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My name is John. I'm a 22-year-old American college student. I am obsessed with tricking - a self-taught blend of many martial arts, gymnastics skills, breakdancing moves, and original/personal flairs. I've been doing it for six years, and have also been golfing since I was four years old. Trombone and music have been a big focus for me since fifth grade. Currently, I am working on a Sonic manga entitled Mobius: Empire and honing my skills as a composer. I am addicted to fitness and nutrition. On the side I enjoy writing, watching speedruns, spriting, game planning, filmmaking, editing, composing, gaming, daydreaming, and spending time with my amazing family.

I saw a Sonic game when I was very little and became intrigued. I learned that my older sister had watched a TV show based on the series (The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog...unfortunately :P), and - out of jealousy - wanted to see it too. So we did, and when the Gamecube came out, we had access to more Sonic games. That was the beginning of our obsession. Sonic X came out, and we never missed an episode. We both joined the massively booming Sonic Zone Forums and spent hours upon hours immersed in the boards. Years have passed and we have fallen away a bit, but not totally. We still revisit the movie and games from time to time and realize how full our interest in the world remains. As for me, I've been planning a Sonic anime/manga for 8 years. All of that worldbuilding has led to Mobius: Empire, basically my soul in a manga. We'll see how things go.

Random info: My favorite character is Tails because his potential for growth is astounding, making his character moments especially interesting. I could live on PB2 and fruit. I go to Kent State University. I have moderate OCD and struggle with massive depression. I love River City Ransom and the Kunio kun series. Doctor Who and Sherlock are amazing, but I believe Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra to be the greatest television shows of all time. I hope to one day make my own series/game based on Mega Man Legends, Kunio kun, an original idea or two, and - of course - Sonic. My current focus is on animation and comic creation.

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