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  1. I've downloaded 44 Christopher Lawrence's Podcast. This is actually 3 days, 7 hours and 30 minutes of only Trance music. (8,3 GBs)

    Maybe I'm quite crazy...

    Just as fact, Christopher Lawrence was voted the best Trance DJ of the America.

    1. MightyRay


      Got a question for you if your into Trance.

      You a fan of ATB?

    2. Solister


      Sincerely, I've never heard of him, sorry.

      In fact, I'm starting follow a few artist which made some musics for early 2000's games, such as Christopher Lawrence (Which I've already mentioned), Paul van Dyk, and more recently Above & Beyond. I've also paying attention to some Ukrainian DJs which are being quite popular in the trance world as DJ Omnia.

      If you know some of them we might can have a talk.

    3. MightyRay



      Well I'd give him a listen. His tune Humanity is awesome!

      I've heard of Paul Van Dyk and especially Above and Beyond! Sirens of the Sea REMIXED is one of my fave albums ever!

    4. Solister


      Interesting song! I mean, it's quite different from the songs I've, mine doesn't have vocals (Or only a few), it's also quite different on the style, but it's trance in the same way, and I liked.

      But well, I'm must assume I'm very newbie. Like, until 4 days ago the only tracks I had were: Rush Hour (Christopher Lawrence), Nothing But You and Avenue (Paul van Dyk) and Anjunabeach (Above & Beyond). You probably already have read about some of those songs, if not listened to them. Another thing I also would like to add it's that mostly podcasts I've download to listen while I'm doing some other thing, for example, I have a Soccer game which doesn't have musics (It's an ripped version), so I put those Podcasts to play while I'm playing. Other reason why I'm liking podcast is because all of them (If not, most of them) are free to download, so I don't need to have heavy conscience that I've never supported the artist.

    5. MightyRay


      I used to listen to A Sound of Trance podcast hosted by Armin Van Burrin. Dude's pretty cool and hosted some awesome tracks in past. 

  2. After 4 years and a half, I finally got to pass Big's Ice Cap on Sonic Adventure. I think I've suppressed a trauma.

  3. So, with Solo being released in almost a week, I must say I'm very interested in review the older Star Wars movies, however I don't want to re-watch every movie, I just want a mini resume of each episode (And much like Rogue One too), to remember what happened in each episode. So, does anyone have a good site for this? No troubles with spoiler looking I already watched every movie, I just want to refresh my mind.

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Best thing I can recommend is looking at youtube for clips of the movies.

      I did this for the Marvel movies I wasnt able to watch before going to see Infinity War.

      I watched clips of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Spider man homecoming, Dr Strange ( watched the full movie recently) and Captain America Civil War.

      It helped alot.

      And it can refresh your memory on the movie.

    2. Failinhearts


      Everything but Last Jedi is covered here.

  4. Translated part of my website to english. http://solister.top/index_en.html

    I hope you enjoy!

  5. Is something like this? Sorry, I can't help much more looking this is from 2003 (Which is the same year I born), but this is much like the only thing I've found on the first Google results. Apparently it's much like how you described, you could play some demo games for a while (60-minutes), and it's seems include games like Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3D Blast (See the gameplay at 06:24), Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. I also have found some well known games for me such as SimCity 2000 and RCT2. Well, if is this what you're looking for, it really seems pretty interesting, which kinda make me fell bad to doesn't have "really" lived those years, great games wherever you've looked for, many songs I like are from the same year I born, makes me fell honored and sad at the same time. Plus, found this on Sonic Retro, which is the list of games on the service. There's also a download on softonic, however, this is never one of my most reliable download sources.
  6. 5af62a9a0722a_puppymini.gif.1991d733a9a95982b7866798b2eec64a.gif

  7. So, next week it will make 2 months that (Super) Sonic Racing was announced. Did we got any additional info since then?

    1. Thigolf



    2. Strickerx5


      Lol, nope


      ... it hurts

    3. Bobnik


      Nope and I don't think we'll get anything till E3 at least.

      And if it's not at E3 or at least a few weeks after E3, then it's probably a 2019 title

    4. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      I neeeeeed it

    5. Space☆Yeow


      If Sega really did expect us to be content with almost nothing but a vague teaser with an obscured logo for 3+ months then they announced this game way too damn early as far as I'm concerned.

      Honestly sick with the approaches taken with announcing and teasing recent Sonic games as of late. How about actually having some tangible details or gameplay to showcase for once when you announce a game? I really hope there isn't a SXSW panel next year if it's going to be more of the same BS we got from this year and last year.

  8. Quite disappointed in find a new music I like, but when I search more about that artist, none of their other musics sounds cool for me.

  9. Happy Star Wars Day!

    May 4th be With You.

  10. Butch Hartman (The Fairly Oddparents Creator) is joining Cartoon Network:


    1. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Maybe a Johnny Bravo revival? I think he was involved with that...

      Either that or something new.

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Have fun getting your work shunted aside for Teen Titans Go!

    3. SupahBerry


      Not the best timing, Butch. As mentioned above, all I expect to happen to him is that anything he touchs will just be shoved aside if it's not TTG. Once the movie drops, presumebly damaging the company's entire reputaion, it may undermine any decent show that Butch could put effort into.

      I could be wrong though. Either way, I wish him luck.

    4. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      top ten anime betrayals

    5. Space☆Yeow


      IIRC he actually made a pilot to CN for a show about superhero rats some years back. Pan Pizza of RebelTaxi covered it in his last video about animated pilots (3:52 in the video).


  11. Fun Fact: In Sonic 2 (16-Bits) during the Silver Sonic fight, if you add some rings using Debug Mode, and loose them, Eggman will laugh at your face for a while. As the level never had rings, this might be considered a leftover.

    1. Tornado


      I actually thought that he laughed when you died anyway, but I just checked and you're right.

  12. Solister

    could forces be fixed like mania?

    Possibly not, just look at Sonic Boom. They released a patch for better graphics and fix the Knuckles' infinite jump bug, but everyone still hate it. From what I've read, it seems Sonic Forces has passed trough some great problems during the development, which caused changes of the plot, direction of the development and some minor stuff. For me, it easily seems they released a "beta" game for the public, only to say Sonic won a 25 years commemorative 3D Game. I certainly would enjoy a new 3D Sonic game using this newer version of Hedgehog Engine, but with a better designed game. However, I think we might face some time development troubles, I mean, we can't await good games to be released in every Sonic birthday (At least, at every 5 years special), Specially when Sonic Forces went out one year after the 25th birthday. But actually, good games are taking even more time than only 5 years. Just look at Sonic Forces which took 4 years of development and became what we see today, and even Generation (Which, for actual gaming standards, is a quite old game), started to being developed even before Colors (Which was released one year earlier).
  13. Is just me, or anyone else thinks this music fits perfectly with Sonic Riders?


  14. I already knew about this game a few weeks ago, nice to see that are a few other people also interested... I've played and finished the 2013 game, however I didn't became excited when I played the 2015 game and it didn't brought me forward. I've read that this game would be a sequel to the 2015 game, so if my PC still supports (Because both of the games almost made my PC fry an egg) I probably will play it, hope missing RoTR don't disturb so much this time. Plus, I also watched the movie earlier this year, which I liked, even being almost the 2013 game in the theaters. I've played during a few minutes the earlier games (From the 90's), but I also didn't went forward. So yeah, I think I'm a new generation fan of the series. It's good to see old game franchises reborn.
  15. The Sonic the Hedgehog series have introduced a mass of new characters during the time. Some were easily forgettable and made only one appearance or two, others are constantly appearing in the series since they were introduced. There are so many people discussing about the Sonic characters, saying that we have much characters that aren't even remembered, and SEGA shouldn't keep creating new ones, and reuse the older. But there also those fans which are always wanting something more. Thinking in this possibility, which other species genres should be introduced/reintroduced in the series? Sonic Forces gave us an interesting idea with the Avatar concept, even having some restriction, made many fan chars creators excited to finally see their work on a real game. But talking as “official” characters, which species would you like to see as new characters?

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