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  1. There is already some people hoping SEGA starts making the future games similar to the Sonic Movie...

    Side note. I am also in general tired of all the "I know how to fix the Sonic franchise!" type videos popping up often, with each person thinking their "amazing concepts" would save the series... yet every single person has completely different ideas.

    1. Strickerx5


      Speaks to just how many different groups we have in this fanbase and how many routes the series has gone down at this point. Everyone wants the same thing, a good game. Though how we get there, that very first step, might as well be a war zone in some areas.

      Though yeah, not too much a fan of the growing opinion that Movie Sonic should fully take over myself. I mean, I can chalk part of it up to it really being the only thing coming up on the series road map atm so it is the current hot topic but otherwise... damn people, at least wait for the movie to actually come out lol.

      The absolute 180 this movie's marketing has made still astounds the fuck out of me.

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