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  1. If we get a new 2D Classic Sonic game made by the Mania team... What kinda style would you want for the in game art? More pixel art similar to what we got in Mania or perhaps even more advanced? Some type of HD 2D drawn style? or for them to go fully 3D?

    1. Jango


      Pixel art hands down. Even more animated.

    2. tailsBOOM!


      Pixel art with an optional HD style 

    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      I would like to see something that looks like hand drawn anime art like the Sonic CD opening or the OVA. As far as I'm concerned though it can actually be hand drawn sprites, HD pixel sprites, or even getting Arc System Works to do 3D models in the guilty Gear/Dragon Ball FighterZ for it as long as it has that look.

    4. Wraith


      Pixel art just so it comes out in a reasonable amount of time. 

      I just want them to explore more in between animations between actions like the sonic advance games have

    5. Cayenne


      Pixel Art with more animation and special effects, but I woudn't mind the use of another kind of technique. Astal, for example, mixes sprites and hand drawn backgrounds very well:


    6. Noodle Panda

      Noodle Panda

      I’d like there to be option to have S3K-styled sprites.

    7. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I'm cool with the 32-bit sprites they had in Mania. I'd like a Sonic 2 HD look, personally. Otherwise, what I really want to see in terms of visual improvement is more animations. Something more interesting than walking in mid air, a unique animation when running backwards, unique underwater walking animations, etc. 

    8. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Pixel art. I remember the Sonic Advance and Mania Sprites

    9. Milo


      Honestly I'd love to have a HD 2D Sonic game above all else, but I could live with another pixel art game. I would ask though that they try a new approach in art direction, so that the next game is distinct from Mania and/or the other Genesis games.

  2. So far I actually prefer Sonic's personality from the movie over most versions of modern Sonic's personality which I haven't been much of a fan.

    The personality reminds me roughly just little of Sonic from AOSTH or Sonic SatAM and to a less degree OVA Movie Sonic, which are all my favorite Sonic personalities, besides the classic games if you wanna count those too.

    1. Kuzu


      He's certainly a fun character, but I wouldn't say its necessarily my preferred version 

  3. While the old movie trailer made me feel kinda depressed when it came out... The new one on the other-hand is making me feel happy! Good day~

  4. Oh my mew! Sonic looks fantastic in the new trailer! Still dislike Eggman not looking like Eggman... But otherwise am pretty hyped!

  5. Anybody here know of any good Sonic series fanfics? I have not read many fanfics really, I feel like giving one a shot if it's good enough. Especially would enjoy some with Blaze included.

    1. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      Finding good fanfics feels like quite the task nowadays. Comics too. I've gotten to the point where after forcing myself to teach myself to draw I'm in full-

      Image result for thanos i'll do it myself gif

      - mode.

      Blaze shouldn't be a character that's hard to find a ton of fics about. In that vast sea, you're bound to find some good ones. As for the number of Chaotix stories... feh. 

    2. DarkRula


      *Shameless plug* The Chameleon Chronicles

  6. The YuGiOh Dragon Maid cards were revealed today!


    They seem pretty fun. I wish they were little more OP with a better fusion boss & fusion spell. But hopefully they get more support in the future. This was a good start at least.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I think they're actually pretty good. Yeah I do find it odd that their boss monster IS a Fusion monster and they have protection around it but thankfully their effects are generic for the most part.

      They look consistent as they do have a lot of graveyard setup with a LOT of recursion and a Stratos to boot. And this isn't counting all the generic Dragon support they have. The Dragon Maids have potential to be strong but I really hope its not going to be tight on the wallet because I genuinely wanna build the deck.


    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      @Crow the BOOLET

      I think Hauskee shouldn't had been a fusion card, it doesn't feel like she was meant to be one to me. Personally I think she would had been better off as a plain effect mon. Replace the fusion summon text stuff and give her a bonus summoning effect that says (You can special summon this card from your hand by targeting 2 dragon type monsters on the field and then send them to the grave.) And upgrade her final destroy effect by making it shuffle the monster into the deck instead.

      Also Dragonmaid Fluss's 1st effect should had been a quick effect... I doubt anybody will use that one as it is now. Lastly maybe replaced all the fusion protection effects the big maid dragons have with a more simple effect of (While you control another level 7 or higher dragon type monster, this card cannot be destroyed by effects.) I don't feel even this change breaks them.

      But ohwell. That stuff can't be changed now.

      Side note: Hauskee might get another new card in the future as they didn't make a card based on her dragon form yet.

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Yeah the Fusion boss monster seems pretty random and doesn't really fit the theme, at least as of right now. Basing the deck around a random extra deck monster type when the deck functions well on its own wasn't a good call on Konami's part. I just hope future support actually does more because the Dragon Maids deserve better.

  7. You ever wished that the anime/manga "Dragon Maid" was turned into a Yu-Gi-Oh deck? Well regardless of your answer it seems somebody at Konami in fact did!


    Knockoff Dragon Maid deck. Amusing.

    1. Sean
    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I woke up to Rata pointing this out.

      I actually want to get back into the game just for this deck. I finally have my reason to play this game again.

    3. TCB
  8. Just read on a info site when it comes to game trailers for upcoming games that Pokemon sword & shield was the #1 most disliked/hated game from E3 this year. Heh.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood


       18k likes, 57k dislikes

      Masuda didn't need to break the news here. But I appreciate that he did, because nobody would have expect this outcome had he not brought it up. It's still ridi though, and something that Game Freak need to reconsider.

    2. Lord-Dreamerz



      People here in Japan are very angry about this also. This is a huge deal for two reasons, the first reason is that in Japan we are rarely vocal about our opinions because we don't like to start conflict. If we are very passionate about something and tell people our opinion publicly, it must be very important. Pokemon is a very popular video game series in Japan and a lot of people care about it. We want Gamefreak and Nintendo to put as much effort into these games as they can to make it the best quality game it can be.

      They could have definitely added all of the Pokemon and had no real reason to cut them. The Switch can definitely handle 1000+ Pokemon models, it is much more powerful than the 3ds and that could handle 800+ Pokemon plus their walking/running animations. They already had every old Pokemon model from Sun and Moon to use and just had to update it graphic wise. Plus they already had the 151 Kanto models finished in Let's Go.

      They could have put Sword & Shield as a priority and had the best team working on the game but they didn't, instead they side lined Pokemon in favor of a new game and had their secondary team developing Pokemon. They didn't hire enough people to work on the game and treated it like it wasn't important.

      The second reason this is a problem, is that when they realized they weren't going to have enough time to update every Pokemon model and put it into the game, they chose not to hire more people and do it. Instead they came up with an unconvincing excuse all so that they wouldn't have to spend any extra time, money, or effort into developing the game. They figured they could get away with cutting content because they figured people would buy the game no matter what terrible decisions they make. They think saving money is more important than making a great game.

      And corporate greed is one of the biggest issues people have with this whole thing. Gamefreak and Nintendo are planning on cutting a ton of Pokemon that people love from their future games because they don't want to bother hiring more people or spending more time and money to make the games fun for everyone. It's about more than just the fact that they are not including all of the Pokemon. Gamefreak and Nintendo have been prioritising other games over Pokemon for a while now and have not been putting nearly enough effort into recent games. They have been making games with unfinished areas like X and Y or no post game. They have started handing out legendary and mythical Pokemon as gifts instead of introducing them through in-game events that allow us to catch them in a unique area of the game and add to their lore.

      And sometimes they add extra things in a version two of the game but we shouldn't have to pay for a whole other game just so we can get a finished version. But it seems like for every step forward they take another two steps back. Some people are pretending not to notice these these things and are still looking through rose colored glasses (I hope I used that English phrase right). The problem with that is that it allows Gamefreak to get way with almost anything, that is partially why there was a drop in quality.

      They don't listen to their fans for the most part and that has to change. Pokemon is an important franchise that deserves a super high quality game with a ton of time and effort like Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey. The semi-open world areas of Sword & Shield look beautiful and the Pokemon in the over-world is a great new feature. But at the same time they got rid if very popular and creative things like Mega Evolution in favor of one time gimmicks. And if you like those gimmicks that is fine, but it shows that they are not listening to what the majority of fans want.

      And now they are giving us an unfinished product that has even less than their 3ds games did. That is not acceptable and that is the biggest problem, Nintendo and Gamefreak think it is okay to put less effort into Pokemon games because we will buy them any way. People want to let them know that we are tired of our favorite games being set to the side . We want them to prioritize Pokemon for once. Sword & Shield deserve to be the best quality Pokemon games they can be.

      This copy from a guy in that video's comments said it best when it comes to the problems I feel.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I agree with that post too. There's no justification for this decision, and it's just an example of the constant complacency with Pokémon. Game Freak have never responded to fan feedback with Pokémon because they've never needed to - the games still well regardless. And from at least Gen IV, the games have always had an air of laziness or misplaced priorities about them. This is the first time it's been a big feature that's caught people's attention. I look forward to seeing how Game Freak respond. But thus isn't going to make a dent in sales, so I don't think they'll care.

    4. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      This has been a problem with gamefreak since gen 3. Sure the tech limited the Ruby and Sapphire from trading with gen 1 and 2 but they could have added more pokemon to the games but they opted to make remakes of Kanto and colosseum games to get all the other pokes.

      D/P had no fire types other than the chimchar line in the main game. That is the most lazy thing I ever saw.

      The way they fix it is making Platinum( favorite of gen 4) and bringing a chunk of the new pokes that were post e4 into the main game. They shoukld have had those in D/P to start with

  9. These 4 upcoming Switch games look great to me.

    Link's Awakening.

    Zelda BOTW 2.

    Luigi's Mansion 3.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

  10. How to make Blaze act little more like a actual cat?... Give her a hobby where she knocks objects off from tables/shelves for no reason.

    1. Zaysho


      Make her hyperactive in the middle of the night when people are trying to sleep.

    2. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Give her an affinity for seeking out and standing right next to people with cat allergies.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      When people give her affection, she swipes her claws at them because she’s too excited.

    4. JezMM


      She asks Sonic for a chilli dog, eats it, then immediately goes up to Tails and asks him for a chilli dog, claiming Sonic never gave her one


      Then she pukes both chilli dogs on the hallway carpet like the moron she is



      Then she goes to Amy and asks for a ch-

    5. JosepHenry


      She gets fascinated by red lights and tries to catch em with her hands

      That is all

    6. Polkadi~☆


      having that with fire powers, blaze would be a very distracted kitty

    7. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      When you're sleeping and haven't woken up yet, she goes over and lays on your face to get you up. And then sulks and sleeps by your feet when that doesn't work.

      That's what my cat does, anyways.

    8. DanJ86


      Ironically, some cats like to climb while Blaze is afraid of heights. Perhaps Big has more cat traits then Blaze. He does sleep a lot.

    9. RedFox99


      She feels the need to lay on Tails's laptop while he's using it.

    10. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Y'all forgot this:


  11. Who wants to see a cursed image?


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      "Yes, I owe it all to you, hedgehog!"

    2. tailsBOOM!


      I imagine the Steam rating is a meme due to Bubsy's meme status.  If you need an example of this, Knack 1, Shrek Extra Large, Corey in the House DS, and plenty of others remain above 5/10 or even in some cases 9/10 on Metacritic for player reviews due purely to their meme value.

  12. Who here would actually want to see officially in a game at least once where Sonic fights a super Dr.Eggman who is using the chaos emeralds or whatever to give himself a golden super form that rivals Super Sonic?

    1. JezMM


      Really not a fan of this oft-appeared concept in Sonic fan creations. Just feels out of character for Eggman, it's not his shtick, and would contradict a lot of implied canon that it's a big deal to be able to harness emerald power. It has some nice theming that Sonic is able to use them for good in a natural manner, while Eggman perpetually struggles to use them in an artificial manner for nefarious deeds.

    2. Diogenes


      honestly it feels long overdue

      e: i imagine it less as super saiyan eggman and more like, he gets telekinesis but for machines and constructs an ultimate boss mech body. like metal overlord, but for a character that it actually makes sense for

    3. JezMM


      Actually I'm flipping it, I'm fine with it as long as they don't do the cliché thing that it's always been in the past - buff super sayian Eggman. Instead he should look his usual shape but naturally a gold moustache and a CLASSY friggin' outfit. He uses his super powers to mentally control and build mechs out of the surrounding scenery/scrap (assuming it takes place at an industrial-themed final stage) at a rapid rate to attack you rather than fighting one on one or using generic beams etc.

      That'd be pretty dope.

    4. Bobnik


      Breakdancing Eggman.

      'Nuff said.

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      A potential Super form should look more creative than a half naked chubby with a glowing floating mustache.


      With the Emeralds, he should don the look of El Gran Gordo. His fight could even take place in a wrestling arena he created himself, King Dedede and K Rool style.

      There's also the "humanoid mecha suit that Eggman fits in and is fueled by the Emeralds," but I think this concept was somewhat explored with Mania's final boss.


      Another flesh out idea I had somewhat addresses the issues @JezMM brought up. As oppose to him voluntarily powering up with the emeralds, Eggman instead gets possessed, Bowletta styled, by the Phantom Ruby. (Or some other bigger bad) It provides a unique take on both the "Eggman gets overthrown by new villain" and vice versa by allowing both villains to be "active" in the final battle. With he as its vessel, the Ruby reveals its voice, nonsensically shouting generic threats of destruction, and basically going through most terrain that might not suit the modern Robotnik.

      Basically- Make Eggman himself the Monster of the Week. 

    6. Stasis



      Sonic the Comic: The Game

  13. On the Sonic twitter take over, Shadow said for chili dogs he personally adds peppers and more cheese then Sonic does in order to showoff how much better then he is to Sonic.

    Pretty funny IMO. xD

  14. Sonic Studio is one of the rare cases where even I'll actually say that Sega should hire the guy and take his game and sell it officially.


    1. Solister


      Holy cow! I just hope this don't get in trouble looking this is nearly a make a Sonic Mania yourself for free.

      But yeah, can't wait to try this, seems awesome!

    2. Jango


      Jesus H. Christ YES.

    3. Ferno



      tbh this slogan would fit a sonic maker game far more than Mario

    4. Jango


      This is a beta and it already looks more impressive than Mario Maker.

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      There honestly should be a professional level editor for SEGA developers using this engine. Can save more time than it might with whatever method they're using now, especially if 2D titles get developed outside the main Sonic Team.


      That's honestly the perfect slogan for Mania and Sonic fangaming in general. 

    6. Milo


      sonic team did talk about the idea of a level creator for sonic games back around 2010 or so (even before mario maker 1, discussion was brought up in light of the LBP games), but iizuka said they weren't interested because...

      "It's something the team is not looking into at the moment. Sonic games, it's pretty clear that how good the level design is directly affects the quality of the game. The team believes the speed and the tempo is crucial."

      okay, that's a fair p-

      "Sonic Team are the professionals at doing it. It's hard to leave it up to the users because it's quite difficult."


  15. I want a new Sonic Riders game and with NO gimmick controls. I enjoyed the first game pretty good.

    As a side note. The 2D opening animation was amazing to me.

    1. Tarnish


      As in: no gravity control or motion sensor nonsense?

    2. Lord-Dreamerz



      Motion/Touch/VR/whatever other nonsense controls. Basically just want a normal button control game that most gamers expect.

    3. Tarnish


      Sadly the Riders franchise is pretty much dead, Sonic & co. in cars is the new fad.

    4. Lord-Dreamerz



      Which is exactly why i wish they would do another Riders game instead. hahaa It might be currently dead but they can always bring it back. Hover-boards will always be far cooler then dull cars.

    5. Tarnish


      As much as I liked Riders, what I'd really like to see is what Sonic R attempted to do: Sonic characters racing on foot. I still think it's the most unique and truest approach to the characters and I think there's potential in the concept. It could really put the drifting idea from Unleashed to good use for example.

      Regarding the "Sonic would obviously win so that concept is stupid" argument, well...Sonic 2 and 3 had 2 player versus racing, Sonic R was a thing, and Sonic Heroes had every character running as fast as Sonic, so it's not like they never had other characters being able to keep up with Sonic..

    6. Lord-Dreamerz


      @Tarnish Oh I would love another Sonic R too... But sadly it seems less likely then even another Riders game far as how SEGA's feeling on the idea goes... I think a on foot race series of racer games is a great idea personally and Sonic is a great fit for it.

    7. Milo


      The first Riders definitely has its problems but I honestly like it more than virtually every other Millennium Sonic game. Riders ZG was a big disappointment for me with how they heavily simplified the gameplay in favor for the gravity mechanics, and I never bothered with Free Riders for obvious reasons. The fact that Free Riders reportedly brought the gameplay closer to the first game pains me more that it was compromised to be a gimmicky Kinect launch title, and we'll likely never get a fourth Riders with the current management.

      It's probably not a coincidence that while it was technically made by Sonic Team and bearing the ST name, the staff who developed the first Riders was actually what used to be Sega's former United Game Artists studio (who had recently been folded into the ST division).

      The next best thing to a Riders 4 IMO is a Boost game that borrows a lot of design principles from the first Riders (and Sonic R for that matter, which I also greatly like a lot)....but that would require a design team that actually cares enough about all three playstyles/games and adapting the Boost gameplay into a racer to begin with...

    8. Ferno


      I hope in 10-20 years, people are just as nostalgic for the art style used in riders' 2D intro as they are for "toei sonic" right now.

    9. Milo


      why wait? i like the look of the game we got, but i don't blame people who wish the entire game was made in the style of the opening intro (presumably done via cel-shading).

      a new sonic anything in that style would be beautiful. we don't get many cel-shaded sonic games as it is (there's only, what, sonic shuffle and the 2D sprites in S4E1).

    10. Lord-Dreamerz


      I love the Sonic Riders 2D opening art style still today... If they could somehow remake that style for the main game itself... it would be a wonderful time to live in.

    11. Tarnish


      Sonic Riders was the last Sonic game I actually enjoyed, so it's even more special for me for that reason.

      I still remember that the 1 stage demo they released actually contained all (or at least most) of the stages you could access with a hack/mod. Fun times.

  16. The TSR roster is not the worse really... at least they didn't try to fill the space with clone characters like Classic Sonic.

    Have you seen the Mario Kart 8 roster? I saw this on twitter below and had a good laugh.


    So many baby and metal versions of characters. xD

    1. Diogenes


      i think the one with more than twice as many characters has the advantage even if people don't like all of the characters

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      It's amusing when Sonic Racing stopped being "Sonic SEGA" racing, Mario Kart is starting to become "Mario & Nintendo Racing."

    3. JosepHenry


      I feel like is less annoying to have a soild list of few characters than a big list that is all over the place when you could have much better characters.

      Like Mario Kart 8 chose to have babies and existing characters with costumes over E Gadd, King Boo (the Luigi's Mansion one) Pauline, the many RPG characters (Goombella, Koops, Vivane, Geno, Mallow, Fawful), Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, Dixie Kong.... Good thing the non Mario characters made up for it.

    4. Lord-Dreamerz


      Meanwhile Crash drives by with Crash Team racing and says to Mario and Sonic...

      (Hold my wumpa fruit.)

    5. JosepHenry


      Except no one cares about most Crash characters at all lol

    6. mayday2592


      @JosepHenry and people care about Mario's cast of babies, generic enemies/npcs, and recolors? I've seen alot of hype for the possible CTR cast compared to Sonic or Mario. 

    7. JosepHenry


      Well yeah, Crunch is in lol

    8. JezMM


      To be fair I feel there's a lot of folks out there who have a particular favourite "clone" mario character that they like.  They probably don't care about them all, but they enjoy playing as that "one" from the set (babies etc) and that justifies including them all.

      Having said that Mario Kart 8 even when ignoring Nintendo guests and characters that are or could be argued to be clones, it still manages to have 3 more characters than TSR does lol (not that I have an issue with TSR's roster really outside of the Chao mobile).

    9. Thigolf


      Sonic also flooded its games with new, more or less major characters each game that get a huge following almost instantly unlike Mario which is much more reserved when it comes to including new characters that aren't just NPCs you see for 5 minutes in a much longer game and don't get much attention at all.

      MK8 is basically all the essentials with beloved other characters/enemies and a bunch of fluff on top to flesh out the roster count, TSR barely scratches the surface of even semi-popular/relevant characters, to the point where I'd argue that even essential ones aren't here.

    10. Lord-Dreamerz


      TSR should had included at least the rest of the Chaotix. The Babylon rogues... and perhaps somebody else to be the 3rd wheel with Blaze & Silver... maybe Cream as she is friends with Blaze.

    11. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry


      Plus, not counting the TV shows and comics of course, most every Sonic character was all made and held under Sonic Team's roof. So they can basically show up whenever they want.

      Unlike Mario, whose character ownership is all over the place no thanks to its countless spinoffs. Meaning you won't be expecting Waluigi, Daisy or Diddy to show up (in person) in a mainline title or any RPG character of your choice to appear in the party in sports games any time soon.

      That's quanity over quality for ya.

    12. JezMM


      I really don't think character ownership has anything to do with the mainline Mario games using spin-off characters or vice verca. Nintendo most definitely own all those characters, they're just weirdly strict when it comes to usage. Pauline showing up in Odyssey shows they could do it any time they wanted to, they just need a REALLY good reason to (interviews and such make it seem like they put a LOT of thought into putting Pauline into the game).

      I think the RPG characters don't appear outside of the RPGs because they're kind of unconventional designs from games that get obscurer by the day, I almost get where Nintendo are coming from there.

      Like it's all definitely silly and I have no doubt at all that the casual audience who would actually get something out of Baby Rosalina or Racoon Mario just based off visual appeal would be just as likely to be like "oh neat, a purple blob ghost thing with a witch hat I wanna play as her", but yeah, I still like, get it.

  17. Attack on Sonic movie. Perfect. xD




    PS: It is a "attack on titans" reference in case somebody doesn't get the joke. Here is the twitter link for the art.


  18. ... I wish this was a real fan game/hack... I want to play it so bad. xD'


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I like the little details they done to make sure Eggman is still able to progress stage without normal Sonic abilities (touching a Spindash switch instantly moves the platforms)


      Though my rough idea for playable 2D Eggman where instead of these one shot powerups, his normal form is a joke character, but he can summon an All Purpose Egg Walker/Mobile.

  19. It is really fun/intriguing when designing concepts behind the race of fantasy characters. For example when designing the idea for a race based after a life creature it is very interesting trying to take real aspects of that creature including the life style/culture while giving the race the same intelligence as people.

    As a farther example take the idea of a fantasy race based on ants or bees. The obvious place where you start is make a kingdom with a female monarchy only. Next a thought might be for the males to make up less then 10% of the race with the exact number depending on how far you want it to actually resemble the real insects. Going with ants for the idea the next step could be to make them expert resource hunters and hoarders. And the next idea for bees could be to make them a very industrial race where they build everything themselves.

    Those are just some basic beginning ideas… there is so much stuff worth thinking about when making fantasy races and I find it all super entertaining.

  20. HMM! Chao In Space HD poster.



    I know full well this doesn't have to mean anything. But I am starting to feel really confident in guessing the next mainline Sonic game will be a Sonic Adventure and maybe SA2 remake from all the possible small clues based on this past year or more.

    1. Tarnish


      I hope not. Or at least Sonic Team better have minimal to no involvement.

      They bastardized 'classic Sonic' and 'modern Sonic' already, no need to do that with 'adventure Sonic' as well.

    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      Err Sonic Team can still make a good game when they really want to and try hard enough. So I personally wouldn't mind seeing it happen. They are going to keep making new Sonic games either way.

    3. Tarnish


      Their past output really makes me doubt that.

    4. TheOcelot


      *inb4 it's a Heroes remake*

    5. DanJ86


      "Co Producer CREAM" So that's where she's been?

      Heh, "Produced FOR THE LOLS" XD ^^;

    6. Solister


      This is which installment in the series?

  21. Hmm funky art design idea. Make character avatar/incarnations based after the art design/concept themes of popular zones from the Sonic games.

  22. The trailer now has 82K likes and 105K dislikes!

    ... Does this call for some kinda celebration? xD

    1. KHCast


      People are just review bombing this!!!! The film looks fiiiine!

  23. Finally the long awaited sequel to "Ace Ventura Pet Detective" we been dying all these years for!

    This time Ace Ventura is up against a quick naughty blue hedgehog that he has to catch or otherwise he'll lose his job!

  24. The trailer is now at 64K likes and 72K dislikes... the dislikes are slowly winning. Ah yeeeah let it rain!

  25. I just showed one of my best friends on Discord the Jim Robotnik movie pic... They thought it was a bad fan made Photoshop pic and that I was joking. After I told them it is real... they are now depressed. hahaa!

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