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  1. Yesss, Okage! I almost forgot how much I loved that game haha. It's been sitting here in my game collection for a few years without being touched, think it's time to give it another go
  2. It's hard to say if this games underrated or not, but either way, I gotta say Deadly Premonition for the 360 (PS3 in other regions too, I believe). If you look past the sub-par controls (which got used to as I went further into the game) and the PS2-like graphics (which I feel they add to the game's charm, oddly enough), there lies a bizarre, yet amazing story with unforgettable characters. Not to mention the mind-blowing amount of depth in the game, like the missions, specific character interactions, and other small nuances scattered throughout. I'm absolutely in love with this game, enough for the game's lead character, Francis York Morgan, to make Vyse from Skies of Arcadia step down to number two on my favorite non-Sonic characters list, which was unattainable for 10 years straight. If that's anything to you Also, it came out at $20 retail when it was released last year, so imagine how cheap it is now. Give it a shot, if you can find a copy!
  3. First time logging in in months, and the first thing I see is Blash The Hedgehog with my photo in the top-right. Freaking awesome!

    1. Ferno


      The first time it happened to me, I felt so special. I thought: "dey luvz me <:D" And then had a laugh when I realized everyone had their own personalized one as well.

  4. Sorry for the bump, but I thought it'd be better off restarting this than creating a new topic. I've been meaning to get a Sonic tattoo for years, and Monday I finally sucked up and got the Super Sonic icon from Sonic 4 tattooed on my left wrist! It looks so much better in real life, the picture doesn't do much justice. It came out perfect! It's gold if you couldn't tell from the poorly lit photo
  5. A tad off topic, but I wanted to thank you guys again for the image. I got it tattooed Monday! Here's how it came out:
  6. Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Now I can finally get that tattoo
  7. Aww man, this topics just what I was looking for! This would absolutely rule if someone could get this for me, I would so appreciate it! I'm looking to get a high-res (highest possible) rip of the Super Sonic icon that you see after completing a level in Time Attack as him (or on the leaderboards), as seen here: Reason being is that I want to get a tattoo of it It'd be a great help if I could get my hands on it. Thanks guys!
  8. Blash

    Ahh, alrighty then.

  9. Sean

    Well the opening topics are slightly different (your topic focuses on the actual games, while the one I linked to touched upon fans). However, somewhere along the line in the Sonic Pet Peeves topic, people started making posts about the actual games. I felt that they basically covered the same ground in the end, and so did a few other mods.

  10. Blash

    Hey bud, how come you locked this topic: http://www.sonicstadium.org/board/annoyances-in-sonic-games-t4286.html ? Cause the other topic you compared it to is actually nothing like it at all. Just wondering.

  11. What irritates you off in Sonic games, or in the franchise as a whole? Gameplay mechanics, characters, level types, etc... whatever. Speak your mind.. but play nice For me, the thing that ticks me off the most is how your score resets when you die, like in like Next Gen and Unleashed. I hate it... so... much... I understand why it's like that I suppose, but it pisses me off to no end
  12. Everything about your profile - your name, location, title, avatar - is absolutely amazing. For that, I offer you tea. How thoughtful of me.

  13. Got my internet back!!! I missed this place!

  14. I have a partial Endless Possibilities tab that I wrote a while ago, I'll post it the second I find it on my hard drive haha.
  15. Blash

    Yeah hahah it killed me to when I first saw it XD

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