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  1. So, I want do a Retro PC virtual machine to play some old games that aren't compatible with Windows 10 or don't support x64 architecture. I'm using Oracle VM VirtualBox and decided to download Windows 98 because of some gaming reasons and personal reasons. But I'm having some issues that aren't making me happy. The first one, it's that I don't know/can't configure the system sound. Yeah, it's looks like a simple question, but I don't have any idea what do. I have tried all the 6 possibilities at the Virtual Machine Configuration, but nothing worked. May can be some driver I don't know that I've to install in Win98, but I don't know what driver it's. The second one, it's that I don't have internet access. I tried to follow two tutorials that explained the same but don't worked. I'm using a Wireless Notebook, but the Internet Explorer don't recognize. At the Windows 98 Start Menu (I love that music...) it shows that Internet Access is checked but when I try to search something or access some site it says "The page could not be displayed" and "Internet Explorer could not open the search page". In fact Internet it won't my priority, if the next situation could be fixed. The third and last one, is if it's possible to copy files from My PC and pass to the Virtual Machine. Because every game I have (And most downloaded too), are in my PC, so I want something like: Do Ctrl + C in Windows 10, Ctrl + V in Windows 98, and tada! the files are pasted from Win10 to Win98. If this work, I certainly will do a topic showing my experience.
  2. Amy controls in future Mania title

    For me, sounds something like this: Look that she doesn't have a "concrete" Spindash. There also versions of Sonic 1 & 2: There also versions of she with the modern skin as in Sonic 3 Customizable and Sonic 2 Pink Edition, but for Mania, those are better.
  3. I born in 2003, and honestly I hate every actual 3D game with little exceptions. 2003 was when 3D consoles gained forces, and I really like these 3D Games (Need for Speed Underground 2, Unreal Tournament 2004, Sonic Heroes all of these games was released in 2004 and I simply love them!). In someway I also love 2D 90's games such as Sonic, majority popular SEGA Genesis Games, Worms Armageddon, Yoot Tower and many other DOS/Windows 9x games. I wrote a topic talking about that, and well in a short way I love both 2D or 3D games, but don't like many actual games. In some way I think that this still reflex in my life style, same I don't remember, I love late 2000's era (Games/Music/Popular things/everything!), but I don't have many information, but if it's what I think I would love it. If someone wants to say something about that era please tell me here or send a PM, it would be an important decision in my teen life!
  4. I'm a bit surprised how Adblock can speed up my internet speed. (In websites with ads, of course)

    1. McGroose


      That's 60% of the reason why I use Adblock in the first place. Some websites are just filled to the brim with ads and it lags the fuck out of my browser. I don't want to scroll through that garbage.

  5. Wanting to cry...

    How my life could be good and in 24 hours everything looks likes terrible for me?

    1. Dejimon11


      What happened? Wanna talk about it?

    2. Solister



      Ok, I'm felling good, but things looks like to be bad to worst.

      Yesterday night, things was good, but my parents told me that in this weekend I need to do a lot of things with they, but I also have a lot of things to do for school. I don't have sure if I can do all of these things in only 48 hours. This afternoon (In BRT), it was for me to be at school doing some school reinforcement for Math, but I was too tired and my printer (Which I needed to print a school paper) was with problem. In fact I didn't lost nothing with that, but I don't like to don't do school things.

      It look like that sometimes peoples forgot that isn't because I only have 14 years old that I always have free time after the school and in the weekends. I also have tons of school homework and I also need to rest. When things get to the limit I really fell bad and sad.

    3. Dejimon11


      Sorry to hear that hopefully things get better for ya

    4. Kiah


      Just now seeing this but that's how life goes sometimes. Things can be great one minute and things come crashing down the next.

      And it's understandable to feel that way when you are overwhelmed. That's a lot of pressure on someone so young. Hope you can manage okay and that you feel better soon. 

  6. So, did someone remember SEGA Blast Heroes?


    I was too excited to play the game and searching through old news I remember the game never was released.

  7. It's just me or someone else think that they just choice SSZ past because of the music conflict (USA vs. JPN/EUR)? After thinking on this I don't know if SSZ will have other times and/or time travels.
  8. I would like to see IceCap, but I'm very suspicious about Hydro City and Aquatic Ruin (By the level order showed in the trailer (Green Hill, Flying Battery and Aquatic Ruin)). And I think that it have something more about Stardust Speedway (About Time Travels, I don't think (And want) that will be past "only"), may with signs as in the original game or different sprites per act (Something like Act 1: Past, Act 2: Present, Act 3: Bad Future (Good Future isn't too nostalgic for SEGA as showed in Sonic Generations)).
  9. Why this is so suitable for me?


  10. I'm too excited or things really looks like to be very slow between Yesterday and Today's morning.

  11. I finished LEGO Indiana Jones once again. (First console game I played). ^_^


  12. http://www.tmz.com/2017/07/20/linkin-park-singer-chester-bennington-dead-commits-suicide/ According to TMZ, Chester Bennington, vocalist of Linkin Park has committed suicide in Palos Verdes Estates in L.A. His body was discovered Thursday just before 9 AM The singer struggled with drugs and alcohol for years. He had said in the past he had considered committing suicide because he had been abused as a child by an older male. Bennington was 41. ---- The info was also confirmed by Mike Shinoda (From Linkin Park too) ---- I... I don't know what say... I bought a Julien-K album which will be released in October and Chester would do two tracks for the album, this certainly will be a great loss.
  13. A New Generation of Retro Gamers?

    You said right, just forgot to say about indie games that are growing up with the classic 8-bit/NES style and of course, the chiptune/keygen music that are becoming very popular around the web. I just want that these types of people (Like me) receives some respect, these games have their potential and in some way changed the world of video games, but we are treat like sh*t by some people (With some exception)
  14. A New Generation of Retro Gamers?

    First you say about how I see Retro Games/Console, but well, as I grow up searching these types of Old Games in the web, I generally use to talk Retro Games from the start of the 90's (Master System, Genesis, Saturn, NES, SNES, N64, all of these enter here), because they was wrote by people who lived in that era, like you, so it's something like I "took" this vocabulary. Looking a bit forward, approximately less than 5 years, PS2 will be a Retro Console, it's just remember that our good friend have 17 years old today. I understand they are old games, and not be so likely by the most people of my age, but I like these games, is an unique characteristic I would say. In some way I like to be isolated from everyone and enjoy a good old game, same doesn't being of my era, one of the coolest things about old games are they are playable in any piece of electronic, and it's a bit curious see the reaction of the people of my school when I'm playing a 20 years old game, like when I used my tablet with Dos Box to use Windows 3.1, or when I just open a simple cmd shell during the computer science class and they starting to think it's a full complex thing... But also, there isn't an exclusive thing about Old Games or Music Style, I just used it because this is a Gaming Message Board and it explains the whole thing, but if we look in details there's also a lot of other things that difference me from the others, my lifestyle, things I do every day, school subjects, and many other things that I'm different. I'm also a great believer that the music style you like represent your life style. The type of music I listen, talk about this solitaire life, searching for a girlfriend (And yeah, same the music being sung by mans, there's a lot of girls who listen too), and trying to survive daily when all looks like to face against you. And well, thanks to make me fell less exclusive, you made me remember great situations that my generation will never understand as how cool is play your favorite game in a piece of electronic when the modern games requires a full tech video card, how good is listen to the EA's Racing Games Soundtracks (Like when I was reading a text which said that Snoopy Dogg was Grandfather and no one at my school knew who was Snopp Dogg), or even pick tons of Diskettes just to install a game, when now the games are just digital, or the expectancy to buy a game and just can play it on holidays or vacations when your mom/dad can buy it. I just keep thinking when I became older and start to play Sonic Heroes, Sonic Unleashed, NFSU2, or even a SEGA Genesis game and say "Son, that was the game I played when I was in your age". You describe perfectly my situation, I never liked DLCs, they makes you buy a game and than buy tons of DLCs just to see how the game end, I like very more the old Expansion Packs which was less expansive and came with a bunch of content, did someone forgot expressions like that? (Expansions Packs, Offline Multiplayer, Single Player, Bots/NPCs). And when you say you bought a high end computer, I felt the same with my notebook which I bought in February (A Lenovo ideapad 310 Intel Core i7, HD Graphics 520 1TB), the Notebook is good it enter in a Gaming Class but I just use it majority for emulator or multiplataform games from the start of 2000's, they don't made games like in that period.
  15. Funny... I needed to change my birthday date early this year (01/24, my birthday), and mine date still working. Can someone recheck this?