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  1. *log in* ... WHAT THE FU-- BOOOOOOM!

  2. if recolours come within 50 galaxies fo this game, i will destroy some one's face.

  3. Riddic

    Sonic Colours: New Wii/DS game

    There is one more thing i can think about for this game to be better, if it is a super mario galaxy rip, forget the friggin jump stars, GIVE US IN GAME SUPER SONIC
  4. Riddic

    Sonic Colours: New Wii/DS game

    Damn topic is going to get me obsessed with forums again... ANYWAY! as long as tails is in it i don't mind, the game is looking good AAANNNNDDD, it is RATED before it is been teaser'd this may mean that sega is not rushing this game. And if this and sonic 4 turn out bad, i will personaly blow up SOE SOE and SOJ.
  5. Riddic

    Sonic Colours: New Wii/DS game

    Hey, sorry I don't show my ugly face around here much but I discovered this in the trailer, some one might of said it already but still, the orange thing seems to be the Chu Chu rocket! look! Am I right? Anyway, this game looks good so far, Tails is in it. childish, as always, (watch him when the things appear then you will get it.) and I'm going to look forward to digging out my wii in this pit i call a room.

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