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  1. On 3/24/2019 at 10:48 AM, Jack the Shadow said:

    We already discussed that between a low budget, tons of work with customization, each character having his own vehicle, recording lines, all of this makes it less likely to get more characters. I'm just asking for a decent amount of tracks though. I predict the mobile version will have more support for the longer term because it's easier to work on mobile, obviously, like Speed Battle compared to Forces.

    Anyway: about reused content, I should probably not worry, after all the tracks shown and revealed were mostly new, 9 new and 3 old, so the final stage ratio should be 16 new : 5 old, basically, which is okay I guess, and we know there is likely a Green Hill track rather than a third rehashed Seaside Hill track.

    Have you seen the previous SEGA racing games on mobile? 
    Maybe there'll be longer support finally due to apple arcade tho'

  2. *coughcough* Y'know I hoped it was over with the Sonic Forces defense squad but alas, it still persists.

    Anyway, thanks Hogfather for highlighting some of the cool mechanics of the game it's literally the only thing tethering to me to the game other than the music.
    I had some better ideas for them but I get the impression they wanted to keep it simple and accessible for as many players to understand.
    The team concept has been hard enough to grasp for some.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Jack the Shadow said:

    I just don't think Sumo has a passion for Sonic like they do for Sega. Obviously the higher ups gave the restrictions and roster (tracks included) selection. Sumo hasn't exactly had a good track record with their games apparently. Who else should we blame? If not the developers, I obviously respect their work and effort put into the game. Most of the reasons this game has little content and a low budget is for the Lost World and Boom fiasco, and rest assured if this game goes ka-boom in sales, that the budget and content will be even less next time. As much as Mania is a good game it still had a low budget and few new ideas, even the DLC wasn't much, Forces had low budget as well, the only saving thing could be that they both sold well.

    ...When one does'nt get the Game Industry.

    It's been repeated a few times in the thread this is the Nottingham team at Sumo not the Sheffield team that worked on Transformed.

  4. 23 hours ago, DabigRG said:

    So on the topic of Zavok apparently just being there, I do wanna say I might've replaced him with Zomom if Eggman needed someone else to be the Power Type. As I mentioned before, of the six Zeti, Zomom is arguably the least likely to be picked for anything without the whole group due to arguably being the least appealing/interesting of them: 

    • Zavok is the leader of the group, has the most unique design among them, and is a simultaneously different yet similar non-Eggman antagonist
    • Master Zik is probably the oldest character in the series, has flat out psychic powers, and a fruit motif, plus his inherent relevance to the group's origins
    • Zazz is practically the group's feral mascot that's always up for a fight, which is not that different in attitude from Sonic or Knuckles
    • Zor has a distinct color scheme, a contrasting mindset to much of the series themes, and is roughly the size of most Sonic character, if slightly smaller
    • Zeena is a female villain and one with a mostly non-typical color scheme

    By contrast, Zomom isn't particularly important, cool, archetypal, complex, attractive(however you wanna pick that), arguably unorthodox, or maybe even that offensive. He can be deemed a pretty unremarkable and/or an opposite colored, antagonistic counterpart of Big the Cat. Which is why him being on Team Eggman instead would've been a bigger surprise and a more out there pick.

    Granted, designing a car for him is admittedly a bizarre task, but that's ultimately another reason why he'd be an interesting choice--you'd have to get creative to give him something to ride.

    1. Like Zavok, the first choice for designing a ride for him would be the mech Eggman made him; only problem is said mech is a weird, pink and lime Oni head made of mathlink cubes. Barring having him literally make a car by rearranging the cubes or maybe literally sitting in the mouth with wheels attached to the head, I don't think that would fly.
    2. The second option is to reference the game he debuted in by using elements of the levels he was fought in. Perhaps his car could be made of different animals located in Desert Ruins--maybe even literally. A Sandworm with Cactus Balls for wheels could be pretty good.
    3. And the third option, and probably the most option conclusion to come to character-wise, is for his car to be made out of food--literally! It might even triple as a reference to Sweet Mountain and maybe Sugar Lane, depending on what's used. Just to make a quick suggestion off the top of my head, maybe he could go for a monster truck look using the potroasts he eats as wheels under a giant sandwich.

    Refuge in Audacity is something of a consistent theme there, as you can see. Oh, also, his Yellow skin with red tipped horns would technically similar color scheme till making him stand out visually.

    One of the main jokes with him was the Giant Sandwich, mate.

    It's as simple as it gets, he rides in a Subway Sub resembling his Sandwich from Lost World.

  5. 1 hour ago, JezMM said:

    Gonna be honest, pretty sure next to no-one expected or wanted Zavok... but he's still a better character than four chao in a car so whatevs.

    I'll main Zavok. I do like his design so I'm happy.

    I just wish they surprised us instead of the usual suspects. If someone from the Deadly Six has to be in, Zor would have been a neat surprise.

  6. 12 hours ago, Rowl said:

    Sonic Team has to understand Sonic... that is true. This is something every create should no about their art.... but... can Sega and Sonic Team understand Sonic. Does anyone on this planet understands Sonic? I for sure don't. The only thing I know of this series is that that main character is fast and that he is blue. And that's about it.

    The series tried pretty much everything at this point and chances a lot. Level design, gameplay, tone, world, backstory, lore, controls etc. Sonic as a series can't really decided what it truly want's to be.

    Nintendo for example understands Mario: It is a colorful, happy-go-lucky, jump'n run series that takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom. Even series like Zelda and Kirby, who always bring something new to table, can keep the core elements of the series alive. This is sadly not the case with Sonic.  

    So what you're saying Christian Whitehead does'nt understand Sonic.

    I see.

  7. 1 hour ago, DabigRG said:

    Well that's the thing about this screenshot--the original Sand Hill had a couple of unique design elements for something that was added late.


    Probably because people have been complaining about them constantly reusing obvious levels...?

    I guess so even if it was'nt very relevant to the game itself.
    Secondly, they were complaining about the reusing the repeated suspects not the obvious one, a distinction nonetheless.

  8. 12 hours ago, Detective Kaito said:

    Choosing Sand Hill from SA1 is a bit redundant after choosing Sandopolis from Sonic 3, right? Well, unless this is actually Act 2 and not an entirely new zone.

    Exactly. I felt so deflated when I saw this in my feed. Why this mini level from Adventure of all things? With so little to offer from the original game so they make up the rest?  Why not Lost World or better yet Sky Deck?

    Bet that would get more on board just like the Sandopolis track did.

  9. 6 hours ago, Roger_van_der_weide said:

    Ah, I doubt they'll spend 3 entire zones on old tracks, especially since we haven't seen the Climax tracks yet. Always needs to be a rainbow road/ Ages style climax track somewhere.

    But 1 zone spend to older tracks is likely. While a Sea/ casino/ Eggfleet collection makes the most sense thematically, it'd be neat if they pick Sky Sanctuary from Transformed (The fly segment only appears in the final lap, so they can have a car-only verson of it)
    If only so we score another point for this exciting Sonic generations recycling bingo party we have going on.

    I'd rather get Galactic Parade and it's flashier and easier to remove the flying section.

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