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  1. Most Tragic Moment Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Ending spoilers..
  2. Day 15: Favourite Moment I'll mention Speed Highway and how you go up, down and all around. Sides of buildings, down one during a high-speed chase. The adrenaline. But I guess it's finally my turn to mention this game.. That's right, Ghost Trick. As you frantically jump between objects and manipulate them to bring yourself to a vantage point to save a life and change fate for the better...but take too long and.. This plays. Which jacks up your heart rate even more as you panick hoping you can save Lynne AGAIN, somehow, anyhow. Then, before y'know it, the timer counts down to seconds on screen BLOCKING YOUR VIEW. As if that was necessary after all that and the music is notched up even more... ...but to pull off sweet victory in those final seconds..or 10 seconds in my case. And to breathe a sigh of relief. Happened to me quite a few times before. And that folks, is my favourite moment. (And it feels more involved and kinetic than Ace attorney even if the basis of the mechanic is similar considering the source) Solving the puzzle is fulfilling and all but not the top moment for me..special mention goes to the Rube Goldberg Device.
  3. My picks exactly. I'm surprised someone remembered and thought of Phantom R as well. I'm saving it for later tho'
  4. Favourite Story Honestly, I was saving TWEWY but seeing that's been used..I'll go with this.. This was a time when I was really a Sonic fan..and kinda only got into Mario games..I'd say this was one of my firsts actually..but wow, man the story..it takes you to so many places and locales, that you need a passport. And yes there is a lot of quests that keep chaining on and on but it feels organic, like an ongoing story with cartoony antics. And the characters just help flesh out the story even more. Who could forget Prince Peasley and Popple, see? And such memorable lines such as "I have FURY!" and " It will be the MUSTARD OF YOUR DOOM!" from delightful Fawful. I also got a kick from Bowser being bullied around as comic relief..poor bowser. It's like worse treatment than even Eggman. It's such a huge epic game with a glue-like story which keep all the powers, abilities, characters, motives and antics together. There was character development too like Luigi's solo time when Mario was out. There were so many powers which enhanced the gameplay and we got stripped of more abilities..urgh(*coughdreamteam*) but that's another story..
  5. Most Disappointing... Y'know I almost was going to give this to Mario and Luigi: Dream Team but there were redeeming features in the backstory and gameplay to give it a pass..I'm pulling out the Sonic Card for this..since it's not exactly love of it... I'm using the JP cover cos'...well wow I just found it and it looks waaaay better than the one we got..less cliche too..it actually shows the heroes and the twilight cage. Annnyway, Sonic was going to get an RPG made by BioWare. And the fandom rejoiced. As an RPG lover myself, I was intrigued on how Sonic would work in this setting..As a fan of the M&L series, I was hoping this could be similar in the overworlds but different battle system...and then we got bad graphics which were worse than N64 standards..a weird story that ended on a cliffhanger never to be resolved..(okay, the story was initially okay till they tried too hard to weave all the sonic mythology together and the twilight cage and it went wonky and unbelievable) ......and the saving grace should be the music...but no. Initially, I was kinda hyped to see so many remixed songs in this..DATIDALTEMPEST. and went back to find the original songs. It was like Generations before Generations...and then I found out how good the originals were...and that Big Arm remix..I enjoyed the nod..but I'd rather wait till Generations. One godsend was the chao that did the combo abilities for you..which were fun to tap to but wore their welcome soon...One thing I'll say it was nice to see all the characters turn up and battle together for various reasons..including eggman(who is not in a mech for some reason)..and that's all the good I can say about that. I wonder if Japan liked this more than we did.
  6. I got those Sonic Adventure 2:Battle ads' vibe from em'..y'know the one with cute hedgehogs..loved those ads back then..
  7. Fondest Next Gen Experience Now I have time again..gonna put some effort back again into this.. This is in conjuction with the Wii system, of course. But since that's been talked about..I'll focus on the game.. I've always adored the warioware series and how it tried to bring new weird ways to control the game even to just the GBA. Here's looking at you, Twisted. Anyway, thus this system was the perfect fit for the series..the next is kinda of a disappointment cos' it did'nt build upon that buuut... This game was great, addictive and had so many zany forms for a simple controller. Aaaaand oh those form intros, in that oh-so-calming voice with cheesy lines and the things they made you do for the microgames..it was sweet but it's not this moment I speak of. It's the multiplayer..Not only we have the great microgames I spoke of, but there are the great modes for this like bomb, balloon, lifeline to keep my friends and I entertained for ours. The angel mode was the best one since it was hot potato and only required only one wiimote but could accommodate many players. The great thing is that even if you got dropped out, you'd still want to watch for the laughs and to see who wins. Man, the amount of fun I had everytime I had friends over for this game is unforgettable. I use my Wii U so it's Game and Wario now but I still miss this game../=
  8. I actually find this question more confusing than the last one...are we talking in-game stuff or 4th wall stuff or stuff that happened IRL that affected our gameplay? @.@
  9. Are eshop cards region-locked?
  10. Most frustrating moment:(Puzzle Marathon in Super Mario 3D World) I'll have to go with the Puzzle Box in world Crown. Man, have I tried over and over just to get past that..so I have'nt stepped into champion's road. And the times I almost make it hurt so much. My sis has that tune even stuck in her head..and not in a good way. It's really aggrvating to do this over and over and it's still left uncompleted. Urgh.
  11. Most Immersive Game.:Persona 4 Not enuff time to write this with love, sadly. But Persona 4. I mean the midnight channel aside, the bosses and people have troubles and struggles you can relate to. And as you talk to them as days go by, social link grows...you peel off the layers of their complexes and personalities to get what kind of person they are. They get affected when you hang out with someone else. They get hurt, happy, sad, distraught. I think no other game has captured how it is be and live as a human in everyday life without feeling routine and robotic. It may seem skin-deep initially but a truckload of thought, emotion and structure has been put into every inch of the writing which makes this a huge time investment and adds to the immersion which sucks you in and make you genuinely care about these characters as if they are your friends..which I have heard in some LPs as well.
  12. XDDDDD I only bumped into the stream by coincidence a few mins before so I stayed and watch...I was trying to catch Gaim on-stream..but internet sucks...I'm kinda glad I did'nt stay watching this..I mean the info will come sooner or later for Pokemon with or without E3..I mean how many magazine scans do we get every game..
  13. I knew this would come up so I veered away when Favourite Level came up.. (IhopesomeonementionsBigArmsoon) Day Nein: Favourite Boss Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days- Riku(The World that never was) I mean seriously, who here was'nt hyped when they saw that awesome trailer in KH?! I did'nt exactly know of it but this being my KH game kinda cements it further for me. Sure, it's not the toughest boss fest nor does it have the grandeur of some of those mentioned here. But the atmosphere, the neon aesthetics, the rain, the way Roxas feels after going through all that..it's just perfect. It breaks a lot of rules of Final boss fight, I like that it's kinda of a maverick. Other than Sonic, I can't think of many boss fights which not only have a cool boss but empowers the main character to feel way too powerful and badass. And super sonic is done to death that People welcomed the change in Colours...but anyway. You can feel the rage and bitterness in Roxas as he killed the heartless in single swipe (With double keyblades to boot) and he does'nt know the whole reason why he feels this way which makes it sad. And it's fitting he ends with Riku who has been pursuing Roxas and Xion with his own intent as well. They settle this once and for all..And he even helps Riku out to make a point but partially I feel that he wants to finish Riku himself. Yes, many say this feels like an extra boss compared to the penultimate one but this is the best way to end the game off with some closure. The action. the deep dive, the keyblades, the clash..this is all one excellent culmination. Wow, I gushed so much about this, I actually forgot the music. The music puts you in the atmosphere... Drop what you are doing and listen to this: Keyblade Graveyard in Birth by sleep is a good mention as well. But it feels more historic and epic in the way normal endbosses do so Deep Dive stands out more for me as a maverick..partially due to the story behind it as well.. Edit: A KH post after a KH one..go figure. In my earnest to avoid Sonic, this is my 3rd KH post. XDD
  14. @-Benderamy- The Grapnel is just gonna get more awesome in Arkham Knight. Just. You. Wait. I wanted to say Wisps really badly and yet again I contained myself..hoping it'll pay off...so for my first repeat game... Favourite ability: Shotlock(KH: Birth by sleep) I mean just look at that..is'nt it just satisfying to land it and do loads of damage to a boss or enemies? And when you let one fly they're cinematic in a different way. Yes there are duds but loads of these really look creative and mesmerizing to watch. The oomph is just not in using but also landing and how wonderful it looks as it hits..hard and fast. It's especially gratifying in Terra's tough endbosses where building up focus for your shotlock is your best shot to get loads of damage to the enemy or get slaughtered. It's such a wonderful ability which I hope will return in KHIII but based on news it's kinda doubtful. But man can you feel every hit and the rush you get on the enemy.
  15. I Had waaaaaaaaay more trouble with 3...ugh Zavok.
  16. Day 7: Least Favourite Level Dangit, mine's been snagged. I'd add the penultimate boss is ALL the bosses together so they get a lot of cheap shots in so you have to get them in a certain order usually unless you're nifty or good. I remember being frustrated with a lot of games but for the life of me can't recall when..I'm tired. So surprise, I pulled out this. Letz Shake: No More Heroes Basically an empty level devoid of everything except for Darth Vader clones shooting you loads of damage from afar and no run button You just keep trying to get through this long empty tunnel that seems to be going ahead forever. (With the occasional nasty fight with Vader) And you reach the end to find out that...what?! Your boss fight was just snagged from you by some lovable Irish douchebag. (May gush abt him later in the thread) So basically a whole waste of time..with a buildup to well, an awesome looking boss with a cool personality (one of the few game bosses I actually share the same nationality with) you never get to fight. I know about the sequel but remember we were'nt supposed to get one. Suda wanted to wrap up there and then..and he's dead..his robot..is'nt.
  17. I was gonna say Terminal Velocity and then I stopped myself. The problem is that we all play Sonic so much it's always on the forefront of our minds... Day 6: Favourite Level Deep Space from KH: Birth by Sleep. I love how vast the world looks and the kinda anti-grav platforming that (Terra?) has to do that fun kingdom rider game that's there for no reason really. When I heard when in the timeline this was gonna be in, I had my doubts about leaving Lilo out of lilo & stitch. But maaaan, if this was an episode of the TV series, it'd be one of my faves. The way the characters interact with Stitch and Aqua with this universe's character make the main cast stand different to each other more. And I do like the whimsical style this world has which still maintains the seriousness of a prison ship/council ship with certain touches like the cells. The music has to be the best part. The grid from KH 3D is a good 2nd but while I like the flowmotion elements...the level design kinda irked me while I loved everything else about the world..but ohhh, so close, man. I wish it could've taken this spot.
  18. Day 5: INDiiiiie games<3 I love the indie industry for being the hotbed of interesting ideas and it's even gaining popularity. Makes me wanna jump into this industry.. If there's a short and simple game that was unforgettable for me, it's this one.(Journey was interesting but it did do something that's been done in other media..and my PS3 kept overheating mid-game and turning off annoyed me) This went to the basics of game designs in terms of aesthetics. But in that one "weakness", lies this game's greatest strength. For a game that could look like it came from the gaming's early days, lies one of the greatest narration I've ever heard. But the design does'nt stop there all the blocks have relate-able stories we can understand and empathise with, which translates into some of the goals of some of the levels and even their properties.(specially' near the end) Even the way the blocks are design can reflect their personalities (I think the fat one had confidence issues). All to nicely come together to tell an empathetic story of our courageous programs which were cruelly shut down.. All this in a simple game which have blocks platforming..yes, some of the puzzles were nifty and clever but realistically, that's not the main reason this game is raved about in its circles. (Even if I did enjoy them as I do a good puzzle.) Edit: I have to say I'm eagerly awaiting Transistor myself..*drools*
  19. You see, Discoid, this is the problem I have this question=.= It kinda leads into repeated answer..you could've paced it apart, bro. *sigh* Be a bit strategic about it? I can only hope. So in the same vein.. Day 4: Favorite Series This picture represents my series and my feelings towards this question being asked now. I mean-SERIOUSLY? after that question what else could it be.. I'll elaborate a bit more on Ace Attorney as a series here. I sometimes find the investigations a drag..but later games in the series make it more hilarious and more character. And poking around crime scenes fills my need OCD-need to...well..poke everything to see what they'd say.(Stepladder, nuff' said) But those trials are where it's at. The way the gameplay is constructed and leads you on to make you feel like you figured it out is genius. Especially when the cornered theme plays and it gives you question after question where you feel like lil' Mac giving knockout punches in the defensive corner. And it's the perfect handheld game that you even can play it one-handed. The osts are good ranging to superb but no matter what, they do enough to set the mood in the courtroom. The characters are interesting and at times can make you invested in them. (Not all are great-Apollo Justice-wise). And again, I'm glad it flourishes with its fanbase and I hope it continues getting localised. ...sorry, I just don't like repeating myself. I just hope the questions get better..or better-paced at least.-.-;;
  20. Sorry Discoid, to answer honestly I have to pull out sonic card here..and it's probably not going to be the only time either..I'll try not to either.. Day 3: Favourite Cover Art I was this close from picking something else but I realised it could refer to some other question so I didn't want to repeat my answer for that one..and I do recall thinking years ago, this is the best cover ever..The healthy amount characters the various emotions they reflect towards each other..(which isn't necessarily just animosity..if you pay attention..and the tude' in the logo and with Sonic and Shadow (which the net makes it out to be bad but was culturally relevant) I like the fact that it's 2D art too and I prefer my covers that way as 2D art can be drawn and controlled exactly the way you like and thus has more personality than any 3D cover art. It's nice seeing the 3D characters in toon art which can't be said till Sonic X which is still really not as good as this.. I even like that the cute Chao get a bit of attention as much as love as the Chao Garden gets..I think the only time Chao appear on covers are in the advance series? Correct me if I'm wrong tho..
  21. I have to add that the Jap voice actors is THE version to listen to..they really have a talented cast onboard there..
  22. 2nd day and you had to give us the whopper of the question already, Discoid? Day 2: Favourite Game The image is cyrptic cos' I mean the Ace Attorney Investigations series even if only one game is currently localised. I would say the Ace Attorney series as a whole but man have I played those games to death and I can still go back to it. The characters, the emotions, the turnabout, the memories , the revelations..whew. A lotta feelings about this one. Since it's one game..narrowing it down to Ace Attorney Investigations in particular...much like the first post..I like it when a series takes the same formula but goes in a new, exciting direction with it. My fave character is now playable for the whole..plus the returning cast of characters and humour we were familiar with. (Much needed after apollo justice*shudder*) . And that classy soundtrack makes it one of my fave soundtrack of all time which I can never get sick of hearing. They helped me with my studying and when my mood was waaaay rock bottom..it picks me up and makes me fight on..elegantly I suppose. Heck, even my room colour is themed after Edgeworth. I can relate to his character a lot and seeing his develop through the games like my own journey is an enlghtening and inspirational experience. Yes, I know the twists when I replay it but this game has that addictive quality that makes the fan keep coming back y'know? I consider Dual Destinies a somewhat victory for the fans after how AAI 2 was treated. I'm glad the fanbase is'nt dying down anytime soon and the games keep churning out like le Layton crossover and Dai Gyakuten Saiban. I can only hope it continues to be a successful franchise cos' the folks truly deserve it..
  23. How about one that empowers the villain....and villain? Easily one of my fave final boss themes of all time..cos' it sounds so epic and daunting and majestic unlike the tone of the rest of the OST
  24. Day 1:Most Nostalgic My first foray into gaming was through portables as they were all the rage in school and I did'nt get to hear much abt consoles unfortunately.. And yes, I did play Pokemon Red but it did'nt make that much impression on me even with the hype around it. I thought it was just..a good game really..fun till the end. But maaaan, G/S was not just a sequel but a major overhaul which made the delays worth it. The sweet colours(tho' I owned a GB pocket), the polished pokemon sprites, the new types, the cuter pokemon designs which have more thought put into it(I'm glad they moved to more docile one rather than aggressive last gen) the new types, the new gym leaders (whose designs were more interesting IMO), the new locations to explore (Olivine Lighthouse, Lake of Rage, Radio Tower). It was a big milestone for the pokemon franchise as a whole and cemented its place as a lifelong game franchise that would not be one game wonder. And man those tunes cheery and bright but not to the point sickly sweet. I could never get sick of this soundtrack...And it has my favourite character and rival in the franchise to date: Silver. This is always one of my first and unforgettable games for me. Even if Red was the first...this is the best. My firsts usually are'nt. And maaan, the fangasms when HeartGold was announced..that's another story.
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