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  1. VA doesn't seem to bother me like it does to others in this fandom. While I have like some VA over others for select characters, I always listen in English.
  2. I chose Knuckles, of course. This got me thinking that I would love to a "Your Top 5 favorite Sonic characters excluding Sonic Poll" from Sega. This poll would be based on weighted averages where your no.1 pick would receive 1 point, your 2nd= .8 points, 3rd =.6 and so on. I think that kind of poll would do a better job of showing which characters are liked in this fanbase.
  3. I would be okay if a reboot if were to reintroduce characters to improve them (making Rouge a strong female character instead of paring fodder) or to reassign their roles ( giving Knuckles a role where he more accessible but not to point where he is Sonic's second tag-a-long best buddy). However, I'm against the elimination of characters via reboot.
  4. With all the plots that Sonic Team manages to connect the chaos emeralds to, it's hard to imagine that they couldn't do the same for the master emerald every once and while. With that said, if you are considering an event where Knuckles parks the floating island and shrinks the master emerald to travel size, that event shouldn't be so he can be shoehorned in a game. Yes, he is friends with Sonic and Tails but tagging along with them just to have him appear detracts from his character. Every time that happens he becomes either Sonic's other cheerleader or the comedic relief while other characters actually have important roles to play when they appear (i.e. Shadow). Besides being a guardian, Knuckles is also a treasure hunter. Riders:ZG revealed that Knuckles is capable of reading ancient languages. If the Sonic Team is going work in Knuckles without the master emerald, I would rather it be that Knuckles stumbles upon ancient source of power while transversing through ruins that Robotnik happens to be seeking as well. Knuckles could actually have a role in the plot instead of being the third member of Team Sonic.
  5. I would say that platforming holds a greater importance than speed. I always felt that platforming provided more depth and a challenge than just racing through the level. However, if we are talking about the future, then I believe both platforming and speed need to evolve further. The unleashed formula is by no means perfect and platforming in sonic games hasn't been advanced since S3&K. The only way I can see that happening is to make sonic more acrobatic that what he currently is. Being more acrobatic would allow for more kinds of platforming challenges or allow sonic to better dodge hazards and obstacles while speeding through stages. I have hard time describing the specific implementation details (especially the control scheme) but the general idea can be grasped by watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccpY14bXcug.
  6. This is good news. I'm now considering picking up the PC version and as well the 3ds. I wonder if the PC version will get DLC as well?
  7. I'm hoping that as well. I don't want Sega to give fans any justification for like one Sonic over the other beyond aesthetic preferences. As for the reason why C. Sonic is shorter, it is to make him look cuter when compared to M. Sonic. If they were the same height, it would make C. Sonic look like he hasn't been hitting the Sound Barrier as often enough when compared M. Sonic. exactly like that.
  8. I think the problem people are having with modern sonic gameplay is they don't understand what Sonic Team is doing with Sonic Generations. The answer is they are playing it safe by doing nothing new at all. This means giving us the same gameplay formulas we have already experienced with classic, adventure, and modern backdrops and elements. For modern sonic, that means the same boost, dash pads, rails, boost hoops, and the low clearance passages that you have to slide under. With Classic sonic, you get the classic formula full-stop. With the exception of swapping QTE with tricks and a possible spamable spin dash, the formulas are mostly the same. By taking the highly praised classic formula and the well-received (by some) daytime-Unleashed formula, they hope to having a wining combination without taking the risk of introducing something that is fundamentally/substantively new therefore untested or breaking a formula by tweaking it. So modern Sonic,will play like I expect him to play in unleashed with the obstacles and hazards coming in latter acts or stages. They will not address adding platforming or depth to the Unleashed formula. Oh well, at least I will enjoy the classic half of the game.
  9. I'm glad Iizuka had the sense to dance around the question of which version of Sonic he prefers. I can only imagine the (shallow) controversy of his choice in aesthetics would generate throughout the fandom. As for other playable characters, I was already expecting it to be such and am completely fine with it.
  10. The classic era has been my favorite so far, as S1-S3&K were the best produced games of the series. The rest of eras (however you define them) are on equal footing in my eyes. The only other main-tile games I have truly enjoyed since classic era have been SA,SA2, and Colors.
  11. I really don't care for most of his selections besides Blaze and Metal Knuckles. Blaze, however, lives in another dimension, has her own set of responsibilities, and has her own nemesis. So I'm fine with her rate of appearances so far and I don't see a need for more airtime. Not such so much a niche than an added variety. Why must Metal Sonic be the only sentient "no-nonsense" robot that Dr. Robotnik whips out? Quite frankly, I'm disappointed that Robotnik has stopped coming out with new designs for robotic sonic doppelganger (especially after Metal Sonic's failed Amazo\Cell attempt in Sonic Heroes), instead he continuously makes useless tweaks to Metal Sonic.
  12. No, I don't think the wisps should ever return unless there is a sequel to Sonic colors. As for their powers...I'm about to say something that goes against the "chorus" of this thread. I would rather not rather not piece out wisps powers to individual characters (Knuckles gets spike, Amy gets frenzy, Rouge gets drill, Tails gets hover, Shadow gets "CHAOS" laser, etc.) Wisp powers aren't that spectacular on their own especially rocket. However, by having multiple wisps that can work in combination , it allows much more room from dynamic\differing stages and alternate paths. What I'm trying to say is I would rather give each character the own set of power-ups or have each character react differently to same set of power-ups to make all characters in a game worth playing. Dividing up power-ups seems to much like robbing Peter to pay Paul.
  13. I was afraid they were going to resort to this. Homing attacking enemies to get across chasms\bottomless pits or to get to a new route is anything but fun. Sorry to be a "Negative Nancy" but homing attack chains are dead boring and a sign of lazy level. I would take trick ramps over homing attack enemies to reach new routes, it least they require some skill.
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