight to death over which designs they prefer regardless what is done. And no, forcefully changing Classic Sonic to "Kid Sonic" and Boom Sonic into "Adult Sonic" with Modern Sonic being left as "Teen Sonic" is simply a terrible idea. SEGA did the right move by putting Classic & Boom into alternate universes. And don't pretend here anybody who disagrees with you doesn't put any thought into these subjects, as if you are the only smart person on the planet. Get over yourself.
  15. It is to late for "Consistency." How would you tie Sonic Boom into the main series? or how about Sonic SatAM/the Archie Sonic comics, The Sonic OVA movie, Sonic X... the list goes on. Or are you saying only the Sonic Movie should be tied into the games? if so not only is that clear bias, it also doesn't work without a full reboot to the games as the movie line is following it's own unique canon. I watched the movie 2 times and enjoyed it enough as it's own separate thing. But it's ideas absolutely do not work for the games. And no, people didn't watch it because it was a amazing movie~ People watched it simply because it was bloody the Sonic franchise's first ever big movie. After they fixed their awful old design for Movie Sonic, that alone sealed the deal for many people's interest in it, the story itself did not matter anymore. FYI It was a generic animal & human buddy Hollywood story with Sonic's face glued over the top. AKA nothing special. Here is the thing, Sonic fans often bring up the same old discussion of "Should SEGA include this content into the games?" after every half decent piece of Sonic media gets made no matter how logical or not it would be to do so. Also most other long running franchises in fact DO NOT even try to tie together every offshoot/separate story universe into a single canon for that series. Look at any DC or Marvel stuff or other ones like TMNT. At most they just throw their fans a bone by saying every different separate canon exists within alternate dimensions. Some fans worry to much about the idea of a "unified setting" not realizing how impossible or pointless to ask for that is for these bigger types of media franchises. The best fans can hope for is for every new offshoot media to take better usage from the source material. But as the movie shows, other outsourced studios are never interested in that, they want to do their own thing regardless of how fans feel. And that type of behavior won't change with other creators in the future if they have any amount of freedom to create what they want.
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