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  1. is only one Super Jump away from completing Burnout Paradise...and has no clue where said super jump is. :S

  2. Heh, for once, a game is actually the reason for my absence to this forum...I do apologise for that, but then again, I don't think anybody really misses me. Anyway, Just Cause 2 has kept me occupied from a few days after its European release to today (I'm not finished playing it yet either) and has even dragged me onto the official Eidos forums to post there instead of here (god forbid)...I've played through the game's story mode twice, and I'm coming up to my third time now (just got the last two Agency missions to complete) and going for 100% afterwards...But I'm only halfway there, currently. In fact, I've just finished completing all four of the districts of Panau City...a feat that I deemed impossible because I thought the game was glitched when I started destroying stuff/collecting boxes and saw that the districts' percentage levels didn't change. With that out of the way, though, I think I may actually achieve my goal this time...and 100% my first ever open-world sandbox game.
  3. Well, alright, I suppose I'll confess...I do remember a select few occasions where I have taken my mobile phone (with game running) into the bathroom with me while, umm, doing the business....I seem to vividly remember Gangstar: Crime City being played, which is funny in itself. Shootin' hoes and stealin' rides while your arse is planted on the ceramic seat. I've also found that the Burnout mobile game is also a good way to, umm, 'pass' the time. It's basically a collection of minigames that only take a minute or so to pass, so, if you're like me, you can play at least two or three different challenges before finishing up and getting the hell out. On a daily basis, though, I don't do anything more related to 'throne gaming' than listening to Paradise City by Guns'n'Roses playing on the title screen of Burnout Paradise, or the techno soundtrack and sound effects of NFS Shift, or if my hearing somehow gets more acute, perhaps the pause menu version of the GTA IV menu theme. Yeah....that's all from me, folks!
  4. Well, finally finished all the events in Burnout Paradise; goodness me, those last four events almost killed me...they were all burning routes, and most of them were done in cars that were either so weak that you couldn't hit anything without wrecking (I.E. an F1 car) or had such bad handling that you would be eating wall and wrecking even if the car was armoured like a tank. I spent so long trying to beat the Krieger Racing WTR (More like WTF) that I was surprised when I actually made it with two seconds to spare; I'd failed at least six times before that. Freeway dashing down to the stadium and then up onto surface streets in 1 minute, where crashing will guarantee a failure and your car seems to be made of paper...Not cool at all....Still, I managed to get through the rest with a higher success rate, and now I only have three more cars to go until completion...Unfortunately one of those appears to be the Jansen P12 Diamond...:S Wish me luck getting all the freeburn challenges... Notable quotes of the day: "Now, witness my TRUE POWER!" (Said after unlocking Carson Thunder Shadow) "I'm Shadow, Shadow the '49 Mercury!" (said after taking the Thunder Shadow to an auto repair shop) "NOOO, I don't BELIEVE this!" (said after failing with the Racing WTR) "Oh for the love of...I was RIGHT THERE DAMMIT!" (Failing Hot Rod challenge) "And I would have passed that too, if it wasn't for those meddling SUVs!" (running out of time after hitting too many cars) ...Yeah, I know, I'm screwed up...Shouting out butchered quotes of popular characters while playing Burnout Paradise. Sometimes I just can't stop myself...
  5. I've had a successful day in Burnout Paradise....the final two billboards have been smashed, and let me tell you, I had a heck of a lot of difficulty getting them. The first one was on a half-finished building at the top of the map, that requires you to head up onto the car park in front of it to access, then jump down a set of 'steps' in the building's unfinished interior to the billboard. all while keeping control of your car at high speed and using the boost...ugh...took me at least four consecutive tries in my dark red Thunder Custom before I slammed through it. The next one was one of my most hated ones, one near the train tracks where you need to barrel down the main road at full speed and then make sure your aim is just right to hit the billboard floating above the tracks. I tried this at least six times with the Thunder Custom and crashed pretty much each time, so I brought out Mein Uberschall and used that...Two more runs of charging towards it at high speed while using boost and I finally got it, and added another car to my collection (No, I'm not gonna spoil it) Also, this afternoon I used Playstation Home for the first time...and I have to say, it blew me away. the graphical detail, the lovely setting you start out in, and the range of 'spaces' available. Okay, so that part's not technically a game, but I did play the Audi Vertical Run game a few times and then proceeded to play Helicopter Hit at least six times. I love flying remote control helicopters, and to have a minigame where you use them in PS Home is awesome in my opinion. Now to try and get my father to register his credit card with Playstation Store (if only until I can acquire my own) so I can buy a few things...Yeah...I know, I'm a sad little 'droid.
  6. Thankfully I passed it on my second try today...after going into 'cornered rat low health beserker mode' as I like to call it. I restarted the mission after I took too long killing some goons, and then found that I only had a small fraction of health left so I ended up blitzing through the level with only a health kit to replenish my health and a dozen or so bad guys to mercilessly gun down before chasing that punk down. I was even low on health during the final shootout, with cops on my rear...and somehow I survived to see death scene. I also grabbed myself another trophy, the 'Sightseer' trophy, which caught me by surprise as I was doing the last of the helicopter tours without even realising it. So when I stepped off the helicopter for the last time, I literally reeled back in surprise because I thought there were more choppers to take tours on!
  7. Draco 2.0

    Just Cause 2

    ...Bloody hell. I thought no other game could possibly do that to you other than Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. And I certainly had that a lot in San Andreas. Even in the middle of some godforsaken forest outside of Los Santos, I'd end up getting struck down by a Beagle somehow hitting the trees and landing on me or near me before exploding spectacularly. And let's not get started on the Rustlers. Urrrgh... Well, thanks for that, another glitch that I'm aware of...
  8. Draco 2.0

    Just Cause 2

    Well, I'm certainly psyched for it...in fact, it's joint-first on my list of PS3 games to buy at the moment, the other being Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing. Unfortunately, I don't have any 'horror stories' to share with you guys, unless you think 'reading a review of it briefly in a 2005 issue of Official Playstation 2 Magazine and then 3 years later watching the entire storyline on Youtube and getting hooked on the series' is a horror story. Still, I liked what I saw in those Youtube videos; the awesome soundtrack, the range of vehicles, the story and the ridiculous moves you can pull (climbing out of a jet fighter to stand on top of it as it flies along, for example) and since Just Cause 2 seems to have that, well.... Roll on 'late march', I say!
  9. Well, umm...actually, no part whatsoever now...I managed to beat it this time by being overly cautious...and then blowing Dimitri up with a rocket in the final battle! Well, he deserves that sort of explosive ending.... Anyway, A Dish Served Cold is finished in GTA IV....Now to go to Roman's wedding and see what happens, as if I don't already know.
  10. , isn't it? Close, just switch for . at least that's what I believe happens from the walkthroughs, I haven't passed the dang mission yet... speaking of passing missions, I have helped a friend of mine out with GTA IV at his house (it's his first GTA, bless 'im), mainly with the 'No Love Lost', 'The Master and the Molotov' and 'Russian Revolution' missions, allowing him to get the trophy for 'Roman's Sorrow'. In return, he allowed me to see and play FUEL, which will definitely be going on my game wishlist....what can I say, I like the idea of racing around a post-apocalyptic landscape with cars that look like they've come out of a Mad Max movie. although if the races are anything to go by I'm going to be faced with a lot of work. I only managed to win one challenge, and that was one of the 'takedown' challenges where you've got to touch two cars to take them out. <sighs> Well, it'll certainly keep me occupied, at least, if I do get the game. I'm glad to see that it's not just me having trouble with the last half of the game...most of the opponents just seem unbeatable on medium difficulty; even if I'm doing the works championship and have one of the fastest accelerating/fastest cars in the group, I still cannot catch up with the top three racers on most of the tracks...I haven't even started the World Tour yet....but if it's as hard as you say, then....oh my. I'm only going to use changing the difficulty as a last resort, if I fail it so many times that it's not worth trying it again under medium...even if I do end up hanging my head in shame.
  11. Well, I can honestly say I'm shocked (pun intended) at myself recently...after at least four years of abstaining from the games on Shockwave.com, I've been tempted back in...I even registered, for goodness' sakes! Something I once vowed I would never do. Well, times do change, I suppose.... Anyway, what's been tempting me? The Drift'n'Burn series, particularly the latest two...the concept of being able to acquire a new car after a few races, or customise one; as well as acquiring it through rather entertaining (if not frustrating sometimes) F-Zero style track racing really appeals to me...especially as it's a lovely procrastination tool, albeit a short one, for each school day. I suppose I better mention my PS3 exploits too... Grand Theft Auto IV-Almost finished the story for the last time, except I'm taking the Revenge path rather than the Deal path like I did last time when I was getting the Liberty City Minute trophy. And dear lord is the last mission hard...I can make it through most of the ship, open the cargo bay doors and get away from the wheelhouse, but I always get gunned down (Or pinned down by gunfire from the goons and then gunned down) when I'm close to the cargo bay doors. Darn...I'll finish it sometime, I'm sure. Need for Speed Shift-Well, this game is kicking my arse too, that's for sure. I've unlocked the final tier of races, including the NFS World Tour, and I'm finding it so difficult...especially the race series...I can't even pass one on Tier 3, let alone Tier 4! <sighs> Ah well....I've at least finished a rather geeky self-imposed challenge that I set myself within the confines of this game, and that's to create a vehicle for every single Road Rovers character that regularly takes part in missions...that includes the main four, plus Muzzle and Shag....This probably isn't an achievement to many, but it is to me. And that's all I'm going to cover in this update...See ya!
  12. Burnout Paradise (PS3) Goodness, this game is addictive. Especially shutdowns. Now heading into the final 70 or so wins until I get my Burnout Elite license, I've found a ton of new cars to shut down, and the last couple have been done in hilarious (at least to me) ways. Hope you guys don't mind me talking about them. Right, so the first car on my vehicular hit list was the Hunter Oval Special, the NASCAR-styled stock racer. After several near misses and rampant chases during which I got my arse handed to me by the local traffic, I finally managed to catch the poor guy off guard while driving along Section 4 of I-88. While totally unexpected, I somehow managed to guide the stock car straight into the path of an oncoming 'DIESEL' van, totally demolishing his front end and sending the van skidding back across the road and out of traffic flow, taking a blue pickup truck with it. What an undignified end for such a formidable opponent...but then again, most of the cars I shutdown get that sort of treatment, even if they do bring it on themselves. And the driver of the Watson V16 Revenge car certainly did. Okay, so I'm trying to do a road rule at the top of Paradise City, before heading into the country lanes...As I speed through traffic on the right side of the road in my 'Marked Man Evilmobile' Hunter Civilian (Painted metallic black like the ones in the Marked Man challenges) I initiate a road rule and speed up to try and beat it, only to have the Watson V16 fly at me at over 100mph in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION and take himself out on a car to his right because of my 'deflection' off of him with the front left panel of my car (Sounds like I'm writing an insurance accident report, really) I naturally burst out laughing in surprise and have to try and calm down as I finish the rest of the Road Rule and then head back to claim my very smashed up prize. Well, that's all I can report on for now...although I bet there'll be more crazy stuff to relay to you guys later on, if this game stays like it is (and I'm sure it will)
  13. Hah, I can certainly contribute to this thread...I'm another one of those 'crazy' people who talks back to video game characters (among other things) and I'm certainly not going to stop doing it...With the recent acquisition of my PS3, things seem to have been stepped up a notch, for example: I never used to talk back to the radio announcers in Burnout 3 and Revenge, but now I do in Burnout Paradise, mainly when DJ Hypersonic Atomika tries to give me a 'friendly' hint about how to win the next race after screwing up. You can bet that when he asks, "Why not try taking a different route?" I'm going to immediately fire back, "Why don't you just shut the fuck up?!" He does give good advice, even if it is common knowledge most of the time...I just take my frustration out on him all the time when I lose. Poor guy. I also tend to say stuff like "OH, YOU MOTHER FUCKER! I WAS RIGHT THERE!" when getting beaten by a small margin, such as one race where I came so close I almost rammed the first place driver into the side of the Wildcats Baseball Stadium....Man, that sucked. In Need for Speed Shift, I tend to reply to the announcer, AKA your mentor. So if we're coming up to a race starting and he says something like: Mentor: Okay, make sure you aren't in last, I repeat, make sure you aren't in last, when that timer runs out. Draco: Aye aye, captain! <drives off> I've also said several silly things while driving in races, one notable example was when I was having a hard time with a Car Battle Challenge (BMW M3 versus Audi RS4) having lost it several times due to the rather aggressive driver at the wheel of the RS4, I finally took my revenge and slammed him on a corner, flipping him onto his roof, which immediately made me shout, in a sort of growling voice, "Vorsprung Durch Technik won't save you now! HA HA HA!" Unfortunately that wasn't the end of him...I pushed so hard that he flipped back onto his wheels! Still, I won the race that time... And...barnacles...that's all I can think of for today.
  14. Hello, my friend! It is I, straight from... okay, wherever the heck you want.

  15. Finished Driver Parallel Lines' story mode yesterday; now I've only got a few small side jobs to do, like after finishing the main story of GTA: San Andreas....funnily enough, the side jobs are very much like GTA:SA is for me...sometimes they're walks in the park, other times they're so god-damn frustrating that you feel as if you will never complete them without gaining some sort of uber skill through the superpower of teamwork imagination playing the game for days on end. This is actually the only game I have played where I've made up a sort of improvised soundtrack for the final mission. I basically took my father's old Phillips speakers, which he bought for his CD player, hooked them up to my Sony Ericsson phone and turned the volume on the phone's music player all the way up (mainly because the speakers themselves don't have volume controls and are really quiet) so, turning the in-game music down completely, I started the last mission. My track list was as follows: Driving to Corrigan's safe house-'As Heaven is Wide' by Garbage (It talks about a guy doing something unforgivable...Like Corrigan does) Storming into Corrigan's safe house-'Blood Brothers' by Papa Roach (goes well with fast paced shooting scenes, not to mention the fact that the line 'KILL KILL KILL' was synchronised a lot of the time with shooting enemies down, particularly when exiting the building) Racing to the tunnel and driving through the tunnel-'Most Wanted Mash Up' from Need for Speed Most Wanted. (This music is tense, modern and fits well with the action-movie type theme of these two parts of the final mission) Final Chase-It had to be the Crush 40 version of 'With Me'. It's just such an epic boss theme (in my opinion) that I had to use it. Admittedly if I wanted to use something from the actual era the game takes place in, I could have used the Sonic '06 Solaris Phase 2 theme, but hey, what's done is done, eh?
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