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  1. Comfort zone abandoned


    1. MightyRay


      Dude is huge compared to his friend. 

  2. That design is now super outdated. And the art now looks awful to me. I have been drawing or spriting 8-15 hours every single day for three weeks. The journey has gone far.
  3. My drawing tablet seriously feels like cheating.


    1. Zaysho


      What makes you say that?

    2. Jhreamer


      Compared to every other method of producing digital art over this years, this is one-to-one and painless, like sketching on paper. It's a new world.

  4. Working hard.

    Null by John-the-Dreamer

    1. FriendBot


      I read that as working hand....

  5. I actually haven't shared the new main character here yet. Meet your friendly neighborhood monster.
  6. Azurae again. Tried Clip Studio Paint. This is very sloppy; I need some work.
  7. I've been working like absolute mad on this game. Azurae is my queen.
  8. Just hit 200 posts!

  9. Went through a pretty sizeable upheaval in style. Many people recommended I simplify, so I went as far as I dared. I took away some distracting physical traits and decreased the pallette by two shades for each color. I think the results are staggering. This shows exactly how much it changed from the last time:
  10. I can't believe I forgot how effective MS Paint is for pixel game graphics

    1. Speeps


      I think Paint.NET is much more effective. Namely the support for layers and transparency.

    2. Jhreamer


      MS Paint's just my old friend who showed me I could make things when I was ten. I can't get away from the simplicity.

  11. Now she has a friend. Meet Leo. Next to Azurae-bae, he looks like an absolute shrimp. Watermark cuz lol.
  12. Priceless is the perfect word. That is pure gold.
  13. And now for something pretty different. I've been assaulted by an idea for an original game and I made a mock screenshot. Done 100% in MS Paint.
  14. If anyone was actually wondering about my MOBIUS comic, I've been having a ton of turbulent creative transformation going on in my mind, and I might be changing everything about how I approach a Sonic story. For now, I'm just training hard as an artist.

  15. That feels really amazing. Thanks a lot. Fixed some proportions, and...I just had to add the shoes. Couldn't deal. IT JUST LOOKS SO MUCH MORE CORRECT. This is definitely one that I will be taking to inking and coloring. Hopefully soon.
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