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  1. Solister

    I've found an Strange Sonic CD ROM

    Yeah, that's much all @King Koopone said. I'm also Brazilian, so I guess this version of the Dino version was pretty common for here (Like, it's rare worldwide and the rare versions in Brazil were those versions). And well, that's also much what I said in my own topic (Damn, my English was terrible at that time). Not sure what OS you're using, but you only will be able to play it if you have a Windows 95 or 98 machine (And much likely Windows ME too), I actually can play it using Virtual Machine (Like VMWare) with Windows 98 and runs pretty well. Well, that's a very rare CD, so if you still want to sell it, be aware because you might have a jewelry in your hands (And I don't even know if we've people interested on it). Also sorry for don't write in Portuguese, I'm not sure if SSMB allows this. If you want more information, I guess it's OK to you send me a Private Message and we can talk in Portuguese. Plus, I also guess you got it with an Infoway PC, am I right?
  2. Well, basically just re-posting my last topic: You can listen and download a few songs I made *for free* here: https://soundcloud.com/synthfrenetic/sets/transalia-ep

    Any support is appreciated

  3. For Mods/Admins: I've already created two topics to show my stuff, not 100% sure if I should post this there. If so, I think this topic would be more appropriated, you can both notify me with a reply, or move the content by themselves. General Info: Name: Transalia EP Type: EP Length: Around 10 minutes Genre: Electronic (Subdivided in Dance/Trance) Artist: Solister Tracks: 6 Release: July, 2018 Download: Mediafire (MP3 Files and a cover) Soundcloud This is a work I've been planning for around 3 months, after breaks, remakes and loss of inspiration, I think I've finally reached a presentation stage. As you can see, there's 6 songs which (united) takes 10 minutes long. I'm not sure if this can be considered as "my music", because the only real work I had were to mix different styles of Samples and Templates on a single file, with a lot of help of Magix Music Maker (Which in fact, I even had paid for it). I don't have any interest to sell those songs, neither have some interest to follow a musician career (I'm only 15). Here's a little explanation of each song: 01. Orient Moon: EP first track. It was intended to introduce the listener to the whole album, specially when I had a dream to make a huge album (Like, with 12 songs). It have less than one minute, and much like have only this function: Introduce the listener to the other musics. 02. Sample Melody: As the names reveals by itself, a simple melody I made mixing different sounds and samples, kinda like the result. 03. Transalia: Much like the most important track of the EP, but "What the heck does this means?". Initially, the album ideas was focused on Trance Music, but I found it was quite hard to make it with the experiences I had. In a few languages the -alia suffix is used like "Something in its best moment", so I thought like "Trance in its best moment", so why not "Transalia"? It's much like my best work with 3 minutes and a half. Even not being focused only in Trance, I liked it. 04. American Wasteland: The last track to be composed, and what I was needing to finish the collection. As the name probably suggest, a western theme music, not much more than this. Composed quite similar as Sample Melody. Certainly, one of my favorites. 05. She's a Shy Girl (Leftover): Based on a few personal experiences, She's a Shy Girl is a "reference" of a girl who tried to date me, but her (And sorta, mine) shy made it impossible. It's not full composed with only 45 seconds, but I thought it could be a little waste to remove it from my final work. 06. Welcome to the Cassette World: Originally composed in July 2016, it's still one of my favorite tracks. I made a different mix in late 2017, and now with my new work, I decided to put it. Aside the cuts and a few effects, this actually is my first music ever made. And well, that's all. Actually, I don't have much interest to compose more songs for this EP, neither start a new Single/EP/Album, but who knows in the next years? I hope you enjoy and any support, commentary and suggestion is very appreciated.
  4. Solister

    The EDM topic

    I think I'm going to like this topic! I'm not a huge fan of specifically EDM musics, but Electronic Music in general is my thing. Recently (Like, 2 months ago), I've started to follow Trance Music Podcasts, and now I've mostly a podcast for day. I don't usually listen to all them, but always when I've a free time of one hour or two I listen them. And wow! You've meet Deadmau5? I love some of their musics! Tiësto is also another powerful name! Unfortunately, here where I live (Brazil), those kind of shows never happens, and it's been pretty rare to find a friend to talk about those kind of musics. Talking about Trance, the general podcasts I follow are A State of Trance (Armin van Buuren), Group Therapy (Above & Beyond) and Vonyc Sessions (Paul van Dyk). You said about Tiësto, and I also follow his podcast "Clublife", but it's not one of my favorites. Other names which I'm always crossing are Paul Oakenfold and Solarstone. Not sure if you recognize all those names. Other name I would like to mention is Christopher Lawrence. Once he was voted as the #1 American DJ, but I don't fell he is fully recognized, no one ever mention him. His most known track is Rush Hour, present in the game "Need for Speed Underground 2" in a shorter version: This also was the name of his first podcast, now he hosts Pharmacy Radio. Talking about Need for Speed Underground 2, this game have some great songs alongside Rush Hour and Nothing But You (Paul van Dyk). The game also includes Switch/Twitch by Fluke, a small electronic music band which had some success in the scenario during the late 90's and early 2000's. Their song "Atom Bomb" reached #1 in the electronic chart of that year. Other notable names in the game are Felix da Housecat and Adam Freeland (With his music remixed by Jagz Kooner). It's funny to say that, not sure if you've ever played the game, but the OST is mostly remembered by its Hard Rocks by less known bands, but it also have some excellent electronic selection. Later on the OST we've Cirrus and Queens of the Stone Age, which got some popularity at the time. And well, that's much like this. Those are the major songs I listen to, but those lasts names leads to an Electronic Rock side, not sure if is this what you want to talk about. I also like some minor D&B stuff and general Dance Music. And well, if you like those songs which are incredible good and you can't identify their genre, than Compass Error is for you: This remix still being recognized as a masterpiece in the House/Dance genre, using the best possible of Trance/House/Dance/Progressive. Definitely one of my favorites (And long as heck too!). Only to finish, I would like to say that Ukraine is getting some great Trance artists too, DJ Omnia certainly one of its best names, if you like Trance, than you also should give a try.
  5. Cool, my SD Card just corrupted *sarcasm* 😠

    1. MightyRay


      I had my tablet go ham the other day, I was going to take it with me to the USA but now I might not be able to take any tech with me outside my phone...

      Was there anything important on it? 

    2. Solister


      Fortunately, no. There was a few school works, but I think I have a copy on my PC. If not, were old works which I might don't need anymore. There's also most of my musics, but again I had a copy on PC.

      Most fortunately, I could recover the SD Card formatting it, now I just need to copy all my favorite songs to it.

    3. MightyRay


      Well, that's a relief! I hope you can fix your SD card and it works for you for a long time!

  6. Well, even being Brazilian, I'm not that disappointed with that lose. Belgium showed to be a strong team in 2014 and still showing a great team now.

    Well, at least it wasn't 7x1.

  7. Bought this:


    Basically a huge summary of the whole Star Wars series from Episode I to VIII, including Rogue One. It only doesn't have Solo. Yeah, it's for those who never watched Star Wars before, but I don't remember every single detail from the movies. It's also in English even I living in Brazil. (Bought on a bookstore btw).

  8. Holy cow.

    Germany which won World Cup in 2014 was just eliminated in 2018!

    1. TheOcelot


      The last time they were eliminated in the group stages was 1938...

    2. Biggs


      football's coming home lads

    3. KHCast


      Damnnn that’s uh....definitely rare 

    4. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Must be the case of having a strong group for them to get suited and booted. I know Germany tend to be inconsistent regarding football, both in play and support for the sport (didn't at one point they favored American football?) so they can be both strong and kinda weak.

      Some groups have been lucky with having mostly weak teams in their roster to get far (coughEnglandcough).

  9. So, this is how the first 3D World Cup video game looks like:


    This is how Fifa 18 looks like:


    What an evolution!

    1. Forte-Metallix


      I read the first sentence expecting Mario in a cat suit.

    2. McGroose


      There comes a point where you really just can't do much more bro unless you want to completely change the formula. Also, this is not a fair comparison. You're using what I'm assuming is likely a screenshot from an emulator on a higher-resolution while the latter picture is really blurry and low-res.

    3. Solister



      Not really...

      The first one is a screenshot I took myself using the PC version of World Cup 98 for Windows. The only real change is the Widescreen fix, nothing more than that.

      About the second, I just took the first image I found on Google, but I guess anyone here already knows how FIFA and PES games looks like actually.

    4. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Just shows how much technology has come (even though its either from the PC or an uprezed version of the PS1 or N64 one) in 20 years from best it can get to almost realistic in presentation.

      Saying that World Cup 98 (and FIFA 98) had a lot of effort put into it. One of the first football games to have a licensed soundtrack that has hold up more than the soundtrack of the current games. Actually proper 3D unlike the previous ones in the series (not the first, Virtua Striker was pretty advanced). Had the teams with the proper players and also was the first good World Cup game too. They weren't called the first good 3D FIFAs for nothing. Probably more fun to play than FIFA 18 to be honest.

  10. Solister

    Firefox and SSMB Don't Seem To Be Cooperating Properly

    Well, for me SSMB works fine on the Windows Firefox, and look I'm using it since I registered myself here (This in like 2016, almost 2 years ago). But why I came here isn't because of that. I would like to relate a bug on SSMB in the mobile version of Firefox. It's impossible to open the navbar using this version of Firefox. It works fine with Chrome and the generic Android browser. Not sure if this is a SSMB bug or Firefox bug, but I thought it could be a good idea to tell someone about it. With the navbar not working, it's impossible to login. I just managed to login by opening SSMB on another browser and copying the login link and pasting it on Firefox. I also tried requesting the Desktop version on Firefox, it didn't worked too. Not sure if this is the right topic, but I don't think it's fully necessary to create another just to say this.
  11. Yay! Winter break/vacations.

    No School until 1st week of August.

    1. Failinhearts


      Congrats! Merry Christmas!


  12. Does we have a term for a story chapter which is in the end of the book but actually, in the timeline, would happen before the whole thing? Like, memories from an old past which if told before it would spoil the whole book.

  13. Just found one of my essays I did for school got 720 of 1000, the best of my class.

  14. Solister

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    Here's something I've noticed (Not sure if someone brought attention to this yet in this topic). Kate Higgins, who voiced Tails during 2010-2013 will voice Aurora in this movie. Actually she still voice Wave in the Sonic series. I fell there's something more in all this... Or maybe it's just a dumb curious fact. Oh, also seeing the Wikipedia's page I saw there's some Star Wars character on it and some Disney princess (Which I already was alerted today's earlier), including Mulan (I think she is the only Disney "princess" movie I watch, and I've really appreciate). Now my hype with this movie which was nearer to 0, almost asking myself if it worth the see, passed to something really high. I don't think I ever became that low hope and got to this hype ever. Going to see some trailer I lost (I just have saw only one trailer, much like the first I think).

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