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  1. Anyone knows what the tip of professor pickle about egg lancer means? (Unleashed 360)

  2. Are you all talking about the tweet of the account "SonicRunners_US"? Because some people have reason to believe that's just a fake account.
  3. Yes, buying characters is good, specially since you can buy the best team (chaotix), but before if you get enough RSR (you could get like 250-500 a day), as much as you get disappointed with the results, eventually you could get what you wanted (special spins used to give you something you don't have, never duplicates) so back then, there was an actual limit of how many rsr it takes to get what you want, now you don't get as much rsr, but you can play once a day and get enough for 5 spins a week (still slow), but special spins give duplicates now so you're stuck on getting what you want by luck, and its 5 more levels than before so....yeah To make it simple, removing Rare buddies out of the special roulette and buying characaters are the only good things that help with the issues of the roulette...
  4. How can you tell the buddie number/bonus with that picture alone? Also, what is this of dying early? Please elaborate.
  5. Yes, the character break gives +5 seconds and +10% of each bonus (but destruction "team mech" bonus) per level, so lv10 = +50 seconds and +100% bonus of each bonus. Also, rank doesn't apply to time mode, only endless, but the bonus of buddies (too bad it's has a limit of 200.0%)
  6. Alright, I haven't check this place in a long time, I'm gonna try to answer as many questions as I can, I'm too lazy to catch up with whatever long time discussions anyone has. What do you mean? Special eggs are just a "free" spin with better chances at getting a character +(now) you don't get R buddies, only SR and character. ... Yes, you have a chance at getting RSR when using asteroid or the Orca buddie, but not if you destroy objects by other means, IIRC. No, the -20% score is for total score, when you limitsmash you are affecting all stats up to 100%, not total score. I'll try to explain, same as the tornado 2 affects the amount of rings you get before applying the ring bonus of the characters/buddies, the limit smash bonus applies before the negative bonus of team easy. I would try using math, but let me know if you get it this way first.
  7. Tell me, does cubot gives only items as sharha or can it give you color powers? Also, are the items on effect like sharha or waiting to be used like dark queen? And yeah, no idea about orbot until someone gets it, but looks useless to me.
  8. Yeah, cubot seems to have a low combo but no idea how often it works.(or how low it goes) I got to see orbot on the loading screen max level:650(600) combo, no idea how many rings it takes, or how it works really, but it seems pointless after getting dark queen. And the dark chao walker, well...since the magnet effect of the regular walker seems to last forever at max level(almost on all the time at lv6), im guessing its a little over power? I mean, its a magnet that last forever but only on crystals(unless you bring the other one along). Nothing new lol
  9. Yeah, its all about high level ring characters and buddies, I have: -lv10(&100)cream(I had rings saved since 1.1.4 and when 2.0.0 launched, team easy was the only buyable team) -lv9 (&100)Charmy, it was a long way but I got it with just rings so far, always waste them on the chaotix for more rings!! -lv10 RC turtle: since time mode has rings on all sections, it gives you tons of rings -lv7 Tornado 2: you know what it does, lets say you have a 50% extra rings out of the tornado 2, and you have 200% bonus on the characaters, 100=450 rings !!! In case no one has notice yet, rings give 1500 of score, thats 10% of what animals give and they are way more common, they got this buff on 2.0.0, most likely because of the lack of them on endless, they forgot about quick mode ( or maybe they didnt, and thats why the chao walker only gets rings...)
  10. I know, so am I. For real, cortez gets around 100millions each day, I get around 70(90 with the promotion) with 2 revives
  11. Only 10,000,000? Are you missing a 0? Or have you not seeing the world records of 100,000,000?
  12. Yeah, but him being speed removes the possibility of a speed type blaze, then again he(it?) Is the last character/content so far, no idea what happens on April 1(Webber!! Jk). Well, solaris was considered the sun god by the people of soleanna, based on the info in the banner, the flame of hope(as we know it at the end of the game) was tortured (used in experiments) to get control over it, and that's why the accident happened. (Like, for real, how was I gonna know that it was the flame it self being used if it doesn't show up until the end?) Kind of makes sense now. But that's just my opinion about it.
  13. That's, lucky, for you, I mean I really don't see how could someone get him for free, given that Ruki185 has been doing accounts after a while for testing the release of other characters and he hasn't said anything about it having free ESP silvers, maybe he needed to play more, or maybe you used a spin without noticing, maybe....eh...I'm running out of ideas.
  14. Maybe it doesn't show up unless you have her, i think its always been like that.
  15. Not yet, I'm guessing next month like all the other characters since 2.0.0 (except Xmas)
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