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  1. Not much of a remake but just more of an update. Make Sth3&K in 3D, like they did with Generation's old gen Sonic and maps. BUT. JUST. S3&K PlZ!
  2. Part 1: Hylin the Halfbreed Chapter 7: The Conflict Hylin wandered around the room that was the size of two football fields. He was stopped in his tracks by merchants, beggars and children wanting to play. He was so amazed about finding so many wolves of every part of the world to remember why he went there in the first place. He began exploring the place. Alot of the wolves would look at him, examining his halfbreed appearance. He found all sorts of shops but weapon shops. After hours of walking about, Hylin decided to find a dark spot to relax. He dozed off for about an hour before he suddenly thrown into a food stall that fell on top of him. Hylin was lifting all the smashed fruit and broken wood from atop of him until a tall, bulk wolf lifted him up by the neck. "You have some nerve coming to my part of town, kid. I can tell by your scent that you're not associated with the Longhowlers. In fact, I never even seen your face before." "I just arrived today." said Hylin ask he grabbed the wolf's wrist. "I didn't know people like you would stoop so low as too claim parts of a giant cage." The wolf tossed Hylin into one of the other nearby stalls. He gave Hylin a brutal beating before dropping him on the ground. "My name is Bonecrusher. I am leader of the Longhowlers. My face will be the last thing you'll ever see." Bonecrusher pulled out his axe and lifted it in the air, preparing to kill Hylin. As Bonecrusher swung his axe as Hylin, Hylin's eyes began to glow. He lunged at Bonecrusher at what seemed like light speed. Bonecruasher looked up at his Axe which was missing the top half of the handle. He began coughing up blood before noticing Hylin's hand impaled through his abdomen. He looked down at Hylin who's eyes were giving off a fierce red glow. "Wha-what the hell!? I just beat you to a pulp! You were barely moving! What the hell are you?!" Hylin yanked his arm out of Bonecrusher's body. "Son of Ironfang the Remorseless of the Ironfang gang." Bonecrusher could not stop the bleeding and soon passed out. The glow in Hylin's eyes faded and he stumbled to his knees before passing out as well. Hylin woke up hours later. He opened his eyes and saw a shadowy figure looking down on him. When his vision full returned, the figure was Tova. "Hylin!" shouted Tova. "You're alive!" Hylin sat up from the bed and patted Tova on the head. "Of course I'm alive. I won't die without keeping my promise. Are you alright?" "Yeah!" yelled Tova. "I was looking for my sister when some bad guys showed up!" "You managed to escape them?" "No, I was saved by the lady in the back!" "Lady?" Hylin turned around when he heard the sound of a creaking floor tile. Someone came into the room and closed the curtain behind them. When it turned around, Hylin knew by the outfit that it was one of the Giovanni Assassins, but something seemed off, the colors of the uniform was very different. The weak Hylin jumped out of the bed and stood in front of Tova and raised his fist, preparing to defend himself and Tova. "Relax!" said the assassin with a feminine voice. "I'm not your enemy!" "You really think I'm stupid!? You're one of this assassins!" "No Hylin!" yelled Tova as he got in Hylin's way. "This lady carried you here! She's our friend!" Hylin lowered his fists and held his chest. "What happened to me? I was napping in an alley, then the next thing I know I'm here." The assassin removed her hood and masked and assisted Hylin in getting back on the bed. She is a female raccoon with glistening emerald eyes and beautiful silver fur. "You're safe here, Hylin." said the woman in a calm voice. "Tova told me why you're here. I think that's pretty brave of you." "You're not a wolf. Who are you?" asked Hylin. "I am Katrina Tumbleweed Raccoon. When I heard from the Mayor that I would be assisting someone in a rescue mission, I didn't think that someone would be a child." "You're no older yourself, and I don't need help from you." "What do you mean by "from you'?" asked Katrina. "You mean an agent?" "I mean a Raccoon. You're all nothing but thieves." "Thieves!? At least I don't kill people for the hell of it, murderer!" yelled Katrina as she slammed her fists down on Hylin's bed. "Thief." "Idiot." "Trash picker." "Blood bather." "Assassin!" "Gang member!" "At least I not some wanna-be hero hiding under some ASSASSIN GET-UP!" "What do you know!? At least I'm not some pathetic Halfbreed PRETENDING TO BE A WOLF!" Hylin instantly fell silent. He turned his head with a look of extreme sadness. "I-I didn't mean to insult you, Hylin." said Katrina. "Don't worry about it. You sound just like her." "Who's her?" asked Katrina. "My sister!" yelled Tova. "He means my older sister who we're trying to save!" "You put your life at risk to safe this child's sister? Do you have feelings for this girl?" "It's not like that." said Hylin as he looked down at Tova. "I made Tova a promise that I would rescue his sister. It's a promise I intend to keep." Hylin stood off the bed and collected his gear. "If I'm not back tomorrow, don't bother looking for me." Tova tried to follow Hylin but Katrina stopped him and lifted him up. "Are you sure you can handle this yourself?" asked Katrina. "No, but I have to do this myself. I will find Tira, and then we will find a way to escape." Hylin walked out of the hut and looked around to see where he should begin. "I know you're there, stranger. No use hiding." said Hylin as he looked west of where he was standing. A short wolf revealed himself from behind one of the huts. He didn't say a word. He dropped a few letters and a weapon before running off. Hylin took the letters and weapons and read them. They torn pages from a research book. Hylin skimmed through the pages and spotted some information he found disturbing. Page 49 -nally found out what these symbols some of the wolves were carving in the ground. They seem to be linked with their hidden powers that we been trying to harness for years. Every circle they made had 50 symbols. Their meanings are unknown to us. Page 81 This is the first time we ever had the honor of using experimenting on a female wolf cub. After performing blood tests, we discovered her blood has special properties like the many male wolves we found that had special powers. We believe some of these unique wolves may have a connection to the markings they make, and may not be gang symbols or messages. Page 158 After weeks of deciphering their symbols, they are in fact the 50 different markings we have found on the unique male wolves. We've also discovered that each symbol represents a specific feeling. There are 25 positive feelings and 50 negative. We may be closer to discovering the secrets of their powers now. Page 162 The surviving fighters were more than happy to bring dead and wounded wolves to our lab after their first successful attack on Giovanni City. Instead of killing the surviving wolves, we made made sure to painfully strip the answers out of them. After recording and carefully examining their chants, we were ready to test their 'bonding ritual'. Dropping the young female wolf cub's blood on the symbols of Lust, Anger, and Jealousy, we performed used their chants and obtained amazing results. Page 189 The young female cub has been tame ever since we tested the ritual on her. When we tried it on one of our scientists, he went insane and kill himself. The girl was more than happy to give us the answers we needed to find more wolves like her and continue out research. She keeps repeating the word Hylin. We are unsure of who or what that is, but we will soon find out.
  3. "Amber was a special case. She was suppose to have been born the night before the full moon, but being too focused revenge brought a great deal of stress to her mother's body.." said the man as he stood up and grabbed his hat. Part 1: Hylin the Halfbreed Chapter 6: Recovery Hylin with Tova on his back napping followed Henry Bluejay to his office. When they got to his office, Henry closed every window, curtain and blinds. He sat down at his desk, taking a long sip from his cup of mineral water. He placed the cup down and sat back in his chair. "Those policemen aren't just any ol' law enforcers." said Henry in a worried tone. "They are the assassins in disguise. They patrol every inch of the city, making sure everything stays in order." "What do you mean by that?" asked Hylin. "It means I have to do what they tell me, otherwise they will kill me." Hylin was suspicious about why Henry wasn't afraid of him or Tova. He pointed his pointer finger at Henry. "Yet you trust me with this information why?" Henry looked at Hylin and examined him. "You're from the Ironfang gang are you not? Surely you know this city and the Ironfang gang has been allies for over 50 years!" Hylin lowered his hand and took a deep breathe. "Then you wouldn't mind making this short and just tell us where the assassins took my friend?" "It's not safe to show you right now. You'll have to wait until midnight." "So be it." said Hylin as he scratched the back of his head. "Wait outside until I am ready." Tova finally woke up as Hylin stood by the steps outside the Mayor's office. "What did I miss?" asked Tova. "Did you finally save my sister?!" "Not yet." said Hylin. Tova's head fell. Hylin patted his head gently. Tova looked up at Hylin who had a smile on his face. "Everything we be okay. We will save your sister. The Mayor is on our side." Many people began collecting in front of the Mayor's office to observe the young wolves. "What are wolves doing here!?" cried a woman. "Are they scouts for some wolf gang!?" "Are they holding the Mayor hostage?" Civilians were asking questions left and right. "Hylin!" Tova called out. "Who are these people? They're scaring me." "They're no one." said Hylin as he gently pushed Tova behind him. "I bet if we kill them, we'll get a reward!" shouted a man. "They're only children, what threat are they to us!?" "Let's make rugs out of them!" "Yeah! and especially the small one!" "Let's get them!" Everyone moved in on Hylin and Tova. Hylin pulled out his knife and pointed it at the crowd surrounding them. They stopped in tracks and took a slight step back. "Isn't this surprising." said Hylin as he moved closer to the crowd. "Why are you all backing away from me? What threat am I too you?" Hylin bucked at the the crowd. They all backed away, gasping in fear of the armed halfbreed. "You're not laying a finger on my brother." Everyone was mumbling to themselves quietly. "Got it!?" asked Hylin as he dashed at the surrounding crowd. Everyone backed away again and nodded. "Don't move!" yelled an officer behind Hylin. He turned around to the officer who was choking Tova. "We'd hate to kill a wolf cub, but we'd be doing the city a favor!" "H-help me, Hylin!" cried Tova as he was trying to break free. "Let him go NOW!" demanded Hylin. "Drop your weapon and surrender then!" said the officer. "And if I don't?" "We'll snap the wolf cub's neck!" Hylin was ready to charge at the officer. He knew he'd be able to take him down but at what cost? Hylin dropped his knife was quickly apprehended. "By the order of the Mayor, you are to be executed in 5 days." said one of the officers. They handcuffed Hylin and Tova by the wrists and ankles. As the officers moved them through the crowd, the people threw things at them and would punch and kick them. everyone cheered when the two young wolves were being moved towards the prison. Hylin looked back at the Mayor's office window, looking at Henry who gave them a thumbs up before closing the blinds and curtains. "Don't worry.." said one of the officers. "We don't take wolves to prison. No, we take them to an experiment table, where we will cut you both open and learn about that hidden power of you all have." "Hidden power?" asked Tova. "Don't play dumb!" said another officer. "We seen it at Giovanni City, you wolves possess some hidden power that our master is interested in!" "Hylin, what does he mean?" Hylin remained silent before stuggling to break free. His arms and ankles were handcuffed. The officers around him backed off and pulled out their guns. "You cowards, why don't you fight me man to man!? Tova doesn't have that gift, let him go and just take me!" "Why?" asked one of the officers. "How can we believe a wolf of all people?" "Why?" repeated Hylin. "He isn't like the others, he came from the frozen regions! I am the one you want, I possess greater abilities than the others! I was born on a full moon, I am always at my limit!" All the officers looked at eachother and laughed. "So be it filthy mutt, we'll take the cub to where we keep all pathetic wolves we find lurking around." "Isn't that where we just took the female wolf?" asked one of the other officers. "Indeed we did. Now shut up and escort this mutt to the lab." "My sister's there!?" asked Tova with excitement. "Sounds like it." said Hylin. The officers freed Tova from the cuffs. "I can handle this one my self." said one of the officers. "The 2 of you should be able to handle the order one." "Wait!" yelled Tova. "What about Hylin! What about my older brother!" "Shut it, you!" yelled the officer that was taking Tova. "Relax." said Hylin. "I'll be fine. You're a real hunter now, find your sister and follow your instincts." Tova gave Hylin the first serious expression he's seen since he met him. "I'll be brave for you and my sister!" The two young wolves were seperated as they went seperate ways. Hylin knew unless he were to somehow trigger his untrained powers, he will die slowly and painfully. Hylin and the officers finally arrived at the prison. When they went inside, they went to the nearest elevator, stuck their key in counter clockwise, and the elevator begin decending at an incredible speeds. When the elevator came to a stop, the doors opened, revealing a huge lab. They shoved Hylin out of the elevator, guiding him to the table surrounded by eager scientists. As Hylin looked around, he saw severed, beatened, and disected wolves. His heart nearly dropped. "Restrain him and set him on the table!" yelled one of the spectators. The officers injected Hylin with a chemical that immediately made his body extremely numb. They placed him on the table and placed the shackles around his arms and legs. "He isn't like the other wolves, he shares traits with that of a Fox. He's the first hybrid I've ever seen." said one of the scientists. "I heard about this one from one of the female wolf cubs when she was threatening the guards. He must be the son of the highly known Ironfang and is therefore a threat and worth alot more than we can imagine." "What does this mean?" "We can hold this one hostage and when his father shows up, we'll make demands to find out how to harness their power and stop wasting thousands of dollars on all of this!" "He won't come." said Hylin. "He doesn't know I even came here." The scientist and the spectator looked at eachother and back at Hylin. "Then why would you come all this way to be purposely captured?" asked the spectator. "To save a friend!" "The female wolf who wouldn't shut up about you? Last I recall, she said you had more important matters to tend to over her. The way I see it, you're a bigger fool than I thought." A tall man in a rich, red uniform entered the room with a wide smile. "Mason!" yelled man yelled. "Get the Mayor to send a message to the Ironfang Gang. Not only do we have someone he will want back, but we will also get the answers we need after all these years..." "What should we do with him in the mean time?" asked the spectator. "Throw him in with the other wolves. I have other matters to attend to.." The officers pulled Hylin off the table and dragged him back into the elevator. The elevator fell a few more floors before coming to a stop. When the doors opened, Hylin looked at the huge room below him. There were wolves in every direction. Instead of taking the stairs, the officers pushed the weakened Hylin off the platform and into the huge room below. They laughed and moved back into the elevator. The impact of the fall returned some feeling in Hylin's body, allowing himself to stand up. He looked around again to examine everything clearly. There were wolves from nearly every part of the world.
  4. "I doubt that." said a man as he put down his cup of wine. "Oh? What do you know ANY of this?" asked the other man in the black robe." "I know alot more than you when it comes to these wolves. I know because my ancestors made them into what they are today. They weren't always linked with the beast within them." "What do you mean?" "I mean all the male wolves were just test subjects to create the perfect being fused with the blood of our greatest enemy for their own rituals." "You don't say.." "Don't believe me?" asked the man as he took another sip from his cup of wine. "Take a look at the female wolves. They don't have the mark of the beast unless they were born on a full moon." "What does the full moon have anything to do with their mark?" asked the man in the black robe. "The phase of the moon when they fused the beasts and male wolves together... The wolves were deadlier during the night. The beasts were stronger during the full moon. As a result, since we originally only fused males with the beast, newborn males would always have a mark. The only way for one's offspring to have a mark, if their blood is connected to the original prototypes. The only way a female to obtain mark is if they were born on the night of a full moon, when their beast blood is active." "But there's no way to prove that since no female was born on the night of the full moon!" The man turned around from his cup of wine to face the man in the black robe. "Amber was.." Part 1: Hylin the Halfbreed Chapter 5: Lost Hylin and Amber spent hours traveling back to their campsite after almost making it to Giovanni City. They listened to what their new echidna aquaintance said and decided not to go. They may get in the way of successful attack on the city. They climbed up the very steep hill that hides their campsite from sight of Giovanni City. Before they made it to the top, they noticed two red flares flying in the sky. "Flares?" asked Hylin with a confused tone. "A signal for help." said Amber. They ran down the other side of the steep hill to the campsite. All the women and children were searching high and low for someone. A young wolf who looked no older than 5 was about to wander out of the campsite. Hylin ran after the boy and grabbed him. "Careful kid, you don't want to leave the campsite all alone, do you?" asked Hylin. "Tira's in trouble! We have to find her!" said the boy. "Tira is missing?" "We thought she was in her tent all day, but she's really been gone all this time!" said a woman who approached the Hylin and the child. Hylin looked at the woman then back at the child with a worried look on his face. "What's your name, kid?" "Tova!" the boy yelled out. "Tova the mountain wolf!" "Mountain wolf?" asked Amber. "Yeah!" yelled Tova. "We have to find my sister before she gets eaten by snakes!" Hylin and Amber looked at eachother before looking back at the boy. "Tira's your sister!?" asked Hylin with a surprised tone. "Hop on my back Tova. We're going to find your sister." Tova hopped on Hylin's back. Hylin and Amber went to their tents to grab their weapons and searched all the locations they last saw Tira. They searched every inch of the forest, every inch of the plains and every inch of the training site. Hylin and Amber decided to walk along the long steep hill to see if they missed anything. It all seemed hopeless. "Why can't I smell her?" asked Hylin. "She would always coat her scent with berries to prevent other animals from knowing she's around. When was the last time you saw her?" asked Amber. "It was before you found us outside the forest. I told her if we ever saw eachother again, we would be strangers. She said she was trying to change for me, to accept the fact that I have changed. I was way too insensitive towards her feelings. Maybe it's my fault she's gone." "LOOK!" yelled Tova. "A blade!" Amber and Hylin ran to the tree that had the blade stuck in it's bark. Amber pulled the blade out and examined it. "Doesn't look like one of ours. What do you think Hylin?" Hylin stared at it for a moment. "I saw this blade when we were heading to Giovanni City. One of the assassins was holding it! I can tell by the shape of it!" "Tira was here!" yelled Tova. "I can smell her! She was here Hylin, she was! She was!" "Those assassins we saw before.." said Hylin. "They were traveling East, we are currently West. When that one assassin said that were carrying alot, they must have meant Tira!" "Tira!! Tira!!" shouted Tova. "How can we be sure?" asked Amber. Hylin squated and picked something off the ground. "This was the necklace I gave to her. She was attacked!" "Come on! We have to do something!" shouted Tova. "I know Tova, I know. We head East, stay low to the tall grass and take out any traveling assassins." "Alright." said Amber. "Tova." said Hylin as took Tova off his back and held him up at head level. "You're young I know, but surely you seen your father use a bow and arrow, right?" "I don't have a father." said Tova. "My sister is all I have!" Hylin tilted his head with a long frown. "Can you use a bow and arrow?" "I watched the adults use them before! They look fun to use!" shouted Tova as he jumped around with excitement. "You sure are an energetic one." said Hylin. He took off his quiver and bow and handed them to Tova. "These were given to me by my mother. Do you promise to take good care of them for me?" Tova raised his right fist as high as he could. "I'll take really good of it! Like my collection of insects I will!" "Amber." Hylin called out. "Tova and I will go on ahead. I need you to tell my father what happened to Tira." "Alright. You two be careful. I don't know what will happen if Tova got hurt." Hylin took Tova and climbed up the steep hill. They finally made it to the spot Hylin and Amber last found the assassins. The sky was slowly beginning to brighten. Smoke and fire brightened all of Giovanni City. "Wow!" Tova said with a tone of excitement. "That's cool!" "I guess you can say that." said Hylin. "You're a boy, why didn't you become like the rest of the wolves?" "What do you mean?" asked Tova. "All cool looking and stronger?" "Yes. I thought all the male children were to go to bed early to prevent being exposed to the moon." "Well me and my sister are just special is all!" Tova said with a huge smile on his face as he was playing with Hylin's ears. "We came from the frozen lands farther than even you can see!" "So you're not like them? Cool with me! Ready to save your sister, Tova?" Tova raised Hylin's bow in the air. "You kidding? I was born ready! I will become a warrior like my father was!" "I'm sure he'd be proud to hear that. Well, we have a long way to go judging by their faint scent." Hylin and Tova spent countless days traveling across the land. From swimming across dangerous currents to escaping soldiers and enemies of the wolves, Hylin would not let Tova down. He taught Tova to hunt and make weapons and Tova taught Hylin how to make drinks using various berries, plants and herbs. They passed many towns, villages, and cities that showed them where the assassins traveled. Wherever they went, Hylin and Tova was never far behind. When Hylin began to give up hope, Tova's high spirits would get him the strength to carry on. When Tova was in doubt of his hunting abilities, Hylin would cheer him on. They eventually became like brothers, and would look out for eachother no matter what. 3 Months past since they left the home. Hylin and Tova finally came across the city where the assassins took Tira. "Look Tova." said Hylin. "That's the city where they took Tira." "Tira's there!?" shouted Tova. "We finally made it! WOO HOO!!" Hylin patted Tova on the head. "Climb on my back and keep your bow ready. We don't know what we might find there." Hylin and Tova found themselves entering the city. All the civilians they walked passed stopped in their tracks and stared at the two fellow wolves. They were muttering, whispering, and talking about them. Any police officer they passed followed them. "Hylin." Tova whispered. "I'm scared!" "Don't be." said Hylin. "They're more afraid of us then they are of them." Hylin turned around to look at the people behind him. They all took a step back, gasping and shaking in fear. The policemen slowly reached for their stunguns. "Well well, what have we here?" said a man who was hidden behind the crowd. He made his way to the very front of the crowd and examined the two young wolves. He was dressed like a profession business man, hat, suit, tie, dress pants, and suit case. "Two wolves? We don't get many of your kind around here." Tova hopped off Hylins back to approach the man but Hylin immediately blocked him. "Why aren't you scared of us like everyone else?" "Well, I give people a chance before judging them, so why shouldn't I give you a chance? I am Henry Bluejay, Mayor of the finest city around! Femrick City, known for it's products and tour sites!" "I'm Hylin, and this here is Tova. We're looking for someone your city is holding hostage." "Well I'm sure if we were holding someone 'hostage' I would know about it right? Who are we holding? A killer? thief? burglar?" "My sister!" yelled Tova. "Where is my sister!?" "Your sister?" asked Henry. "Yes." said Hylin as he picked up Tova. "A few assassins stopped at this city with a female wolf named Tira. We're here to bring her back." Henry watched as all the policemen looked at eachother and disappeared into the crowd. "I think I know who has your sister. Come with me to my office.."
  5. "He will kill everyone, maybe even Sapphire as well." said the man in a black robe. "He will take the child and strip him of his innocent life and turn him into.. Into.." "Into a wolf?" asked the man while he was taking a sip of his wine. "Into a monster.." Part 1: Hylin the Halfbreed Chapter 4: Manipulation. The full moon was moments away of showing itself from behind the pith black clouds. All the female wolves prepared the feast and dragged all the weapon shelves to the male quarters to prepare for their invasion. All females are prohibited from participating in the blood ritual because they don't have a single mark of the beast. Amber and Hylin had just made it in time to witness the ritual begin. The women and children were to stay in their tents for the night. Amber and Hylin however had other plans. Hylin had no intention of joining in the blood rituals and Amber had more 'sexual' intentions for the blood ritual. "Of all places to be hiding, why your tent?" asked Hylin. "I want us to be someone more relaxing. More.. romantic." said Amber as she dropped her weapons and began fixing her hair. "But what if the women catches me over here? I can get in big trouble and-" "Relax. No one will know. Everyone went to sleep early, and the men are too busy with their precious ritual. It's just you and me, Hylin. You and I against the world.." A sudden burst of laughter and cheering shook the campsite. The full moon finally shown itself from behind the clouds. Everyone's mark of the beast began to glow. Their nails sharpened, their fangs grew, their muscles enlarged, and their eyes glowed in the same manner the moon did. The howls of the many wolves echoed for miles. Ironfang grabbed his spear and raised it high into the air. "After 10 long years, we are finally at our peak! We cannot be beaten, and this time we will successfully attack the one city that keeps us from moving forward to the other lands. Tonight, we attack Giovanni City!" All the wolves raised their weapons and cheered. They all positioned themselves outside the entrance to their campsite waiting for Ironfang's orders. Ironfang moved to the front and pointed his spear at the city afar. "That is our target. LET'S MOVE!!" They all ran at top speed and was out sight in mere moments. "They're gone." said Amber as she looked out of her tent. "We can begin." "Begin what?" asked Hylin. "Our bond ritual." "Bond.. Ritual?" "The bond ritual is a ritual that ties two souls together. A ritual that only works if the two soul mates are compatible." "But how would we know if we are compatible?" "You trust me don't you?" asked Amber as she stood in front of Hylin to get eye level. "Of course I do, but we've only known eachother for a few days and-" Amber took hylins arms, wrapped them around her and embraced hylin. "Don't you love me, Hylin?" Hylin was hesitant to answer until he remembered the events that unfolded in the past 2 days. He leaned his head on Amber's and closed his eyes. "Of course I do." "Then let's perform the ritual." Amber cleared a space in her tent to carve the markings in the dirt with her knife. Each marking was unique, but gave some meaning. Hylin couldn't figure it out but he seemed able to read some of the markings. "This marking represents lust, and this one over here says greed." "You can read these symbols?" asked Amber as she finished carving the last symbol. "Yes. I mean, I don't know how. It's familiar though." Amber dropped took her knife to cut open the palm of her hand to drop blood on her selected markings. "Your turn." said Amber as she guided Hylin to his markings. She took her knife to cut Hylin's palm to drop his on his markings. Amber and Hylin stood in the center where the biggest marking was present. "What next?" asked Hylin as she looked around at the markings. "I shall begin the ritual. When I finish speaking, we will kiss until it ends, and when it ends we will have become bonded." "Sounds like a marriage." Amber looked at the markings she spilled Hylin's blood on. "Something like that." Amber closed her eyes and began speaking in a language unknown to Hylin. He interrupted her. "Amber wait." She opened her eyes to see a worried Hylin looking down at his bleeding hand. "We don't have to do this, Amber." "What do you mean?" Hylin pulled Amber into his arms and looked into her eyes. "I mean we don't have to do this bond ritual. You said it yourself, we are soul mates. We don't need a ritual to prove that." "What are you saying?" "I'm saying you and me, we can develope a bond stronger than any ritual can. It hasn't been long since we known eachother, but in the short time I been here, I felt a stronger connection with you than I ever had with Tira." Amber gave Hylin a huge grin. "She was right about you. A heart of gold and you know how to make a woman special." She erased the markings that were carved in the dirt, feeling guilty about what she was about to do to him. "This wasn't a bond ritual, Hylin. It was a ritual that would make you almost a puppet. The markings I dropped your blood on was Lust, Greed, and Anger." "Why would you do that to me, Amber?" "It goes as far back as before either as us were born. My mother loved Ironfang and would do anything for him. They known eachother since they were children. They were together for years, until one day he along with his gang went on a 2 year expedition to a foreign land. When he returned, Ironfang told my mother they would never be together, that he found another. It tore her apart when she heard this and done everything she could to prove she was the better option." "I- I never knew that." said Hylin. Amber sat on the ground and began shedding tears. She picked up her knife and looked at her dim reflection. "In the end, she died in her sleep when I was 5. She was bit on the neck by a poisonous snake. I swore that if I couldn't get back at Ironfang for putting my mother through such heartbreak, I would wait for the day he had a child of his own to ruin.. I'm so sorry Hylin." "There's no need to be sorry Amber, as long as you promise not to do this again. What happened between them stays between them. You can hate my father, but don't hate me for being his son. I don't know the story between my father and my mother, I heard so many stories about my mother being violated and forced to raise me because of a life threat. I recently come to the conclusion it was a lie to protect my mother and I." Hylin wiped the tears gently off of Amber's face. Amber gave Hylin a big smile before standing up. "Come on." said Amber. "Let's head to Giovanni City." Ironfang and his gang has slaughter everyone who tried to fight them. Their body count has reached over 200 within the first 2 hours of their hunt. Many of Ironfang's men has fallen to the superior tactics of the city's vigilantes known as the Giovanni Assassins. There were more wolves than the assassins could handle. They kept on having to fall back and launch new attacks, but each attempt failed more and more. Hylin and Amber was running to Giovanni City when they saw explosions and heard gunfire. "GET DOWN!" a mysterious man yelled out. He tackled Hylin and Amber, pinning both of them low in the grass. "Come on!" yelled an assassin close by. "We have to warn the nearby cities now!" "We're going as fast as we can!" yelled a tall reptilian woman. "We're carrying alot back here!" The man waited until the assassins were gone before letting go of Amber and Hylin. "Th-thank you, stranger." said Hylin. "Just who are you, what were you doing out here?" said Amber with a serious tone. "I can ask you the same thing." said the mysterious man. The man is a tall echidna who sports many bandages and has a X-shaped scar over his left eye. "We're heading to Giovanni City." said Hylin in a calm voice. "You'd be wise not to go there." "Why?" asked Amber. "The city is under sudden attack from an army of beast-powered wolves. It is far too dangerous for kids like you to be wandering to that city." "How do you know about their power?" asked Hylin. "Don't ask. I see your girlfriend here is a wolf as well." the echidna stared at Hylin. "You're a halfbreed. I can see your past and family history. Can't say I approve of any of your family's choices, but that's not my call to make." The man reached down into the tall grass to pick up a metal board. "Where are you going?" asked Amber. "To evacuate the city. If I know Ironfang, he is already near the center of the city. If he gets there, no one will be able to evacuate." The echidna hopped on the board which began to hover and pulled out his shotgun and a glowing blade. He turned away from Hylin and Amber and began traveling towards Giovanni City. "Wait!" Hylin yelled out. "We didn't get your name!" The echidna stopped and turned around. "I am Kane. Stay true to your mixed blood, Halfbreed. You don't have be neither fox nor wolf, but the halfbreed you were meant to be. You are pure of heart, you just have the wrong solutions to the right problems. I look forward to meeting the real you, halfbreed!" Kane sped off on his board and left Hylin and Amber in the field. Hylin did not question how Kane knew him or about his knowledge of the wolves. Amber helped Hylin up and they returned to their campsite to clean up the mess the men made when they left the campsite.
  6. "Those were the words he told Sapphire before he violated her in front of the the elders and children and left her in the remains of her burning village. Everyone knows that the Ironfang gang was known for killing men and women and the the elder and children to fend for themselves, but never did I think the Great Ironfang the Remorseless would put a woman through a great deal of embarrassment, misery and pain. Definately a worse fate than death when everyone knows the story and left with no choice but to raise a halfbreed." said a man in a black robe. "She may hate Ironfang after what he did to her village, but she loves that child to death. What would happen if Ironfang were to find her and the child?" Part 1: Hylin the Halfbreed Chapter 3: Lust The sun was beginning to fall and Ironfang and his gang was preparing for the Blood Ritual. The full moon was tonight, and Ironfang has found another village to attack. He's been so focused on his son that he almost forgot to bring his weapons. He knew Hylin was going to find out the whole story eventually and done everything in his power to make him feel more at home. He approached Hylin who was staring at the sky and places his hand on Hylin's shoulder. "Feeling better, Hylin?" asked Ironfang. "About my parents keeping secrets from me?" said Hylin in a sarcastic tone. "Not at all, Ironfang, not at all." "Is that so? Why are you so tense then? Nervous about the Blood Ritual tonight?" "No, but I am aware of your Blood Ritual. It can only be performed during a full moon and unless you've fed on the blood of the strongest men, you'll never be able to control the beast within." "You experienced the power of the ritual before?" Hylin looked at Ironfang's scar on the hand that was on his shoulder. "I don't become like you do during a full moon, Ironfang." Ironfang took his hand off Hylin's shoulder. "What do you mean?" "I was born on a full moon, I am always at my strongest. I just don't know how to control it. Every night, weird things would happen. My hands, my eyes, and my fur would glow. I had powers I never knew existed. I thought it was just me until my mother told me the truth about my strange abilities." Ironfang scanned Hylin for his markings. It was the first time he ever seen anyone with wolf blood to not have the markings of the beast. "I see. You are more than even I can comprehend. So if you're not nervous, then what is it then?" Hylin looked down at the grass beneath him. "Amber." "Amber?" Ironfang repeated. "Amber Redtail, from the female quarters. My current girlfriend." Ironfang laughed and slapped Hylin in the back so hard that it knocked him off the tall stump he was sitting on. "Amber Redtail of the Mountain Wolves? Impressive. She's the only female amongst the clan who has ever been accepted as a hunter. She's proven herself since she was only 6. Good for you, Hylin, you found yourself a female within our campsite. She'll make a fine partner." "Thanks." Hylin then remembered that he was asked by the women in the female quarters to take Tira hunting for deer. He grabbed his mother's bow and arrows and made his way to the female quarters. Before he stepped through the entrance, he thought about what Amber said ealier ago about Tira. "You need me just as I need you." "But Tira-" "Doesn't want you anymore. The full moon is tonight. You and I, we are destined to be together. Two unstoppable wolves.." Hylin remembered the kiss that came after those words. He never felt such a rush surge through his body before. He may have found the perfect hunting partner and girlfriend. He entered the camp and found Tira fiddling with her necklace. "Tira!" Hylin yelled out. "I was asked to take you hunting." Tira gave Hylin a weak smile. "I forgot! Let me grab my weapons!" Hylin couldn't understand the situation. I thought Tira would be avoiding him after he attacked her for reminding him of his deluded blood. Tira stepped out of her tent with her sword and a knife. Hylin and Tira stared at eachother for a moment. "Never thought I'd be the one to teach you how to hunt, Tira." said Hylin as he was inspecting his bow. "Never thought you'd be so adventurous until you chose to live like a wolf." said Tira as she was sheathing her knife. "Let's go!" The two left the campsite and ventured far into the forest. They spent hours hunting deers, mooses, and rabbits. Hylin was impressed by Tira's ability to move about the forest without alarming a single animal. It was almost as if she was never there. Eventually, the two found a nice spot to relax and enjoy the rest of the night away from the campsite. Hylin made a fire to cook the deer meat he collected for dinner. Tira was staring at her necklace, gazing upon the gemstone embedded in it. There was barely any form of communication between them. Every time Hylin looked at Tira, she'd look the other way. Every time Tira looked at Hylin, he would pretend like he was inspecting his bow. Tira took a deep breathe and sat next to Hylin before looking at him again. "Hylin, I need to tell you something." Hylin dropped his bow by the pile of leaves he used to make a bed. "Why bother? I know everything." "Everything?" Tira asked. "Yes. I was there when you and Amber was talking this morning. You obviously can't accept the fact that I have chosen to follow the life of a wolf. You would rather half some pathetic halfbreed than a powerful wolf!" "Hylin, it's not like that-" "Then what is it then? Make up your mind! Why did you want me to take you hunting in the first place?" "Because I want to change for you!" Speechless, Hylin turned his away from Tira. "If that was true, why did you let Amber and I kiss..?" "How did you-" "I knew you were there. You just stood there and watched. You don't need to change for me, Tira. I have Amber." Tira grabbed Hylin's arm before he can stand up. "Why are you doing this, Hylin? She doesn't love you, she's just trying to keep you away from ever going back to the old you!" Hylin pulled away from Tira. He grabbed his bow and arrows. "Or maybe she understands me more than you do. We aren't together anymore. Next time we cross paths, we are strangers." "Hylin!" yelled someone in the forest. "There you are!" It was Amber who have been looking for Hylin for hours to participate in the blood ritual. "Hylin, is Tira giving you trouble?" asked Amber. "No, I was just leaving." Hylin proceeded into the forest, leaving Amber and Tira behind. "Why would you do this to Hylin? Why would you encourage his new behavior?" asked Tira. "I don't know what you're talking about. He just happens to like me more than he ever liked you. Do me a favor and just leave him alone, Okay? He doesn't need anyone holding him back. He will unleash the beast within, and he will be bound to his wolf blood forever." Amber return back into the forest to return to the campsite. Tira stomped out the fire and gather the cooked deer meat and her weapons. "Good luck with that, Amber. I know what you're trying to do to him, and you will be in for a huge disappointment. Hylin would never act like this. It's the wolf within him that makes him acts this way. It's not too late to bring him back."
  7. "I believe we are done here. I will let you live, but in return, you will bear my child. You are nothing but a vessel to the future of the Ironfang gang, and if you try to prevent the birth of the halfbreed, I will make you suffer for an eternity." Part 1: Hylin the Halfbreed Chapter 2: Hate A new morning shined across the horizon. Hylin stayed up all night throwing woodchips in the camp fire. After much thinking about what Tira told him the previous night, he snuck over to the female quarters to speak to Tira. When he arrived at the quarters, he noticed that Tira's tent was empty. He heard faint sobbing in the forest and proceeded to follow the sounds. The sounds led to a small field of mushrooms and tall grass surrounded by the many trees in the forest. He noticed Tira and one of her friends sitting next to eachother talking about him and hid behind the nearest tree to listen. "Who gave that necklace to you, then?" Asked Tira's friend. "It was a gift from Hylin." replied Tira as she was wiping the tears from her eyes. "It means alot to me." "Ironfang's son? Isn't he a filthy halfbreed?" Tira quickly turned her head away from the necklace and towards her friend Amber. "Don't call him that. It's not like he had a choice." Hylin looked at his hands. The serious look on his face started to lighten up. "Well why haven't you two been as close to eachother as you use to?" asked Amber. "You seemed pretty upset after whatever happened between you two last night." "The Hylin I knew was sweet, polite, and always looked towards a brighter future. I use to be seen as a monster, as another nurse and maid, but when I met Hylin, he made me feel like a person. Like I mattered. But now.." "Now what?" "He's changed. He's no longer Hylin the Halfbreed, but Hylin the Wolf. I didn't want him to change into a wolf, I wanted him to accept the fact that he is part wolf!" "Then perhaps it's time you changed too. I mean, he may have changed, but the barrier that would forever keep you two from ever being together is gone. He is here, he is a wolf. This as well be fate." Tira put on the necklace and stood up. "Go and be with him, Tira." said Amber as she stood up. "He can still be Hylin the Halfbreed, you just have three options. You can remind him he's not a wolf, accept his changes and put your views of the old him behind or.." "Or what?" replied Tira. "Or you can let him go, and allow him to be who he wants to be without anyone telling him otherwise." Amber walked past Tira with her eyes closed and a smirk on her face. She walked back to camp with Tira slowly following. Before she left the area, she heard a twig snap and quickly snapped her body in the direction it came from. She pulled out her knife, waiting for whoever was behind the tree to come out. When she got to the tree, a squirrel climbed up the tree and camoflauged with the brown, crispy leaves. Hylin was heading to Ironfang's tent when he felt an uneasy feeling. He turned to the right to noticed a tall, old wolf who looked too frail to fight staring at him. He ignored the old wolf and proceeded to his father's tent. When he arrived at his father's tent, he found him holding a picture of someone. "Ironfang." Hylin called out with a calm voice. Ironfang turned out and threw the picture in a corner. Hylin silently walked past Ironfang and retrieved the picture. When he looked at the picture, he was about what he saw. It was a picture of Ironfang and Hylin's mother Sapphire holding the young infant Hylin. "What. What is this?!" said Hylin as he approached Ironfang with his blade in his hand and a great look of anger in his eyes. "I don't understand, people told me you raped my mother before leaving her for dead!" "You will never understand!" said Ironfang. "I may have been stronger, but I was also foolish. All the stories you heard about me are true, but the story about what happened that day I first met your mother was a lie. We both knew having a halfbreed child would bring nothing but trouble wherever we went, so we decided that your mother would raise you herself, going with the lies he told so your mother was treated more as a victim than a 'whore'. I told her to raise you well until the time came that you become the warrior that would eventually take my place." Hylin fell on his knees. "I don't understand! Who is he? Why my mother of all people!?" Hylin launched at Ironfang, knocking him against a weapon shelf. "Do you have ANY idea how much hell I have gone through?!" Ironfang remained silent. Hylin dropped his weapon and ran as fast as he could from the campsite. Hylin sat at the lake for hours. He was kicking and throwing punches at the water. Every time he saw his reflection, he would get angrier. "Damn it all. Damn my father. Damn my mother. Damn Tira. Damn everyone!" Hylin felt a faint presence watching him in the trees. "I know you're there. Show yourself or die by my claws, spy." "Relax, it's only me." said Amber as she approached Hylin. She was dressed in a slightly tribal and exposed clothing. "Do you always dress like that?" asked Hylin. "Only when I got hunting." "What do you want, shouldn't you be gossiping with Tira some more?" "I knew you were listening, that why I sealed the conversation. I simply want to talk." Hylin looked at his reflection in the water again. "Make it quick." "You and I both know you desire to become a full fledge wolf. You love the power, it gives you power, it gives you an edge." "Yeah, so what?" "You heard our conversation Tira and I had. She doesn't like the new you. She maybe even fear you. She only wants Hylin the Halfbreed. You want a woman who accepts you. Someone who understands your views. Someone who sees you as a fiull-fledge wolf." Hylin turned to Amber and locked eye to eye. "You need me just as I need you." "But Tira-" "Doesn't want you anymore. The full moon is tonight. You and I, we are destined to be together. Two unstoppable wolves.." "But she. I.. You." Amber reached in and kissed Hylin. She opened her eyes with a look of evil, looking back at Tira who had just arrived to apologize to Hylin. She stormed back into the forest, heartbroken.
  8. This is one of many stories. This is the first part of the 'Nobius Chronicles' series. ------------------------ Hylin the Halfbreed: --------------- Everyone had their bows and arrows, tomahawks, spears, and blowguns aimed at their tied-up captive. They swung the rest of the rope over a sturdy branch before raising him high off the ground. The captive barked at the natives before laughing. "We've ambushed you, captured you, and yet you are laughing." said the village chief. "Do you find your execution funny, murderer?" Their captive looked down at the chief. "Look at them," he said. "They are scared of me. They have their weapons aimed at me, a helpless captive, yet they still quiver in fear.. I am Ironfang, they have every right to fear me. I can break out of these ropes right now, but I'd rather wait a little while longer. When I decide to free myself, I will make sure you regret capturing me, and you will not enjoy what happens next.." --------- Part 1: Hylin the Halfbreed Chapter 1: The Initiation Tied to a tree, a beaten, weak, miserable and starving Hylin given up all hope of ever returning home. The slashes on the left side of his face would burn as the sun hit them. He knew howling for help would serve no purpose, but he didn't stop trying. His father Ironfang approached him with a grin. "Your howl, it is that of a wolf." said his father. "You have been fighting the wolf within you for a long time, but now it is calling out for help. It wants to be free!" Hylin looked up to see Ironfang's face. "I can't believe I believed you. You swore you wouldn't kill those people. You swore mother would be safe! You lied. You can't be my father, those stories, they-" "They were all true!" Ironfang interrupted with a joyous tone. "The killing, the stealing, you! It's all true!" "But, why?" "You were the gift of regret I gave to your mother for thinking she captured me all those years ago. I told her I would come back for you when the day came and kill anyone who got in my way! No matter how much you deny it, you are my son, my successor, and I you will become one of us!" Hylin growled at Ironfang. He kept shaking, trying to free himself from the ropes that was stopping him from attacking his father. "You see?" asked Ironfang. "It's pointless, your aggression is a sign the wolf wants to be free from those ropes." Ironfang walked away laughing, leaving Hylin bound to the tree for the 19th night in a row without any food or water. He continued howling for help, but eventually ended up exhausting himself before passing out from starvation again. Morning came and the entire gang began packing their tents and storing their tools and weapons in preparations for traveling. When Ironfang when back into the woods with his followers to collect Hylin, they saw that the ropes were cut and Hylin was gone. Ironfang tracked Hylin's whereabouts to find him. He found various dead animals among the trail of blood. When he came to the end of the trail, he saw Hylin on top of a hill with a deer in his hands. He howled before running to Ironfang, standing before him. "I never felt this sensation before, dad!" said Hylin as he dropped the deer. "Your Insensationable blood lust amuses me." said Ironfang as he patted Hylin on the head. "You left barely any blood, had it not been me looking for you, I don't think anyone would have found you." "Thank you, father. I.. I want to be like this.. Forever.." "Do not worry, Hylin, I will show you that there is more to being a wolf than killing whatever you want. You won't have to waste time on those PATHETIC animals. 20 days.. 20 was all you needed to unlock your real personality. I will train you to control this. Welcome to the gang." "How did you know it was 20?" Hylin questioned. "Because-" A bullet struck the tree next to Ironfang. Hylin quickly moved from tree to tree to see what was happening. The Ironfang Gang was clashing with some traveling soldiers who were doing training exercises. Before Ironfang could make it to the battle, all the wolves backed away to find Hylin already slaughtering them with their own weapons. With the last man killed, Hylin howled before he began feeding on the men. He threw a few bodies at the gang, as a sign for them to feast on them. Later that night, everyone was sleep except Hylin who was staring into the campfire, thinking of everything he's been missing when he was 'pretending' to be a fox. He was startled when he heard a twig snap. It was his girlfriend Tira the Wolf. She sat on his lap and slowly reached in for a kiss before hugging him. "I'm so proud of you, Hylin!" Tira said with joy. "You've finally embraced the wolf within you." "I know." Hylin replied. "It's all because of you." "We can finally be together forever, my soon to be to master." "You know, we can become the top of the gang if we wanted to." "What do you mean, otherthrow your father?" "Yes. I my father may be the leader, but he is growing slow for his age. This is no longer about facing him when the day came or avenging my mother. This is about me and you, now. As long as we are together, I do not regret being full wolf.." "But you aren't full wolf, Hylin! You're still half fox and-" Hylin choked Tira before she could react nor catch her breath. "To hell with being half fox, I am a wolf, I am merciless, and I will soon be immortal!" He then released Tira. She stood up and walked back to the female quarters. "You've changed Hylin." She then took a deep breathe as she rubbed her neck. "Just remember which half I fell in love with." She then vanished in the pitch black of the night. Hylin stood up and punched a tree. He looked up at the moon, thinking hard about weather he really has changed.
  9. Rated PG: Fantasy Violence, Mild Language. In a world where kids never grow old, and technology is always advancing, lies hidden secrets, forgotten memories, and the uncovered truth. One day, a young boy named Jellen, participated in the Super Havu Bash Tournament and came out on top. Victorious, the Nobles saw Jellen to be full of promise and potential, a worthy and unmatched protector of their lands -- No! The protector of the world. Jellen humbly refused, confessing that he was not to take such a task. The Nobles questioned not of his decision... This beginning, does not start with incredible action, thrills, and excitment.. No.. This beginning; Begins now.. ============= Chapter 1: Legends are born ---- "Yeeessss", the cloaked figure hissed, looking up at the pod, containing a life form, Codename: EVOXIAL. "It is almost complete.. Soon, it will be complete! Soon, I will return to power!" The life form clinched it's fist. "Only a matter of time.. Evoxial, and soon, the Noble's leader, Reiko, will be no more..." It began echoing the name. "Hehehe, so I see you are awake. Good; today shall be the day you're finally reborn! You Evoxial, shall become my greatest creation, and successor!" The life form suddenly turned agressive, scratching at the shatter-proof glass, and screaming a sound so intense it nearly pasted through the glass. It quickly changed into black liquid and escape through the cracks of the glass, leaving a trail of it's flammable goo. It slithered out of the lab, short circuting any wire it crossed paths with, and escaped. It quickly took refuge in the sewer, and shortly after, the lab exploded. Whatever was once here, now; forever lost. Echoing the name Reiko, it began to use the name as if it was it's own. A new threat is born: Reiko, the Life Form. Meanwhile, in Yabada City, the young warrior; Jellen began his search for a lost artifact, stolen from the Nobles centuries ago. The artifact was said to contain infinate power to whoever it chose to lend it's powers to. He came upon an entrace to a unkown tunnel, one that is too sloppy to be made by the Daroogan Miners. He pulled out his spark stick and activated it, making the cave glow as bright as day. He took a step inside -- and then another -- and another, and slipped down the tunnel, breaking the spark stick and surrounded by darkness. SPLASH! His face landed hard in the muddy water. Choking and gagging, he quickly got back up and continued, relying on hearing and touch. After walking for what seemed forever, he could not feel or hear a thing other than cracking rocks and dripping musky water. It had almost seemed hopeless. He took 4 more steps forward. and tripped into a pit. He quickly covered his eyes as a blinding light quickly brightened the pit. Jellen was too exausted to ask questions, he only wanted the artifact that is being cuddle by the skeleton of a Rukiruki. He snatched the orb-shape artifact from the corpse, and held it tight. The orb began to heat up, burning his arms. It began to hover, and glowed brighter and brighter. It then began spinning, shooting small beams of light that could do nothing other than carve into the rocks. One of the beams hit Jellen. He then collaspe out of pain and exaustion, unable to escape what may be the death of him.. He fainted believing all hope for him was lost.... Many hours passed and Jellen finally regained consciousness. He opened his eyes tothe blindinglight that made it's way inside the cave. Forgotten about what has happened, Jellen stood up with the orb and climbed back from which he came. When Jellen made his way out of the cave, he looked around to see the wandering children gazing at him. They all seemed shorter than usual as he had to look down to see them. "Jellen!" A girl called out, "What happened to you!?" "Well Mina" Jellen replied. "Besides the fact that I took a snooze in a cave, I managed to retrieve the orb that the Nobles requsted." "That's not what I mean! You're--" Mina paused and took a deep breathe. "You're an adult!" Jellen backed away in shock at what he heard from Mina. He looked down at his arms and legs then proceeded to stare at the orb. He ran as fast as he could to Yabada City to deliver the orb and ask the Nobles what has happened to him. When he returned to the city, he found it under chaos as the citizens were fleeing the city. Jellen asked the feeling boys and girls what happened, but they were all too afraid to answer. Jellen would not leave the city without first finding the Nobles and assuring their safety. Jellen ventured further into the chaotic city to find 2 boys being torn apart by a dark entity that was like no other. Noticing Jellen, it quickly devoured the two bodies and began approaching Jellen slowly... "Not another step you monster!" Jellen shouted. The creature was unphased by his words however. The creature paused to recognize Jellen's face. "M....Monster..? ...Reiko... REIKO!!.. Reiko... Reeeiii...koooo...!!" Jellen felt a bolt of fear strike him multiple times. He didn't know weather to fight or run. Reiko stretched his liquidated arn at Jellen for a swift kill by peircing his chest. Jellen caught his arm and struggled to fight against Reiko's persistance in killing him. Steam began rising from Jellen's hands and Reiko began to shriek in pain and retracted his arm. His arm was melting away faster than he could solidify it. Jellen's anger caused fire to shoot from the palms of his hands. Unable to control it, Jellen began to burn everything that was around him in his attempt to make the fire stop. The flames came very close to Reiko, forcing to back away from it. Jellen noticed his reaction and charged at Reiko with the flames in from of him. Reiko retreated in the nearest water drain. Jellen questioned not of his supernatural powers or the strange monster terrorizing the city, he focused on finding the Nobles hoping he isn't too late.
  10. Chapter 5: Newly made & broken deals. -- Amy dragged Tails on her back, hoping he'd live long enough to find Eggman. She even begged for Sonic to be here to help him, but it was no use. She knew she was the only one who can do something for -- Or atleast she was. She quickly yelled out Eggman to see if he would come. It gave her many ideas, even though she would regret it later on. She last remembered Eggman heading North-East, the same direction the hidden Chao Garden was. She could not do much with Tails on her back. She climbed with all her strength and tried to get around the slowly dying Tails. She was nearly to the top of the mountains again. She reached for a long branch. As she puled herself up, the branch suddenly snap and broke, sending Tails and Amy falling until something caught them. It was Eggman's robots. Eggman showed up and seemed worried about Tails. Later that day, Tails and Amy were at Eggman's lab waiting for him to prepare his Surgery Bots. He called Amy to bring Tails in so he can repair his body before it was too late. She lied Tails on the table and left the room. Something caught her eye through the windows of the base. It was the Mysterious Hedgehog, and it seemed angrier than before. He rammed himself through the base, knocking Amy down and destroying the surgery bots. Eggman quickly came out of the medical room, and seemed shocked at what the hedgehog did. "Robotnik!" The hedgehog called out, "You traitor, you agreed to help me exterminate these inferior creatures!" "I never agreed to exterminating them, I agreed to letting you have those robotic parts if you brought me Sonic!" "I will give you Sonic when I have what I want! If I must, I'll kill you too, Robotnik!" "HO HO! You think you can take me down THAT easily?! Robots, attack!!" Multiple Metal Sonic copies emerged from the doors all around the base. Although the Mysterious Hedgehog was outnumbered, it was too strong for the Metal Sonics. Destroying them one by one, it unleashed a destructive sheild around him and unleashed it's explosion, destroying the base, and possibly Eggman and Tails. Amy was falling to her death, Unconscience and couldn't seem to fight her way out of it. She woke up on the ground safe and unharmed. What she didn't expect was for one of her enemies to save her. It was Metal Sonic. "Metal... Sonic?" Amy asked confused. "Do not fear me, I am here to assist." "Why did you save me, and what do you mean by assist?" "I relised that now that I am free from my former master's grasp, I am free to pursue my own destiny. THAT is to help the forces of good. " "And what about Sonic?" Metal Sonic paused for a moment. "I am merely a clone of the origonal. I do not wish to become the real Sonic. Metal Sonic looked around and examined the scraps of Metal Sonic copies lying around. Amy asked Metal Sonic to help her find Eggman and Tails. Metal Sonic did not answer, but insisted to help find who she needs for he mission. Metal Sonic and Amy shortly arrived in the Eggman Graveyard. The name was given due to all the destroyed battle ships and scraps from destroyed robots built by Eggman and where Metal Sonic last fought Sonic. He looked around the Ship which contained the Shadow Android Chambers to find the Shadow clone. He looked about and saw the chambers were taken apart and was rebuilt into a sheild. He looked for an opening, but there was no way in -- He then decided to blast his way into the sheild. In the sheild, Metal Sonic observed the glowing green bubble with a Hedgehog inside. He was asleep inside the bubble... Metal Sonic moved closer to him and touched the bubble, bursting it and awakening th Hedgehog. This scared the hedgehog out of his sleep and accidently triggered his powers. He disconnected Metal Sonic's arms and questioned him. "Who are you, and what are you doing here?" The hedgehog demanded. "Looking for you, Sonic the Hedgehog." "I am not Sonic, my name is Silver!" "Not---Sonic?" "You must be looking for him too." "My mission is to find Sonic, Tails, and Eggman by request of Subject: Amy Rose." "Sonic went missing?! ot good, NOT good!" "There is a unidentified hedgehog on the loose, I must assist in destroying it." "GAH, I knew I should have gave him the Chaos Emerald in the past!" "Chaos Emerald..Past?" "I induced Cross-Chaos Control with Blaze in the future to come to this time, but I jumped a few days behind this time, so I went into a state of deep sleep.. We have to find Sonic immediatly!" "I shall assist you, Silver the Hedgehog." And from then on, Metal Sonic tag along with Silver the Hedgehog, and continued their search for Sonic...
  11. Chapter 4 : Learning a lesson they will always forget. --- Knuckles was completely enraged. Destroying every car in his sight, he threated to attack anyone that got his way. Yelling feircly, he has easily fallen to the anger and rage that has never been unleashed in forever. This was a new chapter for the book of station square. Preparing to throw a car, Knuckles' eyes snaped to the right. The boy Knuckles was looking at, could only imagine what he was going threw. Knuckles tossed the car and continued his rampage. The boy tried to catch up with Knuckles even though he was too fast for him. Tails quickly arrived at the seen of Knuckle's rampage. Carrying a cannon, Tails pointing it at Knuckles as a warning to end his rampage. He was shaking really bad, and did not want to actually hurt Knuckles. Knuckles suddenly stopped. He tried to give Tails reasons why he should shoot him while he had the chance. He explained his emotions are connected to the Master Emerald, and he had no way of controlling it when his rage is too powerful. He walked closer and closer to Tails who was frozen by fear. Tails knew what he had to do for the city's sake. Knuckles grabbed tails' shoulder. Doing this startled Tails whom then accidently pulled the trigger. Knuckles' hand was holding his chest, and fell by Tails' foot, In an attempt to say his dying words, he could only cough blood before his end. has come. Police quickly surrounded the area. Citizens were pointing and mumbling about Tails' killing frenzy. Helichopters with spotlights and cameras surrounded Tails, spreading word on the News about Tails killing Knuckles, Rouge, and supposedly Sonic. Amy, Cream and the others saw the report, and it almost impossible to be true. Tails looked around, Police aimed their guns at him. Citizens were gasping and yelling at him, and even throwing objects and food at him. He could do nothing but fly away. With the police on his trail, he has now become public enemy number 1. Meanwhile, in Sonic's Dream, He was doing all he could to wake himself up, but it all felt real -- Almost as if he slept threw his teenage years. But the way he knew it was a dream, was only because his fur color was black with red streaks, and for some reason he could not remember the name of the hedgehog with that identity. In his mind it's been years, even though in the world it's been less than 4 hours. He could not remember the last thing that happened, only that he was looking at a dress he wished he bought for amy years ago. He walked into the living room to meet up with Amy, wondering what happened years ago. The story didn't seem like him at all. What went on with Amy in reality however, is a very different story. She set out to go look for Tails and turn him over to the police and to search for Sonic. Tails finally found a place to hide. It wasn't the best, nor the worse, but it was the most unlikely place anyone would find him. He was hiding nearby Eggman's previous base. He heard something coming his way -- It began to speak. Tails quickly recognized his voice. "Well well well, look who decided to visit, and alone no doubt." "Shadow! What are you doing here?" "Top secret mission assigned by G.U.N. The question is: What are YOU doing here?" "I-I can't say!" "Suit yourself, but I have a feeling you're being followed by someone." "Who?" "Like I care who or what, it's not of my concern." "Is it that Mysterious Hedgehog?!" "Mysterious Hedgehog? You must be talking about the Metal Sonic clones." "Metal Sonic clones?" "Hmmph -- I said enough.. I need to find the other copies." "W-w-w-wait! Don't go yet! I got too---" "CHAOS CONTROL!" Shadow left in a hurry, leaving Tails curious about Eggman's connection to the Hedgehog. Tails left the abdnoned base, and quickly noticed he was being overshadowed. He looked up and spotted the Mysterious Hedgehog charging at him from the sky. He took evasive action, doged the Hedgehog and quickly flew into the bottom of the mountains. "The power of Chaos Control must have attracted that Hedgehog here!" He explained to himself. Tails needed to rest and took refuge in the mountains. He decided to rest, but was quickly interupted by an unexpected visit from Amy. She was gasping for air and spawned her Piko Piko Hammer. She stared Tails down with her cold sad eyes that was full of rage and sorrow. She looked at the tears dripping from Tails' eyes, the blood stains on his fur, and the cannon on his right arm. She began questioning him. "Why-Why did you do it?! Why did you kill Sonic?!" "Amy I swear it wasn't me! It was some other Hedgehog!" "What do you think I am?! There's only Sonic and Shadow, and Shadow would never do such a thing!" "It wasn't him either! It was--" Tails and Amy heard a huge explosion. The Mysterious Hedgehog found Tails and Amy, and once again began it's chase. Tails grabbed Amy's hand and ran. Amy tried pulling away and insisted she can defend herself. Blood began grubbing onto her gloves which had frightened her. She did not want to be around Tails after what he done. With all her might in her left hand, she swung her Piko Piko Hammer, knocking Tails back and breaking his arm in the process. Amy stopped and gasped as Tails refused to cry nor call for help. She whispered his name as she krept closer, only be stopped by the Mysterious Hedgehog. It picked Tails up by the fur on his head, and observed his face for a moment. Tails was in too much pain to fight back, and the cannon wa attached to the arm that Amy broke. Without mercy and without second thought, the Mysterious hedgehog periced his claw through Tail's stomache. It dropped Tails onto the ground. It turned around and looked at Amy. It decended to the ground, pointed at Amy and questioned her. "Where---is----Shadow the Hedgehog...!?" It questioned. "I- I don't know, and even if I did, I would never tell!" "You inferior being ---- I will kill you here and now ---- with my bare hands and maybe I'll kill that little Rabbit next!" "You leave Amy and Cream alone!" Tails shouted. The Mysterious Hedgehog looked down at Tails' wounded body. "Tails!" Amy shouted. "A-Amy," Tails replied hesistantly, "I didn't kill Sonic ior Rouge.. This Hedgehog did. I didn't mean to kill Knuckles. I'm Sorry.." The Mysterious Hedgehog laughed and prepared to finish off Tails. Before he could stab him once more, Amy charged at the Hedgehog with her Hammer. With all her might, she swung at the Hedgehog, sending it flying clear into the mountains. Many minutes past and Amy had finally wiped her tears over what she did to Tails after all that happened. She insisted she'd take Tails to the only person who can not only help his injuries, but also defeat the Mysterious Hedgehog.
  12. Will be updating Chapter 4 tommarow.
  13. Chapter 3 : Fate not meant to be. --------- Sonic quickly turned around, but hesitating to do so in time, was struck by the Mysterious Hedgehog with intense speed, throwing him threw multiple stores and damaging vehicles. Sonic was too injured to regain his footing in time. The Mysterious Hedgehog seemed enraged for reasons unknown. It charged at Sonic again, this time bursting with high amounts of unstable energy, it's body began shifting, and it's voiice became more multi-toned. It resembled Sonic all the more. Something was wrong with wrong it, and it began it's assault on Sonic once again. Ramming into Sonic, it grabbed him by his leg, swung and tossed him onto the roof of a car, as if he was a baseball bat. Sonic could not bare the pain anymore. His heart was pacing faster than ever. He knew he could not go any longer in this condition. He soon fainted, but even still the Mysterious Hedgehog kept tossing him around. This showed it was merciless. Knuckles soon arrived no sooner after the assault. He took a quick glance at the newly formed Hedgehog and the wounded Sonic in it's hand.. "Hey you!" Knuckles called out, "You're gonna pay for shattering the Master Emerald, AND for harming Sonic!" The hedgehog turned around. It glared at him and quickly recognized him. It dropped Sonic like a ragdoll. The Mysterious Hedgehog charged at Knuckles, buty was quickly caught off guard by a swift right hook to the face. The impact and force of the punch was not enough to stop the grusome threat however. It quickly recovered from the blow, and began grinning, giving Knuckles an uneasy feeling. The Mysterious Hedgehog charged at Knuckles charged into it. They were equally matched in power but the hedgehog had the advantage in speed. Knuckles quickly felt weak and quickly tired out. The Mysterious Hedgehog showed no hesitation nor exaustion. It was ready for round 2. Just as it was preparing to attack again, Rouge flew in from behind and held it's arms behind it's back for Knuckles to go all out. Knuckles charged with all his might, ready to land a devastating blow and defeating the Mysterious Hedgehog for good. Right as Knuckles threw a powerful blow, the Mysterious Hedgehog switched places with Rouge threw a strange method of teleportation. Knuckles' strongest attack had struck Rouge in the gut by mistake. Her eyes turned went dim, she was shedding tears, and fell in a instant. Rouge is dead.. The Mysterious Hedgehog took the yellow emerald she possessed and disappeared in a flash. Knuckles could not believe what he had done to Rouge. His regret and anger quickly enraged him. He blindingly rampaged throughout the city, hoping to find and kill the Mysterious Hedgehog. Meanwhile in Sonic's mind, Sonic was a dream which were soon to became a nightmare. The pain in his body caused him to have the nightmare that felt almost real. He was where he was before, looking at the dress, but the Mysterious Hedgehog was not there. He went inside to buy the dress and quickly came out. He went on his way to Amy's house. When he arrived, he saw that Amy was standing outside her door heavily blushing and with a note. Noticing the dress, Amy tackled Sonic and hugged him tightly. He couldn't help but try to resist breaking free. Amy handed Sonic the note. Dear Sonic, I love you so very much, I wish for you to stay with me. I wish you would be there for me always. No more adventures in the open world, but in my world. Please stay with me, forever be my true love. Marry me. ~Amy Sonic could only jump in shock. He was in deep shock, and didn't know to decline her love. All he could've done was run away and never speak of it again, but he knows she'd always find him. He explained to her why it could never happen. She began crying, and the sky turned red. Just that second her fingers turned to claws, her eyes turned black and red, her hair became rough and spikier than before. Her teeth became fangs, and Sonic has now awakened the worst possible threat he could ever face; Angry Amy. He tried to run, but his feet went stiff again could only run in place. He kept trying but was going nowhere. The floor under his feet fell apart, and began endlessly falling. He landed into a endless ocean. His heart was aching, which caused him to feel like he was drowning. Amy's fierce hand came down, grabbing and crushing sonic intensly, threatening him to marry her. He tried to resist, but have no choice but to give in. He yelled yes and then he blinked. He looked around and saw himself in Amy's house. He looked around and wandered about, only to notice a ring on his finger. His nightmare has come true, he was Married to Amy. His favorate shoes were no more, his gloves were brownish and was wearing pants. Sonic has become an adult, and to think this was only the beginning.
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