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  1. I would of posted the link myself, but I barely make posts on the SSMB. I'm mainly just an observer. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't breaking any rules!
  2. It comes from a person who has access to the french airings of the episode. They mainly post Sonamy Boom Spoilers and have recently uploaded the Perci episode in French.
  3. I thought the combat shown off during the Japanese live steam looked quite entertaining and enjoyable. It's clear that this person actually knew how to play the game.
  4. Being someone who grew up on 3D Sonic games compared 2D ones, I'm much more excited for the Rise of Lyric. Not to say Shattered Crystals look bad (Though I was quite annoyed that Amy isn't going to be playable in that one as she is my favorite character) I just find the gameplay style of Wii U game to be more interesting. Really looking forward to playing that game coop with my friends.
  5. I really hope Sonic doesn't always have to be on the team. I was looking forward to seeing characters like Tails and Amy team up.
  6. More footage of the boss battle and dialogue between Eggman and Sonic's team. It's kinda hard to hear, but it seems Eggman is after Lyric too. "Welcome Sonic. After I crush you, I will defeat that rotten Snake"
  7. Footage of the boss fight with Eggman "You made me spill my drink" I seriously love Eggman's animations in this game. They are just hilarious XD
  8. Considering the amount of praise Cindy's new performance is getting I think Sega would be nuts to keep her Minnie Mouse voice in the modern series. The voice directors in this game really deserve some major credit. They really have done an amazing job, and it really shows. Here's hoping they can work on the modern series as well.
  9. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but it provides clear audio of the conversations between Sonic and Amy in their level.
  10. Most likely Amy will have double jump because of her acrobatic skills. Sonic will probably have his homing attack, Tails most likely will be able to fly for a short period of time, and hopefully Knuckles will be able to glide.
  11. Glad to see I wasn't the only one who enjoyed hunting for them. Considering that this is going to have a larger focus on exploration they could put some of them in alternate routes design for specific characters. It would give just one more reason to replay a level with different team mates.
  12. If not that, make them unlockable extras. Might be first time I would actually care for unlocking concept art.
  13. Anyone notice the sketches of the characters in the background here? I know we've seen some of the Sonic ones, but I know we haven't seen that Amy one. Hopefully we get to see more sketches of all the characters soon ^^
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