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  1. Sonic Studio is one of the rare cases where even I'll actually say that Sega should hire the guy and take his game and sell it officially.


    1. Solister


      Holy cow! I just hope this don't get in trouble looking this is nearly a make a Sonic Mania yourself for free.

      But yeah, can't wait to try this, seems awesome!

    2. Jango


      Jesus H. Christ YES.

    3. Ferno



      tbh this slogan would fit a sonic maker game far more than Mario

    4. Jango


      This is a beta and it already looks more impressive than Mario Maker.

    5. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      There honestly should be a professional level editor for SEGA developers using this engine. Can save more time than it might with whatever method they're using now, especially if 2D titles get developed outside the main Sonic Team.


      That's honestly the perfect slogan for Mania and Sonic fangaming in general. 

    6. Mil-O-Lantern


      sonic team did talk about the idea of a level creator for sonic games back around 2010 or so (even before mario maker 1, discussion was brought up in light of the LBP games), but iizuka said they weren't interested because...

      "It's something the team is not looking into at the moment. Sonic games, it's pretty clear that how good the level design is directly affects the quality of the game. The team believes the speed and the tempo is crucial."

      okay, that's a fair p-

      "Sonic Team are the professionals at doing it. It's hard to leave it up to the users because it's quite difficult."


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