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  1. Whoa, that actually looks kinda like a decent movie. The art style is pretty cute! I can dig it. Well the story itself seems fairly generic and forgettable, but at least it isn't the lame type of story the Sonic movie is doing... Hm how come I never heard about this movie before now? Did they run out of advertisement money? Hahaaha~
  2. Looks like it turned out to be a great game! That is always nice to hear. Been seeing tons of people on twitter among other places along with even professional reviewers praising it. It seems like a good game to me also! Thinking I'll buy & pick it up later on when I get in the mood... I'm in no rush however. I've never played any Castlevania before I think, but this exact game is especially drawing me into it enough.
  3. I am aware. It does say "BOTW-2 has started development" for a reason, and why I said "Unless something else happens later." Almost everything could change between now and the end of development. However it also depends on if what they showed us in the trailer was trying to tell us anything or not about their plans. Considering this is a continuation of the first game... I can easily see them trying to imply that Link obtaining the master sword before the end of the last game is canon to the story.
  4. Something I didn't notice before until I noticed somebody pointing it out on a video. In the trailer Link has the master sword on his back, meaning unless something else happens later the player will start off BOTW-2 with the master sword this time. That definitely will change a bit how the battle system will be handled this time if so.
  5. Or hear me out here. Not everybody thought that trash durability system was fun nor interesting? I know for a fact I would enjoy it more if the weapons didn't break whatsoever and as a result it would had improved my experience with the game. I am 100% against your opinion here. I don't need protection from myself when i know what i would prefer as a more enjoyable time. Nintendo can do whatever they want obviously, i'm not going to pretend they should listen to me. But that doesn't mean I'll not stop asking for what i think would improve it for people like myself.
  6. I REALLY hope BOTW-2 has FAR more enemy variety this time. It annoyed me how BOTW had less enemies then the linear Zelda games, I noticed this is a problem with many open world games in general. I also hope there will be more mini-games and many actual interesting items to hunt for. Once you realize that weapons and items are basically toilet paper, it doesn't encourage you to try overly hard to explore and hunt many items down when knowing ahead of time most things you can find won't last long anyways. I'm truly hoping BOTW-2 is a big improvement over the first game...I actually agreed with some reviews that only gave it roughly a 7 outta 10. A really good game... but not anywhere near perfect to me personally.
  7. Can't tell if you are talking to me directly or talking in general. Because I already know how this discussion started and I obviously agree that mere references & Easter eggs don't make a story better by itself nor is it a real selling point for a movie.
  8. Yeah referencing a idea in another form of media doesn't mean it must be exactly the same in order to count as a reference to a different older related piece of media. However I wouldn't count the teleporting rings in the movie as Easter eggs regardless as they are being used as a actual plot point in the movie to some degree. My opinion is Easter eggs are semi-hidden jokes or non-focused on references outside of the main plot.
  9. You ever wished that the anime/manga "Dragon Maid" was turned into a Yu-Gi-Oh deck? Well regardless of your answer it seems somebody at Konami in fact did!


    Knockoff Dragon Maid deck. Amusing.

    1. Sean
    2. Corviknight


      I woke up to Rata pointing this out.

      I actually want to get back into the game just for this deck. I finally have my reason to play this game again.

    3. TCB
  10. Just read on a info site when it comes to game trailers for upcoming games that Pokemon sword & shield was the #1 most disliked/hated game from E3 this year. Heh.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood


       18k likes, 57k dislikes

      Masuda didn't need to break the news here. But I appreciate that he did, because nobody would have expect this outcome had he not brought it up. It's still ridi though, and something that Game Freak need to reconsider.

    2. Lord-Dreamerz



      People here in Japan are very angry about this also. This is a huge deal for two reasons, the first reason is that in Japan we are rarely vocal about our opinions because we don't like to start conflict. If we are very passionate about something and tell people our opinion publicly, it must be very important. Pokemon is a very popular video game series in Japan and a lot of people care about it. We want Gamefreak and Nintendo to put as much effort into these games as they can to make it the best quality game it can be.

      They could have definitely added all of the Pokemon and had no real reason to cut them. The Switch can definitely handle 1000+ Pokemon models, it is much more powerful than the 3ds and that could handle 800+ Pokemon plus their walking/running animations. They already had every old Pokemon model from Sun and Moon to use and just had to update it graphic wise. Plus they already had the 151 Kanto models finished in Let's Go.

      They could have put Sword & Shield as a priority and had the best team working on the game but they didn't, instead they side lined Pokemon in favor of a new game and had their secondary team developing Pokemon. They didn't hire enough people to work on the game and treated it like it wasn't important.

      The second reason this is a problem, is that when they realized they weren't going to have enough time to update every Pokemon model and put it into the game, they chose not to hire more people and do it. Instead they came up with an unconvincing excuse all so that they wouldn't have to spend any extra time, money, or effort into developing the game. They figured they could get away with cutting content because they figured people would buy the game no matter what terrible decisions they make. They think saving money is more important than making a great game.

      And corporate greed is one of the biggest issues people have with this whole thing. Gamefreak and Nintendo are planning on cutting a ton of Pokemon that people love from their future games because they don't want to bother hiring more people or spending more time and money to make the games fun for everyone. It's about more than just the fact that they are not including all of the Pokemon. Gamefreak and Nintendo have been prioritising other games over Pokemon for a while now and have not been putting nearly enough effort into recent games. They have been making games with unfinished areas like X and Y or no post game. They have started handing out legendary and mythical Pokemon as gifts instead of introducing them through in-game events that allow us to catch them in a unique area of the game and add to their lore.

      And sometimes they add extra things in a version two of the game but we shouldn't have to pay for a whole other game just so we can get a finished version. But it seems like for every step forward they take another two steps back. Some people are pretending not to notice these these things and are still looking through rose colored glasses (I hope I used that English phrase right). The problem with that is that it allows Gamefreak to get way with almost anything, that is partially why there was a drop in quality.

      They don't listen to their fans for the most part and that has to change. Pokemon is an important franchise that deserves a super high quality game with a ton of time and effort like Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey. The semi-open world areas of Sword & Shield look beautiful and the Pokemon in the over-world is a great new feature. But at the same time they got rid if very popular and creative things like Mega Evolution in favor of one time gimmicks. And if you like those gimmicks that is fine, but it shows that they are not listening to what the majority of fans want.

      And now they are giving us an unfinished product that has even less than their 3ds games did. That is not acceptable and that is the biggest problem, Nintendo and Gamefreak think it is okay to put less effort into Pokemon games because we will buy them any way. People want to let them know that we are tired of our favorite games being set to the side . We want them to prioritize Pokemon for once. Sword & Shield deserve to be the best quality Pokemon games they can be.

      This copy from a guy in that video's comments said it best when it comes to the problems I feel.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I agree with that post too. There's no justification for this decision, and it's just an example of the constant complacency with Pokémon. Game Freak have never responded to fan feedback with Pokémon because they've never needed to - the games still well regardless. And from at least Gen IV, the games have always had an air of laziness or misplaced priorities about them. This is the first time it's been a big feature that's caught people's attention. I look forward to seeing how Game Freak respond. But thus isn't going to make a dent in sales, so I don't think they'll care.

    4. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      This has been a problem with gamefreak since gen 3. Sure the tech limited the Ruby and Sapphire from trading with gen 1 and 2 but they could have added more pokemon to the games but they opted to make remakes of Kanto and colosseum games to get all the other pokes.

      D/P had no fire types other than the chimchar line in the main game. That is the most lazy thing I ever saw.

      The way they fix it is making Platinum( favorite of gen 4) and bringing a chunk of the new pokes that were post e4 into the main game. They shoukld have had those in D/P to start with

  11. My only point is that it was a sequel which took place in the same Zelda timeline with a number of the same characters. I wasn't trying to correct the fact you were saying they have only one other time made a Zelda game where the same plot and locations continue. On another note personally I hope they get rid of the weapon durability system for BOTW2. It was awful. At least it needs to be changed so weapons & shields are far more durable instead of everything acting as if they are made outta glass. Also a decent item repair system would go a long way to improving it, something that could be used nearly as easy as cooking.
  12. The Phantom Hourglass was suppose to be a direct sequel to Wind Waker despite not having the same playable locations.
  13. This video below about the upcoming game feels like a Ganon theory that sounds fairly legit to me.
  14. Hahaa! But that is clearly a fan design. Surely NOT TO MANY people thought it was official did they? ...Sigh.
  15. Hm. Those tweets talk about a non-real design that some people were mistaking for the new redesign? What was it even?
  16. I am having trouble finding the info... but the other day I in fact read from a interview they are fixing that old problem for the new game. Can't remember exactly how they are fixing it as I don't know where I saw it and can't find the info quickly on google.
  17. Exactly. It almost as if some people think we are just enjoying hating on it... personally it hurts me that we are in a position where we need to heavily criticize it. But that is just the result of what happens when a official product adaptation is given poor/misguided treatment by a company, especially when it is done by a outsourced team who think they know better then both the fans and the original creators themselves.
  18. Umm even in a realistic setting Sonic is not suppose to look flatly like a actual hedgehog, he was never meant to be simply a blue colored animal. Sonic is a anthropomorphic AKA half human & half animal combo type in nature. What you made in my opinion is a even worse take on the character then what the Sonic movie was originally trying to do, and it would never be accepted by the bulk of the fanbase nor even most people who barely know Sonic.
  19. I didn't watch the trailer. I only watched few people play it from E3. Welp I guess that result isn't surprising... it is kinda boring however.
  20. This game is looking really good! This is the first time I felt that really wanted to play a Luigi's Mansion game... I guess it doesn't help that I am not really a fan of the 2 Mario bro characters. Hohoo~ Anyways the gameplay and visuals look great! The opening cut-scene shows Peach & Mario, I wonder how they'll be included here?
  21. The only reason I want to see the movie currently is because hopefully the new redesign will look good enough now which will allow me to tolerate it instead of that previous horror show of a design, and because this MIGHT be the only chance I'll get to see a Sonic movie in theaters in my life... The Sonic franchise is near & dear to my soul despite all the rotten hiccups along the way. So passing up on seeing this regardless that it will probably be kinda lame is not something I really wanna do... I seen tons of movies I think are awful anyways, so I can put up with another mediocre one down my belt. However currently nothing makes this movie worth deserving much positive treatment from the fanbase. Seriously outside of the upcoming redesign maybe being far better, otherwise what about this movie is even sounding good? Sure I am a big fan of Jim Carrey too... but they didn't even bother making him whatsoever look like Dr.Eggman for the majority of this movie... which sucks! When I watch a movie I want known characters to actually look enough like themselves and not just stupidly pander to fans of a famous actor's face. The whole Sonic in the real world concept has never been a good or cool idea! Sonic joining together with random human companions on a adventure? A lame concept that never was appealing for this series... Sonic X rightfully got hated on for doing that idea! This movie in no shape or form feels Sonic themed outside of Sonic himself being poorly tossed into it.
  22. These 4 upcoming Switch games look great to me.

    Link's Awakening.

    Zelda BOTW 2.

    Luigi's Mansion 3.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

  23. Pokemon is one of the world's all time top selling video game series... They don't need people feeling sorry nor defending them over their bad choices that they purposely made when they are literally swimming in money. And insulting a fairly big portion of the fanbase doesn't make you look cool. The games all this time have been set up to make people sentimental over their Pokemon collection and in fact encouraged it... so the dev team coming out of nowhere and saying they are axing one of main appeals of the series for certain fans is not a great move and it is a no brainier why many people are upset or at least disappointed over it. You are making up poor excuses. Nothing was ever forcing you to collect & trade for EVERY Pokemon from previous games. It is your own personal problem if you find it to be unwelcoming just because of the fact crazy tons of Pokemon technically existed on the past few games. Most people don't even transfer and use their old Pokemon until after they finish the main story modes anyways... sometimes the company doesn't even allow you to do so in certain games until you finish. Meaning new Pokemon get more then enough chance to shine regardless if all the old timers are still around. The games being streamlined does not make them better and never has... it is simply less content to enjoy forcing the players to end their games sooner. if you don't want to use old Pokemon in the new games... then just don't? I never once in my life tried to collect every Pokemon in these games, I only capture and use the Pokemon I like the most every time and enjoyed still being able to use all my old favorites in all the new games up until now.
  24. Kinda funny how the first big mainline Pokemon title that will be also a console game... will probably have far less content then some of the handheld only titles before it. Hahaa! All that extra power & storage space gone to near waste. Hopefully the fan backlash will get them to change their minds later... even if it is only on future games. Anyways this was a big face-plant on their part. They are better off just taking more time to make these games and release them little less often instead of sacrificing quality of the games just for the speed & quantity production of games.
  25. Just you wait... couple years later they will probably release a 3rd version for this set of games and correct their mistake of limiting it to only Galar Dex Pokemon. Doesn't fix the current Sword & Shield games however unless they patch it. Regardless they goofed up badly this time. And personally If my top fave Pokemon are not available in these games... then that will seal the deal for me definitely not getting these exact set of games ever.
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