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  1. Steven's where it's at... I'm waiting for the best Champion Remix since Pokemon XD..it's one of moi all-time fave tracks in pokemon..XD
  2. Hmm... Y'know the speed stage had great adventurous, pumping music..with it own sonic boom flavour but things went downhill very fast.. Really dull, "ambient" music..and here's the thing even if I don't like the combat I can get behind/ tolerate it with some great music... but nope. It kinda starts to feel like a kids' cash-in very very fast. I think it'll do well in that aspect but... And hearing that the combat is worse than the werehog and seeing it just makes it worse and I kinda liked the werehog (A lot more in the PS3 version) since it has platforming elements with battle elements almost down to fifty/fifty..so far this feels combat upon combat with button mashy slow moves. Only knuckles' combat seems to have combos/depth. Amy;s platforming section has a lot of depth and to me, goes to show if the game had stuck to 3DS' formula we'd have some inspired levels in our hands and not just parts. And the chase seems to be just autoplay at its finest..not much dodging involved..at least Starlight Carnival was fun to look at...I feel like their focus went into the wrong areas... This could be in a sense Nintendo syndrome..they made a game that was in their comfort zone (Jak & Daxter) knowing it had sold before..Can't blame em' after Lost World tho' The lines are... not bad and way more tolerable than heroes. actually..And I feel Sonic Boom's Sonic is the one Roger's always been meant to voice to me..fits him way better than SegaSonic..They almost talk too much but they may just be showcasing the lines in this case..*shrugs* I'm probably skipping this for the 3DS version..and hearing the music is done by a known SEGA composer gets my hopes up. Bottom Line, in a Sonic game if you're gonna screw anything up, at least the music should be good and intact. If you can't even hold on to that..you've lost me..and maybe quite a few of us.
  3. Genius Jargon.. I was about to say there is some delicious detail within a nondescript art direction but you may have hit the nail on the head. It feels blah or bland like I really can't care for it..
  4. What's the code to join the SSMB Mario Kart tourney?

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      SSMB Daily Tourney: 3089-8091-8109

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      Thanks. Can I join the Daily tourney?

  5. Yeah, it kinda sounds like that to me and what I was hoping for... Amy as an after game unlockable... Making her unplayable would be huge mis-step for the IP after branding the four of them so much together...homage to sonic advance much? unfortunately the details make it sound a lot like a generations cash in since sanzaru seemed to have started work later than BRB...wish I had not missed out on that footage...till E3 I guess:(
  6. How do I join the tourney? Can't find it...
  7. WHY? Cos' they suck you in for hours on end to another world on end, to laugh and moan with my friends..to explore as well. And the basic reason games were created as well. The challenge of clearing obstacles under a controlled environment with rules. I'm sorry I'm really tired out now so that's all I got. It was a great run except some of the questions got a bit samey down the middle... You still deserve a pat on the back, so many entries to wade through..Gratz'
  8. FIIIIIIIIIINAL Waaaaaaaaaaaave~ Best Finale... Finally, Dark Star is defeated...all is well. Till Bowser realises who has been mucking around his insides. The heroes begin their usual fight. And we see the brothers going to town on Bowser. But if you've watched a Marvel movie, y'know there's an aftercredits scene where Fury comes to recruit Bowser for the Aveng--- I mean Bowser gets sent a mysterious package from Peach of all people. Where he secretly enjoys her cake outta sight. It's nice that Bowser gets acknowledgement for taking down Fawful, considering his terrible treatement in Superstar Saga.(See fave story post) Y'know things are back to normal when you see the bros' doing what they do best. Bashin' Bowser...And Bowser actually accomplishes more than the bros in this story so it's a very nice nod to see a sweet ending too.. It's a simple ending but effective in setting off the story. Sonic Adventure 2 Considering this is one of my first console games, it seems fitting to end with this. I've gushed about this enough but it's the sombre yet hopeful music that sets this off perfectly. And the tone some of the voice work brings to this ( minus Tails), Eggman wondering about his grandfather, Sonic left kinda speechless and a bit heavy...and his last line was perfect. Just watching the Eclipse Cannon by earth kinda shows what the story is about..ARK and Earth. Bring hope to humanity. P.S- My favourite unlockable would be Daft Punk from DJ Hero but I think I defaulted to Sonic Colours cos' I did'nt think of that a week ago. Bummer, but I noticed nobody mentioned Super Sonic in the 3D front so I figured.. But seriously how cool is it to DJ as Daft Punk to their own tracks...man I love those space-age Robots. Their Grammy was well-deserved..
  9. Most memorable cast Ace Attorney This time I mean all of ace attorney as a whole. Just look at this picture. Is'nt it brimming full of personality? (and reactions to the wii XD) A lot of the cast is colorful, funny and brimming full of diversity. We have your tragic murderers, funny suspects, strange witnesses..why we've got them all. There are a couple of stinkers as mentioned here before but they are a small but inconsequential blemish on this wide variety of characters. The characterisation and backstories of these characters draw you in to case and want to find out more about. The sprites make you laugh and keep you entertained. They become a part of your life. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this franchise the most.(More than Sonic even) That's how I much I love these games so much. I'm glad they've still written the characters superbly in dual destinies and hope that this will always be a certainty going forward.
  10. Moste Anticipated Game Super Smash Bros. I'm gonna answer this as a mix between Brawl and 4. Who did'nt check the Dojo everyday for a tantalizing titbit? compared to Miiverse posts sometimes fall short./= I've spent hours upon hours yelling, screaming, crying at this game. And a lot of memories were shared. It's like a holy amalgamation of a game and the roster keeps getting better. I'm not so sure the stages are better but for the 3DS version they seem to be. I mean what can I say, that has'nt been said, it's a good ol' smashin fun with me and you, you and me...~ Sonic Lost World- I thought this was a true return to classic form that i had tears in my eyes..it's kinda disappointing how it went all over the place but if they had 6 levels per stage it'd have balanced out, I think./=
  11. Hmm..I'm not doing good with these questions are'nt I? Favourite Developer: SEGA I know, I know..I kinda wanted to put Atlus here but tbh, JRPGs kinda drain me quite a bit. I'll give Square Enix a mention, mainly due to Kingdom Hearts and their experimentation with Bravely Default and TWEWY. In fact, experimentation and innovation is why I'm giving SEGA this one. From Sonic to NiGHTS to the Burning Rangers. They've done all sorts of things to games. Nights broke a mould in the industry changing how we see things. They experiemented even within the flagship franchise of Sonic like Sonic Battle and the Storybook games. They do try new things , even in the face of failure, instead of playing it safe. (Cos SEGA does what Nintendon't) Maybe even too much at times. (Here's looking at you, Lost World) But it's always exciting to see what crazy scheme they'll cook up next. And the games themselves are great, from the running on airplanes on Shinobi to Music games from Phantom R, they'll usually suck me in for hours like a good book. Yes, Music, graphics and stuff is usually guaranteed in a Sega game but this is the definitive reason why I'm sticking with them.
  12. Day 26: 7th Gen Don't really have an answer to this per say but I'd have to say 7th gen because of the Wii? Owned a gamecube but I mostly stuck to the same games sooo..*coughSA2B* It links to next gen experience question cos' picking up and using the controller was an experience within itself. and the hours of fun I've had with my friends shouting. swinging, swerving, punching and swearing is something to remember. There were loads of party games on this thing..some good and some bad..To me 6th gen looked attractive but I was'nt involved with it too much. As a recent owner of the PS3 I can't speak for that too much either. It's great but I kinda would like to go back to steam..and the controller..urgh. Sorry, just not feeling this question.
  13. I liked Moe for the references he made at least...I had to stop playing and stare at my DS when he made that Fresh Prince joke.
  14. Sakurai said Luigi was unlockable during his reveal..FYI
  15. Least Favourite Character Machi Tobaye-Apollo Justice Now while this series has a host of annoying clients, this is downright frustrating. He's blind and linguistically challenged so communication was rather limited. And then the game itself rubs your nose in the fact he could not have fired the gun due to heavy recoil..and he's still the suspect? Could'nt they have come up with a more believeable suspect?! Like from the rest of the Gavinners? etc. Remember how he's blind and knew no english? All lies. You have to force it out of him cos' they have to keep up the act even in LEGAL binds. urgh. They only thing he needed to hide was the smuggling. Like the last client, him being rude was part of his personality and had some grounded reason. This case was stupid and the suspect was too. The only reason I played this case was for the Music Video (slightly) and to reach the next case which is the best in the game.
  16. I wonder if there's a least favourite question.. Favourite Controller: What he said..but to elaborate when I first held the Pro controller, it felt magical. Like it was prefectly moulded for my palms...but it may be nostalgia goggles here, but yes, Gamecube. It was my first controller and it seems there was a lot of thought put in this one to make evey button and stick distinct. I like how different it was having just a Z button. I like how tactile and clicky the sticks feel. Yes we've improved from there but it still felt great back then and now. It was go-to controlIer for even during the Wii era, be it for smash, sonic or TMNT. (I also liked how the DS4 went with GCN's boomerang shape as well..it felt great but I do not own one) I may not use it anymore due to the Wii U but I'll never forget it. ...I understand not having backward compatibility for Gamecube games but for the peripherals would be nice...specially for Smash U, amirite? Special mention for the Virtua-On controller for the Dreamcast. Maaaaan, I loved playing that game on the arcade just boosting left and right felt great on those sticks..
  17. Favourite Song Sonic Adventure 2 Ending Music. Sonic card again. But I can't really avoid it here. What sets this scene so well, apart from some credit to the voice acting (specially' Sonic), is the music. Ignoring Tails' line. Yes, it's sad. It's already making me gulp already. That slow build-up as everbody comes to realize it's over in relief, but subtly realise something's wrong. That's even woven in the song..but there's still a sombre optimism that kicks in later on..Then, when they realise it, the melody kicks in. (My favourite part) Again it's not completely sad, but more of parting wave to a hero. It actually sounds a bit like an Adventure character ending track. It's subtle, simple but feels heavy with emotion. Whenever, I hear it, I get grounded y'know... Pokemon XD- Battle SIM This is my first game on the Gamecube. Actually my first console game, as I got into consoles rather late. Even my Gamecube was Pokemon XD version..instead of the blue toy. As soon as I got into the adventure, this was what hooked me immediately was how great this "soundfont" was. Being a console game, it sounded nothing like the pokemon games but with a bit of Hoenn-ish flare to it. (considering a few songs were brought over) But this song never left my mind, that bullet-hitting techno beats and the creeping warbling computer keeping the tension up..leading to the melody. Well, the computer and the beats what makes me come back to this. It keeps you on your toes. It was also nice we started off the game with a battle kinda like Sonic colours.. Miror B. Battle track I'll give this a shoutout how it makes you groove into the disco as you watch Afrohead shake his boo-tay. Dance, Ludicolos, Dance. (this was the character I wanted to make best side character..but well, Luigi. )=) Kinda cramming in all the games I wanna mention now.. Ace Attorney Investigations: Pursuit ~ Lying Coldly I can't ignore my favourite game here. While the original cornered may be better, this is my favourite. It's helped me out of tight spot both in-game and IRL. Made me feel that the tide could turn. I just love that piano with the fingers flying around all over the place but it has coherence and consistency. All the instruments fit together elegantly. And this song has a diverse narrative which keeps you following. The "Ah-ha" moment, and the melody gracefully leading to build-up...the slower break to breathe before that piano kicks in to let you know you are cornered in all directions. And there's even a Piano solo! Ahem. I'll stop here. The reason this is my first and perhaps my only multi-post cos' music matters tremendously in games and a lot of music collections are Games' OST and remixes/orchestrations. I can play a mediocre game with great music to hook me over. Music is enough to make a level favourite. Yes, even Lava Mountain Act 2. I hope there is'nt a vocal song question tho'
  18. Only and only if ma dawg, Miror B makes an appearance and battle in game. It was this gen , in a sense, was his debut. Then, them Ludicolo would have a purpose..
  19. It was the first thing to come to mind..but I knew it would come up so I wanted to highlight a more underrated game..
  20. Welp, lemme squeeze this in.>.> Day 21: Most memorable unlockable. Playable Super Sonic in Sonic Colours. We all know by now why Super Sonic is awesome by now. But to finally get him back in playable form since the classic game?! Incredible. And he's playable in 3D to boot. To just hear the announcer go "SUPER Sonic!"...he's excited for you too. It's feels great to boost as Super Sonic in 3D. Especially in these colorful bright levels which make him look all the better. Especially in that one tight crusher section in Starlight Carnival. To just pull that through, feels great. And there is'nt a final Super Sonic boss battle which makes discovering him all the more sweeter. Getting each chaos emerald feels rewarding again instead of just a McGuffin. I hope this remains a mainstay of the franchise again... Day 22: Fave Artstyle Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure I doubt there will be a favourite animation day by now so I've put this here. It could be an obscure pick. But this remains to be one of my favourite storylines and favourite rhythm game to date. It helps that it has a pretty face to boot. The animation and the sprites and soft but elegant, simple but classy. And the overworld Map oozes soothing, magical Paris. With its subtle lights and relaxing accordion music, it puts you in the mood y'know. And the cutscenes may be in 2D, I always put the 3D on due to how excellent it comes out partly due to layering and the animation. It just looks that good, like it was made with a big budget, even for a rhythm game.
  21. I had a tough time for this one cos' I wanted to bring love to a game that I don't think has been mentioned so far badly..but I could'nt ignore this little guy... why, you ask? Day 2/3: Side Character Award What's better than just Luigi alone? How about a whole troop of em' faithful and ready to serve your quest in every way. My first Mario game is Super Mario World on the GBA and when I found out there was a character that could jump higher than Mario I was on him like bees to honey. The fact that he was taller than Mario and was wearing green just drew me towards his character design. And finding out that he was cowardly and the last thing from heroic made him even more interesting unlike his cliche and rather blase brother. One of my childhood memories was how my sis knew I loved this character but was only able to call "Loogy" no matter how I tried to teach her. I found it kinda cute. Then, I played Superstar Saga, where I really met their personalities for the first time. They had so much of that and much depth than I thought Luigi had to have a backstory in another game. (Turns out nope, this was the first in the series) which made it more impressive. One scene which I still recall when Luigi was deathly afraid and could'nt even jump. He had to see a hypnotist so he could psych himself to saving his brother while believing he was Mario. Which I find took a lot courage to do. I also love E. Gadd in that game but that's another story( especially how he spoke) When I found out about the Year of Luigi, man was I hyped. He was finally getting the limelight he deserved. I recently finished Luigi's Mansion 2. And I did enjoy it, albeit the mission structure and length. And then the backstory I was hoping for came in Dream Team. The overworld story started off okay but kinda went down under (which is why I almost put it in most disappointing game). But man, Dream's Deep. Someone else put this to justice in the best level post so I'll keep it short. It shows how much pain and trials he's been through but he always wants to be happy for and support his big bro. And how proud of he is for things he could do and he could'nt. And he does'nt give himself credit for the things he does achieve so it's nice to see Mario reciprocate that in the Luigi's Mansion 2 ending which someone else excellently highlighted. (sorry I can't give credit..lot to search thru) He's just an interesting character with a lot of depth which was explored last year. In His Very Own Year, which he deserves. I hope I can mention the game I wanted to in another post soon...it really deserves it but the year of Luigi made me push my love for him here.. Longest post yet? Yup, all deserving for Loogy.
  22. Wow, Eggman getting way more love today than Sonic yesterday.. I could repeat my answer here buuuut... Day 19- Fave Antagonist Henry Cooldown- No more Heroes Yep it's Henry the Motherf******. And he's earned that moniker for good reason. He's the handsome foil to main character who rushes in the last minute who happens to be his twin brother as he himself claims. Just when you think the plot's over and you relax to take a nice, relaxing dump... he actually saves you from the guy who interrupts your private time. And it's time for a big showdown. And not without exposition and explanation which actually turns the game on its head and raises more questions. He's SYLVIA'S husband?! What? Brother?! and then we go get thrown into an epic showdown with a bass-kickin' cowboy track (which is remixed even better next game). At the end of it all, instead of a resolution, we get Henry asking how we can attain that as this battle will go on and on and pushes that responsibility back on Travis while shattering the fourth wall brilliantly..leading to mindfuck ending we all know and and love with that high-octane scene captured in a painting. It was the first mindfuck ending I experienced and enjoyed.... Unfortunately, there was a sequel. I did enjoy more battles and some cool boss battles but it kinda takes away from the ending here. And how Henry spiced that ending up. In the second, he trolls Travis with some photos of potential assasin fights to be had. Yes, you could fight as him for one battle. And he had a cool abilities like dashing, projectiles and everlasting power source. But he should have been an unlockable for the other fights and not by hacking. Really missed opportunity there. Now that the NMH series is over, I'd love to play a game with him as the protagonist as a side story..
  23. Not that creative but actually shows what fun to be had while playing with others and how it feels playing... one trick they missed was the booth had 7 slots..not 8/=
  24. Favourite Protagonist Miles Edgeworth What drew me to this character was his backstory. How he lost his father and had to grow under his rival while mistakenly hating criminals was relateable for me. What made me stay was his character and development. He's come a long way in his latest game He's turning into Phoenix while keeping the icy demeanour we know and love. He's grown to care for people, to show his emotions and concerns from time to time, to learn that he can rely on others and most importantly, he does not stand alone..(in the courtroom). He's a bit more relaxed and less guarded and wary, And he has a host of great lines from "Nghoooooooh!" and "Wooooooooooop!". Okay I make him sound like a douche but he has some witty banter that has made me laugh as I play. And he's even a closet fan of the Steel Samurai show. His best line I'd say is " I will not accept you as the true Steel Samurai!" And I enjoy watching him bounce off this crazy cast of characters. Especially the bond he shares with Gumshoe which he has a soft spot he rarely shows. Yep. He's even the head prosecutor now, which adds to his character.
  25. It said best Combat and not Combat system, I think..sooooo Day 17: Bestu Combatto That's right, Bizarre Jelly 5! Okay, psych, but a cookie if you get the reference. It's the first game, (while dual wielding is a speedy blast) it has better looking weapons that fit what they do and better wrestling moves as well. While combat is button-mashy being a hack-n-slash. You get the all-satisfying headslash via wii remote slash. Which is great in giving that oomph. What's better is if you slash in the same direction again, you can do more damage. (And get more gory. Cos' more blood-gushing-fountains is what this game needs. It's simple but does enough to keep you involved. But the Low/high swords stance hides some surprising depth in how one tackles enemies There's also the dark side move which I accidentally do which gets behind an enemy to get a few slashes in. Handy for bosses. And back to wrestling, if sometimes the slash does'nt do damage enough for those tankers, you can body-smack em' around using Travis' wrestling skills. It simulates this by asking you swing in similar directions to the move itself using both nunchuck and wiimote. Again, simple but gives you unf you need in slaughter. And the power-ups you get when the slot reel(after kills) comes together. You can turn SUPER SAIYAN and kill using button prompts. You can hyper-sugar-levels and run super sanic speeds and slash like crazy. Or Strawberry on the shortcake which is a room clearing blast. In the sequel, you can even turn into a MOFO TIGER! And the names of em' are kickass. And Tasty. That's always important. And the 100-man kill mission in this game...aaahhhh, so very stress-relieving. I'll shut up now.
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