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  1. Drat, I was betting on it being called Molten Mountain all this time.. But remember it's translated so it may be different in english..
  2. Now you got loads of info to talk abt, peeps. Longest trailer we have to date. Didja see the Drill in 3D underwater?! And Super Sonic's in, I guess. but it may remove Wisp capability again..
  3. Don't fret, cos'I think it'll be in the final game^^
  4. I could see Shadow skating on and up walls myself, in terms of alternate gameplay.
  5. Yeah, cos' no other game other than Mario used it first..dude it's so common..*rolls eyes* Anyway, I'm having trouble believing the Deadly Six edition is real for some reason../= =.=
  6. As stated before the number of playable characters != better game But taste-wise, yeah the Sonic/Shadow stages in the adventure series were the popular one since that's the type of gameplay you'd expect from the Sonic series. So I'm saying perhaps have the most of the stages be Sonic-type ones but have some different character stages peppered around for variety. Not as much as focus as they have been given in the earlier games but just some spotlight.(Dare I say it?) Kinda like how Sonic 06 had you switch characters along the way...
  7. It's more of that I'd rather do Parkour by default and slow down using a delibrate button/trigger..I'm not sure how long I'd want to grasp onto the trigger constantly..it's a comfort thing...
  8. I agree with you, dude. I wish it was a Walk trigger instead of a run trigger. I think everyone expects Sonic to run by now..
  9. Exactly my sentiments..Terminal Velocity Eggman's announcement. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! I repeat, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Seems to be very appropriate here...
  10. Yes, I am a sucker for Sonic's good OST so can anyone from SoS let me know about this pwease?
  11. Anyone able to tell us about Frozen Factory's music? o.0
  12. Optimistic. Finally.

  13. Regarding Sonic Unleashed HD....To be fair, all I've had all these years were Sonic Unleashed Wii. So it has to be at least better than that. Tho' YES that homing attack bugs the shit outta me. I'm clearly not expecting it to beat out Sonic Colours, and from LPs it clearly does'nt. But I think I'm having fun ride so far and my friend enjoyed it too. More in the werehog sections cuz' she can't handle em' high speeds. I'm like the rest and prefer Sonic gamepl...

    1. TheOcelot


      Sonic's levels are more spectacular visually. In terms of the gameplay, the Werehog is arguably better and worse in different ways.

      A fusion of both gameplays would have been interesting...

  14. Can we see your prior sonic colours work? I'm happy about Sonic Lost World so far. Tho' I predict it'll make the Sonic fanbase more divided than prior Sonic games actually. The only thing that seriously bothers me is that timer still exists. It's still going DOWN. In a game that clearly encourages exploration. C'mon Sonic Team, make it go back up again as usual....
  15. Sonic running around to me does not signify any serious narrative. Only bit of narrative there was in those was the big bad(Time eater) appearing in front of the sonics. We already have more than that here. Yes, I'll concede I could see the wisp explanation being handwaved considering Sega's track record, but I hope they used the term evolved wisps for Eagle and Asteroid cuz' they're kinda improved versions of prior ones. But that's just me.
  16. I'm already convinced this game has more story than Generations just by the trailer and screenshots. There's also thing called being too wary...
  17. Y'know Frozen Factory seems to follow the vein of the classic casino levels. Not much to do but to take it slow, enjoy the music, gamble and spend rings/coins. So I don't hold too much against it. Granted I was way too excited for the screenshots, was kinda disappointed with what was done in the level. Heroes was annoying to control at those Pinball tables but but casino platforming was still reasonably offered. Not enough to make me lose hope in this game, not by a long shot..
  18. Finally got my hands on Sonic Unleashed HD

    1. Wraith


      You're in for......something.

    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      i'm so sorry

    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      (dis gun be gud)

    4. TheOcelot


      May the force be with you!

    5. Soniman
    6. spinny


      You're in for a decent ride.

    7. Vertekins


      Behold, you'll experience a game when Sonic Team did what it wanted instead of doing what it thinks everyone else wants as well as a game with honest-to-god effort invested in it.

    8. Enderwoman


      I hope you like mashing the Y button.

    9. Wraith


      Behold, you'll experience a Sonic game where Sonic Team tried. Just like the other two boost games.

    10. Soniman


      Sonic Team was sure pigeonholed into making better games after this one.

    11. Enderwoman


      behold, no standards

    12. Vertekins



      That's an extremely 'your mileage may vary' opinion.

    13. Wraith


      So is "Sonic Team did what it wanted instead of doing what it thinks everyone else wants" really

    14. Soniman


      yeah it is, im just saying how I fell about it. You seem to state that just because they got rid of an aspect everyone hated they were forced to make games diffrentley. Not mention im sure no one asked for power ups.

    15. kalion


      Wow, attention. Hi guys, I've been stealthin' around for years but decided to be active. Yoroshiku<3

  19. Man, do I feel sad when people bring up the graphics define the game crap. *sigh* Shows how sadly obsessed and deluded peeps are with em' Graphics
  20. I love what I'm seeing here..specially DAT JUNGLE. Makes me wonder if they forgot about the Hover and Void wisps tho' since they're kinda similar. But Hover's definitely a lot slower than eagle. I kinda wish they would use the term evolved wisps in this case. WISP-A-MON!
  21. I don't think they'd do this but would'nt it be cool if.. Lost Hex is the result of little planet being caught in the black hole explosion of Sonic Colours. Or perhaps Time eater's effect of unstable space which allowed eggman to be teleported there..unintentionally...
  22. I know this is really late but... DESSERT RUINS, PPL. DO YOU GET IT YET? GUH. Thank you. Just proceed.
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