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  1. That’s a great character design! Though the fact she is being featured so prominently as the big new original female character says to me that Sally and the Freedom Fighters are definitely out. I’m still going to give the new book a shot since it’s mostly still the same creative team as Archie Sonic, but I won’t lie, I’m still slightly bummed.
  2. I'm very afraid...Buffles is obviously my biggest concern, but I'm also concerned about Amyrexia Rose almost just as much. Sonic with slightly more realistic quills is fine, and Tails...he looks the same! The horror!
  3. I would guess that means this year we'll be getting the next game from the Unleashed/Generations team, which hopefully lives up to those games (or at least half of Unleashed...) Then in 2015, a new title from Sumo presumably that will be on as many consoles as possible...Sounds about right.
  4. This is actually really awesome...But then again I'm a sucker for what most would describe as cheesy '80s music. Just makes me wonder what other Sonic 3 zone themes are based on really obscure music...isn't the credits theme based off another MJ song?
  5. I don't get it...Archie is pretty much under absolute fucking insane scrutiny these days when it comes to character designs, even being forced to change the SatAM characters to look more fitting among the SEGA cast...and then this goes and turns Knuckles into some giant monster.
  6. Came here to post about David Wise, but I'm apparently late...BUT Jesus fucking Christ I cannot contain myself! I actively listen to DKC1 and 2 soundtracks in my fucking car all the time! Stickerbrush Symphony! Hot-Head Bop! Some of the greatest tunes in classic gaming! YESH!!!
  7. I admit I was slightly underwhelmed at first, but really, where else could the series have gone to be bigger than the Galaxy games? And also there's always the chance Nintendo could re-release them in HD to help fill the line-up a bit, or even do a Galaxy 3 down the line. Still, I'm pretty excited for the game, multiplayer in a 3D Mario is quite interesting. Retro working on DKC:TF was infinitely more disappointing...and I loved the first one.
  8. Small issue...but is anyone else a bit grumped that Samus has her shitty Other M look?
  9. I am an Xbox 360 owner, I love my Xbox 360...but I'm jumping ship man, the PS4 has everything and the Xbox One has nothing...except maybe that TitanFall game, it looked like it might be decent...but...PS4 literally has everything else. A stronger console at $100 less? How does that work?
  10. YES! I couldn't be more excited for Mirror's Edge 2!
  11. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=558326 Looks like we've got some concrete info, courtesy of Segabits/NeoGAF/ShadiWulf. Sonic Lost World eh? Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue...
  12. It's clearly Dragon Quest...the eyes are a dead giveaway...wish it wasn't though . I really don't get why this feels so frustrating. I've been waiting on a new Metroid for way longer than this... Still, it won't be long now...E3 is pretty much a roadblock that new Sonic game news absolutely will not pass.
  13. It is beginning to finally get on my nerves that we haven't heard anything yet...only because we're so used to getting info on new Sonic games all the time, and I really figured we'd hear something by now...Still though, obviously a new game is coming. This isn't Nintendo where we have to sit and ponder "well...will Nintendo take another shot at Metroid or no?" Sonic is SEGA, SEGA is Sonic. There will be a new game, and they'll likely want it out this Fall, so...any time now...
  14. I hope SEGA isn't riding on the hopes that the remaining 6th gen 3D Sonic games will sell as well as SA2. I remember when the game came out for Dreamcast it was critically acclaimed and all, but that game was HUGE on Gamecube from my recollection. Heroes and especially Shadow won't do nearly as well. Heroes at least might be worth it to make a little bit of profit perhaps, but certainly not the abortion that was Shadow.
  15. Ugh...God I really, really want a new Nintendo Direct soon.

  16. Anyone else jonesing for a new Nintendo Direct? I know I am...

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      no, but i'm pretty kelly for one right about now

    2. ChaosXVI


      I'm just worried we won't get another one until E3...seems impossible but you never know.

    3. Gregzilla


      I want Pikmin 3 info and I want it NOW.

  17. ChaosXVI

    Mega Man

    Although I hate the idea of the gritty reboot...the only thing that makes me wish maybe this had gone through is that this was by the former heads of Retro, and was only 6 months into development...Another 2 years or so with some changes this game might've been pretty awesome...
  18. I think they're both awesome for varying reasons, but I think the Genesis version slightly edges out the Saturn one. The Flickies theme, the boss music, the lava/ice worlds of the Genesis version win it for me.
  19. As if continuity really matters all that much to SEGA? If Sonic 5 is ever officially made, I seriously doubt they will give a shit about trying to put it properly in the timeline until just before it comes out, although S4E2 does go against this I suppose, but S4E1 doesn't.
  20. Well Retro people and Taxman, consider me in on your sordid little conspiracy. I'll buy both for all platforms I own that they come to...which hopefully is not just iOS and Android...because I have neither of those... XBLA and eShop? They'll be mine...and to everyone doubting this thing...It's a definitive version of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, two of the best games in the series, and even if you've played them 100,000 times, one more isn't going to kill you... Besides...remember how ridiculously cheap Sonic CD 2011 was? It was the cost of like 2 bottles of soda. That game could have been $20 and still have been worth every penny.
  21. ChaosXVI

    Game Grumps

    Damn, I was hoping they would become way more frustrated than that...that was nothing. The first time I played it, I only lost the ball once, but I still hated every second of it. It was far more entertaining to get my brother to play it without any context...45 minutes of his life, gone.
  22. I've always preferred the idea that the order goes Sonic 1, 2, 3K, and then CD and Chaotix take place at the same time...I know Chaotix is not considered canon, but...does it really matter?
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