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  1. Since this is a TEAM racing game, I thought it'd be neat to find fellow racers to race with online.. I race on the Switch for Team Sonic Racing^^ I'll start.. Kalion:1655-3309-3504 Discord: Kalion#5983
  2. I'm still sour Galactic Parade was left out. And no Pumpkin Hill track but Mystic Mansion instead..not the best compromise but I guess it's okay.
  3. Could we have a list of the tracks we figured out please... And ooof, like the old reused tracks harkens me of the old sonic levels' feel... .....and the new ones just don't...is it the artstyle?
  4. Have you seen the previous SEGA racing games on mobile? Maybe there'll be longer support finally due to apple arcade tho'
  5. *coughcough* Y'know I hoped it was over with the Sonic Forces defense squad but alas, it still persists. Anyway, thanks Hogfather for highlighting some of the cool mechanics of the game it's literally the only thing tethering to me to the game other than the music. I had some better ideas for them but I get the impression they wanted to keep it simple and accessible for as many players to understand. The team concept has been hard enough to grasp for some.
  6. ...When one does'nt get the Game Industry. It's been repeated a few times in the thread this is the Nottingham team at Sumo not the Sheffield team that worked on Transformed.
  7. One of the main jokes with him was the Giant Sandwich, mate. It's as simple as it gets, he rides in a Subway Sub resembling his Sandwich from Lost World.
  8. Wow this optimistic mindset in Sonic Fans never changes does it?
  9. Please be better than Jump Force...
  10. People don't care about this choice that the laziness of melding Metal Sonic's car with Zavok's has escaped them. I mean c'mon Marketing is crucial for any game and nobody QC'd this?
  11. With Sega's PR record of late, you'll have to wait a while.
  12. I'll main Zavok. I do like his design so I'm happy. I just wish they surprised us instead of the usual suspects. If someone from the Deadly Six has to be in, Zor would have been a neat surprise.
  13. To take things from the other side Rodea: The Sky Soldier was inspired by Sonic and Nights considering their Creator directed it. The homing attack and particularly the textures and architecture does remind me of Sonic Adventure.
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