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  1. Comfort zone abandoned


    1. MightyRay


      Dude is huge compared to his friend. 

  2. That design is now super outdated. And the art now looks awful to me. I have been drawing or spriting 8-15 hours every single day for three weeks. The journey has gone far.
  3. My drawing tablet seriously feels like cheating.


    1. Zaysho


      What makes you say that?

    2. Jhreamer


      Compared to every other method of producing digital art over this years, this is one-to-one and painless, like sketching on paper. It's a new world.

  4. Working hard.

    Null by John-the-Dreamer

    1. FriendBot


      I read that as working hand....

  5. I actually haven't shared the new main character here yet. Meet your friendly neighborhood monster.
  6. Azurae again. Tried Clip Studio Paint. This is very sloppy; I need some work.
  7. I've been working like absolute mad on this game. Azurae is my queen.
  8. Just hit 200 posts!

  9. Went through a pretty sizeable upheaval in style. Many people recommended I simplify, so I went as far as I dared. I took away some distracting physical traits and decreased the pallette by two shades for each color. I think the results are staggering. This shows exactly how much it changed from the last time:
  10. I can't believe I forgot how effective MS Paint is for pixel game graphics

    1. Speeps


      I think Paint.NET is much more effective. Namely the support for layers and transparency.

    2. Jhreamer


      MS Paint's just my old friend who showed me I could make things when I was ten. I can't get away from the simplicity.

  11. Now she has a friend. Meet Leo. Next to Azurae-bae, he looks like an absolute shrimp. Watermark cuz lol.
  12. Priceless is the perfect word. That is pure gold.
  13. And now for something pretty different. I've been assaulted by an idea for an original game and I made a mock screenshot. Done 100% in MS Paint.
  14. If anyone was actually wondering about my MOBIUS comic, I've been having a ton of turbulent creative transformation going on in my mind, and I might be changing everything about how I approach a Sonic story. For now, I'm just training hard as an artist.

  15. That feels really amazing. Thanks a lot. Fixed some proportions, and...I just had to add the shoes. Couldn't deal. IT JUST LOOKS SO MUCH MORE CORRECT. This is definitely one that I will be taking to inking and coloring. Hopefully soon.
  16. Brand new sketch that came from a discussion about Sonic feet. Possibly the best thing that could have possibly happened as a result of that conversation. Man, it just doesn't look right without shoes. Heresy. But holy crap I love this sketch.
  17. When an online conversation about Sonic feet somehow leads to something pretty beautiful.


    Still unsettling.

    1. MightyRay


      I love underwater drawings. Your sketch looks great already.

    2. Jhreamer


      Thanks so much. This was my first. I absolutely obliterated my expectations.

  18. Summit 3 was the best. The last stretch of commentary -- legendary. That's an event I'd love nothing more than to experience someday.

  19. I FINALLY put my foot down and tried digital art again, after seven months of stupidity. Here's a little process collection.
  20. About to make this my new avatar. This is my best complete artwork yet.



    1. TCB


      That's literally me right now 

    2. Jhreamer


      Hope you don't mind I used you as a model.

    3. TCB


      I'll be a weird model to use 

  21. Years into frustrated digital art grinding, I have just discovered that I was using my drawing tablet in the right-handed setting.

    I am left-handed.

    I did not know this was a thing.

    I bet my life just became a lot happier. Better late than never.

    1. Kiah


      You're getting a like from me simply due to the fact that you are left-handed. I am too :)

      And I didn't know this was a thing either so I definitely learned something from you ;)

  22. I definitely sympathize. I binge-read from Issue 1 to Issue 258(? whichever was the last before the delay fiasco) in less than three weeks last year. So not only did I run on that holycrapthisistheonlythinginmylifethatmattersrightnow vibe the whole time, but I missed a lot of context from when stories jumped into the side comics. When I got to this arc, I was just in love mode. I had forgotten to mention that moment. An interesting point, especially after, as Writer's Blah said, "everything regarding Sonic's relationship to Fiona prior was in disregard to Tails". Though Sonic came through in that one moment, the gradual tension likely never settled for Tails. But I'm not keen on looking far into that, because we've hit so many nails on the head here. That instant resolution (which ended up not resolving it, somehow) is proof of the inconsistencies in motif which led to a lackluster confrontation. I maintain that, in any canon, the youth of characters may not excuse them of nonsensical actions, especially when the entire essence of their character is built around them being very mature and adapting to extreme situations. It's completely reliant on context. Innocent youth crumbling before hardship can be a powerful theme to remind an audience of after proper buildup and setup, but that was not achieved to satisfaction in HoC. I have to thank you all again for how marvelous this thread has been.
  23. Mobian body structure is feeling a bit easier. Character design for a girl from my story's version of Japan.


  24. Something brand new this time. Still can't draw without ugly sketch lines. https://gyazo.com/324ed1624a62bdbc529beeb355965f28
  25. Here's a thought. Possibly, both Sonic and Tails being so friggen horrible can be justified by them being children. Especially Tails, whose aforementioned crybaby tantrum when bringing up Fiona in the fight is actually one of the most believable things he does for someone his age. BUT. It falls flat because Sonic and Tails are presented as characters who constantly transcend their age, saving the entire planet before dinnertime on a weekly or daily basis. It demands deep maturity from ALL of the young characters, and they all have displayed it with very seldom chinks in the armor. So when they actually do show immaturity and...y'know, handle crises like a normal preteen would, it's extremely jarring. It would be unsettling to see random kids act like military officers, but these aren't random kids. These are HEROES, heading up a massively storied and beloved franchise. This is a new realization for me, and I'm so grateful to you guys: You can write protagonists realistically, and cover all of your bases in that regard. But wouldn't a realistic Sonic cast be hella BORING? The challenge then becomes writing characters unrealistically, but causing their actions to make sense relative to the world and the story's situations. The characters become inwardly realistic, but still interesting, unique, and fun. I'm so glad for this forum.
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