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  1. I'm kinda considering this version because the whole cast is finally on the cover of Sonic Mania Plus. But why was'nt that the case in the first place?
  2. Egg gate was a good concept and a good stage. And I liked Network Terminal. That's all I got.
  3. While the share the urge to do what's right, Sonic is way too chatty and snarky for Jack. Jack likes his peace and space,
  4. It's Nintendo DNA to meticulous craft gameplay experiences. It's SEGA's DNA to try fast and fail fast. It's come to bite them in butt but I will say the vast variety of SEGA IPs offer something more substantial than Nintendo's IPs due to their strategy. This is why I still defend Lost World and Colors to this day. The annoying thing about Lost World if they had opened up the map like they did with Hyrule Field, this game would have been better rated by fans.
  5. Jack would hate Sonic but get along with Knuckles. The Scotsman would be annoyed by Tails pestering him about his cyborg weaponry but get along. Basically everyone would love Knuckles. &Knuckles. I'd love a scene of Aku and Eggman sympathising with each other's plight too.
  6. It's the New Super Mario Bros of Racers! That right there would be a cool simple mod for Transformed if you could do it..save it for May tho'
  7. People keep mixing up the term "Smaller scale production" and "rushed" interchangeably because it's the Sonic series.
  8. I'd add that Evan Stanley's artstyle really does lend to Samurai Jack as well. It'd be a good way to earn back the interest lost since the Worlds collide days as well..
  9. Way to use an example from 12 years ago. I'm gonna call it as a late december so it's a couple of weeks after Smash but just right before X'mas.
  10. I'd want Sonic 2: Metropolis (I'd wanna see what kinda devious traps they can set on a racing track. Better have Slicers.) Sonic 3: Sandopolis with some Egg Quarters for indoor sections (Since we know mixed tracks are a thing Sonic Adventure 2: The ARK. We had a taste of this in Generations and I want more. Sonic Heroes: Mystic Mansion Sonic Lost World: Lava Mountain (It has links to Ice Mountain is why I think it could happen) Sonic Forces Sunset Height as it's most iconic but I'd rather have Metropolitan City. The new locale is a Time Eater like mesh of sonic stages as the final story stage, calling it here. Kinda like the Sega Ages stage in Transformed, man I love that stage.
  11. "Please don't tarnish my holy grail because the steep learning curve is'nt similar" at all sure. However, feel free to ignore the rest of that post which agrees with you. Edit: Apology accepted: I just don't like people going "Despite the similarity, this is'nt similar at all!" Like, you wot m8?
  12. The Final Character seems like a big secret so I'm guessing Infinite. But I'm hoping Fang since we saw that classic Amy concept art on the Team Comms Slide.
  13. I am glad my concerns that the music will not be remixes of Sonic Stages has been assuaged through the Nintendo Direct. You can clearly hear Holoska in the trailer there despite Wisp Circuit not being a remix of Planet Wisp.
  14. You need to attach the song here, mate.
  15. Yeah, I did think that but the fact that full flavoured sonic storytelling is a lost art at this point. At least Sonic Battle had a full fledges stories and Riders had full fledged cutscenes with personality and comedy leaves a lot to be desired. It may be all doom and gloom here but I see glimpses of brilliance. Like in Ice Mountain the alternate routes are more sneaky and clever compared to wisp circuit. And the speed characters able to use a level 2 drift to deflect projectiles is brilliant but I wish they had honed in on that to give it a fighting game kick to the other types like Mario Tennis Aces did. Technique is just being able to drive on grass is really uninspired and Power is basically lifted from Sonic Riders. I wish they did a 3D Mario World styled over world where you could lead the team you were using and drive around in the overworld to go into missions.They would look like cute toy cars and would lend that much more personality. Something Nintendo always prioritizes which they could learn from. I think it has potential but it's clear that they don't know how to harness the potential. Sure, it's easy to blame budget but I see it as a developer problem. But hopefully, things get better...but that's what we keep saying for years on end..
  16. Angel Island is confusing the heck out of me, especially if this is the final trailer what the heck is it supposed to be? Is it just a cutscene again or like post credits stage or just a boss rush mode? I guess just have to be patient.. And the genesis art looks better, no hate
  17. I'm so glad reminding people of this game has led to peeps finding and getting copies of this wonderful title. I would'nt blame Prope for wanting to distance themselves from after the clusterfuck Kadokawa made it after delaying it for no reason. So it's not up to Yuji Naka if it comes to the Switch but Prope. Remember they still exist as a company, they did'nt crumble just cos' their founder left lol
  18. I feel like it was Rodea that was the biggest slap in his face that instigated, I can understand how when you pour so much into your baby and becomes delayed and released as an inferior product. And how much of the blowback and sadness you will feel, that cuts deep even for me. Yeah, but when you have Kadokawa in charge of it do you think they really care anymore. The wii version could have been on the Switch eshop and the old Sega diehards would have still loved it but nope. I hate it when good games end up like this and don't get me started on Dai Gyakuten Saiban being untranslated.. There was so much ambition and love put in that game and it deserved so much better than what it got, the only thing I'm glad about is that the Wii version saw the light of day, probably due to Naka putting his foot down tbh.
  19. That's a real pity when they did an excellent making Colours actually a fun script and better story out of the same cloth. I'm glad there was at least a semblance of showing Sonic was lonely in captivity when the torture thing was thrown aside in both stories.
  20. Yeah, damn wish I knew. At least I snagged the persona costume. Wish I got Episode Shadow.
  21. I actually like the new style they went with, interspersing some lyrics here and there instead of overwhelming with a full song lyrics. They worked with Knuckles stages cos' were'nt running fast, just slowly searching the area. Kinda like the Sonic vs Shadow fight really. I missed the Shadow style of vocal songs so I'm glad they've returned with the DLC.
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