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  1. Sky road 2. Any tips on how to do the final bit and float up to the sky and spring..can't seem to do it after many tries..any tips?
  2. Does anyone have the HQ/Wii U ver. of the special stage theme? It played for a bit in the Nintendo Direct trailer..hoping for a clean remix..*-*
  3. Orbot did say it will be stuck on overload if they continued draining energy in an earlier custcene..FYI.
  4. Guys, the WHOLE 3DS game has been streamed here: http://www.twitch.tv/hellfirecomms/profile/pastBroadcasts You're welcome
  5. Can you give us a summary or translation of the cutscene?
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L97cJWtNmMQ Over here, guys..
  7. Well put. sir.*golf clap* It's also interesting that it's actually based off Classic Eggman, clear shout out to the Death Egg Robot.
  8. Will the eShop ver. have the deadly six DLC? Anyone can confirm this?
  9. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.horizonproductions.audionaut&hl=en Please give our game a try- It's free and fun. And give us your feedback here or on the store. Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Audionaut/674897192529888?fref=ts Gameplay footage: Game Features: - Exciting fusion of rhythm and running - Instantly generate unique levels from your own music - Includes pre-generated levels in Low, Normal and High difficulty - Variety of challenges Feel free to try it out and discuss it here. Thanks!
  10. What are you talking abt? The trailer??
  11. Eggman got some simple edits as well just as Sonic. For the tone of the game it seems.
  12. Yeah Sky road is clearly the Greatest hits of Lost Hex altogether as can be seen in Zavok's battle and the screenshots.. Makes it a bit strange if Lava Mountain is after tho'..
  13. Silent forest is a possibility here based on the plants and blocks
  14. For the first time, Thank god for boosters!
  15. Drat, I was betting on it being called Molten Mountain all this time.. But remember it's translated so it may be different in english..
  16. Now you got loads of info to talk abt, peeps. Longest trailer we have to date. Didja see the Drill in 3D underwater?! And Super Sonic's in, I guess. but it may remove Wisp capability again..
  17. Don't fret, cos'I think it'll be in the final game^^
  18. I could see Shadow skating on and up walls myself, in terms of alternate gameplay.
  19. Yeah, cos' no other game other than Mario used it first..dude it's so common..*rolls eyes* Anyway, I'm having trouble believing the Deadly Six edition is real for some reason../= =.=
  20. As stated before the number of playable characters != better game But taste-wise, yeah the Sonic/Shadow stages in the adventure series were the popular one since that's the type of gameplay you'd expect from the Sonic series. So I'm saying perhaps have the most of the stages be Sonic-type ones but have some different character stages peppered around for variety. Not as much as focus as they have been given in the earlier games but just some spotlight.(Dare I say it?) Kinda like how Sonic 06 had you switch characters along the way...
  21. It's more of that I'd rather do Parkour by default and slow down using a delibrate button/trigger..I'm not sure how long I'd want to grasp onto the trigger constantly..it's a comfort thing...
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