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  1. Dystopian Girl (Cover) - 2018 It's been almost a half of year which I've writing stories in my free time (When not accessing SSMB). And I decided to post it here, not just for self advertisement, but also because is one of the things which recently I've spent more time on it, so I think many people can be interested. All stories are write in English, with some exceptions of stories which were wrote in Portuguese (My Native language, but those versions aren't published). The stories are hosted in Booksie, a site for indie writers as me. Published Stories: Those actually are all my published Booksie stories and all are finished. I've a few other already finished in my Microsoft One Drive account but I still didn't published. Dystopian Girl (2018) Type: Book Genre: Young Adult Description: Claire is a 17 years old girl which is passing through a hard situation in her life. With almost no friends to talk, she starts to use drugs and live some intense periods in her life. Writer's comment: This story was wrote in the intention of being something strong. I've picked some of my characteristic, put it on a girl and made it more intense, as she start to use drug with only 17 years old. I also used a lot of bad words (Which isn't one of my common characteristics). Surprising it's my biggest success I've ever wrote. The Sapphire Mine (2017) Type: Short Story Genre: Action and Adventure Description: Mike and Mary are a couple and are looking for an adventure. After a news headline saying a Sapphire Mine was found, they go there to see what's happening. Writer's comment: This story was wrote when I was without inspiration for "The Girls Avenue" (Which later was cancelled (See more in Further Projects)), and it's a very simple story. Really talking, I don't know if the mentioned mine really exist. Solister Time Travel (2017) Type: Short Story Genre: Romance Description: Solister is a 14 years old guy which is tired about his own life at school, looking how he would love if he lived 10 years ago. After a strange vision he had on a night, on the next day he wakes up 10 years in the past (2007) and passes trough situations he never thought it could ever happen. Writer's comment: This story started just as a joke between me and my friend at school. I tried to show him how I would like if my school life was 10 years ago, so I decided to write this. Is in somehow based in real facts. China's Invasion (2015/2017) Type: Short Story Genre: Historical Fictional Description: The Medieval China is near to a war season, Chang Rong is an army man and once, he found a beautiful girl working in the army and is choose to show her the Medieval China daily. Writer's comment: This story was originally written in 2015 for a medieval story contest on an old Sonic Forum I've participate. In 2017 I've read it again and became interested, so I translated it to English and published on Booksie. Actually is my second most read story. Kenny's Lucky Day (2013/2017) Type: Short Story Genre: Other Description: Kenny is a 10 years old guy which passes through a lucky day on his life. Writer's comment: I think this was my first story I've ever wrote, at least in my computer. I don't have anymore the original file, so last year I decided to rewrite it as I remember the story. For being my first story (And I was only 10 years old), it doesn't have anything "wow" as some other recent stories, but for being my first story, I don't think it should be hide. Note: I published this story just a few minutes ago. Further Projects: Anything showed here can be changed in any time as I need. Those are my future plans, stories concepts, ideas and cancelled projects which may see the light of the day. The Atom Bomb Games Genre: Sci-Fi Description/Writer's comment:This still is a very early concept: Arial Nix is president of the planet Nial and her planet is choose to be the host planet of " Atom Bomb Games". Note: I didn't draw the girl.Here's from where she comes from. The Girls Avenue <Cover comes here> Description/Writer's comment: This story start to be written quite after Solister Time Travel, but with some idea changes and inspiration troubles it was cancelled. From what I've thinking now, it will tell the story of a little girl called Chloe which creates a group with her friends called "The Girls Avenue". An Ukrainian Love Genre: Romance Description/Writer's comment: In really, a concept idea of this story already was published in Portuguese, however I still think I can improve it and make something better. Iryna Ivanov is an Ukrainian Girl which born in USSR. She never found a beautiful guy, and with the end of USSR she became a diplomat and start traveling the world and found an American to love. The Legend of the East Star: An Wild West Story - Part One <Cover comes here> Genre: Western Description/Writer's comment:This is one of my most recent ideas, so I don't have much to say. It will be an Wild West Story based on the American Wild West in 1860's. My plan is to be a two part story being Nigh Train (Below) as the second part. The Legend of the Night Train: An Wild West Story - Part Two <Cover comes here> Genre: Western Description/Writer's comment: The same as East Star (Above). Last Notes: Meanwhile, I'm not taking those stories too serious, is just something I've doing to pass the time. All stories are free to read, and I'm also not going to ask some kind of donation or something else. If you want to help me, you can read my stories, click on the like button, and specially share in some social media. I still not going to win any money with this, but I'll really love to see someone is liking my work. All stories are wrote by myself with almost no help with other people. The covers are also done by myself using my computer graphic technics (3D Models for Dystopian Girl, and 2D Draws for Solister Time Travel, The Atom Bomb Games and An Ukrainian Love). The Sapphire Mine, China's Invasion and Kenny's Lucky Day covers are auto generated by Booksie. The Girls Avenue, East Star and Night Train doesn't have a cover yet. And well, I hope you enjoy the reading, any suggestion are welcome, tell me what you enjoyed (or not) in the stories, and this will always help me every day.
  2. Back from watching Tomb Raider

    1. Scott


      How was it dude? 

    2. Solister


      @Scott Going to put in spoiler to avoid any type of problems:


      The movie, in generally, was a live action adaption from the 2013 game. I played it 6 months ago, so I catch every reference of the game. I never played too much the 2015 sequel and the classic games, but I still like the concept of the movie (Also for being very related with Indiana Jones Stuff), It's a very nice production, you sometimes might think if it really worth to only see the movie looking how similar can be to the 2013 game, but it also have some interesting differences. But I assume you probably need to really like the series and Geography/History things to like the whole movie.


  3. I know this probably aren't going to happen, but what if... Super Sonic Racing! Play with Sonic by foot Play with Tails with Tornado Play with Knuckles with Extreme Gears Play with Army with Cars Or mix whatever racing method you want you any other Sonic Series Character. Edit: Just now I realized something. The game is called Sonic R (Something) This year is Sonic Robo Blast 2 20th Birthday. Sonic Robo Blast 2 officially cannon?
  4. Interested in Trance Music. Here some noticeable artists:

    8Kays - :flag_ua:

    Above and Beyond - :flag_gb:

    Christopher Lawrence - :flag_us:

    deadmau5 - :flag_ca: (It's electronic, but it's interesting)

    Ira - :flag_ua:

    Omnia - :flag_ua:

    Paul van Dyk - :flag_de:

  5. Well, actually the only thing which comes in my mind now in how this would work is at the SRB2 (Fan Game) Special Stage: But I don't know how (and why) this would/should be implemented in the series. I know that Nights have a lot of things in common with Sonic, but I can't see a good use of this, except in some kind of bonus stuff. As said, this crossover seems more interesting in another media than properly in a games.
  6. School have being very tiring now in the High School. What should I do to became less tired every day?

    1. Failinhearts


      Get longer sleeps? Bigger breakfast?

    2. Solister


      Seems logic, but what I would like it would have quite more free time. I have only 4 hours to think on myself everyday now. Last Year I had the whole afternoon. But what you said can be good.

    3. Kiah


      A lighter breakfast might be better. Eating heavy foods tends to lead to fatigue. Agreed on getting more sleep though. 

    4. TCB


      Join the literature club

      realtalk though, managing your sleep schedule is important as well as avoiding eating heavier breakfasts. Just consume enough energy to get through those first few hours

  7. Back from the school.  A not so cool day. 

    1. Failinhearts


      That sucks. Hope tomorrow's better.

    2. Kiah


      Sorry to hear that. Hopefully the rest of your day is better and tomorrow as well. 

    3. RedFox99


      What happened? 

    4. Solister


      @Failinhearts It certainly will be, I have hope.

      @Kiah In fact this afternoon I still have dentist, and I don't have sure if I have full energy to go.

      @RedFox99 A long story...

      School marked today to be a museum day, however I already went to this same museum a few months ago with the same school, so I didn't had reasons to go, however they forced me to go. I needed to sent a message to my parents at school, which took to a lot of confusion, fortunately everything went well and it hasn't anything special so far (And I still think it wasn't totally necessary to be there). Oh, and I also forgot my snack at home, and a few other minor problems which would be hard to tell. In a few words today was tiring. And I still have dentist and a lot of homework to do.

    5. Kiah


      Well I hope things ease up for you and the dentist visit goes well. 

  8. I would like to see the STK Maniacs theme (From the main Sonic Stadium) here in the Messages Board.

  9. No, in fact I even bought Sonic Mania yet (I wrote on the topic). I think it was an unwarned Christmas gift, but I didn't saw anyone talking about this on the web. And is the game by itself, is not a hack from the workshop.
  10. Hey people! As you probably know SEGA's Make War Not Love is ready to start this Wednesday (14), and for those who already subscribed to the service are owning free copies of Streets of Rage 2 and The Revenge of Shinobi in their games collection. However, searching for games onto my collection, I found Sonic 1 as a owned game, but it's not listed on the games list. I mean, if you don't know SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Collection works with games being DLCs for the emulator, and those DLCs are listed at the main page of the game at Steam, and Sonic 1 isn't there. Trying to be clearer, those are the games I have at the Collection: Golden Axe Gunstar Heroes Shining Force Alien Soldier Golden Axe II Comix Zone Streets of Rage 2 The Revenge of Shinobi If I start the game by itself (Not using the Simple Launcher/Going to the bedroom), Sonic 1 doesn't appear as a playable game, but if I use the Simple Launcher the game appears there. Intrigued with the fact, I decided to check the SEGA Classics folder, and found that the game was created in December, 24 quite earlier then 11:00 p.m. Does SEGA gave Sonic 1 as a Christmas gift and I wasn't knowing? I didn't received any notification at Steam or by e-mail warning about that game. I know a few people owned the game with the delay of Sonic Mania, but I didn't bought it a the Pre-Order (In fact I even bought the game yet). By the way, I'm just owning with that, but I would like to know, did one else owned Sonic 1 without even knowing?
  11. Wait...

    Did Need for Speed Underground 2 predicted the Need for Speed Movie 10 years earlier?


  12. Huh, for some reason my internet isn't accessing any other site that isn't SSMB.

    1. Forte-Metallix
    2. Penny


      J U S T  S S M B

    3. Solister


      It's seems is normalized now.

    4. Zaysho


      I had a nightmare like that once.

    5. blueblur98


      at least it can access some of the fun parts of SSMB

      like everything that isn't 3D sonic discussion

  13. When Sonic Forces hacking music will be available? Playing Chemical Plant without a remix from Sonic 2 isn't the same thing (And any other level from that game).

  14. So, yay it's my birthday!

    *fells old*

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Happy Birthday!

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Happy birthday dude!

    3. RedFox99


      Happy birthday. 

    4. Jack of Tangles

      Jack of Tangles

      Happy Birthday!

    5. Polkadi


      Ooh, happy birthday!

      Ya don't have to go feelin' old :)

    6. Kiah


      Dude if you are feeling old at 15 then you will be in real trouble when you turn 34 like I did last week lol.

      Anyway I hope you have a good one 🙂

    7. NikoS


      Merry Birthday!!!

    8. The Loudest Loud

      The Loudest Loud

      Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

    9. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Happy birthday, hope you enjoy today!

  15. Burnout Paradise is turning 10 years old.

    Since then, we never had another main Burnout Game.

    1. Red


      Burnout 2 and 3 were awesome. Wasn't a fan of the series afterward when it tried to be a Need for Speed copy though.

    2. Solister


      @Red I had Burnout Dominator original for PS2, it's one of my favorite racing games and one of my favorites from the console, however the DVD don't work anymore. I played the 3 and Paradise with illegal copies, but I don't liked the same as the Dominator (But still pretty excellent games).

      I have the OST in my cellphone, 10 years after and I still not tired of listening Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend (And in four languages: English, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin).


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