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  1. Yeah I remember having way too much fun in that mode the last game..really disappointing indeed I wonder if S0l is still around cos' that Chao Gardener and Triple A stickers could use fixing on the Wii U version could use fixing so we can complete the game..they were both wrongly programmed*hopes* It's a simpler patch than patching a glitch anyway. Yeah I wonder why it never left the development stage.../=
  2. More than that, I want a fully fleshed Sonic game 2D or not. As discussed, a Sonic Colours could be very well ported to the 3DS as it's mostly 2D and and there is'nt too much high speed for the 3DS to process and the buttons could be mapped as mentioned above. But the closest to what I mean is Rush Adventure. Have an open 3D overworlds, a fleshed out story, seperate mechanics for 3D sections if necessary or just do what colours did..focus on 2D section with some 3D peppered..it'd be a good testing ground for a transition and would sell well if it was fleshed out fully like Rush adventure. Introduce the concept of 3D to test the waters first rather than weaning away lazily saying it's not possible when IT IS.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  4. If this is true I may just preorder the 3DS version. Can you confirm this? If not, I may have to beg around..T-T
  5. Can I ask if the eShop ver. for the WiiU has Metal Sonic and Outrun bay included? If it does it would save me loads of trouble.
  6. Anyone know how to map controller buttons to the steam ver. it can't even detect mine. Thanks..^^;;
  7. Where is the livestream may I ask? I can't find it..
  8. Au revoir, S0L! I'm guessing we'll get the final trailer next week..P=
  9. S0L how many players does multiplayer support for the 3DS and Vita platforms?
  10. OT but I never got how the Levels A,B,C worked. I'd usually end up with a C no matter what.
  11. Yeah she's not a voice actor..she just handles like the short bites waaay better so I'm hoping she's not that chatty in game.. And Whaaaaa-- Amy's voice is tolerable? Lots of generations clips used tho' to good effect unlike last time..lol I;m really loving how Ulala's car moves..might actually use her this time..
  12. To add to this, how many players will the multiplayer in the 3DS version support..the 2 player limit was highly disappointing last time..
  13. I feel Sonic Colours handle the boost mechanic and the 3D platforming better. (Yes you read that right) Whenever the sparse 3D platforming section showed it easily let sonic keep his flow of speed while platforming whereas the sudden clunky stop and platforming sections in Generations. (Best example is the waterfall section in Aquarium Park) And the boost you get is limited and overpowered and it seem to add to the gameplay rather than careen along at impossible speeds where it's hard to stop.
  14. Ehhh...I'm iffy about sky sanctuary..like people said the tropes are too similar and part of the Generations already felt like a race track so I can see why they lifted it but I'd much rather have Chemical plant..It has much bigger sense of scale and provides a new trope slong with suitable parts for air, land and sea. Just imagine if we were flying up that huge tube! *sigh* Never doubted Ulala would'nt be in but nice to see her confirmed..and I have to say the battle arenas seem to have much more depth already.
  15. Where's that trailer we should be getting? *-* And Hogfather were you teasing at the music we got this week, last week?
  16. I think Heroes' Design seems mostly inspired from Kingdom Hearts. Seriously have you seen how strapperific and zipperific their outfits get? I like Riders on how simple and clean cut it is and Battle's too..just seems perfectly balanced in structure.
  17. I think he could be a giant obstacle that whacks racers into oblivion and clap smashes them in possibly the flying section "SEGA Carnival" Level. They could even say he's a statue of him in honor of Segata Sanshiro to give it some continuity (or a reincarnation cos' he's that awesome). I think many people would be satisfied with this.
  18. Will there be special edition for WiiU as well?
  19. That's why I felt that name was familiar. Hiya, I'm Edgeworth. Lurker of the boards
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