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  1. Confession Time: I would like to be a DJ just to receive Free Music Promos ūüėĚ.

  2. I'm starting to miss The Mandalorian...


  3. I'm can't recall many, though I know they exist, however I could do a considerable list: From the mentioned here, PS2 Red Screen of Death definitely was one them. But going down to the rabbit hole, I think the scariest videogame experience I have was the Harley Quinn Boss in LEGO Batman, or at least was the very first which came into my mind: It sorta scares still up to date. In fact, I'd say LEGO Batman is a hell of a scaring game: This one I just remembered yesterday when I decided to replay The Sims 1 again: This theme is used for some "bad" moments in the game. Here when the guy was fired, but it also plays in another situations such when Burglar gets into your home, now think in this scene: Your Sim just got back home from his work, you did his usual tasks, you then go to sweet dreaming night at your bed. The lot is in total silence, and then this songs screams out in your headphones warning a robber is in your lot. And there's even Sonic memories too. I may regret a little about this one, but I admit when I was 10 years old I sorta believed in the Tails Doll myth and was up to wake up midnight just to play Sonic R with him: The next one isn't properly scary, but I must admit that Eggman's expression on Sonic 2 (16-Bit) USA cover gave me a bit of fear, which might be the reason it got so memorable and yet is so nostalgic after all these years:
  4. I made a meme:


    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda


      (great effort! I understood it just fine even though some of the words aren’t quite correct).

  5. Disney talking about Star Wars on The Simpsons:

    How Ironic...

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Disney promoting the Simpsons. Still really fucking weird to me.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      And not a single Mayored to the Mob clip?


      Y'know, the one that guess starred Mark Hamill in his Luke attire????

  6. I don't know really, most games I do any% as I usually know there isn't a huge surprise behind it. But as mentioned, I guess some of the best prizes are bonus characters and levels. I'd also add something like Time Attack, Boss Rush and this kind of things, though not everyone appreciates. But tbh, I don't think there's enough reward such the game itself thanking you for playing it:
  7. Real life proof Yoda is still alive: (And sending mails!) [Not mine]


    source: 9gag

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Baby Yoda's quite the multitasker. Not only did he tape up and deliver himself in the mail, he's smart enough to write his own caution sign.

  8. Man, I just saw a video of a realistic robot waifu being made and now I imagined a near future like "So, you know [Person's name] girfriend? Well, she's a robot".

    The future is weird...

  9. This might interest some of you:

    Impressed Baby Yoda didn't made on the list. Proud of Uganda Knuckles.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Too late in the game. He could be a runner up for 2020 if his status holds up through the time till Season 2.


      Joel must be feeling glad that Grand Dad, Siivagunner or anything like that made the list.

  10. Geography for weirdos: Their is no "real" South on Antarctica:


    1. Diogenes


      sure there is, it's right there in the middle

    2. Solister


      But then, no East/West.

    3. Diogenes


      there is for most of it. everywhere but the pole.

    4. Solister


      now that's a good point *ba dum tss*.

  11. You had only one mission... And you've failed it.

  12. Wish I could embed the video (Mario related): Star Wars Revenge of the Sith "Italian Edition"


  13. Sonic the Hedgehog Movie - The Game, would you buy it?

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      I'd buy a game where I had to scrape off my knuckles and catch some tails

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I already have Sonic CD

    3. Tarnish


      Only if the main playable character is Tom the cop (or whatever they call that guy) and you can empty an entire cartridge of tranqualizer darts in Sonic in that scene.

  14. As a millennium (Born in 2003) and enjoying old games, it really don't get into my mind most 80's/Early 90's games didn't had a save option. Much less that you paid a full price on a game basically to spend a whole afternoon until the final boss and then the cartridge gets useless.

    Interesting to mention that NES/SNES/MD/GEN/SMS games are usually linked with Compilations/Save State/Emulation in my mind.

    1. Diogenes



       Much less that you paid a full price on a game basically to spend a whole afternoon until the final boss and then the cartridge gets useless.

      you can play games more than once

    2. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      I didnt care that my sonic games/NES mario games didnt have save options. As a 3 to 5 year old when Super Mario Bros 1-3 and Sonic 1 and 2 came out i loved playing through the same levels time and time again. 

      With the mario games I could find secret exits to go to other levels. Didnt matter I loved them regardless

    3. Solister


      @Diogenes I know, but I don't really see attached on replaying the games so much. Like, I can't imagine myself buying Sonic 1 today earlier, finishing this afternoon, and then redoing this all afternoons until I get money for another game. It haves replay value, but not that much.

      @Tails spin I thought on this, but at the same time, maybe for also having contact with newer titles, it seems a bit weird.

      *I start playing games with nearly 4/5 years old and playing either some 90's Genesis/PC games, as well Late 2000's PS2 games (Not much, but enough to have an impression).

      **Ironically or not, graphics never bothered me, either wasn't caring/knowing if the game was released yesterday or 10 years ago.

    4. JezMM


      In addition to playing them more than once after beating them, it took a LOT of playing to even reach that point.  It took years before I finally saw the ending of my first game, Super Mario Bros 2, and that was using warps too, Worlds 2, 3 and 6 still have a vague, lingering sense of exoticness to them when I play today despite winning every time now - because as a kid it took me ages just to be able to do it with warps, just playing Worlds 1, 4, 5 and 7 (and that was the only route I would dare to take for a long time).

      And my second game, Sonic 2 for Master System... well technically I was able to beat it with the Bad Ending after a year or two of play, but despite owning it since I was about 6 or so, I didn't get the true ending until I was a teenager and suddenly realised I could probably look up the chaos emeralds I was missing on this newfangled internet thing I now had access to lol.

    5. JezMM


      But yeah, if you've only experienced these games with save states to hand, you haven't really had the same experience people who played these games as kids had (not that your experience is any less valid - times have changed and the high difficulty of these games is unreasonable in today's world.

      I would always recommend playing old games without save states for a little while just to get a taste for the original experience, but you should definitely start using them once you reach the point where you need to see if they're the difference between quitting or enjoying an old game).

    6. Solister


      @JezMM That's a good point I didn't had thought about. Back on the days games were really challenging.

    7. Solister


      @JezMM I just saw now you replied twice. Yeah, I also thought on that too. Specially as a kid, I always used to have a save state on the level select screen of every game, so either I had access to my favorite levels, but also in a way or another made me get more trained for the levels. But I think the main reason when I felt that was last week when I finished (Replaying) Bonanza Bros.

      Bonanza Bros. is a game I know since a kid (Nearly 6 years old, it falls on my first reply of this status), but I don't really regard playing it much. I think 2/3 years ago I played the Arcade version of Bonanza Bros. and adding infinite credits via MAME, I finished the game,  I think a bit later I also finished the game without save states on Genesis emulator. A week ago, I bought it by a very low price alongside other Genesis titles on Steam and finished it, and my first reaction was "Nice, but what's next?", which was when I first noticed I paid the price of the game to give me just that amount of fun, there were no secret endings/good ending to seek, and basically for this I wrote this status. Plus, I started also reflecting that games on the time weren't that cheap and you also won't have many other titles to play next.

    8. TheOcelot


      Yeah, beating the classic Sonic games or any games in the 80/early 90's was tough because they were designed to be very hard to beat. You had to play them again and again to beat them, and as a result you could get so good at the games that you pity those who need save states to beat them ;)

    9. JezMM


      It's funny coz nowdays I'm an adult and don't have time to replay the same games over and over... what I find is that the games I do go back to tend to be those I USED to play over and over as a kid/teenager/young adult, not the ones I played as an adult for the first time. The closer to present day that I played them, the more amazing they have to be to go back to them. Really enjoyed Luigi's Mansion 3, but I can't see myself ever playing it through again.

      The funny thing is, BECAUSE these older games are lower time investments, I find myself still returning to them.  Mario 64 I can beat in a day, 100% even, and I often will on a whim.  Mario Odyssey was amazing, but to just play the story is a fair time investment, and the idea that I won't get all the content in the game without a HUGE time investment - even if I just hone in on meaningful content, ignoring the stupid filler moons, it's enough for me to be like "eh screw it I know where I'm at with mario 64" and I'll boot it up and play it for like the hundredth time instead.

    10. TheOcelot



      I completely agree and find myself doing the exactly the same thing sometimes. I really enjoyed games like Fallout 3/New Vegas when they first came out but I don't really have the time or patience to play through them again-50 hours campaigns. Whereas the 80/90's games could often be beaten in as few hours, nice and simple.

      As for Odyssey (which I really enjoy replaying), I always go for 500 moons so that I can unlock and play Long Journeys End. Haven't got the time, patience to go for all 999. Screw that.

    11. Sean


      The one game I've played lately that I can replay over and over like I do with old games is A Hat in Time. I go back to it every half year or so to replay the story and check out new mods.

    12. Solister


      Sorry for late reply, my PC was updating.

      Well, I agree with you all, good to know I'm not alone on replaying a game (Much times sandbox) without looking for that new one which I just bought on Steam. I also agrees most time 100% a game is a kick in the balls, but depending the game (and most times), I don't mind making it any%.

      For @Sean more specifically, I also agrees a lot in terms of mods. I, for example, have played and downloaded (And even made) tons of mods/wads for Doom without not even playing Episode II of the fist game.

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