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  1. Most Immersive Game.:Persona 4 Not enuff time to write this with love, sadly. But Persona 4. I mean the midnight channel aside, the bosses and people have troubles and struggles you can relate to. And as you talk to them as days go by, social link grows...you peel off the layers of their complexes and personalities to get what kind of person they are. They get affected when you hang out with someone else. They get hurt, happy, sad, distraught. I think no other game has captured how it is be and live as a human in everyday life without feeling routine and robotic. It may seem skin-deep initially but a truckload of thought, emotion and structure has been put into every inch of the writing which makes this a huge time investment and adds to the immersion which sucks you in and make you genuinely care about these characters as if they are your friends..which I have heard in some LPs as well.
  2. XDDDDD I only bumped into the stream by coincidence a few mins before so I stayed and watch...I was trying to catch Gaim on-stream..but internet sucks...I'm kinda glad I did'nt stay watching this..I mean the info will come sooner or later for Pokemon with or without E3..I mean how many magazine scans do we get every game..
  3. I Had waaaaaaaaay more trouble with 3...ugh Zavok.
  4. Day 7: Least Favourite Level Dangit, mine's been snagged. I'd add the penultimate boss is ALL the bosses together so they get a lot of cheap shots in so you have to get them in a certain order usually unless you're nifty or good. I remember being frustrated with a lot of games but for the life of me can't recall when..I'm tired. So surprise, I pulled out this. Letz Shake: No More Heroes Basically an empty level devoid of everything except for Darth Vader clones shooting you loads of damage from afar and no run button You just keep trying to get through this long empty tunnel that seems to be going ahead forever. (With the occasional nasty fight with Vader) And you reach the end to find out that...what?! Your boss fight was just snagged from you by some lovable Irish douchebag. (May gush abt him later in the thread) So basically a whole waste of time..with a buildup to well, an awesome looking boss with a cool personality (one of the few game bosses I actually share the same nationality with) you never get to fight. I know about the sequel but remember we were'nt supposed to get one. Suda wanted to wrap up there and then..and he's dead..his robot..is'nt.
  5. I was gonna say Terminal Velocity and then I stopped myself. The problem is that we all play Sonic so much it's always on the forefront of our minds... Day 6: Favourite Level Deep Space from KH: Birth by Sleep. I love how vast the world looks and the kinda anti-grav platforming that (Terra?) has to do that fun kingdom rider game that's there for no reason really. When I heard when in the timeline this was gonna be in, I had my doubts about leaving Lilo out of lilo & stitch. But maaaan, if this was an episode of the TV series, it'd be one of my faves. The way the characters interact with Stitch and Aqua with this universe's character make the main cast stand different to each other more. And I do like the whimsical style this world has which still maintains the seriousness of a prison ship/council ship with certain touches like the cells. The music has to be the best part. The grid from KH 3D is a good 2nd but while I like the flowmotion elements...the level design kinda irked me while I loved everything else about the world..but ohhh, so close, man. I wish it could've taken this spot.
  6. Day 5: INDiiiiie games<3 I love the indie industry for being the hotbed of interesting ideas and it's even gaining popularity. Makes me wanna jump into this industry.. If there's a short and simple game that was unforgettable for me, it's this one.(Journey was interesting but it did do something that's been done in other media..and my PS3 kept overheating mid-game and turning off annoyed me) This went to the basics of game designs in terms of aesthetics. But in that one "weakness", lies this game's greatest strength. For a game that could look like it came from the gaming's early days, lies one of the greatest narration I've ever heard. But the design does'nt stop there all the blocks have relate-able stories we can understand and empathise with, which translates into some of the goals of some of the levels and even their properties.(specially' near the end) Even the way the blocks are design can reflect their personalities (I think the fat one had confidence issues). All to nicely come together to tell an empathetic story of our courageous programs which were cruelly shut down.. All this in a simple game which have blocks platforming..yes, some of the puzzles were nifty and clever but realistically, that's not the main reason this game is raved about in its circles. (Even if I did enjoy them as I do a good puzzle.) Edit: I have to say I'm eagerly awaiting Transistor myself..*drools*
  7. You see, Discoid, this is the problem I have this question=.= It kinda leads into repeated answer..you could've paced it apart, bro. *sigh* Be a bit strategic about it? I can only hope. So in the same vein.. Day 4: Favorite Series This picture represents my series and my feelings towards this question being asked now. I mean-SERIOUSLY? after that question what else could it be.. I'll elaborate a bit more on Ace Attorney as a series here. I sometimes find the investigations a drag..but later games in the series make it more hilarious and more character. And poking around crime scenes fills my need OCD-need to...well..poke everything to see what they'd say.(Stepladder, nuff' said) But those trials are where it's at. The way the gameplay is constructed and leads you on to make you feel like you figured it out is genius. Especially when the cornered theme plays and it gives you question after question where you feel like lil' Mac giving knockout punches in the defensive corner. And it's the perfect handheld game that you even can play it one-handed. The osts are good ranging to superb but no matter what, they do enough to set the mood in the courtroom. The characters are interesting and at times can make you invested in them. (Not all are great-Apollo Justice-wise). And again, I'm glad it flourishes with its fanbase and I hope it continues getting localised. ...sorry, I just don't like repeating myself. I just hope the questions get better..or better-paced at least.-.-;;
  8. Sorry Discoid, to answer honestly I have to pull out sonic card here..and it's probably not going to be the only time either..I'll try not to either.. Day 3: Favourite Cover Art I was this close from picking something else but I realised it could refer to some other question so I didn't want to repeat my answer for that one..and I do recall thinking years ago, this is the best cover ever..The healthy amount characters the various emotions they reflect towards each other..(which isn't necessarily just animosity..if you pay attention..and the tude' in the logo and with Sonic and Shadow (which the net makes it out to be bad but was culturally relevant) I like the fact that it's 2D art too and I prefer my covers that way as 2D art can be drawn and controlled exactly the way you like and thus has more personality than any 3D cover art. It's nice seeing the 3D characters in toon art which can't be said till Sonic X which is still really not as good as this.. I even like that the cute Chao get a bit of attention as much as love as the Chao Garden gets..I think the only time Chao appear on covers are in the advance series? Correct me if I'm wrong tho..
  9. How about one that empowers the villain....and villain? Easily one of my fave final boss themes of all time..cos' it sounds so epic and daunting and majestic unlike the tone of the rest of the OST
  10. You're saying all this in retrospect though. It's always easy to say...
  11. Wii U: Yes, it'll make the console more attractive. I doubt for the 3DS cos' handheld ver. usually gets the shaft DLC-wise..
  12. Am I one of the few people excited over Charizard more than Greninja?

    1. kalion


      Don't get me wrong, he's my fave 6th gen starter but still..

    2. Wraith


      Who even IS greninja

    3. Komodin


      I also love the fact that Charizard's flying solo this time around.

    4. Xtremer Sadiqachu
  13. This level grinds me in the sense it shows that Sonic Team were perfectly capable of going back to adventure roots and open levels and possibly have camera control back but they did'nt. They did'nt play it safe by going back to the boost formula. (which I'm actually grateful for..but for my point) They went completely in all sorts of random tangent and slapped it off as a gold disc..*sigh* I like Sonic Lost World but I'm tired of saying this game has potential with regards to them..I wanna say their game unleashed its potential and then some..in the future y'know.. I know a lot of us have some hopes in this regard to Sonic Boom but I've more or less agree with Dio about Boom...we'll have to see at E3 but not expecting the Sonic-style gameplay but just maybe a fun game.. I have to say tho' I'm glad this DLC is completely 3D and how it throws in Zelda mechanics into Sonic gameplay as fun 'speriment.
  14. Look Sega and Sega Sammy have been around for ages....considering they have acquisition to snag ATLUS and keep it thriving..while thinking of their own welfare when doing so..they're doing just fine..and they don't have one person or a bunch of douchebags thinking of their financial direction..they've been in the game for years..and Sonic Franchise alone is over 20! That's saying something...They KNOW what they've done and what they're doing...leave it to the people whose job is worrying about these stuff and just y'know relax and enjoy the goodies they throw our way to buy.. ...who knows..you may find some new appreciation in the things they've done so far..in-game and out.
  15. Yeah I'm getting Sonic 06 vibes all over again..for a world so alive and full of character..the robots seem so blah... ...the best one so far would be burnbot..but not saying much.
  16. Felt a tinge of sadness when I saw Sonic Lost World archived now...may not be the greatest Sonic game but..

    1. TearForFear


      Don't worry, SLW will not completely vanish until Tails stops giving us his useful tips on twitter

    2. FriendBot


      It was an alright game but still needed some fine tuning, if anything. Atleast the levels aren't obstacle courses and the game actually felt like a platformer

    3. FriendBot


      Or until that Zelda DLC comes.

  17. Eggman's part of the military in this universe so it's not a strech actually.... ...I hope not.
  18. From the sounds of VA work, it sounds like alternate Knux only made it to their side coutesy of eggman nega. It'd be interesting if they took a new take on past story elements here by saying it's the Sky sanctuary here. It's stick to the mantra of "Familiar but new" as Stephen Frost said and attract old and new fans alike..
  19. I wonder if that is a health counter a la Werehog. Or special attack linked to your rings..
  20. I do recall in an interview, he did the same thing. Pollock was in a fair and saw a kid with a huge Sonic plushie and said "Look, It's Sonic" in his eggman voice..the kid whipped around but had no idea where that voice came from...XD
  21. I think the fact Sonic 2 was the first co-op 2 player game already shows that inspiration... Sonic 2 is my fave classic sonic so I'm excited. And great sum-up there, thankies.
  22. Hmm that may be if Brawl and Mario Kart are released before Boom. All we know is that Kart will make it before Boom but brawl is a game-changer...
  23. Y'know I've been lurking a long time and I'd never ever thought I'd take Dio's side of all things.. ...but I agree. Studying game design, this game is pretty clearly not designed as a Sonic game top down..more like 3D platformer game with Sonic elements put on top later. The fact it's been outsourced and it seems how different characters have diff abillities for diff obstacles and combat-focused. It seems like Sonic Chronicles 2 HD. Ironically, the take makes me interested. I'm not gonna compare it to Sonic games as such. If it ranks as a good game on the platformer scale, I'm happy, Personally, I'm really excited that Knuckles historically is playable in a way that he's like the rest.(Reaching the end of level) Instead of hunting for those damn shards, I liked that gameplay initially then it felt stale..even within 2 games. Playable characters is the main reason I'm happy here..after soooooo many years. It feels like a TV/Movie game spinoff then a Sonic game honestly, maybe that was the direction that it was meant to be. I'm gonna judge it on its merits with my beloved characters.
  24. The electric cord is a tool all the characters carry and seems to be a "thing" in their univers as evidenced by the screenshot of amy and sonic using it and word from the producers in a kotaku article.
  25. Well said, which is why cryEngine clip never struck anyone as it could like it was from a Sonic game. Sonic game always had vibrant , distinctive locales(Save 06 and Unleashed's realism) and the closest thing this art style looks sonic-y from is Sonic Chronicles..in fact the game trailer felt a lot like a HD open world location game of Sonic Chronicles..did anyone else get these vibes.
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