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  1. Yeah this was what I was talking about earlier, I wanted Infinite to have some sort of personal relation to the Avatar. So that he could become the Avatar's ultimate enemy and personal obstacle to overcome at the end too. Substituting Shadow's fight with Sonic makes way more sense, I feel like Shadow was shoehorned in to make for a rushed storyline for the DLC since that was clearly decided on later considering the ONLY SONIC angle they've adhered to for almost a decade now. I do like the Bully angle you put into it. Intentionally or not, it makes the avatar way more relatable to many kids and us Sonic Fans who probably went through the same kinda thing. It also has a true heartwarming moral for Kids that is'nt the generic anime superpower of teamwork they threw in without making sense. I mean it seemed like Sonic was just there in the story for no reason a lot of the time. People who keep screaming Sonic is for kids and not for other fans should see this and understand this is how you do a smart kids' game without talking down to them.
  2. I'll never get the obsession with Hub Worlds. Chao Gardens sure. But why Hub Worlds are always a thing people ask? Even if Forces has Hub Worlds, people are'nt going to say the game's good cos' it has a Hub World.. I guess the resistance base could have been a hub world but I'd rather have repurposed the base as a fancy Menu UI where selecting a menu function swings the camera around onto a different object like the modern games of today. Like you select World Map and it goes to the resistance screen and Avatar customization goes to Amy's mini computer. It helps builds the world in small ways without being a Hub World for no rhyme or purpose.
  3. I think the best theory was Infinite being the Avatar's friend twisted into becoming Evil. The Song''s lyrics fit incredibly well into this scenario and it'd give a reason and motive as to why the Avatar is on the resistance team.
  4. I agree the format works against but it gets across the main points well. I was kinda hoping Fang The Sniper would be Infinite while playing the game, even if I knew it would'nt happen. (Plus it would blow everyone's minds and hype up the moment) But I'll gladly take this Modern Fang anyday. But that's the thing, I like Infinite but do we have do create a new bad every game? Why not use the old rogue gallery like Fang and Bean as a recurring villain like Metal Sonic? They even have easy motives. Yeah, I don't get why this simple explanation flew over everyone's heads. The Chaos Emeralds went Chaos Control and sent Classic Sonic and the Phantom Ruby to two different points of time. I feel like the point of Mania was to show the Phantom Ruby is attracted to those in pursuit of power, like the Hardboiled Heavies. Hence, the will of the Ruby led it to to Eggman's Lab. It's like the will of the Chaos Emeralds in Rush Adventure if anyone recalls that lore..
  5. I think the bigger mistake was separating him into three forms for no reason..
  6. Yeah, exactly this. A Youtuber I met recently asked me how I felt about Sonic Forces and I straight up said it's fine, I'm not worried about the game, I'm worried about the future of the series as this Game would probably teach them all the wrong misinterpreted stuff to take forward..
  7. I'm very confused, you say you don't trust Sonic Team (Which I agree with) so how is just scrapping everything and starting over under the same team's hands gonna end up any better? Especially if they don't understand Sonic and what makes it fun. All this interview just confirms what I've been saying for many months, Sonic Team needs someone like Koizumi to challenge what a Sonic Game should be, breaking away from the status quo. After all his challenge against what a Mario Game is, has led to the Genesis of Super Mario Odyssey.
  8. Other than the famous audio Glitch on the Switch version, I have a couple of Major ones. At Flying Battery Act 1, Eggman never arrived to drop me in the trash so I was stuck. I think Eggman disappearing is hilarious in hindsight so I liked hearing the Puyo Puyo version of this. The more aggravating one was I got softlocked in Titanic Monarch Act 2 cos it was my first time completion. I think I died and fell through a teleporter(Purple Miasma) and the double instance confused the game on which to do and crashed. Funnily enough, the music was still playing reliably. (Yes, I went through a lot of the audio glitches, all the glitches really hurt my first playthrough. I mean no music in Press Garden Act 2, the best stage theme. Sucks.
  9. What if it means different types of wisps could provide different types of boosts? Like the Red one acts as a fire shield only while boosting and can burn through wood? This would remove the complains of wisp interrupting flow and would just enhance it. I would like this sort of wrinkle instead of random new ideas for new powers when Lost World struggled with its Wisp ideas..
  10. That kinda lends credence to upgraded switches in the future..which hopefully works with the same docks..
  11. kalion


    Y'know I would'nt mind a 3ds release with that dual screen set-up.
  12. With this quality, I would rather not hurt the Switch's sales with this..
  13. Anyone got a US club Nintendo code for Smash 3DS? PM me ASAP. thanks
  14. Is this iOS or a android restricted or no?
  15. Wanna restart that Amy Rose thread again? I'm sure all of us could use the help to unlock her. Is iOS and Android Exclusive or can they cross over?
  16. It got wiped? I could really use the help for Amy, too.
  17. I have to say though..I miss how big how her hair was.. so big and flared out (which works as a fire-type gym leader). It was a big part of her,,figuratively and literally..for me..)=
  18. That was a trailer which genuinely delighted me in a while..I dunno Just seeing Robin using all those moves just gives me a warm feeling..I would be fine with or without Lucina but eh, she's there and Sakurai and I acknowledge the following she has, I suppose. The thing that confused was I thought Chrom was 5th FE rep but till I saw here that he's just a Smash...but whose exactly? Lucina's? I seriously kept thinking that FE had 5 reps for a while there, which started to step into excessive Fanwishing territory..But more nods is a good way, I guess. And Fire Emblem is the new StarFox of Brawl in terms of characters, it seems.
  19. They;ve fleshed out secret bases way more than expected..tho' the super moniker is overused with nintendo... And has Max from Advanced Gen become part of the Pokemon Games canon? That does really look like him..
  20. So are DK's and Bowser's voices recycled in e3 demo?
  21. Such as in Lost World? I'm just really curious about the script changes..Colours had some really interesting ones...
  22. Yeah, imagine if the Namco museum was a traveling stage..where you fight in Chipsets and Galaga..
  23. Actually now that I think about it Casino Night/Park would make a lot of sense...Next to the green hill motif, Casino is the most recognized sonic level trope..especially classic-wise. And I don't think it overlaps with the other 3DS levels revealed so far. I dunno I'd love Blizzard Peaks with IceCap elements would rock personally..Y'know what I'd love...Aquarium Park.
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