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  1. Maybe with Sonic R too? Yeah, I know many fans hate that game more than Sonic '06 and Sonic Boom, but it's impossible to run that game on a modern PC (In fact, if you don't have an original copy of the game, I think you also can't install it in a old PC or in a Virtual Machine). But I think a full HD remake of the game, adapted for new PCs, it won't be a bad idea.
  2. Today is my Mom's birthday, but I didn't see she today. A bit sad about this. Let's wait until the night...

  3. Did you like Clippy?


    1. Mister X

      Mister X

      It looks like you're writing a status update. Would you like help?


    2. VEDJ-F


      He looks so sad there. 

    3. Solister


      @VEDJ-F Yeah, this was purposeful, here is the original Clippy:


    4. Kiah


      Clippy was irritating to me and this is coming from someone that has a high tolerance level in general. If I needed help I could go to the help tab and get it. No thanks paper clip dude but I didn't need your help.

      Guess my phone doesn't like Clippy either as it autocorrected it when I typed it here.

      And don't ask me why in the world I remembered this but we had a member here with a Clippy avatar:

    5. JosepMelloZSM


      Where he is from? He looks familiar...

    6. Solister


      @JosepMelloZSM He is from the Old Microsoft Offices (97-2003). He always appears when you start some Office program.

    7. JosepMelloZSM
  4. Yeah I found this and reported in this topic too. And also, there's another topic I didn't saw before I create the topic. So we have 3 topics relating this issue.
  5. The revealed Sonic Forces image gives me a great wallpaper:


  6. I joined because I wanted some new Message Board to talk about Sonic. I don't remember why exactly I opted by an International forum (When I joined, my english was very bad), I think I talk better now.
  7. Yep. But may they would try to make a clean version of that songs. A remix or something, just to look like the originals.
  8. Well, I think the best answer is Sonic & Knuckles Collection. The PC Collection substituted all the songs that is supposed to be composed by Michael Jackson with new songs. The substituted songs was Carnival Night, IceCap, Launch Base, Knuckles' theme, Competition menu, and the credits music.
  9. UPDATES!!!! I was researching methods to make it better, and here it is! First all, I want to announce the Windows 98 alternative theme! it's just a few changes from 95. Windows 98 Windows 10 with 98 theme. (With 2 classic Windows 95 games) Start Menu My Computer Folder (Note that it isn't too strange like the previous version). Office 2016 with the theme. No problems to use it. The Windows 98 Boot Logo was turned into my lock screen. Shoted with my Cellphone, Window don't support print screen on the Lock Screen. Windows 95 The Windows 95 background version: There no more changes in Windows 95 that cannot be found in the older version or some change equivalent to Windows 98 version. An important change present on the new version, is that the 2 wallpapers have a beige line on the Wallpaper bottom, This will be useful to use transparent Start Menu, but looking like Windows 95/98! Installation: Looking that both themes are similar to install, I just wrote one tutorial for both themes. Pay attention to file nasm differences: Download the themes from Media Fire. Windows 95; Windows 98 Extract the files to a separate folder. Make a Windows Restore Point if you fell insecure. Intall Classic Shell, where can be found in the folder that you extacted the files. If Classic Shell starts annoying your life everytime you Turn On your PC, just press Ctrl + Shft + Esc to open task manager. Go to the initialize tab, and disable Classic Shell. The program will work normally everytime you open it by clicking in the icon. Open Classic Start Menu. Using Search Settings, search for Customize Taskbar. In the subsection Taskbar Lock, check the Transparent option. Also put Taskbar opacity to 0, and Taskbar color to 382000, and Taskbar text color to 000000. This will make the taskbar semi-inivisible, you will see the beneficts when finished. After that go to Start Menu Style tab and put Classic Style. In this same section change the Start Button to the 95/98 style using the custom option. The Start Button can be found in the Images Folder. Go to the start menu, press right-click and goes to settings. There you will have a option to use small buttons on the Start Menu, enable it In the Settings window, config also your Wallpaper (Found in the Images folder), and the Lock Screen if you want (Also found in the Images folder). If your resolution didn't meet this specs, try searching something related on Google Images. Go to Ribbon Disable Folder where is located on the folder you extracted the pack. Run the correct version of the app according to your Windows Version (32 or 64-bits). Almost Everything is finished. If you want to have icons and sounds like Windows 95/98, follow this step, if not and you are satisfied with the Windows 10 icons and sounds, just skip it. To chage icons, do a little search on the Start Menu search box for icons. You will find an option to customize the Desktop icons, click on it. Change the icons to the 95/98 equivalent. To the sound, press right-click on the sound button at the Start Menu and click in Sounds. There you have the possibility to make your own sound scheme, change the Windows 10 sounds to the 95/98 equivalent. The Windows 95/98 icons are found in the folder 'original_windows_95_icons_by_ipapun", and the sounds in the "Sounds" folder. That is! Now you should have an perfectly Windows 98 in you Windows 10 system!. To Uninstall; If you made a restore point, use it, if not, follow these steps: Uninstall Classic Shell. Back to the Original size of the Start Menu, using settings. Also back to your original Wallpaper and Lock Screen. Use Ribbon Disabler to return to the original. (It would be the only option avaible). Return to the Windows Sound Scheme by the same way you changed it. And click to restore all icons on the page you edited it. That is! Now you should have your original Windows 10. Sorry if some Windows option name is wrong, I tried to translate from my Windows version (Portuguese), to English, I hope that be understandable. If you have some trouble to install/Uninstall the new version, talk with me and I'll try to help as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy the new and (probably) the last version.
  10. No problem! To install the theme: Download this rar file from here (MediaFire). Extract it to somewhere in your computer. After, open the folder There you will find some programs installers and others things. You don't have a correct order to install it. If you fell insecure, make a Windows restore point. Start doing what you want first. In my opinion, install Classic Shell first. Open the program and there you will find some options to edit the start menu. Put the classic style and click to replace the Start Button. On the Wallpapers' folder, you will find a Win95 start menu image, just use it. To make looks like real. Go to the start menu, press right-click and goes to settings. There you will have a option to use small buttons on the Start Menu, enable it Go to the folder which start with "Windows Classic Theme", install the theme inside it. Use Ribbon Disable to have a better style If you don't have closed the Settings window, open it, If you closed, re-open it. Go to Wallpaper, and put to use an image. On Wallpapers' folder, you have an image which is an HD version of Windows 95 Wallpaper, if doesn't meet with your resolution, just do a Google Images search an you should find a cool Wallpaper for You. After selecting and applying your Wallpaper, go to Colors. Scroll down at the bottom of the page and click on High Contrast Settings. Use the Windows XP Classic. This should be a better version of the showed in the image. Back to the Windows 95 Theme folder. You will find two folders, one called Sounds, and other Windows 98 icons. Unfortunately, you will need to add this sounds and icons manually. Search on the web where you should find a better tutorial explaining how to do this. It's finished! May you want to do some minimum changes. Uninstall Fortunately, to uninstall it is very easy. If you made a recovery point, try to use it. If not, follow the next steps. On the customize screen, you possibly will have an option to back to you old theme, just click on it. If not, use the Windows 10 "generic" theme and re-customize to how like. In Classic Shell, you can only do right-click on the Start Menu (At the Win95 Icon), and click exit. But may Classic Shell start annoying you by starting with the Windows. If this happen, just Uninstall it. Back to the Start Menu Settings and disable the small icons option. Re-Open the Ribbon Disable folder and the program and make to back like Windows 10 (It would be the unique option available). Unload your sound and icon scheme if you used it. That's, you should now have your normal Windows 10. I'll try to fix some problems and try to make a better version. Sorry if some Windows option name is wrong, I tried to translate from my Windows version (Portuguese), to English, I hope that be understandable. It would be cool inf my old Sonic CD for Windows 95 (DINO) works here.
  11. Important Note: I don't made anything showed in this topic, I just installed on my computer, I made a few changes and make some screenshot. For this reason, I don't know if the correct place would be Chit-Chat. It makes a bit of time that I'm searching for some way to make my Windows 10 looks like a old Windows. Searching in many sites and compilation information, I made my own pack based on many other aside the web. So, here is the result: My Desktop. It doesn't have too much difference from Windows 95. The Start Menu. Note that looks like a bit from each Windows System. The Start Menu style is from Windows 95/98, some icons are from Windows XP and Windows 7, and the OS name is from Windows 10. It would be cool, if our problems just stop on it. But, look what happen when I open a Windows Folder. You can't understand nothing! Some texts are hard to understand, and it seems that the folder just have one color. When you open a program, here I used Word, you have a similar problem than the folder. You can't understand the text, and the paper it would to be white, and not dark beige. So, that is. I mixed up some packs to try to make a Windows 95 visual on my Windows 10. Somethings worked perfectly, others definitely not. I'll try to fix some of these problems and add some other things (Sounds and fix the icons), and may I make my own pack and share it on the web. Hope you liked and enjoyed!
  12. This is a magic button, press it!

  13. Someone had the felling that you are the only normal people on your school/job?

  14. Sonic Generations Game play on my Game play Channel at Dailymotion:

    Sorry, but it was manipulated for Brazil, but you can understand without problems

  15. I created a Gameplay Channel in Dailymotion. If they like, may I try to invest more on it. Actually just hav an Jet Set Radio HD gameplay in Portuguese (No Voice, just text translations):