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  1. Based on that I think Water Palace is the best candidate. 3DS is focusing on handheld..and you can't get more handheld exclusive than handheld exclusive stage harkening from handheld game originally... Personally, if from Rush, Unknown would be really cool with the Bomber Barbara Bot occassionally taking swipes at the fighters and even forming platforms (like the shoulder thing which could open up the stage)..and OH..the remix*foams* But I think having a Sonic Colours level on the 3DS version fits nicely to go along with Windy Hill on the Wii U. Both are ninty-exclusive games and is a wider cross-section of Sonic's history, which is what Sakurai is going for. It is a celebratory tribute to gaming which is why we have Pac-man joining Gaming's finest on stage.
  2. That top-down thing totally took me back to Tin Pin in The World ends with you...there's even a power bar where you charge your shot to fling someone off the board. Thinking it may have something to do with streetpass..
  3. A bit late to the game..but the reason a lotta people have something against this, it's branded under Sonic.. Kinda like Sonic 4 again../= I agree but there seems to be more than that, glitches, framerate, etc. Surprisingly gameplay aside, the 3DS seems more polished than the Wii U demo and we all expected Sanzaru started development later than BRB to boot.. I know the scale of the games are different..but it's E3 and it's Sonic...it's the best place to put a good showing and following for Sonic Boom..other than reviews and whatnot
  4. I'm hoping so..for this awesome cast showing up for the game the title seems kinda cheap..it needs to have a name with a bit more of a punch to attract the person who does'nt know of smash..(if there is any...) Do you think Lucina could be a skin for Marth..I could easily see that happening considering her masquerade in-game..but people would feel jipped but at the same time, the representation for Fire emblem would be still kept down to the same two this way without taking up a new slot? Just speculating..
  5. I found it bizarre as well...I can't say for sure but it was the 2nd day of e3 on a news site..there was a picture of Palutena and Mii fighters slashed diagonally down seperating them and saying that well both can't be used online with everybody..
  6. Sakurai said that Palutena AND Mii Fighters were'nt allowed online against anyone at E3. This is probably where this theory stems from.../=
  7. Yeeeeeaaaaaah. Remember this? I'm sure that's just a simple fix that'll be done before release. Sanzaru did say they were all about iteration...
  8. I think Primal forms are what the teams are working towards to this time as it will help them way more than just awakening them simply..
  9. It's disappointing that they still don't have full 3D but good that there seems to be more depth added to the cities and gyms.. I hope the battle framerate has been addressed or at least looked into...
  10. I recall upgrades were confirmed @ gamespot's interview..but I'm not sure if that was the 3DS version instead..might be both.
  11. Guess who's back? GUYS! RICHARD JACQUEEEESSS! Sweeeeeeeeeeet<3 Love his style. Gonna haphazard a guess that metal sonic's a rival character. In probably the later stages..He'd make a cool unlockable in aftergame tho' ala SADX Maybe if the time travel theory is correct, he's a robot made using their ancient technology that looks like Sonic, thus actually being Lyric's. That'd be interesting...also Lyric The Lizard. Can't believe I finally caught on to that alliteration..liking it even more now..
  12. Anyone checked out the music..it's good and sonic-like.. The jungle track sounds kinda Advance-y and cave one harkens to Lost world..
  13. Eh. It could be that he remembers an ancestor of Sonic or someone similar considering those statues of "Sonics" in the speed stage...
  14. I'm very confused..So is there a roundtable for Smash and Pokemon and when exactly is that, London Time? And what's the unannounced 3DS IP they've been hyping so much about? huh? @.@

  15. I'm very confused..So is there a roundtable for Smash and Pokemon and when exactly is that, London Time? And what's the unannounced 3DS IP they've been hyping so much about? huh? @.@
  16. Starting to wonder if Amy's VA got replaced like Tails..it's really different..
  17. So you can't locally trade from B/W to X and Y anymore?
  18. Steven's where it's at... I'm waiting for the best Champion Remix since Pokemon XD..it's one of moi all-time fave tracks in pokemon..XD
  19. Hmm... Y'know the speed stage had great adventurous, pumping music..with it own sonic boom flavour but things went downhill very fast.. Really dull, "ambient" music..and here's the thing even if I don't like the combat I can get behind/ tolerate it with some great music... but nope. It kinda starts to feel like a kids' cash-in very very fast. I think it'll do well in that aspect but... And hearing that the combat is worse than the werehog and seeing it just makes it worse and I kinda liked the werehog (A lot more in the PS3 version) since it has platforming elements with battle elements almost down to fifty/fifty..so far this feels combat upon combat with button mashy slow moves. Only knuckles' combat seems to have combos/depth. Amy;s platforming section has a lot of depth and to me, goes to show if the game had stuck to 3DS' formula we'd have some inspired levels in our hands and not just parts. And the chase seems to be just autoplay at its finest..not much dodging involved..at least Starlight Carnival was fun to look at...I feel like their focus went into the wrong areas... This could be in a sense Nintendo syndrome..they made a game that was in their comfort zone (Jak & Daxter) knowing it had sold before..Can't blame em' after Lost World tho' The lines are... not bad and way more tolerable than heroes. actually..And I feel Sonic Boom's Sonic is the one Roger's always been meant to voice to me..fits him way better than SegaSonic..They almost talk too much but they may just be showcasing the lines in this case..*shrugs* I'm probably skipping this for the 3DS version..and hearing the music is done by a known SEGA composer gets my hopes up. Bottom Line, in a Sonic game if you're gonna screw anything up, at least the music should be good and intact. If you can't even hold on to that..you've lost me..and maybe quite a few of us.
  20. Genius Jargon.. I was about to say there is some delicious detail within a nondescript art direction but you may have hit the nail on the head. It feels blah or bland like I really can't care for it..
  21. What's the code to join the SSMB Mario Kart tourney?

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      SSMB Daily Tourney: 3089-8091-8109

      SSMB Weekly Tourney: 6276-6467-0523

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      Thanks. Can I join the Daily tourney?

  22. WHY? Cos' they suck you in for hours on end to another world on end, to laugh and moan with my friends..to explore as well. And the basic reason games were created as well. The challenge of clearing obstacles under a controlled environment with rules. I'm sorry I'm really tired out now so that's all I got. It was a great run except some of the questions got a bit samey down the middle... You still deserve a pat on the back, so many entries to wade through..Gratz'
  23. FIIIIIIIIIINAL Waaaaaaaaaaaave~ Best Finale... Finally, Dark Star is defeated...all is well. Till Bowser realises who has been mucking around his insides. The heroes begin their usual fight. And we see the brothers going to town on Bowser. But if you've watched a Marvel movie, y'know there's an aftercredits scene where Fury comes to recruit Bowser for the Aveng--- I mean Bowser gets sent a mysterious package from Peach of all people. Where he secretly enjoys her cake outta sight. It's nice that Bowser gets acknowledgement for taking down Fawful, considering his terrible treatement in Superstar Saga.(See fave story post) Y'know things are back to normal when you see the bros' doing what they do best. Bashin' Bowser...And Bowser actually accomplishes more than the bros in this story so it's a very nice nod to see a sweet ending too.. It's a simple ending but effective in setting off the story. Sonic Adventure 2 Considering this is one of my first console games, it seems fitting to end with this. I've gushed about this enough but it's the sombre yet hopeful music that sets this off perfectly. And the tone some of the voice work brings to this ( minus Tails), Eggman wondering about his grandfather, Sonic left kinda speechless and a bit heavy...and his last line was perfect. Just watching the Eclipse Cannon by earth kinda shows what the story is about..ARK and Earth. Bring hope to humanity. P.S- My favourite unlockable would be Daft Punk from DJ Hero but I think I defaulted to Sonic Colours cos' I did'nt think of that a week ago. Bummer, but I noticed nobody mentioned Super Sonic in the 3D front so I figured.. But seriously how cool is it to DJ as Daft Punk to their own tracks...man I love those space-age Robots. Their Grammy was well-deserved..
  24. Most memorable cast Ace Attorney This time I mean all of ace attorney as a whole. Just look at this picture. Is'nt it brimming full of personality? (and reactions to the wii XD) A lot of the cast is colorful, funny and brimming full of diversity. We have your tragic murderers, funny suspects, strange witnesses..why we've got them all. There are a couple of stinkers as mentioned here before but they are a small but inconsequential blemish on this wide variety of characters. The characterisation and backstories of these characters draw you in to case and want to find out more about. The sprites make you laugh and keep you entertained. They become a part of your life. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this franchise the most.(More than Sonic even) That's how I much I love these games so much. I'm glad they've still written the characters superbly in dual destinies and hope that this will always be a certainty going forward.
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