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  1. This is the cover of "Sonic O Fantástico". It's the Sonic Christmas Blast equivalent here in Brazil.
  2. Well, Sonic influenced so much in my life that I don't know where start. More or less in 2010/2011 It was when I first played Sonic, in SEGA Genesis Collection playing Sonic 2, and the Chemical Plant and Special Stage (Scenario and Music) takes me to a time travel. One or Two years after, I remember playing Sonic R in Sonic Gems Collection in my PS2, in the same period I remember I won a very very poor Notebook which runs SEGA Genesis emulator and I remember playing levels like Sky Sanctuary and Metropolis in that Notebook. This certainly was my happiest period of my life. In the end of 2013, I remember I own another very poor PC, but it was sufficient to play Sonic Adventure DX. I was wanting to play this game so much time, and I was so happy when I opened the *.exe of the game and it doesn't crashed. Then we came to our actual days. It was in February of this year to be more exact, when I bought my new Laptop and played Sonic Generations for the first time, I was so happy as the same when I played SADX for the first time. These were the 4 most important moments of Sonic Games in my life. It's hard to choice just one, but I think that replaying Sonic 2 and feeling the Nostalgia doesn't have a price.
  3. Well, let's talk about numbers. Since the announcement in 2016, we had 75% of Classic Sonic and just 25% of Modern Sonic. At that time we don't knew that we would have a third character (Just speculation about the 3 Eggman's Robots). Actually, we have 50% of Classic Sonic (25% in Sonic Mania, and 25% in Forces), 25% of Modern Sonic and 25% of Create your own character. In fact, Modern Sonic still being the "main" Sonic, and we don't know what Sega will do about create your own character (It would be part of main series or will be something specific of the 25th anniversary?). Other interesting fact, is that Classic Sonic will have their own game, and Modern Sonic will divide Sonic Forces with Classic Sonic and Create your own character. And this also takes to a gameplay characteristic. As some members talk above, the Modern Sonic gameplay sometimes takes to 2D/2.5D which is very similar to Classic Sonic Gameplay (This can easily saw in Sonic Generations in levels like Rooftop Run and Planet Wisp, where you play something like 75% of the level in 2D/2.5D Gameplay with Modern Sonic). And looking at Sonic Forces Modern Gameplay, it doesn't seems that Sega will change that, something that really disappointed me. It takes to a sameness situation, which doesn't makes the game innovative. But we will need to wait to have some answers, Why Classic Sonic is back (For Mania and Forces)? What is the create your own character? Is there a science explanation about what it really is? How Eggman took the control of everything (Or almost everything)?
  4. I agree with the most part of your text, but there a few things that we need to note that is not full clear for hardcore Sonic fans. In fact, Sonic is passing trough a changing period, in 2010 we saw Sonic Colors which introduced Wisps and a new type of gameplay, one year after we saw SEGA showing that Classic Sonic isn't dead. In 2012 SEGA tried to take back the classic Sonic essence with Sonic 4, but it was almost unacceptable by the fans. Two years after, SEGA tried to reboot the series as Spin-Off with Sonic Boom, investing a lot in this new franchise, but the game just became a little piece of sh*t and hated by the most fans, the only thing that made a few success was the TV series. Now we're seeing SEGA bring the classic Sonic gameplay with Sonic Forces and Mania. The TV shows brings money to SEGA and is great accepted by the most fans. But certainly, isn't is everyone who would like to see a new Sonic Boom game, Sonic Fire & Ice was good, but Rise of Lyric not, and this certainly wouldn't bring a good look by the fans and the media. In other words, we can say that SEGA is just doing what gives or will give money. And yeah, if the older series was so confused as now, certainly Sonic will survive with Boom. Particularly I would feel better with a series more based in the games, but if Sonic Boom is giving profit, so why not? (Even if it was canceled here in Brazil. I hate you Brazilian Cartoon Network)
  5. So, it was easier to install FIFA World Cup 98 than FIFA World Cup 2006.

  6. @molul and @Joseph Mello Update: So, I checked again the page and the games are now available, in fact the games not work on my cellphone/tablet (incompatible), but fortunately Blue Stacks exists, just installed. Except Sonic 1 page that still now work (Unavailable in your country (Brazil)).. Now I'm excited with this.
  7. F*** you SEGA. All games are show as free but no mobile device is compatible (Unavailable in region). Except Sonic 1 that keeps paid But, I think that this would be more appreciated at Steam. And frankly, I think it's time for SEGA to put these games as Freeware (Steam / Android / iOS and any other console that has these games). No one looks really interested to pay to play these games.
  8. I would like to see something like this: Make Sonic as principal character. His abilities will be like Sonic Unleashed/Colors/Generations. According to your moves along the game, the characters who will follow you will changing, and maybe Tails follow Sonic (With the Adventure 1 gameplay, but without his missions). According what you'll do, the 2nd character will change for any other of the series (Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Chaotix etc.), and may you can get 3 chars following you (Like Sonic Heroes). And maybe you can even change the principal character (Sonic). Other possibility it would be the characters follow you, but not be playable.
  9. I was walking on the streets of the city center, then I found someone selling Windows 98 (Pirate). The first thing I thought was: "Why someone will buy Windows 98, 20 years after?"

  10. In fact, I think that Sonic Mania it's receiving much classic levels than new levels. We have Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Startdust Speedway, Flywing Battery as classic zones, and Studiopolis and Mirage Saloon as new levels, same Mirage Saloon being Desert Dazzle/Dust Hill with other name and a few visual differences. I want something new, like a 32-bit Emerald Coast or City Escape. I don't know if this is the final level list, but I really expected more new levels. But, there's nothing new to add, I read something that Sonic Team said that they don't have much new ideas for level themes (From Sonic 4 era, if I not wrong). It's hard to describe a new level that doesn't look like some older level.
  11. I'll try to finish Need for Speed Underground 2 for the second time from the last 8 months. In fact I really need new games to play, but I can't find something that really interest me. However, Sonic Mania (And Forces, I hope) will enter in this list soon.
  12. I had a very similar thought when I used my old PC. I thought that Sonic never gonna be the same after Heroes release. The last game that my PC supported was Sonic Riders (2006). When my new Laptop came with an amazing better video card, I had the opportunity to play newer games as Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors (Via Dolphin) and Sonic Lost World, and now I say that Sonic isn't bad as I thought. And I'm really excited with Sonic Forces, just hopes that my PC runs. With Classic Sonic in both games, I think it's because is a commemorative game, except if SEGA really wants to stay both Sonics in the market.
  13. It's a little hard to stay active here in SSMB, but I still alive. Trying to access at least one time per day, but without posting.

  14. Don't worry. I don't have too much original games, but certainly, Sonic is my favorite series, and as you can see, this is a Sonic Message Board and I always try to know all the news. In fact, what you described can take to a complex situation. You said that you played and finished the Adventure era games, and this is good, may you be an specific type of Sonic Gamer that likes the Adventure/Modern era, and you aren't an exception, this is very common in Sonic Fan base. Other interesting point it's the game difficult. You said you tried to play the games but never finished. If the difficult is your problem, try to play and replay the game until you finish. If your problem is in a specific part of the game, all games from Classic Era have an Level Select Menu, search on the web how to access it, and try to replay the level you can't pass. May the game requires training, it's not impossible to finish it.
  15. I dunno, but this reminds me Hydro City. Yeah, I know, it's a bit different, but if you think that act 2 is a remastered level, doesn't look too bad, at least the top part of the level. The top left image reminds me Emerald Hill and Splash Hill, but doesn't look like to be Green Hill, another tropical level I suppose.